Vital Records



Vital Records

A few counties have records of births and deaths before 1720 - they are in the county land records. This information has been indexed and can be found at the Maryland State Archives. The FHL has copies of many county land records on film.

From 1865 to 1899 some county clerks and the Secretary of the Senate maintained birth and death records. These are incomplete and the exact dates vary. Copies can be found at the MSA.

Garrett County Courts

The Circuit court of Garrett County would have divorce records and marriage records.

Garrett County Circuit Court
203 S. 4th Street, Room 209
P.O. Box 447
Oakland, Maryland 21550
Hours of Operation: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M

Adoption Records

All adoptions occurring after May 31, 1947 are sealed and can be opened only with a court order. Most adoptions prior to June 1, 1947 are open and available to anyone. Many of these files are available at the Maryland State Archives. Contact the circuit court first to see if a record is available and to find the file or case number. You may be referred to the MSA if no copy is available locally.

Civil Registration of Births and Deaths

In 1898, all counties in Maryland began civil registration of births and deaths. The records are located at the Division of Vital Records. Birth records for the last 100 years may be obtained on by the individual named on the record. For genealogical records - contact the MSA which has copies of restricted records.

Division of Vital Records
201 West Preston
P.O. Box 13146
Baltimore, MD 21203-3146

Obtaining records from the MSA

Birth and Death Records from Garrett County Health Dept.

 Birth Records 1942-present (Certificates are available to the person named on the certificate, their parent or guardian.)

 Death Records 1930-present (Certified copies can only be done 30 days of death

Marriage Records

Beginning in 1640 the Maryland General Assemby required clergy to post marriage banns and keep registers of marriages. Since 1777, county clerks have been required to issue marriage licenses and since 1865 to keep minister's returns.

The Maryland State Archives has copies of marriage records prior to 1914.

Divorce Records

The Maryland legislature had jurisdiction over divorce proceedings until 1829. Since 1853, divorce records have been kept by the clerk of the court.

User-Donated Records

There are some user donated records in the Garrett County, MDGenWeb Archives and on the RootsWeb Records Boards.



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