mailto:Rob Dougherty Sun Jan 5 01:11:12 1997
Where was William DAUGHERTY who m. abt 1789 Ruth TOWSON born? There is a marriage record for them that I've seen in indexes, what other information is in the record and how can I obtain it?

Jack Leroy Bryson Sun Jan 5 06:59:01 1997
Seeking info on WINSLOW,George William Henry b.25 Dec 1883 in Baltimore.Md. father was WINSLOW, John R. born about 1865, mother McMATHIS,Sarah Linnice. This is all I know of him. Thank You.

charla marchione Sun Jan 5 23:11:52 1997
Who was Dr. Benjamin CROCKETT of Cecil County who married Mary or Elizabeth CHEW in 1750? Are these Quakers from Anne Arundel, as I believe.

Kevin Boulas Mon Jan 6 15:59:13 1997
KEEN (Keene?), HELDER, RIGBY (Rigbie?), LEVERING. I am looking for information on a William KEEN, born in the late 19th century, who married a German immigrant named ELIZABETH HELDER. They had a son named WILLIAM JAMES KEEN, born 1916/7 in Baltimore; they also apparently had a daughter named Ruth. William Keen may have been born in Baltimore, or moved there, possibly from Havre De Grace, Harford Co. I am also looking for _____ RIGBY, who married a MAUD LEVERING, also apparently in Baltimore; they had at least two children, MARY MARGARET RIGBY and AGNES RIGBY. Mary Margaret married William James Keen in the late 1920's, early 1930's. Agnes married a man named _____ FISH. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Carol Hepburn Mon Jan 6 22:24:21 1997
I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching these families from the Baltimore County area (principaly Parkton, Weisburg, Pretty Boy Dam area). BULL, LAWSON, HICKS, LOW, JOHNSON, PEREGOY, HITCHCOCK, NORRIS, TAYLOR, TOMBAUGH. My family line is from John and Jemimy Bull c. 1700 at Bulls Fancy, North Hundred, Baltimore County, MD. Please email me at Thank you.

Charles E. Baker Mon Jan 6 10:05:17 1997
I am searching for any Baker(Becker) references in or around Baltimore County. I have been told that there is a record in 1764 of a "citation to Absalom Baker ... to show cause why they refuse to sign the inventory of the estate of Joshua Sewell, deceased." Can anyone tell me about the relationship between this Baker and Joshua Sewell? Also wondering who parents of this Absalom Baker were?

Joan Dickson Mon Jan 6 10:57:12 1997
Looking for info on Margaretha STUART, b 1805,

Pete Mink Mon Jan 6 12:14:35 1997
I am trying to locate my Birth Father. His name is Sam or Samuel Farmer. He worked as an orderly in one of the Baltimore area Hospitals between 1965 and 1966. Any help in locating him would be appreciated.

Garnet Murphey Tue Jan 7 18:06:35 1997
I a desc of Dr. John Price, Priscilla Collison, Joel Vener, Edward Pritchett, ......Voss all of Caroline Co. Md and south VA. Is anyone else a desc?

Garnet Murphey Tue Jan 7 18:26:36 1997
seeking info on the ....Voss family that married into the Lott Pritchett family. Lott was born ca 1780 Caroline Co. MD. They had Mahala Pritchett (born 1810), she married Benjamin Vener. Parnets of Andrew Collison Vener. Also seeking info on Benjamin Cole.

David Sailors Wed Jan 8 09:44:46 1997
I am interested in learning more about William Osborne and his spouse Rebecca Hill of Baltimore County. William Osborne died in 1704 in Baltimore Co. He was born about 1660 location uncertain. He also was a witness for a will of John Hill who died in 1690 in Baltimore Co. The will indicates that he was the father of Rebecca. The marriage date for William Osborne and Rebecca Hill was probably before 1690. Any information about William Osborne and Rebecca Hill and their ancestors would be appreciated.

N. Loughlin Thu Jan 9 05:06:23 1997
I am looking for information on Jesse Edward Pigott born about 1811 in Cumberland,MD.He married a Emma Hall. His father was James Edward Pigott born of Oxfordshire,England.He married a Ann Heldreth and died about 1829. I am looking for Edward Loughlin born 1868 from Tralee, Ireland who married twice.His second wife was Agatha Hooker and know that were relatives by the first wife in the Baltimore area. Any information on "Pigott" and "Loughlin" families would be

Nell Blumel Thu Jan 9 06:31:38 1997
Do you have any infor on the Quinleys. The first Quinley to come to Baltimore was James. He was m in Baltimore 26 May 1761. His children; Benjamin m 1806, Phoeby m 1814 Sarah m 1817 and William m 1787. We find a William Quinley in VA in the early 1800s and a John Quinley m Anna Eliza Sherwood in 1819. Anna Sherwood was the dau of Adaih or Adaich Sherwood and Hannah ? Their first dau was b in 1819, Hannah. Some of John's and Anna's children were; Hannah b 1819 Smythe Co, Eli b 1828 Smythe Co, VA, Abigail B 1825 Smythe Co, VA, Caleb b 1833 Smythe Co, VA, Martha and possibly Mary, Catherine, and Sarah. I descend from John and Anna Sherwood Quinley.

Sunni DeNicola Thu Jan 9 13:36:01 1997
Looking for information on Augustus A. Dennis born in 1866. He married Lola M. Imly (1869-1941) and had 5 children, then later married Katherine M. Kiel (?) and had 2 more children (August, born 1913 and Katherine, born 1916). I am a decendent of the Imly children.

Jack Leroy Bryson Wed Jan 8 14:06:59 1997
Seeking to exchange info. on WINSLOW,George William Henry b. about 1885 in Baltimore, Md. son of WINSLOW,John R. and McMATHIS,Linnace, no other infor available. Thank You

Tim Wyatt Wed Jan 8 15:39:04 1997
Looking for background on 3 generations of Edward W. Salmons, possibly in Calvert County (Solomons) early 1800s; then to W. Balto. by the Civil War. West Point backgrounds for all 3; very likely Civil War service by youngest in home brigade.

Patricia Ferger Wed Jan 8 16:33:05 1997
Looking for information on Jacob H Freburger b.January 29,1819 in Baltimore,Md-d.July 8,1903 in Baltimore. Wife:Sarah Jane Brown b.July 29,1825 Baltimore-d.December 26,1876 Baltimore. Children: Sarah R. Freburger b.1840 Mary Elizabeth Freburgerb.Aug 22,1844-d.Jan 2,1920 (husband Joseph Sewell) John W. Freburger b.1846 Charles E.Freburger b.1847 William T.Freburger b.1860 Jacob Freburger b.Feb 23,1872-d.Aug 13,1881 Any info on this family please E-mail me,I will share what I have. Also looking for information on Rachael A. Kirby (nee Sewell)Huband John H. Kirby b.1834 in Alexandria,Va Rachael was born in DC,Nov 1,1832.I need to know if they had any children.

Ron Peeples Wed Jan 8 16:36:53 1997
Seek all available information on relatives of Johann WOERNLEIN or WORNLEIN (umlaut on letter O) from northeastern Baltimore County and Baltimore City, mid-1800s to present. Originally from Bayern (i.e., Bavaria) in what is now Germany. Married Josephina SCHELLENBERG. Also seek information on PEEPLES and HARRISON families from Western Baltimore County near Ellicott City, MD late 19th/early 20th century.

Kate MacKay Wed Jan 8 19:10:52 1997
DEACON: I am looking for descendants of William Deacon and Sarah Elizabeth Moon. William Deacon was born in England. Sarah E. Moon was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and died 10 Mar 1876 in Baltimore.

Marilynn Tredway Cunningham Sat Jan 11 09:20:39 1997
Researching "TREDWAY" family whose descendants migrated to Jessamine County, Kentucky, to Sangamon County, Illinois, to Henry County and Jackson County, Missouri, to Kansas and Oklahoma. Would like to locate "History of The Tredway Family" by W.T. Tredway which includes notes of Silas B. Tredway who resided in Baltomore/Harford Counties, MD.

Marilynn Tredway Cunningham Sat Jan 11 09:20:39 1997
Researching "TREDWAY" family whose descendants migrated to Jessamine County, Kentucky, to Sangamon County, Illinois, to Henry County and Jackson County, Missouri, to Kansas and Oklahoma. Would like to locate "History of The Tredway Family" by W.T. Tredway which includes notes of Silas B. Tredway who resided in Baltomore/Harford Counties, MD.

Avis West Sat Jan 11 10:17:56 1997
I am searching for the parents of James West. Born 1737c. Will proved 6 Jun 1812. He lived in Annapolis. Married Margaret Witaker and Had: James;Robert; John; Mary; Nicholas; charlotte; William; Margaret

Garnet Murphey Fri Jan 10 09:41:51 1997
Seeking info on Ester (Hester) Brooks Shannahan widow on Nathan Shannahan (war of 1812) MD. Caroline Co. Possibly

Jay von Rosen Fri Jan 10 11:47:00 1997
I am searching for the parents of Johan Franz Rosen (or Rose), born between 1794 and 1796 in Baltimore. His father was an immigrant from France, and I am told that his mother's maiden name was Walton.

Jay von Rosen Fri Jan 10 11:47:00 1997
I am searching for the parents of Johan Franz Rosen (or Rose), born between 1794 and 1796 in Baltimore. His father was an immigrant from France, and I am told that his mother's maiden name was Walton.

Mary Louise Fisher Sun Jan 12 16:36:46 1997
Looking for the parents of Joseph Peregoy b. Balto. Co. 1794 d. April 21, 1860, m. Diana Aramacost 10-8-1816.

Caryl Simpson Sun Jan 12 16:47:06 1997
STEVENS/STEPHENS= Searching for parents of Sisson Stevens/ Stephens who married William Hemming in Baltimore ca. 1786. Thanks, Caryl

Nancy Cooper Bannister Sun Jan 12 17:47:49 1997
Looking for an obit clipping or something about my great grandfather's death which was in Baltimore in a rest home or sanatariam. His name was William Henry Bubb from York, York Co., PA. Born 17 Jul 1869, York, PA died Oct 1955 Baltimore, MD. His parents were Henry D and Mandella (Manda) Gantz Bubb. Cannot find a death record other than on his gravestone in York, PA at Fissel's Cemetery. The family buried him in York. His daughter Hattie Bubb Kisiner would have been the one to take care of this. He lived with her till he had to go to a rest home. Any help is appreciated!

Joan Wieser Sun Jan 12 21:33:42 1997
Am searching for Anton FANGMAN, Sr. Listed in Woods' City Directory-1864 at 105 South High Street. Need to know approximately how long he was there. Have conflicting info on birth of children: Anton, Jr. born 1861-65 in Baltimore. Anton, Sr. married to Caroline BOECHMAN. He established cigar factory in Baltimore. Can't seem to get past this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

H. Anne Whiteman Mon Jan 13 19:54:48 1997
i would like to communicate with descendents of John Pottigenger, and the Isaacs and Jacobs families. I have a lot of information but can always use more cousins. Thanks, Anne

Shannon Walgamotte Mon Jan 13 21:12:06 1997
Researching AYDELOTT family, especially descendents of Thomas Aydelott who married Mary Montgomery and later migrated to Tennessee. Believe his parents were John Aydelotte and Rhoda Wharton. Could have been in the Baltimore area late 1700's. Probably had a brother named Zadock and another named Obed/Obediah. Any help appreciated - will gladly share what I have. Need proof of parentage.

Jeff Swann Tue Jan 14 02:57:38 1997
Looking for associated families of the Charles County SWANN family. Edward SWANN was granted 1200 acres for EAGLESTON plantation in 1664. He married Susannah HEATH and had five recorded children. Early associated Charles County families are: AMERY, BEALL, BRISCOE, BURCH, COATES, COMPTON, COTRELL, COVINGTON, DENT, DYSON, HATCH, HOLLIDAY, HOWARD, KING, MADDOX, MAGRUDER, NAYLOR, NORRIS, SCOTT, SWANN, THORNE, TURNER, WILSON and many more.

Carol Lee Yarbrough Wed Jan 15 15:39:20 1997
Seeking info. on the descendants of Archibald Standifer, b.May 11, 1733 in St. John's Parrish, in Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD. He married Elizabeth Armstrong there on June 25, 1754. Any info. on Standifers will be appreciated.

Paul H. Owen Wed Jan 15 07:24:54 1997
WALSH & CROTHERS: James Walsh married Jane Crothers at the 5th Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, Aug. 4, 1836. Jane was born in Baltimore, Sep. 12, 1814. James was born in Baltimore, Sep. 12, 1806. They moved to Natchez, MS just before the 1840 census. Interested in exchanging information with interested parties.

patrick bloom Wed Jan 15 07:56:39 1997
Samuel Hall was a blacksmith in Baltimore in the early 1800's.He was married to Margaret Griffen. He had several sons, Nelson, Samuel, Alexander, John, Jesse, Washington, and Charles.I am currently trying to find any probate records that mention these individuals. I am also intereseted in determining the names of Samuel's parents. I believe they were James and Elizabeth Hall but I have no proof. Anyone come across these names? thanks

Bonnie Johnston Wed Jan 15 08:26:38 1997
I am seeking information on a Sollers who came from England in 1653. H am descended from Isaac Sellers, son of Abraham, etc. original settlers of Maryland. Need Sellers info.

Dennis Riley Thu Jan 16 05:31:28 1997
Baltimore County MD William Cole GENT b ca 1786 and wife Mary GORSUCH m 1809 Searching for Parents and burial place. Also any information on family - will gladly give what information I have if you need it.

Christine Hayden Thu Jan 16 06:35:39 1997
CHAPMAN - Seeking any information on Colimore CHAPMAN b. 1767 d.1855 Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD. I know of one son Isaac CHAPMAN b. 17 apr 1803 Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD. Isaac CHAPMAN married Eleanor MERRIMAN. Would love to find other siblings of Isaac's and wife and parents of Colimore Chapman. Any help is appreciated.

Thu Jan 16 07:02:42 1997
Peter Sipes Looking for inf. on the parents & siblings of Peter Sipes; b: 1795 Baltimore d: 1838 Randalltown m: Micah Owings 11/Jan/1821; He was buried ME Church, Oldlight St. Cemetary, Baltimore, later he was removed to Mt. Olivet Cemetary in Randalltown --Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

James Bissell Fri Jan 17 07:43:47 1997
seeking any information on AQUILLA ELLIOTT b.abt,1797 MD, - d.15 Sept, 1872, Wood Co.WV - who marries: 1. Julia O'DELL , (father Milner O'DELL?) of Baltimore 2. Harriett HUTCHINSON of Wood Co. VA

Corinne Diller Fri Jan 17 08:06:52 1997
Thomas NORRIS (1716-1763) married in 1738 to Avarilla SCOTT (1718-1767+) and lived near St. Thomas Church. Working on any and all relatives connected to this couple. Corinne Hanna Diller, 8443 Sonneville Drive, Houston, TX 77080

Martha H. Breene Sat Jan 18 21:37:39 1997
SARAH POWER / POWERS born in Maryland about 1821, died Oct. 23, 1895 in Clarion Co., Pa. Sarah married (1) widower, ISAIAH HANNOLD on May 16, 1861. They lived in Clarion Co. soon after marriage and at times in Armstrong Co., Pa. Children: Matilda Hannold b. March 16, 1862; David L. Hannold b. March 12, 1863; Clarissa ' Carrie ' Hannold, March 1, 1865; Franklin Hannold b. June 31, 1868; Edward Hannold born April 5, 1871 in Clarion co.,Edward died in Goshen, Indiana.

Vicki Land Sun Jan 19 21:43:50 1997
Would like to find anyone searching for THOMAS MOREMAN b. 1746 in ENGLAND. He fought in the American Revolution and signed in Baltimore, MD. He married in 1784 RACHEL SIMMONS b.1770. He was a SGT. Major, 6th Maryland Line. DAR#14885. Please contact me with information. I have things to share.

Linda Hugle Mon Jan 20 10:50:10 1997
Seeking information on William HUGLE (circa 1765-1825) and wife Sophia DEVARD who left Baltimore circa 1800 for Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dottie Elliott Tue Jan 21 14:53:58 1997
SUBJECT: BROWNINGS in BALTIMORE CO. I would like information on Peregrine (or Perrigan) BROWNING who appears on the 1800 and 1810 Baltimore Co census. Is he the father of Samuel, T.F., and Z (Zelman or Zadock?) BROWNING? How is Peregrine related to Ritson or Writson BROWNING? I would like to correspond with anyone who has information on these BROWNINGS.

Dominic E Noel Tue Jan 21 15:23:19 1997
1-21-1997 Dominic E Noel Seeking info on Adam Noel of Baltimore, an Officer in Geo.Washingtons Army.

Drew Bacigalupa Tue Jan 21 20:24:33 1997
I am seeking information on my maternal grandparents GAETANO MEROLLA and CONCETTA ESPOSITO, who emigrated separately from Italy around the turn of the century, were married in Baltimore and spent the rest of their lives there. Seeking their marriage certificate, any other recorded data on them. They lived in a house at 228 South Bond Street, once cited in the Baltimore Sun, I was told by family, as one of those houses where "George Washington Slept Here." To my knowlede, that house was later razed. If at all possible, want to find out exactly what years they emigrated, names of ships on which they sailed from Italy. They had three children: Mariano, Maria Laura, and Josephine.

Dennis V. Stanley Tue Jan 21 07:15:10 1997
Clara Belle LITTLE was b. 1858 in Carroll Co., MD to David LITTLE and Mary M. SCHARF. She m. Howard Lloyd LECOMPTE on 29 Oct 1891 in Baltimore, MD. She died on 7 May 1910. I am looking for any information on the LITTLE family of Carroll Co., MD. (also see the <A HREF="">Little Genealogy Bits Web Page</A>)

Hannah Haines Stephens Wed Jan 22 08:23:28 1997
SURNAME: HAINES Searching for info on a John Haines, 1783?-1859, m. Susan or Susanna (Shults, re Williams). Children: John M., Israel, Francis W., David, Charles, Ellen? Specifically would like info on parentage, but interested in anything related. Am descended from son David, who moved to Alexandria? then D.C. David married Mary Weedon of Alexandria (Williams says m. Lizzie Caldwell but can't find anything to support this). Children: Maurice, Etta, May? Maurice m. Claria Benetter Drummond of Anacostia, D.C. Children: Hilton, Horace, dau. unknown (from 2nd marriage). Hilton is my father. Thanks for any leads.

sowells Wed Jan 22 10:28:31 1997
1-22-1997,Sowells, Am researching Joseph NOEL family. He was married to Margaretha GRIFFEN or GRIFFETH. In 1800 they were located in Westmoreland co. Pennsylvania. Anyone with info to share please contact me at address above. Thanks.

Mary Barry Wed Jan 22 11:35:15 1997
Searching for parents and or siblings of DAVID BRADFORD who signed petition in 1768 to move county seat of Baltimore county from Joppa Town to Baltimore. Married to MARY LANCASTER daughter of John LANCASTER died Charles County MD before July 2, 1760.

Bill Wallace Wed Jan 22 14:47:58 1997
Searching for Family names- CAHOE-COHOE-KAHOE-KOHOE-CAHO OR KAHO This Family was in KY. prior to 1800. Ruth CAHOE-COHOE or one of the above name was bor in KY 1 Jan 1800 and married James G WINDER in Indiana in 1824. Marriage records not legible in spelling of Ruth's last name. Ruth's fathers first name may be Roger or John.

Dorothy Powers Elliott Wed Jan 22 15:40:16 1997
ANNE JANE WILSON--born 1776 England, died 1862 Ohio, married JOHNSA S. SHIPLEY 1813 Baltimore Co. Would appreciate any information concerning Anne Jane Wilson--parents, seiblings etc. Children born Anne Arundel Co.

Richard O. Johnson Wed Jan 22 16:03:42 1997
Would be interested in contact from any researching the families DIMMITT, BULL, SINCLAIR in Baltimore co. MD. They are interconnected. My William Dimmitt married Catherine Warden Bull; their son John Dimmitt married Rhoda Sinclair.

MKPerry Thu Jan 23 08:37:13 1997
MATTHEWS Looking for information on John MATTHEWS who was born in Baltimore on Oct 27, 1774. His parents were John and Catherine Weller MATTHEWS (both born in Frederick Co,). John MATTHEWS married Margaret GRUBB on May 4, 1797, but I am not sure if the marriage took place in Baltimore. Their son, also John MATTHEWS, married Mary Righter LEVERING. Any knowledge of these families would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Christine Payne Thu Jan 23 12:55:14 1997
Seaarchign for information re: Barnabus/Barnet/Barnit PAYNE; He had two brothers, James and John who accompanied him to Rowan County N.C. where they appear on land records in the middle 1700's; A BARNIT PAINE is mentioned as having sworn an Oath of Fidelity in Harford County on Pg. 247 of book listing Oath's of Fidelity in Maryland. Who was this Barnit?

John Shue Wed Jan 22 19:10:34 1997
I'm trying to fill in a few blanks for the book If the Shoe Fits... A History of the Shue Family. I need information on a great grand-daughter of John P.Shue ref.#111 Her name is Kathy Lynn Shue ref#751. The only t5hing we have on file is her date of birth 5/3/66. Last place she lived was Cockeysville in 1970. hoping to find her and possibly add generation # 12 twelve. Also searching names in Md. Morrison,Boyd,Rosier,Greer , All in Baltimore Co. Thanking You in advance for help.

Bruce Kaufmann Wed Jan 22 19:44:32 1997
Looking for any information for the surnames of STRASSBURGER or COBLENZER. I believe that STRASSBURGER is the surname of relative that owned a shoe store in Baltimore, that may have outfitted Mrs. Lincoln.

Judy Lee Watts Thu Jan 23 21:29:21 1997
FORD Seeking information on FORD families of Baltimore MD. Need information on Lloyd FORD and any decendants. My FORD line went to Tennessee and them some went to Kentucky. Anyone researching FORDS that were in Baltimore MD please contact me

Chip Greene Thu Jan 23 21:38:00 1997
Looking for any references to Samuel H. Green(-b1818), Amon Green(- b1814), Thomas Green Jr (-b1812), John Jones Green(-b1816), Nicholas(Eli) Green(-b1824) all brothers, born in Carroll /Baltimore County . Sisters were Elizabeth(-b1810), Sarah(-b1816) and Mary(-b1830). Their fathers name was Thomas Green Sr.(-b? Charles County) son of John Green(-b1737 Charles County) . Thomas Green Sr.'s father John Green died around 1812 in Carrol /Baltimore County. Any information on any of them would be appreciated.

Chris Benson Thu Jan 23 22:25:15 1997
Joseph Goswick born about 1728 in Baltimore, MD married Sarah around 1750, fathered 8 children; 6 of whom were born in Baltimore, then the family moved to Franklin, NC in 1766 Any info appreciated-

Roger Sinnard Fri Jan 24 09:53:08 1997
Looking for obituary information or any information after 1830 on Abraham or Elizabeth Sinnard. They were married in York County, Pennsylvania in 1775. Think name sometimes spelled Shinnard. Believe children were William, Eleanor, Daniel and John. Moved to Baltimore County, Maryland, between 1790 and 1804. Listed in 1830 Baltimore County, Maryland, Census on page 156 as Abraham Sinnard 70 to 80 years old with a wife 70 to 80 years old (think Elizabeth Grove) and a 30 to 40 year old daughter (probably Eleanor). The Zion United Methodist Church in Freeland, Baltimore County, Maryland has Eleanor Sinnard, tombstone reads born 3/3/1782 died 9/1/1879. She was 97 years old. We think this is Abraham and Elizabeth's daughter Eleanor. Think son John married Tany Cook in 1797. Served in 51st Regt in War of 1812. Would welcome any information about any Sinnard. Thanks Roger Sinnard

Phil Dietz Fri Jan 24 11:42:15 1997
Looking for info on Henry Dietz, emigrated to Baltimore from Hesse Cassel, Germany in 1849, born 1837 and married to Caroline, born 1838 in Bavaria. Lived until about 1905 in what was Balto. Co. until Balto. City annexed his area. Also Lawrence Richter, born 1856 in Maryland and living at 211 Lombard St. in Baltimore in 1880.

Pauline Leitner Fri Jan 24 12:38:49 1997
MAULER/MAHLER: Would like to share information abt related families to CONRAD MAULER/MARGARET EASTER who were married in Cumberland MD and their first 3 chn were born there. They are also related to the NEFF family in Cumb. Will share information. Please email to:

Pauline Leitner Fri Jan 24 12:46:34 1997
KRUSE: Would like to know the parents of Mina KRUSE born 1866, died 1870, buried Balto Cem with the Conrad MAULER family. It is possible that Mina's mother was a MAULER. Does anyone have any information that we can share? Please email to:

Pauline Leitner Fri Jan 24 12:53:00 1997
KUES: Would like parents' names of CHARLES KUES who lived in Baltimore until his death in 1874. The City Directory states he lived at 260 Canton Ave selling lager beer. According to the 1870 Balto City Census he was born abt 1830/31 in Germany. His wife was listed as Catherine born abt 1831 in Germany and listed 2 chn: Catherine b 1860 and Charles b 1869. There is a 2 yr old Mary buried Nov 1872 with the CONRAD MAULER family. Catherine married GOLDERMAN after Charles died. Will share information. Please email to:

Elizabeth Shelsby Sat Jan 25 14:30:30 1997
Looking for the following names in Baltimore City & Co. MD GUNTER - KELLY - MCNANEY - SMITH - BARRETT - JENKINS - P

Ed Culliton Sat Jan 25 19:54:01 1997
I'm looking for parents or siblings of AMON GREEN; a cotton manufacturer who lived both at various addresses on Exeter St in Baltimore city & had a cotton mill at Hall Springs MD he was born about 1812 and died 9 Apr 1869 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD he was married to Mary Haney (Heaney??) on 20 Aug 1842 at 1st Methodist Episcopal Church; He apparently had a brother Samuel Green who lived at the mill and was a witness on Amon Green's will I have hearsay evidence that he had a cousin Mary Clare Ross Littig. Her lineage is traced back to Thomas Green (who was married to Anne Cox & Winifred Calvert and who died in Sept 1651 at Leonardstown, St Marys, Maryland) whom the same hearsay source (my grandmother) claimed was a common ancestor. As a result I'm also interested in exploring any connections Amon's children / grandchildren and their spouses were 1 Virginia GREEN Born - Abt 1843 sp- John Dixon 2 Emma GREEN Born - Abt 1845 sp- David ANDERSON 1 Fanny ANDERSON 3 William HANEY GREEN Born - 3 Oct 1847 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD Died - 27 Aug 1923 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD sp- Katherine Theresa KEENAN Married. - 1872 Died - 1935 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland 1 Mary GREEN 2 Virginia GREEN Died - 9 Mar 1963 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD sp- Alfred L'Esperance Born - Abt 1879 New York City, NY, USA Died - Abt Sep 1938 White Plains, Rockland, NY 4 Laura GREEN Born - Abt 1850 5 James GREEN Born - Abt 1851 sp- Emma Brian 1 Amon Brian GREEN

Staley Hardesty Sun Jan 26 09:39:04 1997
I am researching the family of William Emory Hardesty b. May 5,1847 d. Oct 6,1923 in Nutwell AA Co. Maryland. He was married to Mary Alice Ogden b 1858 d. 1936 in Md Seeking information as to siblings and parents of either. Parents of William are believed to be William Hardesty and Elizabeth Lyles and of Mary Alice father was Hamilton Ogden

Marsha Shaner Sun Jan 26 10:42:22 1997
Looking for more information on Americus Vespucius DASHIELL, born 31 May 1844, son of Dorotha DAVIS and Asa DASHIELL, in Somerset Co., Maryland, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, b.18 Aug 1845, (believe she was born in Dover, DE. area. Have not proven where she was born.) Americus Vespucius DASHIELL's grandparents were Elizabeth (Betsy) PHILLIPS and Arthur DASHIELL. Arthur DASHIELL fought in the American Revolution as a 1st Lieutenant in the Company of the First Ballalion of Maryland Militia. Americus and Mary were married on 27 April 1880 in Dover, DE. I have a certified copy of their marriage record from the Dover, Delaware, archives. Unable to locate on the 1880 census. On 1900 census, they lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Americus DASHIELL, died 5 March 1905 in Philadephia, PA. Mary Elizabeth (SMITH) DASHIELL died 13 March 1920 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What are Mary Elizabeth SMITH's parents names and sibling (if any siblings)? Where was Mary Elizabeth SMITH born? Hope that someone can help me with this information or assist in where I might look to acquire information. Thanks. E-mail address: or

Ken Clinton Sun Jan 26 10:44:35 1997
How can I get infortmation about Ann or Anne Mills born in Baltimore in May 1839 including information about her parents? Ken

Sue Airhart Sun Jan 26 11:47:13 1997
HALE: Looking for any info on the Hale families that were in Baltimore Co, MD in late 1600's to early 1700's, OR any dates thereafter. I am descended from a Nicholas Hale who marr. Frances Garrett. Need info on Frances Garrett's family also. Thanks for any help.

Anne Whiteman Sun Jan 26 13:50:57 1997
My line includes clergyman Hugh CONN, and I wonder if any have information about his line. Others are Richard Cheney, John Pottinger, and Richard Isaacs.

Richard Foreacre Sun Jan 26 16:50:04 1997
Looking for any information regarding the Foreacre / Foreacres / Fouracre Surname.

Linda HOWELL Tirado Mon Jan 27 13:13:55 1997
I am searching for any information at all on the following family names: HOWELL, ROSE, MOORE, MORRIS and WALL These families are believed to have arrived at the Maryland shore before 1800. At least some were Ulster Scots.

Lee Smith Sun Jan 26 20:55:12 1997
It has been reported that Elijah Smith was born in Baltimore County in 1761. I am looking for information about his parents.

Daniel F. Whiteford Mon Jan 27 14:26:54 1997
I would like any information on John Baptist Willingham, his antecedents and decendants. He was born in St. Mary's County MD in 1752 and served in the Revolutionary War. His son was James Willingham. James's daughter, Mary Ann, married William Whiteford and they settled in Baltimore County, MD. Did John Baptist fight in a colonial war prior to the Revolution, or did any of his antecedents? I would appreciate any information.

Bob Bavis Tue Jan 28 11:27:13 1997
Looking for any information on the surname S(CH)WARTZ. The following are some of the names: William, Cleveland, Grover, Laura, Charles. I know that some of them are buried at The Old Stone Cemetery! Reply to

Andrea Bacigalupa Tue Jan 28 16:58:01 1997
Can you please give me the address for the County Clerk, Baltimore City County. I am seeking a copy of the Petition for Naturalization for my maternal grandfather Gaetano Merolla. I do have copies of his Certificate of Naturalization issued at Baltimore City Court in the Eighth Judicial Circuit of State of Maryland, l October 1894. The National Archives in Washington DC advises me that the Petition for Naturalization would be filed with the county clerk where papers were issued. I'll very much appreciate any and all help you can give me.

Nancy Null Tue Jan 28 17:11:48 1997
Seeking information on the PRESTON family: Thomas, born c.1641 emigrated to Calvert Co. from Virginia, marr. Mary HEWES c.1672, died c.1710 Baltimore county. Son James born 1675, Calvert Co., marr.Sarah SCOTT 1708/9, died Oct. 1729 Baltimore Co. Interested in origins of these ancestors.

Ray H.Beaty Tue Jan 28 20:29:21 1997
Looking for information/confirmation of marriage of George Beatty/Beaty/Bettis/Baty and Anne Cullens/Cullins circa 1757 in Baltimore County/City.

chris davis Wed Jan 29 14:14:47 1997
I have a poorly documented Family Bible and have no living relatives(other than mother w/ repeated strokes) to verify or help me search history of family.

Mark Kiser Wed Jan 29 10:53:48 1997
I would like to corresponding with anyone researching the name McCLURE in Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties. I have a Richard Renshaw McCLURE, born 15 July 1760 in Baltimore Co., MD, an area that later became Harford Co. Siblings known: John McCLURE, William McCLURE, and Elizabeth McCLURE. Richard married a Mary Crawford in Botetourt Co., VA and later settled in Floyd Co., KY, an area that later became Lawrence Co., KY where he died in 1832.