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RESEARCHING: Bloyce, Cannon, Covington, Dashiell, Denson, Dickerson, Dougherty, Ellis, Evans, Higgins, Hitch, Larramore/Larmore, London, Mezick/Messick, Mitchell, Nelson, Riggin, Ritchie, Robertson, Street, Wainwright, Waller, White.

Also, attempting to locate current ending ancestors which include Edward CARTER, b. ca. 1750; Wm. MORRISON, b. ca. 1760; Lucretia SCOTT, b. ca. 1760, believed to the daughter of John; and Susannah VAUGHN, b. ca. 1670. Any help would be appreciated.

E-mail: Richard I. Luht

ROBERTS/ROBERTSON: Looking for information on the marriage of John Roberts/Robertson and Miss ? BURGESS in Caroline County circa. 1800 - 1811. Thank you. Sam.

CARMEAN: This name was previously posted. Please note the e-mail address has changed. It was; but now, it is Thanks. Robyn Iverson.

SUBJECT: Caroline County Wills
I have William Williams, the elder died before 10 april 1821; John Gowty died before 21 Aug 1818; Levin Charles witnessed 1 Feb 1836; Amelia Charles died before 1 April 1872; Richard Cheezum died before 9 Oct 1827; Willis Charles died before 10 Nov 1846; Mary P Cheezum died before 9 Feb 1837; James Willson Sr died before 7 Jan 1812; James Wright, Sr. died before 9 Feb 1813; Mary Wilson died before 2 July 1810; Henry Corkrin died before 5 Jan 1810; Sarah Wright died before 12 Feb 1811; Jacob Charles died before 29 Oct 1867; and Mary Charles died before 31 August 1857. Thanks. Cindy   E-mail:

I need to know where "Point Lookout, MD" is. My husband's ggggrandfather was paroled there during the Civil War, and I cannot seem to locate it. Any help is more than welcome. Thank you, Judy Lucas Martin
E-mail: Tue May 27 05:35:58 1997

Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 16:47:42
From: Margaret E. Udell
Subject: LOVE, Andrew, born 1800?, married to Susannah Eaton in Frederick County August 27, 1825. I'm searching for the parents of Andrew and his birthplace and date of birth. METZGER, Valentine, born in the 1700's, lived in Frederick County at time of the 1790 census - daughter Margaret (born 15 November 1781) married Isaac EATON (born 24 January 1775) in Fred. Co. in 1798. I have nothing on Valentine, but he may have been born in Germany. The father of Isaac EATON was a British soldier, who died in 1775. I haven't been able to find anything on this man. Any tips, information, help, or even sympathy for my plight, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Margaret Udell               E-mail:

LaRee Nooner - 23 May 1997

Denune, Denoon , Newnam and Nemar are variations of the name Nuner found in Maryland. I am looking for more information on Jacob Nuner/Nemar. I need his birth date and birth place. He died 1791 and left a will. He bought land in Dorchester county, and it lists him as being 'from Talbot County'. John and Jane Newnam/Newname are in Talbot County by 1666. John was born in 1664 in another country. I have numerous records, a few books of vital records, indexed, and thousands of names in Maryland. I would be happy to exchange info. and find our roots. I believe that we are from the Denune's/Denoon's of Scotland, who took their surname from the Denune Castle in the 1100's. I believe the name was changed when coming to America to Newname shortened to Newnam. and there on to Nuner/Nooner. There was a spelling book among the possessions of Jacob Nuner. I know his mother was Sarah, as she wills her possessions to her son, Jacob. Her name is given as Sarah KINDLY/KINDLY/HANDY/HANDLY ? I need the original record found in the land records so check the spelling of the last name.

Also need info. on Jacob Nuner from Caroline County. Birth date? Died in 1791 leaving a will. He lived in Dorchester County, and was 'from Talbot Co.'. Please correspond. I have thousands of vital records, indexed in Maryland, and have done much research there, but need more info. Will exchange info. Thank you. L.Nooner

FROM: Eric & Susan Shawn E-MAIL:
DATE: Sun, 20 July, 1997 07:16:31
SUBJECT: 1. Shawhan/Meeks. Parents of Sarah Meeks who married Darby Shawhan, Kent Co., MD, 1707.

2. Shawn/Greenwood. Additional information on relationship between David Shawn and Jane Greenwood, accused of fornication in March Court. 1761. Marriage? etc.

3. Downes/Shawhan. Name of Nathan Downes' sister mentioned in his will of 22 Jan 1794 as having married Samuel Shawhan and born three children.

Willing to share information from my library.

Marsha McWilliams
Does anyone have land records on Samuel Pavey (Sussex Co., DE) dtd. Sept 3, 1787, sold :Swen's Folley and Double Purchase" to Isaac Pavey. John Pavey was his brother. They both lived in Caroline Co. in the 1790 census. Looking for wills also. John's wife was probably ? Anderson. She may be daughter of James or Major Anderson (Nicolites). Looking for marriage records. John was administrator of James or Major's estate in Guilford Co., NC in 1805. I have data to share.

SUBJECT: BROWN. looking for parents of both greatgrandfather William Madison BROWN, b. 1835, and wife Rachel Rebecca (PINKINE or PINKIND), b. 1832. Appear to have one year old dau. Eliza on 1860 Caroline Co. census. May have moved to Queen Anne's Co. Both born in Talbot Co., per bible records. Was Rachel's father Michael Pinkine, b. abt. 1800?

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 15:08:30

I, the Reverend Gerald William Scott, have roots (my mother's father), on the Eastern Shore of MD, in Caroline Co., in the town of Ridgley. The family name is PRITCHETT. I have done quite a bit of work in tracing the family's history. From what I can gather, the area presently known as Caroline Co., was originally a part of Dorchester Co. Though our branch of the family are African American, we have Caucasian roots as well. My great-great grandfather, Medford Pritchett was noted as being a mulatto, in the 1880 Census. Tradition has it that his father was white, and he had Caucasian brothers. Many believe their names could have been George, Phillip and Samuel. There is a family of white Pritchetts in Denton, MD, (morticians by trade), who acknowledge kinship with our Branch. I am trying to get a more inclusive history of the family, and any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for information that goes back before the Civil War, and any further links between the white and black Pritchetts of Dorchester/Caroline County(ies).

Gerald W. Scott.

From: Mary Jacob
Date: September 6, 1997
Subject: SHERWOOD, William and COLSTON, Alice married around 1800-1805. Looking for William's parents. Alice is dau. of James COLSTON (d. 1810) and Alice OREM (d. 1814). William and Alice's son, Thomas G., was born 1806. He is names in his grandfather's will. A Talbot County land record in 1814 lists him. Both the SHERWOOD's and COLSTON's had land in Dorchester and Talbot counties. Which county was William born? Although he and Alice were Methodist, I can not find a marriage record. So I am looking for their marriage record also.

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 98
From: Pam Brown
Subject: Nathan Slaughter

I am searching for documentation to include with my DAR application. I am specifically looking for Nathan Slaughter
(b. 1750). He married Margaret Sherwing in 1768 or 69. Nathan was the son of James and Elizabeth Slaughter. I follow Nathan's eldest son Thomas (1770-18660) who married Elizabeth Swift on 29 Jan 1793. By 1815 they were living in Franklin County, IN. I then follow the line through Thomas's daughter Elizabeth who married John J. Swift, their daugther Martha E. who married Thomas Miller, and their son, my g-grandfather, Franklin S. Miller. I believe I can successfully document Thomas after his arrival in Indiana, since up until Franklin, the family lived in the Blooming Grove and Brookville, Indiana area. However, it's the Maryland ancestors I need help with. I am looking for birth, death, marriage or census records that might be available.

If anyone can be of help, please let me know.

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