Queries for February 1997

Queries for February 1997

Searching for info on the family of William EDWARDS, b ca Apr 1720 in Wales, md before 1740 in Baltimore County to Sarah HILLIARD, b. ca 1710. Two of their children were Mary Nancy EDWARDS, b. ca 1749 who md Christopher TAYLOR and John Jackson EDWARDS, b ca Sep 1750 in Baltimore Co who md Ruth CRABTREE in 1770. If you have ANY info on this family, I will appreciate your contacting me for a mutual exchange.

Allan Griffith Sat Feb 1 19:29:58 1997 GRIFFITH, CROZIER; I am searching for any information on either of these 2 surnames. Specifically I am looking for any information on Philip GRIFFITH, b.1779, and Elizabeth CROZIER, b.1784; These 2 were both born in Maryland, and married 1803 @ Steubenville, OH. I do know there was a Philip GRIFFITH in Frederick Co, MD in the late 1700s, but I cannot make the connection to my own Philip GRIFFITH. Can anyone tell me if they have details on these people? Or could you foreward my notes to anyone who might have leads. .

Allan Griffith Sat Feb 1 19:46:31 1997 CROZIER; Searching for family of Elizabeth CROZIER (CROSIER?), b.1784, somewhere in Maryland. I once thought this name originated in France, but recently have been told is Irish. I can find CROZIER names in Maryland in the late 1700s, but I cannot find connections to my Elizabeth. I am certain she migrated to Eastern Ohio by 1803, as she was married in Steubenville, OH to Philip GRIFFITH in 1803. Can anyone write me or foreward my notes on to any possible contacts. .

Lori Whitwam Sat Feb 1 22:31:15 1997Seeking birth record for George Gillingham. Believed born in Baltimore. In 1885 he was in West Virginia, married and the father of several children. Suspected birth date 1845-1865?

Craig Hamilton Williams Sun Feb 2 19:06:20 1997 Seeking any formation on Johnson Henry Hamilton (1794-1880) and Susannah Carey (1806-1851). Married 1820 in Cork County, Ireland. Entered US c. 1821 through Baltimore and stayed there until c. 1835. At least three sons born in Baltimore: Johnson Q. (1822), Francis (1829), and Colson (1834). Entire family departed Baltimore c. 1835 to settle in Buffalo, New York. I have complete record of decendents from two of their five children, but cannot identify Johnson and Susannah's parents.

Ada Meadors Mon Feb 3 04:19:08 1997 Am looking for information on any & all MD GOVERs, CONCANNONs, & WYATTs. Please contact with info on any of the above lines.


Sandi Morris Tue Feb 4 09:18:42 1997
I would like to ask for anyone's help on the ELLIS line. My 6th g grandfather first appears in a 1773 census for Baltimore County, Elk Ridge Hundred; 1778, Non- Juror Oath of Fidelty, listed in Delaware Hundred, Baltimore Minutes of the Court; 1783 Tax Records in Anne Arundel County, next he appears in Frederick in 1791, before moving to KY. Two of his children married in Frederick, Eleazer married a Rebecca Onion and Rachel married Henry Sheets. I would love to find out who his wife was, where they were before MD. Any info would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks

Blair Vorgang Wed Feb 5 12:38:35 1997
I am in possession of a letter (apparently found in a trunk) that links my Mother’s family to one of the Richardson families in Maryland. I am trying to identify the William Richardson and sister indicated in the following letter. The Margaret Comes mentioned was born circa 1730 in or around Middletown,Frederick County, Maryland; married Bartholomew Boogher; and died in 1796 The letter reads as follows (Note that I have opted to provide the following letter just the way he received it ... lacking proper punctuation, use of possessives, capitalization, grammar, etc.) Millerville Henry Co. Ind. June the 11th 1882 Mr. G. W. Myers Dear Sir I received your note of the eight and with pleasure proceed to answer it as well as I can I will send you names as you requested Just as I got them from _. B. Rohrer of Dayton he had a copy of old grand Father Bookers will he stated that he had two wives and his last wifes name was Margret Comes before he married her and she was your grandmother Crulls mother There is fourteen children of the Booker family as you will see and your grand mother is the yongest (sic). Mr. Rohrer stated to me that there was nor more than seven of those belonged to the last woman and perhaps not more than five so you see that they are not all heirs to this lease as it comes through the last woman. I will give it as I got it the leases at Baltimore was made to William Richardson and his sister William Richardson died leaving no heirs but his sister then she being married to a man by the name of Comes they had one child which was Margaret Comes She married Bartholomew Booker, being his Second wife and being the mother of your grandmother Crull whose name was Hannah Booker. So you see the fortune by those leases belong to the last woman children not to the whole Booker family for it come by the last woman and never was a Booker lease but belonged to Margret Comes from her mother and of core belongs to her posterily. When I came home from Dayton I rote (sic) your mother a letter about the matter so that she could some of you to look after it now you want to fix out a genealogy of your mothers rather of her Fathers and mothers family and send it to Rohrer so that he will know who is heirs you will state what your grand fathers name was This way Jacob Crull and Hannah Crull her maiden name being Hannah Booker daughter of Bartholomew and Margaret Booker then give all of your mothers brothers and sisters names that have heirs Rohrers address is S. B. Rohrer 114 Third Street Dayton Ohio That is all the information that I can give you yours truly

Shirley Anderson Thu Feb 6 21:17:31 1997 My ancestors in Maryland Catholics to Kentucky migration, John B. Riney and James Montgomery Simpson, looking for parentage of both...also looking for parentage of Mary A. Boone Simpson, wife of James...does anyone have any information about John Boone or Washington Boone, both of the Maryland to Kentucky migration? We believe most of our ancestors were from St. Mary's County...Thank you

Beverly Thomas Fri Feb 7 17:19:34 1997 Seeking parents of George HARRISON and Agnes SHIPLEY m 12 Apr 1783 in Baltimore Co MD. George and Agnes lived in Anne Arundel Co where their son, Adam S. was born in 1787. If anyone can help me it would be most appreciated. Thanks so ever much. Beverly Thomas

Shelly Dooley Sat Feb 8 12:06:04 1997 Looking for parents of Elizabeth NABB and sister Sarah Ann NABB. Elizabeth was born in Baltimore in 1809. She later married Henry QUIGLEY, in Pennsylvania, and they went to Indiana, where she died. Thanks for any help.

Robert B. Smith Fri Feb 7 07:32:18 1997
I have been trying to locate my grandparents and any of their relatives. Their names are Walter and Agnes Smith and in 1926 they lived on lafayette St. Baltijmore , Md. At that time he was a Lt. in the Fire Department. He had two sons, names are Bill and Henry and a daughter, Irene. I have been looking for two years but cannot find any information. . They are from Natronia, Pennsylvania but came to Baltimore about 1900. My address: RR03, Box 75-K, Princeton, Wv 24740

Donna Tivener Sat Feb 8 17:23:46 1997 SUNDERLAND, Michael, b. 15 Oct. 1797 Baltimore, Md. m. 16 Nov. 1820 Jefferson Co. Ohio. searching for his parents. Michael married Elizabeth Fisher, b. 30 Oct. 1800 Franklin Co. Pa. d/o John Christopher Fisher/Fischer, b. 24 Feb. 1757 Bavaria, Germany.

Mary Catherine Sat Feb 8 18:17:24 1997I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Catherine Virginia Stevens and her twin sister Maggie born on August 13, 1873. They were apparantly orphaned and raised by a family named Borneman in Harford County. Stevens may also be Stephans, it is listed both ways in later census records.

Sue Howard Sat Feb 8 20:07:13 1997 I am looking for ancestore of Catherine VAN SANT. She was born April 10,1824 in MD.She married Morris G.Einstein prior to 1849 in either MD or PA. e-mail pmzf60a@prodigy.com

David Jenkinson Sun Feb 9 09:15:44 1997 Any information on Francis Jenkinson, born in Maryland in or about 1794.

Laura McGurk Sun Feb 9 09:50:45 1997 Looking for family of Meshach and/or Shadrach KING, who were born circa 177 & 1779 in MD. Possible father is Thomas KING. 1800 Washington County, PA 1810 Ohio County, WV

John Buschman Sun Feb 9 12:07:06 1997 Looking for the parents of Henry S. HIPSLEY b.3 Oct 1818 d.19 Jul 1866 m.3 Dec 1841 to Martha E. GENT b.7 Feb 1817 d. 25 Mar 1888, they buried at Grace Church BC, Md.

John Buschman Sun Feb 9 12:31:00 1997
Looking for the parents of George WOODWARD b.Dec 1837/38 d.27 Apr 1909 m. 8 Apr 1862 to Sarah Jane OREM b.1842 d.??, George was buried per Wm Cook undertaker in Westminister Md. George was Indentured at the age of 6 to Edward GILL. George & Sarah were married in Finksburg BC, Md.

Jason Conklin Mon Feb 10 16:36:24 1997 I am looking for all available records for on the person Orville Rascoe Conklin specifically all relations.

Lawrence Rosier Tue Feb 11 04:51:17 1997 I am searching for info on John Rosier b 1785 in Pa. d 1867 Parkton Md., Baltimore Co. his son was John W. Rosier b 1816 Parkton Md. d 1889 Meadville, Linn Co. Mo.

Stephen Bankert Tue Feb 11 16:41:34 1997I'm researching my Grandfather's family.

Bill Rohr Wed Feb 12 00:36:05 1997
Looking for any information at all on my gg-grandfather, Elijah James RUSSELL. He was born about 1832 in Penn. per the 1860 census of Baltimore. He was a Civil War Vet. He married Caroline Brown on 4 Aug 1858 in Baltimore. He died 4 Oct 1872. They had 4 children; John T.(b. 7 jun 1859), Elijah J. (b. 12 Feb 1866), Allen T. (b 26 Dec 1867), and one more (name unknown) Allen was born in Annapolis and his 2 older brothers in Baltim. Caroline was born Mar. 1837 in MD. (probably Baltimore) to John & Phebe BROWN. The RUSSELL's lived in Baltimore in 1860 with her parents. Both Elijah James RUSSELL and John BROWN were "mariners" then. The RUSSELL's were living in Annapolis in the 1870 census and his occupation was "fisherman". The RUSSEL's were still living with the BROWN's in 1870, but Caroline's father, John BROWN, was not listed (believe he may have died). Caroline never re-married after Elijah James (he may have gone by just James) died. I have copies of his pension files. Please forward any info on either of these RUSSELL's or BROWN's. I am really wanting to know about them, especially Elijah James RUSSELL. John BROWN was born about 1801 in MD. Mrs. Phebe Brown was born about 1807 in either MD. or CONN. Also note: Elijah James and Caroline were married in her father's home by Rev. Henry FURLONG. He was a minster of the M.E. Church Baltimore Annual Conference, but have reason to believe that he was retired before preforming this marriage.

ROBERT TRAVELUTE Thu Feb 13 15:36:52 1997 Looking for JOHN DOBBINS, SR, and JOHN DOBBINS, JR. Records show that they were there in 1733. Is anyone researching the name Dobbins ? There was a JAMES DOBBINS who was a ships master sailing back and forth between Baltimore, Maryland and England. He seems to be hauling servants primarily. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Robin Hommerbocker Wed Feb 12 22:05:04 1997 I am researching the HOMMERBOCKER/HAMMERBACHER family in Baltimore area. I have several records to date and am willing to share information.

Chris Allen Thu Feb 13 11:56:58 1997 I am intersted in the HALE family of Baltimore City and County, in particular I am interested in Alathea Hale, daughter of Richard Hale son of Jonathan Hale. She was born in Baltimore circa 1760-1770 but moved to Tennessee by 1788. I can be reached at ccallen@mofo.com. Thank you>

Mary Matheas Fri Feb 14 07:43:38 1997 John DUFF b. in Ireland 1799-1810 was known to be in Baltimore bef. 1828. He married Harriet WATSON b. 1804-1805 in Md. and they had two sons. Thomas b. in Baltimore in 1828 and William F. b. 1/26/1832 in Baltimore. Am seeking the parents of John. Found this family except John in Belmont Co, Oh in 1880 census. Unknown where John died. May have been Md. Also who were Harriet's parents and did John & Harriet have any more children?????

Brenda J. Mason Pittman Fri Feb 14 21:17:21 1997 I am searching for information on Oliver Patrick GALLAHER, born about 1810. He came to Baltimore after 1850. He was well educated and is said to have married a well educated woman named Debra (maiden name unknown). Sometime after this they went west to Kansas. Any information pertaining to either of these individuals would be greatly appreciated. .

George M. Goldring Sat Feb 15 21:53:32 1997 Archibald HASTY 1700 to 1781? may be more than one? May have come from Ireland? Any info appreciated, will exchange. All Counties. Thanks

Elizabeth Emory Sun Feb 16 07:39:49 1997 Aquilla Shorn Native American ancestor believed to be from Montgomery, MD in late 1700s and early 1800s. Married Juliet Hill and later moved to Baltimore. Batchelder/Batchelor William Batchelder, changed his name to Batchelor, resided in Baltimore, MD in 1787, married Elizabeth Kelly. Their son Wm. Batchelor II married Elizabeth Shorn, daughter of Aquilla and Juliet Hill-Shorn. William the 2nd and Elizabeth had 2 sons, Christopher Columbus and Andrew Jackson, they also had two daughters - Elizabeth and Barbara. Christopher Columbus Batchelor had a daughter Kate who married William Tierney.

Taff Small Sun Feb 16 07:51:31 1997 I am trying to link (if one exists) the Maryland WARFIELD surname with the WARFIELD's from SOMERSET/BRISTOL in the United Kingdom. Some of the family are believed to have emigrated to the USA to work on the railroads and some say the pony express !! Can anyone help ?

Arlene Brown Sun Feb 16 09:42:44 1997 I am looking for a Drucilla Richards and Josiah James. Drucilla was born in Maryland in 1803. I located her in Roundhead Ohio married to Josiah. Josiah may be from MD. too. I have no idea what county.

Dominic E Noel Sun Feb 16 21:40:39 1997 Looking for a Adam Noel plus and minus 1800. His four sons were Adam P., John, Peter, and Joseph. They went to Davenport, Iowa in maybe 1832 or sooner, Adam P staying there. Joseph married Margaretha Griffith and died in Westmoreland County, PA about 1842.

Theresa Berg Mon Feb 17 11:11:31 1997 SHAMBERGER-MARKEY John SHAMBERGER, b. 04 Nov 1814 Baltimore Co., MD; m. 20 Mar 1845 MD to Elizabeth MARKEY; moved to Nodaway Co., MO 1868; moved to Barber Co., KS 1887; joined Brethren Church 1857; d. 11 Dec 1891 Barber Co., KS Elizabeth MARKEY, b. 18 Mar 1823; d. Jul 1883 Nodaway Co., MO; Parents: Simon MARKEY b. 26 Dec 1786; Nancy MARSHALL b. 19 Mar 1796 Am interested in any information especially previous data.

Sharen A. Chambers Mon Feb 17 12:07:10 1997 Looking for Christopher DIEFENBACH b. Germany md. Magdalene NEUMAN from the town of Hanover,York,PA. Had a plantation in Frederick Co.,Maryland near a town called Westminster, sometimes called Winchester. He had 4 children: 1. John md. Catherina BAUMGARTNER 2. Catherine md. Jacob UTZ 3. Barbara md. ? BAUMGARTNER 4. Marie md. ? BAUMGARTNER Christopher had a half brother named John Balthasar DIEFENBACH. He appears in the first census of Maryland 1790 as Christian Deaverbaugh. Trying to locate who the parents were of Christopher and John Balthasar. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Jean Leach Logston Mon Feb 17 19:20:22 1997 Looking for information about Clement & Martha Leach who lived in the Baltimore area in 1780-1790. Need information on their parents. Also information on their son Clement Leach who was born March 25, 1795, and his brothers: Ambrose, Joshua and Edward R.

Jill Licata Mon Feb 17 19:27:39 1997 Looking for ancestors of John Hawkins HOWARD born in Maryland in 1813. His father was John HOWARD and mother was Elizabeth A. HOWARD (maiden name not known). They went to KY (Boone CO) in 1820's. Thank you.

Mollie King Tue Feb 18 19:19:12 1997 These are the surnames I'm working on, all in Maryland: BEHN, BENNY, BENTON, BRENT, BUCHANAN, BURDETTE/BURDITTE, CHENEY, CHILDS, CRYER, DUCKETT, ENGELMEIER/ENGELMEYER, GIBSON, GREENFIELD, HEHNER, HURLEY, JACOB/JACOBS, KING, LAMBRECHT, MARSHAM, MERRICK, MILES, MILLAN, MORRIS, OWENS/OWINGS, PROUT, RINGGOLD, STOCKETT, SUNDERLAND, VAUGHAN, WARING, WATERS, WELCH, WERNIG, WICKES On some I have a lot of information -- on some a single name. But I'm willing to share. Please contact me at: MollieK@aol.com Mollie King 3744 Roxbury Lane Alexandria, VA 22309

Stella Durham Wed Feb 19 09:01:08 1997 ROGERS ROBERTSON or ROBINSON born 1774, was a carriage builder. Any info needed. Sincerely, Stella Sprouls Durham 4008 Ridglea Country Club Drive #304 Fort Worth, Texas 76126

Mary Mabry Wed Feb 19 10:11:10 1997I am searching for any information on my ancestor, who lived in Baltimore in 1800's/ Name;Millardine Fillmore Logan born May 12, 1852.Her parents possibly are William and Mary(Morrison). She was named after President Millard Fillmore who held her as a baby and may have been family friend.

Pamela Jeans Thu Feb 20 08:29:33 1997This is just a little out of the ordinary, but here goes. I am trying to obtain the marriage record of my grandparents. They were married in Cumberland, Maryland on 17 August 1917. The are both now gone to me and I really need to get this document. The bride was Alberta Laverne HIXSON from Scotdale, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and the groom was George Howard DAWSON from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The MD archives has information up to 1914, when I write for this info they tell me I cannot get it because I was not party to the wedding. Can someone help me?

Gene Leisure Thu Feb 20 08:48:43 1997 RUEBEN ASHLEY LEISURE beleived to have been born on Dec. 29, 1815. He married Elizabeth Bell and migrated from Baltimore to Ohio Co. Kentucky. He first appears on the KY census in 1840. His name was often spelled Leizure.

Paul H. Owen Thu Feb 20 11:11:24 1997 James WALSH b. 9/12/1804-6 Baltimore, m. Jane CROTHERS 8/4/1836 in 5th Presbyterian Church, Baltimore. Jane was b. 9/12/1814 Baltimore. They moved to Natchez, MS by 1840. Janes parents were born in Ireland.

P Henry Thu Feb 20 14:31:20 1997 Please check your records to see when the two couples listed below were married and if their parents are listed on their marriage certificate. I would appreciate knowing this information. Charles Martin JANCAR was born 17 Dec. 1897 in New York and Caroline Mary GROSS was born 4 Dec. 1904 in Maryland. Vincent DePaul GROSS was born 20 July 1861 in Baltimore, Maryland and Wilamine DRINKS was born 6 Mar 1867 in Baltimore, also. Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Patricia Gail Henry These are my great grandparents and great great grandparents.

David Tomkowiak Thu Feb 20 23:58:17 1997 I am seeking Debbie Covahey who was born in June of 1954-6 to Doris Covahey an unmmarried female who was the daughter of Joseph Bernard covahey md to Viola chenoweth. Doris married and had children in Kentucky. Doris passed away in 1975 and the children's father passed away in 1993. the children would like to find their half sister. It is believed she was put up for adoption right after she was born. They have pictures of her as a baby.

Davis Young Fri Feb 21 13:40:04 1997 I'm looking for any information about my great grandfather James Bateman Riggs and his brother William Riggs. I have reason to believe that J. B. Riggs was born in the 1840s and it may have been in Maryland. I'm trying to determine his exact birthdate and identify his parents (possibly a Riggs-Bateman marriage?). Both Riggs boys ended up in Delaware by 1870. JBR moved to Philadelphia in the early 1870s.

Susan E. Sykes- Bundy Fri Feb 21 21:14:59 1997
I am looking for any information on the following families that were in Baltimore/Carroll County and I am willing to share all the information I have on them...Thanks in advance for any help. FRANK/FRANCK...STEVENS/STEPHENS/STEVINS...LOUDENSLAGER...DERR... SYKES/SIKES...PLOWMAN...SIAR/SYAR...WARE...MARSH...MILLER... LOVEALL/LOVELL...BRUMMEL/BRUMMELL...HARRIS and TIPTON.

P. GODESKY Sat Feb 22 04:10:38 1997 ADELSPERGER. Looking for any info on the ADELSPERGER/ADELSBERGER/ADDISPARIER family. FRANCIS ADELSPERGER lived in BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD. from at least 1760 to 1795. He had several children with his wife ELIZABETH. JOHN (c. 1755) THOMAS (August 28,1751);PETER (1758) GEORGE (1760) & CATHERINA (1763). Catherina married George Lansels. FRANCIS died in November, 1800 & his will was entered at Frederick County MD. He sold his land in 1795. Would like to find the baptisms of his children, & if he married here--do not know Elizabeth's maiden name.

rod france Sat Feb 22 10:58:39 1997 Looking for any infromation on Peter France l747 time frame served in American Revolution war.

William Robinette Smith Sat Feb 22 16:31:40 1997 Parents: Bernard Robinette Smith, Jr & MaryEllen Smith. Father born in Baltimore City, MD, Mother ?. Paternal Grandparents: Bernard Robinette Smith, Sr. & Ethel ? Smith. Maternal Grandmother: Annastasia Lamont Gosnel. I am looking for any information on the Smith side of the family. Tough name to follow but I want to give it a try. I think my paternal grandfather was born in Baltimore County, circa 1900, died 1967. Paternal great grandfather was a Smith, paternal great grandmother was a Robinette. Any information on either of these families would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy Null Sat Feb 22 18:23:36 1997 Researching the ANDERSON line: Charles ANDERSON, m.1726 Grace PRESTON in Baltimore; died 3/15/1739 in Balto. Co. Their son Charles b.1734 Swan Creek Run, m. 1756 Mary MITCHELL (?) possibly in Baltimore Co; emigr. to Greene Co. PA by 1821. Their son Daniel b.1757 Balto. Co. m. Rachel WORTHINGTON, and they must have emigr. to Greene Co. too because their dau. Sarah is born there in 1786. Would be glad to share any info along these lines. .

Kean Degnon Sat Feb 22 19:03:18 1997POLK - Captain Robert (Bobby) Polk born in Somerset Co., Md in 1744. He died in Dec. 1777 while fighting a British man-of-war. He was the captain of the American privateer Black Joke out of Baltimore, Md. He married Elizabeth Digby PEALE in 1765. They had three children - Margaret, Charles Peale, and Elizabeth. If you have any additional information on this family and his ship, I would like to hear from you.

Anne Worthington White Sun Feb 23 12:35:48 1997 Seeking descendant of Capt John Worthington 1650-1688=Sarah Howard 1650- 1726 Missing children of John Worthington 1763-1829= Anne Dorsey 1766-1820 John Worthington Jr=Helen Hammond Thomas Worthington=Elizabeth Hammond Annie Worthington=James Henry Love related families Howard HAmmond Hebb Love Dorsey Ridgley Greenbury Wise Hayes

Sid Vaughan Sun Feb 23 15:07:05 1997 searching for parents of Elisha Vaughan b1800 in Va,John Vaughan b1802,Va and William Vaughan b unk Va said to have came to Va from Baltimore Co. MA with parents then to MO about 1820/1825 who were their parents .

Cleona Sun Feb 23 19:50:09 1997 Looking for info on William COLE b 1742 and his wife, Elizabeth. There is much controversy over whether his wife was Elizabeth HARDISTY or Sarah Elizabeth SIMMONS. Any info appreciated.

Henry Lewis Mon Feb 24 17:28:00 1997 Searching for information on Joseph CRANE who lived in Baltimore in the 1870's. He was married to Caroline BAMBURGER from Norfolk Va. Their son was George Henry CRANE (b.1874) and he married Mary Francis TWOMLEY(b. 1875). I would appreciate any information about the CRANE, BAMBURGER, and TWOMLEY families.

Tony Reina Mon Feb 24 19:15:14 1997 I'm trying to find information on my ancestors. Joseph Reina, my great- grandfather came to the U.S. from Mascu Lucia near Catania in Sicily. He sailed aboard the ship La Patria to New York City in September 1904. He moved to Baltimore and lived on Linwood Ave. I'd appreciate any information I could get on the Reina's in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County. Thanks.

Pete Fort Mon Feb 24 20:48:18 1997 Can anyone help me with a question about MD's 1776 census. I have seen two works purporting to have this census, however both do not list the Deer Creek Upper Hundred. The Deer Creek Lower Hundred is listed. Naturally my ancestor is in the Upper Hundred. Is there a census for this area? He signed the Association of Free Men from the Deer Creek Upper Hundred and drew pay with the Harford Rifles during the early part of the Revolutionary War. The name I'm researching is Christopher Fort.

M. K. Perry Wed Feb 26 06:45:28 1997LAWRASON/LEVERING I am looking for information about Anne LAWRASON born late 1700's in Baltimore. She married on Feb 13, 1802 at the First Baptist Church in Baltinore, John LEVERING. Anne died in Roxborough Co., Pa. Sept 16, 1832. Any ideas about who Anne LAWRASON's parents were would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. M.K. Perry

Marjorie M. Matzen Wed Feb 26 13:39:03 1997 I am researching my father's side of the family, the Driver family. My g. grandfather was Gideon DRIVER b. in Md. in 1799 or 1800. Any information would be helpful. If this is my second submission, please excuse me. I submitted the first before I was finished. Thank you.

Edward Stitely Wed Feb 26 17:46:47 1997Stitely

Carla Baker McHenry Wed Feb 26 19:32:14 1997 BAKER/GRINIFF or GREENIFF - I'm currently looking for the parents of Maurice BAKER b. abt 1640 and d. 1700. He was married to Elizabeth Griniff dau. of Samuel Griniff of A. A. Co. Their nine children are as follows: Charles, William, Sarah, Maurice. Jr., Mary, Indimeon, Martha, and John. Trying to find out if Maurice came up from Virginia before arriving in Maryland or did he come from England. Some researchers feel that their son Charles was born in England. I'm trying to verify this info too. I have a lot of names to share on Maurice's family. Any help would be appreciated. .


Vi Wooden Wed Feb 26 22:40:33 1997 I am searching for my WOODEN ancestors, and believe they could connect to the John WOODEN family that lived in Anne Arundel and Baltimore Co from early 1700-1800. Other surnames were SPARROW and GILL. My ancestors, Thomas WOODEN & wife Elizabeth ? were in Blount Co TN by 1806, and believe that a marriage in Baltimore Co of Thomas WOODEN and Elizabeth WHIPS 9 Nov 1796 could be them. If onyone has knowledge or connections with this family I would really appreciate hearing from you...Thanks

R.B.Smith Thu Feb 27 17:56:06 1997I have been looking for information about my grandparents. Their names are Walter V. and Agnes Smith. I have information that he was a Lt. in the Baltimore Fire Dept. in 1926. and at that time lived at 2200 Aiken Street. I have been unable to find other information from anyone. They have two sons, names are Bill and Henry., a doughter, Irene..

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