Alton Loveless Thu Nov 28 09:02:26 1996
DRABY I am seeking information on any DRABY that arrived in Maryland from some unknow ship from Europe. Only17 Draby's are named in all of the United States so the search is easier. Thanks for you help.

John J. Baer Thu Nov 28 09:50:17 1996
I would like to find a link to Germany through my Grandfather and a couple generations beyond?

Shirley Hollis Rice Thu Nov 28 10:58:25 1996
James Hollis bought land in 1753 from the Loyal Land Company on Catawba Creek,Augusta Co, VA. During the F/I Wars they removed over the moutains to Bedford County where his son James II was born in 1759. In 1761, they left Augusta County and settled in what is now Whythe County before relocating to what is now TN in 1774. There had been a George and a John Hollis is the Augusta area at the same time. Where did 1st Hollis family came from? The Hollis, Choate and Gist families seem to have long connections and ultimately lines of all three of these families ended up in Wayne and Lawrence County, TN, and intermarried along the way. The Maryland Hollis family had connections with Choate and Gist which leads one to wonder if James I came from MD. There was also a Hollis famiy in Fairfax County, VA, and they had a James. He ended up in SC, so they don't seem to fit. Help or hints are appreciated. I have a good deal on James II and his descendents. Will help others in our line if I can. Ciao!

Marianne Hitchcock Smith Fri Nov 29 20:51:19 1996
The Surname HITCHCOCK. I am looking for any information on 3 different William HITCHCOCKS (I,II,III). William HITCHCOCK I married a Mary Unknown. Mary Unknown had a 2nd spouse William JONES. William HITCHCOCK II married 1st a Mary Unkown 1726-1737 Baltimore County, MD. Mary was born 1668-1697 died 1726-1785 He married 2nd to Anne JONES Sept 7, 1716. William HITCHCOCK III married to Susannah Slade Nov 8, 1729, Susannah is the daughter of Robert SLADE. Any information on these names would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Foard Sat Nov 30 03:59:59 1996
According to city directories for the years 1873-79, my Great Grandfather lived on Falls Road near Toll Gate. Is Toll Gate a street or was there a Toll gate on Falls road at that time??? I believe this is either near present day Hamden or in Towson...

Judy Konig Sat Nov 30 14:01:53 1996
I am looking for any information on the descendents/family of Charles WOLLETT, born October 10, 1865 in Midway, Ohio and died 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland. He had 2 wives: Anna and Leah. He had 7 children by Anna: Preston Eugene (b. 9/23/1903, married to Meadows Emma Parrish); Charles A. (b. 7/12/1888); Nettie E. (b. 8/17/1890, married Charles Mays); Edna Catherine (b. 2/18/1893, married Edward "Doc" Cook)' Mytrle (b. 4/21/1895, married to Sam Lloyd); Earl Leroy (b. 8/4/1897); Pauline (b. 2/23/1910, married George Kefer & Charles Allport)

Judy Konig Sat Nov 30 14:18:14 1996
I am looking for any information regarding descendants/family of John Thomas Parks, date of birth unknown, died June 30, 1909, married to Eliza Jane George. They had 7 children: Thomas Clifton (b. 8/31/1874, m. 5/31/1896 to Mary Hahn); John William (b. 12/24/1855); Sarah Elizabeth (b. 7/3/1857); Francis Rochel (b. 1/20/1860); George Edward (b. 4/4/1864); Ellen May (b. 5/7/1866); and Jephemiah (b. 3/22/1867). Thomas Clifton Parks had 5 children: John Thomas (b. 10/24/1902, d. 1/31/1984, m. 7/16/1926 to Edith May Albright); Pauline (b. 6/6/1900, d. 12/6/1992); Charles Webster (b. 12/27/1896, d. 2/2/1976); Marshall William (b. 1/10/1907, d. 8/30/1980, married Dorothy) and Elmer (b. 3/26/1905, d. 1/31/1907)

William Wallace Tue Dec 3 17:22:56 1996
I am looking for information on Robert Wallace who immigrated to the Baltimore area from County Longford, Ireland around 1776/77. Robert was married to Violet Jane Burnett and either had a child named Arthur who was about 1 year old or was born shortly after they arrived. Other children born after arriving were Charles, William, Robert, John and Margaret. All children moved to Ohio County, Kentucky but apparently the parents stayed in Maryland. The town of Ellicott City, MD, has been found in some notes referring to the family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ira C. Nickle Mon Dec 2 08:42:57 1996
I would like to know how I can obtain the proof of marriage of Anthony Lindsay and Rachel Ann Dorsey whom I believe were married at Eldersburg, Baltimore County in 1756? Thank you. Ira

Susan Usher Eggert Tue Dec 3 04:44:29 1996
Seeking appropriate RCatholic diocese related to St.Joseph's Vale Convent & School, Emmitsburg, Md. Francenia Greenway USHER, dau James USHER of Wilmington, NC attended convent school. In 1826 letter declared intention of becoming nun. Died in 1830s at St. Joseph's and according to oral history, buried there, but without having become a nun. Seek info/info sources re her death/burial and on convent & school. Thanks, Susan Eggert. Researching Thames, Love, Usher, King, DeVane, Potter in SE NC.

Lynn Piper Carpenter Wed Dec 4 21:47:36 1996
I am just beginning my search. I know my mother and grandparents were born in Baltimore. Any assistance would be appreciated. The M.E. Peach entry came from a signature on a Baltimore Album quilt dated 1850. It was purchased in Cockeysville, MD from the quilter. Thank you,

William Turner Doyle Thu Dec 5 17:34:16 1996
I am researching the surname BOSTIC (BOSTICK) in the State Of Maryland. The person that I am seeking is SUSANNAH BOSTIC, born 2 February 1798, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, Virginia. Married BASIL WOOD (WILLIAMS) after 1831, probably in Georgetown, DC, or Maryland. Any information on BOSTIC(BOSTICK) lines from Maryland will be appreciated.

Mary Nell Hollis Franks Wed Dec 4 08:33:33 1996
I am seeking info. on a Willaim Hollis who appears with the Choates, Gists, Crocketts, Hawkins, and Poteets who seemed to travel together on to Tennessee before 1800. If anyone is interested in sharing info and the Hollis or Choates, I am working on these lines.

albert raley Thu Dec 5 09:15:25 1996
I would like info on the following people: (1) Samuel Raley 1819-1860 m. Mary Ann Ruckle b. 1814 (2) Henry Ruckle 1790-1865 m. Catherine Stark 1788-1850 (3) John Mckenzie b. 1794 m. Hannah Tomlinson and Barbara Engle 1818-1905 (4) Peter Groff m. Mary? dau. Elizabeth Groff 1757-1789 (5) Clement Engle 1747-1778 (6) Christian Garletts 1 father of Henry Garletts b. late 1700's (7) Magdalena Gerlachin b. 1755 m. Henry Garletts (8) Catharina Dieter b. Germany m. Hanns Hutzel Aug. 27, 1650 in Germany (9) Jacob Knoller b. Germany dau. Agnes Maria Knoller b. @1600's (10) Anna Maria Schweinhardt 1725-1788 (11) Henry Cutter 1818-1887 and w. Fredricka Helmer 1824-1890 (12) Sarah "Fannie" Smith mother of Wm. Henry Cutter b. 1880 (13) David Plummer b. 1830 m. Margaret Lashbaugh b. 1832 m. 1848 (14) Henry and Adelaide Brenstine b. 1822 Germany (15) Fannie Ann Christner b. 1846 m. Patrick Jacob Mckenzie 1844-1911 m. 1864 (16) Jacob Minnick 1841-1909 m. Anna Rainer 1845-1923 (17) Jacob Crowe @1791-1870 m. Margaret Winebrenner b. 1796 (18) Jesse Wesley Chaney b. 1805-1888 m. Susanna Loar 1808- 1881(19) Sarah Echard b. 1750's (20) Silas Ballah 1815-1836 w. Millie Parker b. 1818 (21) Charles Wolf 1824-1879 m. Louisa Franke 1835-1916 (22)George Arnold b.@1800 and w. Rachael Wright m. 1814 son Phillip (23) Rone Merrill w. Francenia Holtzman dau. Dorothy Merrill 1836-1907 (24) Aaron Blaney 1825-1913 m. Elizabeth Brooke Jenkins 1830- 1916 (25) Harrison Darby m. Nancy Huntley son. Levi Elliott Darby 1857- 1940

Ron Gilliland Thu Dec 5 10:06:48 1996
Seeking information on Thomas Gilliland b.circa 1737, m. Priscilla Huff (hough)settled in hardin County Ky.

Brian Deaver Thu Dec 5 11:22:46 1996
I am looking for information about James Goodwin (10/1/1818 - 7/27/1887) who was born and lived in the Canton Section of Baltimore, Maryland. He was married to Elizabeth Jane Bamber who was from Warren (near Cockeysville) Maryland. We are descended from their son George Wesley Goodwin,

Donald Walker Thu Dec 5 20:12:53 1996
To father was born in Sharptown in 1907.He is deceased. I have written to the Division of Vital Records and they refuse to give me his birth certificate as they say that this info cannot be given to me. Can someone tell me how I can get around this?. I am trying to find out who my grandparents are and this completely stops me as I have been able to obtain this information with some restriction in other States. I shall be forever grateful for help. Don Walker

Carlton C. Kirton Fri Dec 6 19:14:26 1996
Request information on John Collins, born Baltimore, Md. 1760, move to Spartanburg, S.C. and was Rev War Vet. Thanks

Beth Williams Baldwin Fri Dec 6 07:18:17 1996
Looking for info on: George Lewis Fox Fannie May (or Mae) Fox both of Foxville, MD 1850s-1890s Striewigs family of Nellie Wrenn Strewig b. April 15, 1892 in Washington, DC abandoned and raised in Ocean City MD Hammonds family of Dawson Edwin Hammond or Donald Edwin Hammond

Beth Baldwin Fri Dec 6 08:18:16 1996
Looking for information on the family of Nellie Wrenn STRIEWIG, born April 15, 1892 in DC, abandoned & raised by "friends" in Ocean City MD, married Donald Edwin HAMMOND, resided and died in Baltimore MD. Also the family of Donald Edwin HAMMOND on his mother's side, her name FANNIE MAE FOX of Foxville, MD in Frederick Co., her father GEORGE LEWIS FOX of Foxville, MD.

Denise Christenson Fri Dec 6 13:18:24 1996
I am trying to find information on my Great Grandmother's parents. Her name was Rose Etta Evans, and she was born in Riva {sic. Which is in Anne Arundel Co.} on July 15, 1878. The only information I have on her parents are their names: Charles A. Evans and Laura Virginia ----- (I don't know her Mother's maiden name) Please contact me if you have any information (birth, death or marriage dates) on either of them. Thank you very much.

Al Woolum Sun Dec 8 21:49:19 1996
I am looking for 18th century references for the surname ULM/ULLUM/WOOLUM. In particular a Mathias ULM or WOOLAM and a Joseph ULLUM.

Beth Baldwin Mon Dec 9 09:57:30 1996
I am looking for info on the family STRIEWIG. Possible first names of Nellie and George. George was reputed to be a Methodist Episcopal minister around the turn of the century in the Washington DC area. Also looking for FOX of northern MD near PA; George Lewis Fox and daughter, Fannie Mae Fox, latter part of 19th century. Also any information of families that held traditional family reunions in Blue Ridge Summit, PA (on the MD/PA border). Thank you,

james a. sens Mon Dec 9 12:19:52 1996
looking for information about SENS family especially DAVID SENS my ggreat grandfather born 1810 near baltimore md. married DULCY ANN MITTEN in 1832 near baltimore, md. marriage certificate shows a spelling of SENTZ. migrated to richland county, ohio in 1832 and on to fairfield, iowa in 1839. looking for connection to SENTZ surname.

John Kent Mon Dec 9 13:09:43 1996
Seek maiden name of Prisscilla. A. Bass of Milo, Maine, born approximately 1942. Previously lived in Glen Burnie. Old schools etc, Preston High, University College, University of Maine. Reason; failed in reverse search of surname Chlebowicz. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jim Gurley Tue Dec 10 12:03:18 1996
I am searching for information on William Thomas Briscoe of Baltimore, a Civil War vetran who was discharged from the U.S. army on April 21, 1865. He served in Company E, 9th Regiment of Infantry Maryland. I would like to find out more information regarding his life/times. Thanks.

wendy Hodgden Tue Dec 10 13:47:15 1996
looking for info on a Hugh McMillan who came to Baltimore area about 1771 from Ireland. Married in Fredrick County. Served in Continental Army.

Robin Hommerbocker Wed Dec 11 06:50:13 1996
HOMMERBOCKER/HAMMERBACHER/MORRISSETTE I am searching for any/all info on the Hommerbocker and Morrissette families in Baltimore in 1800s. Thank you, Robin Hommerbocker

Connie Callaway Wed Dec 11 11:21:56 1996
Seeking info regarding HARRISON SHAW b: 5 Mar 1815 Harford Co,MD md: 3 Mar 1835 Anna Hutchins (dau of Thomas Hutchin/s + Lovisah Hope) b: 28 Sep 1809 Harford Co, MD. They moved to Union Co, OH about 1840/42. Children were: Amanda Zana (MD), Emily Jane (MD), Morgan (MD),Evan T. (MD), Oliver (MD), Hutchins (OH), Mary (OH), Nicholas (OH), James (OH). The last three children are triplets.

Judy Simpson Wed Dec 11 13:40:17 1996
COFFIE, COFFE, COFFEE, COFFEY, COFIE: Searching for information on Coffey family who lived in Baltimore County in 1702, 1703, 1704, and 1705. Anthony Coffie and John Coffee. They lived in the upper part of North Side of Patapsco.

Jean Standridge Wilson Thu Dec 12 13:00:21 1996
I am trying to pick up a starting thread in my search for the family Standridge. Since it is a fairly uncommon name, I think almost any leads could prove to be good ones in my quest. I only know that Samuel and James have been traced to Maryland (1765). I don't know where they came from or what happened after Anyone have any information?

hovious Sat Dec 14 22:25:45 1996
anything on {sic. Surname} Riechert

Paul Pettit Tue Dec 17 02:58:11 1996
Looking for information on Switzer families. Looking for information on Jacob, John, Frederick, Regina, Daniel, William, George, Phillip, Michael. Which families did they belong to? .

Brian Deaver Mon Dec 16 06:26:04 1996
I am looking for information on Robert Stuart BRAUER, who was born in 1897 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the son of Anna Elizabeth STEWART, and married Elizabeth KEYS in 1917. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas E. Keys, born 1875. Their children were Ruth, Naomi, Carroll, Fred and Robert Stuart Brauer, Jr., born November 6, 1926 in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

William E. Carroll Wed Dec 18 10:49:19 1996
LACKEY/BURNEY Seek ancestors & descs. of Mary Anne "Polly" Lackey, born SC 18 July 1779, dau. of Adam A. Lackey, born Baltimore Co.,MD 1 March 1759, & wife, Janet Burney, born SVC, abt. 1860. Adam was son of Alexander Lackey of Lancaster Co.,PA.

John Hohmann Wed Dec 18 13:02:22 1996
Are there any records of immigrant arrivals in the 1830s at the port of Baltimore. I would appreciate any information concerning their location and availability. {sic. answer: Yes there is, check the Bibliography listing under Immigration on the Hommepage}

Carolyn L. Frazee Fri Dec 20 13:34:16 1996
Searching for ancestry of: Solomon RITZ & Mary WISE who marr. 17 Oct 1808 in Washington Co., MD. Their children were: Elizabeth, Daniel(who moved to OH.), and Sarah who marr. Henry SEEKMAN

Brent Barton Sat Dec 21 14:54:18 1996
Listed persons who are related: CORINNE BLUM, PAULA F BLUM,

Bobbi Steele Sat Dec 21 21:00:35 1996
Looking for the following MD surnames: BUOY/BOWAY/BOY; OWINGS, Richard & Sarah; GOTT, Stephen; FISHBAUGH, John Any information would be helpful. Thanks

Ed Mosley Fri Dec 20 06:19:26 1996
I am interested in finding any information about Edward Berger believed to be living in the Balto area during 1930-?.

richard tenace Fri Dec 20 07:35:29 1996
Looking for information on Sprinkles of maryland

Eddie Davis Mon Dec 23 14:39:49 1996
Looking for paretns of Joshua Davis, born 1762 in Maryland. He moved to Rowan Co. NC about 1780. He may have been son of a Uriah Davis or Joshua Davis (Sr.) b. 1737 in Anne Arundel, MD. My Joshua said to have been related to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Please e-mail me if you have anything on any Davis family from 1760s in Maryland.

Ray Stapleton Mon Dec 23 19:07:37 1996
STAPLETON, John d 1729 (or 1719) St. Marys County, Md. Where was he from, who were his ancestors? Any information on John, son John, Edward, Thomas and other STAPLETON's in Md of interest. Will exchange information. Any help appreciated. Happy Holidays, Ray Stapleton

tom robeson Mon Dec 23 20:05:16 1996
Looking for James COOPER b.4 Jun 1765 d. 16 Dec 1826 married Elizabeth SIMS b. 11 Oct 1765 d. 26 Nov 1819 children, Agnes b. 26 Jul 1790, Alice b. 1 Apr 1795, Margaret 17 Jul 1797, Archibald b. 31 Oct 1800, Elizabeth b. 25 Aug 1807.

Ilene Richardson Tue Dec 24 20:07:53 1996
I am searching for Mason Ely or Mason Eli. He lived in Baltimore around 1950's. He left and went to New York. Should be somewhere around 70 or 80 years of age.

Micki Jones Wed Dec 25 21:04:25 1996
Looking for descendants of these ZEPPs. Children of Howard Zepp and Narcissus Brittingham were born in Baltimore, Baltimore County, MD. William Henry Zepp b:April 05, 1868; d: October 10, 1936 married Carrie Mae Sprinkle b: April 19, 1874; d: June 17, 1954. They had these children: Lester Zepp b: May 31, 1895; d: October 20, 1959 married Helen Harman. Horace Zepp b: February 02, 1897; d: March 14, 1897. Sadie Zepp b: September 19, 1898 d: unkn married _____ Schaeffer. Howard Milton Zepp b: March 13, 1901 in Snydersburg, Carroll County, MD; d: December 02, 1995 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, MD married Narcissus Brittingham b: February 05, 1898 in Golden Hill, Md; d: May 02, 1976 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Md. Morris Zepp b: March 25, 1907; d: November 20, 1924 Other siblings to William Henry Zepp are: David Zepp, Frank Zepp, Charles Zepp, John Zepp, Iola Zepp who married _____ Bish. Please E-Mail me at Thanks, Micki Jones

Jim Kuethe Thu Dec 26 16:10:32 1996
Am seeking the ancestors of Sarah Ann Briscoe (b. 1812 d. 1875). She m. (2/4/1833) Dixon Stansbury Miles (b. 1804 d. 1862).

Bob O'NEAL Thu Dec 26 20:32:38 1996
Searching for connections to and origins of the following: Peter O'NEAL, Born, circa 1690. Died, 1747, in St. Mary's Co, MD Probate of Estate: 16 Sep 1747, in St. Mary's Co, MD. He married Ann, circa 17188. Born, circa 1690. Died, after 1745. Children: + 4 i. John O'NEAL Born, circa 1719. 5 ii. Peter Lamar O'NEAL. Born, circa 1721. 6 iii. James O'NEAL. Born, circa 1723. 7 iv. Elizabeth O'NEAL. Born, circa 1725, m. John B. DYSON. 8 v. Sarah O'NEAL. Born, circa 1727. 9 vi. Mary O'NEAL. Born, circa 1729. John O'NEAL, Born ca 1719, Lived: 1746, in St.Mary's Co, MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776, in Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundred, MD. Lived: 1785, in Montgomery Co, MD. He married Margaret,1748 in MD. Born 1727 in St.Mary's Co MD Lived:1749 in St.Mary's Co MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776, in Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundred, MD. Children: + 10 i. John O'NEAL b.1749 St.Marys Co MD + 11 ii. Peter O'NEAL (1754-1832) He married Margaret15, 1748, in MD15. Born, 1727, in St. Mary's Co, MD. Lived: 1749, in St. Mary's Co, MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776, in Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundr, MD16. Children: + 12 iii. Barton O'NEAL b.1758 St.Mary's Co MD 13 iv. Margaret O'NEAL. b.1758 St.Mary's Co MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776, in Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundr, MD16. 14 v. Phoebe O'NEAL15. b.1760 St.Mary's Co MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776, in Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundr, MD16. + 15 vi. Janet Ann O'NEAL b.1762 St.Mary's Co MD 16 vii. Joseph O'NEAL. b.1766 St.Mary's Co MD. Lived GreenBrier Co WV.Census: 2 Sep 1776 Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundr, MD. Possibly was Joseph O'NEAL who lived about 1810 (?)in Washington Co, Belpre OH. He married Elizabeth THOMPSON, circa 1775. 17 viii. Mary O'NEAL15. b.1766 St.Mary's Co MD. Census: 2 Sep 1776 Frederick Co, Sugar Land Hundred, MD.

Jim Kuethe Fri Dec 27 03:27:32 1996
Am seeking the ancestors of Capt. Aquila Miles (b. 1776 d. 1808). He m. (10/21/1801) Elizabeth Stansbury (b. 1783 d. 1805).

Lesley Sebastian Fri Dec 27 19:33:06 1996
Searching for any and all descendents of John Greer and Sarah Day; Nicholas Day,Sr. and Sarah Cox; Arthur Taylor and Margaret Hill. All were in Baltimore Co mid- to late-1600's.

Jim Kuethe Fri Dec 27 06:53:49 1996
Am seeking the ancestors of John Marrian and his wife Jane Crowther. The only date that I have is that John died in 1878. They had a son James Alfred Marrian (b. 1849 d. 1918) who married Sarah Ann Miles (b. 1850 d. 1926).

Jean Standridge Wilson Sat Dec 28 18:56:18 1996
I am trying to locate information on James or Alexander Standridge (about 1765 - Maryland) There may have been another brother named Samuel. I know that they (or their descendants) later moved to Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas. However, I do not know if James or Alexander (or Samuel) were born in the United States, immigrated, were British soldiers or indentured servants. Seems unlikely to have been servants because two or more brothers have been found at this period, so perhaps they were soldiers, or were descendants of earlier immigrants. Can anyone assist me? I do not even know what county to start looking in.

Joyce Robinson Sun Dec 29 18:06:49 1996
Seeking information about WAYNE family. JOHN WANE married to MARGARET ALLENDER (ALLINDER) in Harford Co. MD. Her parents were JOHN and LUCINA . JOHN died in 1786 and LUCINA died in 1788. They also had sons JOHN and NICHOLAS. Trying to determine if this JOHN WANE had a brother, WILLIAM. Brothers WILLIAM and JOHN WAYNE came to Washington Co., KY about 1796. Various records show name spelled VAIN, WANE, WAIN, WAINE, VANE and WAYNE. Trying to link these WAYNES to ANTHONY WAYNE, grandfather of General "Mad" ANTHONY WAYNE from Chester Co., PA.

Sharon Davidson Mon Dec 30 20:24:10 1996
Searching for any relatives of Carol Ann Cook (Maiden name) Her marriage name may have been Carol Ann Fisher or Carol Ann Hughes. She has many children, maybe 8 or 9. Her parents are Roland Cook who may have possibly died within the last 20 years. Carol's mother was Annabelle (Lee) Cook and she died around 1959 in Baltimore. Carol has one sibling a, a sister named Sharon (cook) Davidson. We are looking for any possible information on this family, including date of deaths and place of burial. Please HELP!!!!

KAYWITHERS Tue Dec 31 15:56:54 1996

Kate or Rory MacKay Tue Dec 31 15:56:54 1996
DEACON I am looking for descendants of William Deacon and Sarah Elizabeth Moon. Sarah E. Moon was born in 1818 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and died in Baltimore 10 March 1876. William Deacon was born in England.