Maryland Wills from 1635 to 1777 were filed at the Province level in the Perogative Court. Starting in 1777 the wills were only filed with the County Register of Wills.

In the case of Baltimore County, the wills dating from 1851 and back have been sent to the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. Wills data after 1851 are at the Baltimore County Courthouse in Towson.

Extracts of the wills filed in the Perogative Court (wills from 1635-1777) have been published over the past 100 years in a series called the "Maryland Calendar of Wills". This is a 16 Volume set of documents. It provides the names of persons and land tracts named in wills. This provides a very useful tool for researchers. The early will extracts were first published from 1904 and have been reprinted by Family Line Publications (now Willow Bend) and latter years extracts were recently published by Family Line. You can check the various dealer website/addresses to obtain copies

To obtain a will filed after 1851 you will have to obtain it from the County Courthouse in the Register of Wills office.

You can obtain the full text of wills filed in Baltimore County in 1851 and prior years from either the Maryland State Archives (MSA) in Annapolis or order them on microfilm from a local LDS Family History Center. Wills can be found in two forms at the Maryland State Archives. There are boxes of orginal documents containing wills and generally the wills were also copied over by the court clerks into Will Books. I believe in some cases the will books exist both as the original volumes and on microfilm. The MSA Website has data on the available records for Baltimore County. There are indexes to the wills available at MSA that cover 1666 to 1906 for Baltimore County. The LDS Family library has microfilmed Baltimore County Wills for the years 1666-1851. If you do not know where your local LDS Family History Center is located you can find it by going to www.FamilySearch.org. There you will find a link to click on that will help you to locate an LDS Family History Center in or near your area.

Notes (as written on in the LDS Family History Library Catalog) Microfilm copy of originals at Baltimore City Court House, Baltimore. Chronology is erratic in the first volumes. The County Seat moved in 1851 and so some of the records are for the City of Baltimore only. Some of the volumes contain renunciation records which occur after the date of the volume.

Here is the listing of all the Microfilm numbers and the corresponding years. EachLDS volume has an index;

DescriptionLDS Family History Center Film #MD State Archives Series Number
Book 1 1666 -1721
Book 2 1721- 1763
S.L. Film # 0013590 MSA No.: C 435-1
MSA No.: C 435-2
MSA No.: C 435-3 ( transcript) >
Book 3 1763 - 1784
Book 4 1784 - 1791
S.L. Film # 0013591 MSA No.: C 435-4
MSA No.: C 435-5
Book 5 1791 -1797
Book 6 1797 - 1802
S.L. Film #0013592MSA No.: C 435-6
MSA No.: C 435-7
Book 7 1802 - 1805
Book 8 1805 - 1811
S.L. Film #0013593 MSA No.: C 435-8
MSA No.: C 435-9
Book 9 1809/1810 -1815
Book10 1815- 1819
S.L. Film #0013594MSA No.: C 435-10
MSA No.: C 435-11
MSA No.: C 435-12 (transcript)
Book 11 1818- 1824
Book 12 1824 - 1826
S.L. Film #0013595 MSA No.: C 435-13
MSA No.: C 435-14
Book 13 1827 - 1832
Book 14 1831- 1835
S.L. Film #0013596 MSA No.: C 435-16 (transcript )
MSA No.: C 435-17
Book 15 1834 - 1836
Book 16 1836 - 1838
S.L. Film #0013597 MSA No.: C 435-18
MSA No.: C 435-19
Book 17 1838 -1840
Book 18 1840 - 1842
S.L. Film # 0013598 MSA No.: C 435-20
MSA No.: C 435-21
Book 19 1842 -1844
Book 20 1844 - 1845
S.L. Film # 0013599 MSA No.: C 435-22
MSA No.: C 435-23
Book 21 1845 -1847
Book 22 1847 - 1849
S.L. Film # 0013600 MSA No.: C 435-24
MSA No.: C 435-25
Book 23 1849 - 1850
Book 24 1850 - 1851
S.L. Film #0013601 MSA No.: C 435-26
MSA No.: C 435-27

Dates CoveredMSA Series Number
1666-1850 MSA No.: C 436-1
1666-1850 MSA No.: C 436-2 (transcript)
1666-1850 MSA No.: C 436-3
1850-1851 MSA No.: C 436-4
1852-1883 MSA No.: C 436-5
1852-1906 MSA No.: C 436-6

Thanks to Theresa Kingsley for providing the FHC microfilm numbers and some ot the other above data.

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