St Abrahams/Shaver Church Records

Early Church Register for the Shaver (St Abrahams) Lutheran Church of Beckleysville, Baltimore County, Maryland.

Sometimes lost records reappear. This is the case with the Register for St Abrahams (also called the Shaver) Church in Beckleysville, Baltimore County Maryland. Our USGenWeb Assistant coordinator for the Anne Arundel County site was given by an aunt a pile of old genealogical research papers that a family member had collected in the 1950s. At the bottom of the stack of old papers he found what appears to be the ledger for the Shaver Church starting in 1805. Apparently Casper Millender was one of the Elders of the chruch in 1850's and had custody of the ledger. The book or ledger was apparently never was turned back in after Casper's death, but was kept by his descendants. Today the church is known as the St Abraham's Church in Beckleysville. Copies of the ledger are being provided to the Maryland State Archives, the Maryland Historical Society, and the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. The original papers are being returned to the church. You can view scanned copies of the ledger and our attempt to decipher some of the entries here on the USGenWeb Baltimore County Website.

A transcript of the births, baptisms, and deaths from the Church Register have been extracted for a quick view of that information.

You can also look at images of the pages below:

View Scanned Images of the Shaver Church Register

The records in the ledger before 1840 were written in German Script. It appears that the pages may not be complete as there are no entries between 1826 and 1834.