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New Orleans Deaths in 1850

The rootsweb coordinators in Louisana have provided some information found on residents of Baltimore (City & County) who died in New Orleans in 1850-1851. They have been transcribing the admission records for the public hospital and have found people from all over the world who were admitted to the hospital.  New Orleans was one of the major ports of immigration and commerce udring the 1850s, so that the records at the New Orleans USGenWeb site are valuable for anyone looking for missing ancesotrs.

The New Orleans [Oreland Parish] website has hundreds of thosands of records - all the birth, marriage, and death records through 1900 for New Orleans which are held at the State Archives in Baton Rouge.  There are probably over a million names on our site. Data on New Orleans city directories both by name and separately by address (1811, 1822, 1832, 1842, 1851), lists of victims of yellow fever epidemics, Civil War records, and much more can be found at the Orleans Parish Archives

Persons from Baltimore City or County Dying in New Orleans in 1850
Date of Admission Date of Death When Discharged Ward Name of Person Occupation        Place of Birth Age Last Place From How Long in New Orleans Marital Status     Long Sick Disease Hr of Admission Remarks
13-Jan 8-May 7 James A. Lee   Baltimore City, Maryland 62 Baltimore 20 yrs W 1/2 hour Int F 1 1/2
25-Feb -- 8-Mar 3 Joseph Eaverson Boatsman Baltimore City, Maryland 20 Attakapas 1 wk S 3 dys Hemiplegia 11 1/4
8-Jan -- 15-Jan 31 James Griffin Clerk Baltimore, Maryland 26 Baltimore 13 yrs S 1 wk Rheumatism 4
18-Jan -- 20-Jan 11 Richard Clark Laborer Baltimore, Maryland 25 Chagres 4 mos S 2 mos Int Fever 4 1/2
1-Feb -- 13-Feb SPW Robert Bals or Burns Seaman Baltimore, Maryland 20 Baltimore 2 dys M 5 dys Variola 12 Bark Elizabeth
3-Feb -- 9-Feb 28 George Ferbank Engineer Baltimore, Maryland 30 St. Louis 3 wks S 5 dys Typhus Fever 8 1/2
3-Feb -- 24-Feb SPW James Griffin Clerk Baltimore, Maryland 26 Baltimore 13 yrs S 3 dys Int Fever 8 1/2
11-Feb 15-Feb 28 William Myles Laborer Baltimore, Maryland 21 Mobile 5 yrs S 2 dys Int Fever 1 1/2
12-Feb 28-Feb -- 33 Peter McDonald or McDonough Laborer Baltimore, Maryland 37 Cincinnati 2 1/2 yrs S 10 dys Phthisis 9 1/4
27-Feb -- 3-Mar 31 John Erwin or Irwin (sic) Laborer Baltimore, Maryland 32 Natchez 2 wks S 1 mo Dysentery 8 1/4

This data was provided by: Colleen Fitzpatrick CoCoordinator
New Orleans (Oreland Parish) Rootsweb Site

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