Old Stone House

Old Stone House

The Old Stone House is located along old Route 40 or what was once the National Pike. From the early 1800's it served as an inn for the stage coach and wagon traffic that moved west to Ohio Territory. At this early date it was owned by the Tomlinsons. Current owner and occupant is John Hershberger. The house is part of the National Trust but is not open to the public.

Behind the house is "Little Meadows", camp sight for Braddock's forces and George Washington in 1755, as they went to meet the French and Indians who occupied Fort Duquesne. They had left from Fort Cumberland about a week earlier. And they met defeat along a tributary of the Youghigheny River near Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh.)

Picture by Homer Brenneman, Jr. taken in July, 1999.

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