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Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Howard County Researcher Reference Page

It is not always very easy to find information on your research, particularly for persons living considerable distances from Maryland. Recent budget cuts have caused reductions in the services that the Maryland State Archives can provide to individuals through the mail and reference services. Other repositories such as the Maryland Historical Society and Maryland Genealogical Society in downtown Baltimore also have considerable data that is obtained by in-person research. Fortunately efforts are being made to provide more data on-line and available through the internet, but a lot of the documentation you may looking for can only easily be obtain in-person. Other repositorities, such as county court houses, the Baltimore City archives, and local library collections also can provide valuable data, but have limited services for long distance research.

To help researchers find persons willing to help them in their Maryland research, the following lists and links to other sites, provides points of contacts for individuals willing to help you. This has been divided into two catagories. THe first catagory are persons who have indicated that they are willing to check their reference documentation can see if they can help you find information on specific persons. This is basically a library function, using references they have available at their homes. I have asked persons volunteering to provide a general description of what material they might have available and the time periods. So please review the dates, places, and types of data they are providing to see if their material might be of assistance to you. The second catagory are links and listings of persons (both amateur and professional who have indicated they are available to help do research for you by going to repositories such as the Maryland State Archives. We do not endorse nor can we comment on the quality of service anyone might provide. It is up to you to work out whatever agreements with these persons for their services. Even the amateur persons should be reimbursed for their travel and costs. This information is provided here for reference only, not advertisements to help people looking for research assistance.

Persons Willing to Assist in Lookups from their References

PersonE-Mail AddressWebsiteComments
Tim Robinsontrobinson42 @ Tim is a regular contributor of information on the BALTGEN-L mailing lists and has been helping many persons on that form with information about persons in Baltimore County and City He was named in the Volunteer Spotlight at Rootsweb for May 2003 for his help.

Researcher Contact Information

Links For Researchers

The Maryland State Archives maintains on their website a list of Genealogist Researchers who have indicated that they are willing to perform research there for individuals. Many of the persons listed are professional researchers.

The Board for the Certification of Genealogist maintains a website where you can search for certified researchers for a state, surname, or other catagories.

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