Billie Groening Fri Nov 1 20:19:09 1996
The family I am researching is IRA PARKER and Wife, ANN. They were in Baltimore City, MD.However, they came to Texas in early 1800's. Ira died in Galveston, Texas in 1843. In his will he requested that Ann take the children back to Bltimore so that they might grow up in his FAITH of Swedenborgen . Ann did return and died in Baltimore as an older woman. Any info relating to these PARKERS would be appreciated.

Thomas Bryan Sat Nov 2 00:52:34 1996
Searching for BRYAN family info. Zepheniah Bryan born around 1750 somewhere in Md. and moved to Pa at the age of six...I have no record of his parents or brother and sisters.

Thomas Bryan Sat Nov 2 01:02:22 1996
My grandfather, Robert Thomas MORGAN born Jan 27, 1892 in Frostburg, Md. His father was David John MORGAN and his mother was a Mary Ann WILLIAMS. I am trying to do a family tree, I need any info you may have..

Joseph Peeler Sat Nov 2 07:59:04 1996
John Christian Rice

Susan Lynch Kruse Sat Nov 2 11:10:08 1996
CASEY, Thomas, born l8l4 MD, father worked in a mill near Baltimore, sister married YOUNG about l830. Thomas moved to OH and married HANCOCK. Does anyone know this Casey family?

Susan Lynch Kruse Sat Nov 2 11:26:46 1996
HANCOCK, James resided Boxiron then Snow Hill c l790, married Polly ___, children born early l800's. Does anyone have his or Polly's parentage?

Paul H. Owen Sat Nov 2 13:38:39 1996
WALSH, James and CROTHERS, Jane: I am looking for the parents of James Walsh and Jane Crothers who were married in the Fifth Presbyterian Church of Baltimore on Aug. 4, 1836. James was born Sept. 12, 1806, and Jane was born Sept. 12, 1814, both in Baltimore. Will exchange information.

Dick Pennock Sun Nov 3 08:08:10 1996
WILLIS, WEAVER: I am looking for information about Richard Henry WILLIS and his wife Anna E. WEAVER. Richard was born in Maryland in 1827. He was a pharmacist in Baltimore City in the 1860's and in Towson in Baltimore County in the 1870's through the 1890's at least. I know nothing about Anna WEAVER other than she was his wife. They had at least one child, son Richard Henry Dunning WILLIS, who was born in 1862. I would like any information about this family. Thanks.

Prof. G. L. Esterson Fri Nov 1 04:50:08 1996
Researching the family of Joseph Esterson, who immigrated to Baltimore City about 1891, and who brought his family to Baltimore about 1893, from Berdichev Ukraine. There is a large Esterson family still living in Baltimore. What interests me most right now, is establishing exactly when Joseph arrived in baltimore, and when his wife Rebecca, and his two children Jacob and Albert arrived. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Celeste Marshall Thu Nov 7 15:58:55 1996
Searching for data on the QUEEN Family. My gg-grandparents, John and Mary QUEEN married in 1880 and resided in Baltimore City; however there is limited knowledge on where they originated from. Perhaps there is a connection with the QUEENSTOWN section of Anne Arundel County. Please contact me if you have information.

Becky Humbert Thu Nov 7 16:08:05 1996
I am looking for informatin on John Humbert who was born approximately 1784 in Maryland. He married Susannah ______ born abt 1794 in PA. I believe Johns father was Adam Humbert who was dead by the 1820's. I cannot find any record of John's birth or Adam's death or any info on Adam's wife, other children. John settled in the Westminster/Taneytown/Silver Run area.

Mollie King Sat Nov 9 22:59:14 1996
I am researching the surname PROUT. My line goes back to William Thomas Prout, born in 1813, but there have been Prouts in Maryland going back to the 1600's. I haven't been able to tie them all together, but I suspect the majority of them are related. If you're interested in sharing information (I'll share, too :-}) e-mail me at, or write to Mollie King 3744 Roxbury Lane

Dawn Covert Sun Nov 10 06:18:39 1996
Would like to exchange information with anyone researching the AMBROSE surname in the Baltimore County Area in the 1700's-late 1800's. I am also interested in the following related sunames from the same time period: Bowers,Dean,Osborn,Parsons, and Phillips.

Dawn Covert Sun Nov 10 06:46:12 1996
Looking for information on Mary DEAN of Baltimore Co. She married Richard AMBROSE 5 August 1815. Interested in finding her parents and children.

Dawn Covert Sun Nov 10 06:49:55 1996
Looking for information on Elizabeth ALMACK of Baltimore Co.She married Charles AMBROSE,21 December 1804. I am looking for her parents and children.

Eva Smith-Carroll Sun Nov 10 16:38:40 1996
Hello. Looking for lead on CHRISTIAN (aka Christopher ) SMITH, believed born in Maryland of German descent. First record of Christian in Harrisburg, Rockingham Co., VA, 1776, member of Robert Harrison's Co. No. 5, Rockingham. Wife ELIZABETH "Betsy" RICHMOND (not sure about last name). Moved to Greenbrier Co., VA (now WV) in the 1790s. Their children: George born 1786; Jacob b. 26 April 1788/died 10 Feb. 1874; John William b. Jan. 15, 1791; Joseph b. 1794; Elizabeth b. 22 Nov. 1796; Mary (Polly) b. 1797; Barbara b. 15 June 1800 ; and William Sr. b. 1802. (Maybe Wendel and Griffith also.) JACOB SMITH, vet of War of 1812, was my ancestor. Have data on Jacob's 25 children upon

Cleona Sun Nov 10 19:15:58 1996
Searching for info on William Cole b 1741 m 1769 in Baltimore Co. to either Sarah Elizabeth Simmons or Elizabeth Hardesty. Researchers have reasons for both wives. William's will names wife Elizabeth but they were both called by that name. Any info on the Coles, Simmons, or Hardestys appreciated. Am also looking for info on the Modisetts of Baltimore Co. Cleona

Bonita Shafer Mon Nov 11 03:01:09 1996
Looking for any information on Franklin Elsworth Shafer Sr, and his wife Alice Mae Drill and their families. He was in his 80s when he died in Dec 1980. He may have served in the WW1. Alice Mae Drill died in May 1980. They are both buried at Rosedale Cemetery Hagerstown, Md.

ray hoffeld Mon Nov 11 17:14:23 1996
I am starting a geneology search for the surname Hoffeld. I would appreciate knowing if anyone has information about anyone of that name prior to 1920. I know that the family emigrated from Germany to the Baltimore area about 1882. Names of particular interest are listed below.

Patricia Garrett Mon Nov 11 08:47:40 1996
Information on John SHIPTON m. Mary Spear 1757 Baltimore County. and Keziah SHIPTON m. Michael Moore 1758 Baltimore County. Were they brother and sister? Was John SHIPTON m. Ann Cahace 1785 in Washington Co. John and Mary's son? Interested in any information on the SHIPTON line. Will share information.

JOHN G. SHUE Wed Nov 13 16:12:18 1996
I am looking for any imformation on KATHY LYNN SHUE born May 3,1966.Her mother was Brenda Joyce Rosier,father was John G. Shue.

patricia Ferger Thu Nov 14 15:34:04 1996
I'm looking for information on Josiah Sewell(may have been called Joseph)b.1785Va-d.1858Md?,He was marriedto Margaret Freeman b.1798VA-d.1876Balto,Md.They lived in Washington,DC for a while,thats where there children where born,and later they moved to Baltimore,Md.I would like to know who there parents were,and where in Virginia they were born. Also any other relatives they may have had. Thank you

Cherry Winegar Fri Nov 15 19:28:30 1996
Looking for Silas W. Miller, born Maryland in 1843, married appx.1866 to Regina F------. May have had sister Teresa or Theresa.Also looking for his ancestors.

Grover Pope Sat Nov 16 09:12:38 1996
I would appreciate any and all information on the surname Ashmore; Joshua Ashmore, my 3rd great g-father was in the Somerset Militia during the Rev. War, in the Salisbury Battalion, John Span Conway, Capt., John McClester, 1st Lt.,John Evans of Nicholus, 2nd Lt. William Stewart , Ensign. Joshua was one of the 67 men listed in the Battalion. This information was in the Maryland Genealogical Bulletin and Rev. War Journal, published January 1934. Would really appreciate any help or suggestions. Sincerely,

JACK PHILLIPS Sat Nov 16 10:29:03 1996
Searching for information on Family of John Joseph Allen who was a lawyer and lived in Hagerstown, Maryland b12/jul/1890, d 24/sept/1948. Also information on his sister Florance Allen who was never married. Florance was in show business, her stage name was "Cleo". She lived on Ilchester Place in Baltimore and took care of her mother. Birth and death date unknown.

E. Jones Thu Nov 14 11:13:19 1996
I am looking for any information pertaining to the family of Elmer Alexander Jones born 4/27/1913 in Balto City. He's the son of Wilbur Jones (died about 1942) and Catherine Nigel

Bob King Sat Nov 16 21:44:18 1996
Need any available info on John King and Janet Jack, SCT to US (Baltimore?) "shortly before" the Civil War. They met aboard ship, were married soon after arrival. Children - John, Jr.; Janet; Margaret; Peter Robert. First three resided in Baltimore in the late 1930's and early '40's. PRK moved to IN in the late 'teens. Info on children also needed. John King is said to have been a cannon maker during the Civil War.

Kim Hepfer Sun Nov 17 02:07:31 1996
I am looking for any info. regarding my grandfather George Edward Scott. He was born Jan. 1, 1906. He was married to Winifred Wilson. He worked for Baltimore Life Insurance Co. until his retirement. He passed away in 1973. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Patsy Dearman Hand Mon Nov 18 15:52:07 1996
Would like to share date on the Francis Taylor family. This family was in AA Co. as early as 1710 when son, Francis Jr. was born. Frances Jr. married Elizabeth Empson in Baltimore Co. MD about 1730.

Dennis V. Stanley Mon Nov 18 05:47:39 1996
I am looking for members of the BAILEY family in Baltimore Co., MD. I am descendant from John Thomas BAILEY (b. Sep 1840, d. 11 Mar 1901) and his wife Ida Rachel BLOOM, daughter of David BLOOM. They were married on 5 Nov 1891 and lived in the Mount Washington area. They had four children before their early deaths: Paul Bloom BAILEY (b. 11 Jan 1893, d. 3 Nov 1966), Adam Lee BAILEY (b. 2 Jul 1894, d. 20 Nov 1920), Edith May BAILEY (b. 15 Jun 1896, d. 10 Aug 1898), and Ruth A. BAILEY (b. 2 Feb 1898, d. 15 Sep 1920) who m. Herman BROWN.

Richard Harris Tue Nov 19 15:57:45 1996
charles benson STEWART born uncertain, died Balto. ~1950?

Penny Fraley Richardson Tue Nov 19 20:32:56 1996
Looking for info on Mais Fraley or Anna Fraley Stidham. Both born in Ky Any and all info appreciated. Will reply to all. Thanks

Garnet Murphey Wed Nov 20 10:48:07 1996
I am researching MD names....Cole Collison, Cowles, Pritchett, Price, Voss, Vener, Venner, Viner, Variat, Verait.. Is any one else? Garnet at

Micky Hills Tue Nov 19 05:34:07 1996
MCCLASKY/ MCCLESKY, etc Seeking information about Joseph and James MCCLASKEY/ MCCLESKY who moved from Aston township Chester Co PA in the 1760-80s. Deeds in Chester refer to them as "...yeoman, presently of Baltimore Co..." James family found later in Harford Co. I have a great deal of data on these families and others of similar SURNAME spellings who did not go to Maryland. Looking forward to hearing from other seekers. Thanks!!

Mary Hills Tue Nov 19 05:43:08 1996
KIMZEY/KIMSEY-- seeking further infomation on the family of a Joseph KIMZEY who is referred to in several court records in Cecil Co in the mid-1750s. I believe that there were other KIMZEY families in Cecil and neighboring counties, Benjamin and James in particular. These families moved on to VA>NC>TN>KY I suspect that some of Joseph's family moved to PA. Looking forward to sharing data. Thanks!!

Jeremy Jelenfy Tue Nov 19 10:12:39 1996
I am looking for any information on my wife's family Her name is Wendi Dawn Mekins, born in Baltimore on April 26, 1971 enclosed are the names of her parents. So far this is all we know. Thank you.

Laura Williams Thu Nov 21 17:47:53 1996
I am looking for: Henry Michael born abt 1814 in Tenn. married #1 Sarah ? #2 Harriet Kinneman.They had a son Joshua G. Michael born in Indiana. I need to find henry and Harriet. Any help appreciated. Laura

William J. Kerr sr. Thu Nov 21 07:35:58 1996
Looking for relatives of Minnie Heath, husban unknown. Two children. Marie E. Heath born Baltimore 1894. Herbert V. Heath born arbout 1904 in Baltimore. Minnie Married Sam Gowans around 1907. Maybe in Maryland but not sure of that. They were all found in the 1910 census in Camden NJ. and were located outside Philadelphia in 1914. Marie married William B. Kerr in Philadelphia in 1914. She died there in 1919.

Billy Cox Fri Nov 22 11:03:38 1996
Searching for information on the ancestors and decendents of John Larkin, his daughter Mahitalbel Larkin and her husband, Otho Holland. Dates abt 1640-1700. John Larkin came to Maryland from Virginia and may have been married to Catherine Roberts. Mahitalbel's second husband was John Pierpoint. This family once owned the inn now open at Londontowne,..The inn is a historical sight. Have info to swap or give away.

Jack Phillips Thu Nov 21 18:41:36 1996
I am looking for information on George N. Flack b. Aug 1833, he immigrated to Baltimore in 1850 with his parents from Germany. I am seeking to find the name of his parents and the location in Germany where they are from. His occupation as an adult was butcher, and this was the occupation of each generation of males in the family. So perhaps his father's occupation was also a butcher. The family lived in Jenkins Lane or street. Also seeking information on Revena Allen who lived on Ilchester Place in Baltimore with her mother b.about 1890. She was in show business under the name Cleo. Any help appreciated...

Larry R. Herrin Thu Nov 21 21:56:49 1996
Seeking information on the descendents of William HERNE and Katherine MALTUS/MALLIS who were married at Annamessex in the 1670s and William HEARNE and Mary CUTHBERT of Annamessex. Also interested in the Edward STOCKSTELL/Jane BOYCE family there. They may be tied by marriage to one of these HEARNE/HERNE families since grandsons of each migrated to Rowan Co, NC and lived there 1760s to 1780s. Larry R. HERRIN 210A Boddeker Way

mperry Fri Nov 22 13:28:27 1996
I am looking for information on the Mummey, Merideth Dry Goods company which was in Baltimore in the early 1800's. Any information about this firm and especially Thomas Mummey would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

mperry Fri Nov 22 13:28:27 1996
I am looking for information on the Mummey, Merideth Dry Goods company which was in Baltimore in the early 1800's. Any information about this firm and especially Thomas Mummey would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

J. D. Brittingham Sat Nov 23 00:52:45 1996
Elizabeth SHERRILL, of Baltimore, is thought to have married James ABERCROMBIE, the younger, (1740-1820), who settled along with his father in Laurens Dist., SC. Can anyone substantiate this tradition?

Bonita Shafer Sat Nov 23 13:15:22 1996
Need information of Martin Luther Boward 1829-1901 his parents and any sibling!!! Looking for names DOB/DOB ,and place of birth/death.....Martin married a Mary Dermody When ?Where? did they get married. They lived in Washington Co or Frederick Co . They may have had 7or 8 children.... .....Edward Jacob Boward born 1889, died 1963. He married a Nellie M Starliper/ then to a Pearl Myers, is the connection I am working with. Any information or connection greatly appreciated. Will share what I have too. Thank's a lot.

John E Cain Sat Nov 23 18:51:33 1996
I would like to correspond with anyone interested in the CAIN / CAINE family that lived in the Baltimore county area from approximately 1670 to 1760. Names were William, John, Hugh, James. In c1760, James and Hugh Caine moved to Orange co NC.

Roger Wells Sun Nov 24 03:25:01 1996
I am searching for WELLS line in Maryland. They went to WVA then to KY.

Theresa Brandon Mon Nov 25 12:08:32 1996
I am looking for information on James W. Corrie who was born in Maryland in 1798. He later moved to Ohio and then to Lawrence County, Indiana. He may have been of Scottish descent.

TONY LITTLEFIELD Mon Nov 25 15:06:08 1996
I am looking for decendants of Richard and Margaret Littlefield of Black Mountain, NC. They are African American and former slaves. Margaret was born in Black Mountain in 1855 and Richard was born in SC in 1843. They were married in 1875 and had nine children William,George,Lizzie,Ben,Agnes, Nora,Elitha,Charles and Elsie. Richard last appeared in the 1880 census for Black Mountain and Margaret last appeared in 1910.

Kathryn Stuart Mon Nov 25 15:31:10 1996
RILEY/STOCKTON Searching for the parents of Rachel Stockton born about 1750 Kent County, MD (perhaps Cecil Co). Married William Riley/Rylie (any variation) about 1772. He was killed in Rev. War and she remarried John Bantham in 1782. Anything Rachel and her family is gratefully accepted, any clue, large or small will help.

Larry R. Herrin Mon Nov 25 21:34:42 1996
Seeking onfo on the families of William HEARNE, Edward STOCKSTELL, Morris GOSNELL and William BOYSE of Somerset Co. prior to 1700. Larry R. Herrin 210A Boddeker Way

Allan Griffith Tue Nov 26 01:04:52 1996
I am asking for help finding anything about the existence of the following ancestors, both believed born in Maryland: Philip B. Griffith, b.1779, & Elizabeth CROZIER, b.1784 Her surname may be spelled CROSIER? They married @ Stuebenville, OH, 1803.

John Douglas Tue Nov 26 19:26:01 1996
Looking for fellow descendants of Edward KEEN and (Sarah) Elizabeth BURNETT, both born England before 1800 and died in Baltimore Co., Md. after 1870. Their daughter/my 2g-grandmother, Laura Virginia KEEN, married Nathan DIEHL and went to Prince George's Co., Md.

Joe Frakes Tue Nov 26 05:33:16 1996
Researching FRAKES, FREKE, FREAKE, FRIGGS, FRIG, possible FIGG, and other variants, 1650's through 1750's Eastern Shore, 1690's forward, all counties. Also interested in early marriages of the above to COX/COCK or NOBLE families.

Ron Gilliland Tue Nov 26 09:50:53 1996
Seeking any information on Thomas Gilliland/Gilleland b. abt 1737........ b.Ireland or aboard ship from Ireland?
Alton Loveless Thu Nov 28 09:02:26 1996
DRABY I am seeking information on any DRABY that arrived in Maryland from some unknow ship from Europe. Only 17 Draby's are named in all of the United States so the search is easier. Thanks for you help.

John J. Baer Thu Nov 28 09:50:17 1996
I would like to find a link to Germany through my Grandfather and a couple generations beyond?

Shirley Hollis Rice Thu Nov 28 10:58:25 1996
James Hollis bought land in 1753 from the Loyal Land Company on Catawba Creek,Augusta Co, VA. During the F/I Wars they removed over the moutains to Bedford County where his son James II was born in 1759. In 1761, they left Augusta County and settled in what is now Whythe County before relocating to what is now TN in 1774. There had been a George and a John Hollis is the Augusta area at the same time. Where did 1st Hollis family came from? The Hollis, Choate and Gist families seem to have long connections and ultimately lines of all three of these families ended up in Wayne and Lawrence County, TN, and intermarried along the way. The Maryland Hollis family had connections with Choate and Gist which leads one to wonder if James I came from MD. There was also a Hollis famiy in Fairfax County, VA, and they had a James. He ended up in SC, so they don't seem to fit. Help or hints are appreciated. I have a good deal on James II and his descendents. Will help others in our line if I can. Ciao!

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