War of 1812 Pension, Act of 1868


Pensions for Indigent Soldiers and Indigent Widows of Soldiers who fought in the War of 1812

Enacted 30 Mar 1868

The state of Maryland passed several laws awarding pensions to soldiers and widows of soldiers who were in the war of 1812. Federal pensions for their service was granted later than the state. However, the state was not free with public funds, only indigent soldiers or widows of soldiers were provided with a pension of $80 dollars a year. These acts were passed in 1867 (Chapter 385), 1868 (Chapter 432) - given below) and 4 April 1870 (Chapter 477). The largest collection of names seems to be in the 1870 act.

An ACT granting to certain Soldiers and Widows of Soldiers of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve (1812) a pension of eighty dollars per annum, to be paid in quarterly installinents.

Be it enacted by the General Assemblyof Maryland, That the.State Treasurer, upon the warrant of the Comptroller, be and he is hereby authorized and directed to pay an annual pension of eighty dollars, in four equal and quarterly installments of twenty dollars each to each one of the persons hereinafter named, during his or her natural life, to wit:

To David Rohrer, George Frantz, Francis Reeder, Eli Castle, Jacob Greenvalt, Daniel Loman, Judith Lizer, (widow of Jones Lizer,) Samuel Feigley, Elizabeth Heck (widow of Christian Heck,) Rebecca May, Rebecca Herbert, (widow of Steward Herbert.) and Joseph Graves, of Washington county ;

to Richard Wooton, Thomas Weaklev. Frederick Rider, George Marquest. Mary Ann Jackson, (widow of John Jackson, and Benedict Green, of Frederick county;

to Thomas Deane, Walter Wilburn, George Knoyer, and Elizabeth Shyock, of Allegany county,

to Eliza Williams, (widow of John Will9ams, Elizabeth Osbourn, (widow of Francis Osbourn,) Joseph Hutton, and Catharine Mudd, widow of Josuha Mudd,) Mrs. Reeves, (widow of Upgate Reeves,) of Charles county .

to Ann Hall, William R. Thompson, Edward Stansbury, Sarah Wells, (widow of George Wells,) Catharine Hurdle, (widow of Robert Hurdle,) of Anne Arundel county

to Evelina Ayers, (widow of James Ayers,) Ellen Miller, (widow of James Miller,) and John Jennings, of Harford county;

to Sarah Kerwin, Lovey Pritchett, Mary Phillips, Littleton Wroten, John Travers, Alexander Follv, John Keen, Thomas Adams, Newton Willey, Cain Hurley, Sarah Wolford, (Widow of William Wolford,) Ezekiel Johnson, Julia A. Adams, (widow of Archibald Adams,) Parmelia Creighton, Elizabeth Ruark, Mary Parker, Mary Travers, Kiturak Johnson, (widow of Hambleton Johnson,) Lucinda Parks, Annie Shelton, Leah Abbott, and Rosa A. Phillips, (widow of Elisha Phillips) of Dorchester county.

To Julia Smith, Peter Jackson, Rachel Hyland, (widow of Joshua Hyland), Anne Bristow, (widow of Richard Bristow), Rachel Sergeant, of Cecil county.

To: Margaret De Roncey (widow of Charles De Roncey), Rachel Kennedy (widow of Dennis Kennedy), Ann Hance (widow of James Hance), Maria S. Stanforth (widow of Levin Stanforth), Susannah Menzes (widow of James Menze), Ann Watts (widow of Joseph Watts), Elizabeth Schunk (widow of Jacob Schunk)Eliza Loker, (widow of Michael Loker), Mary Johnson (widow of John Johnson), Elizabeth Lucas (widow of Peter B. Lucas), Rachel Glenn (widow of Thomas Glenn), Sarah Johnson (widow of Henry Johnson), James R. Richardson, Mary Winingder (widow of Stephen Winingder), Mary A. Shackleford (widow of Louis Shackleford), Charlotte Evans (widow of William Evans), Mary McGee (widow of John McGee), Sarah Brown (widow of Thomas Brown), Jane Cooper (widow of Mathew A. Cooper), Elizabeth Parker (widow of Thomas L. Parker), Eliza C. Carter (widow of Robert A. Carter), Julia A Watts (widow of Frederick Watts), Margaret A. Orem (widow of John Orem), Noah Fairbanks, Frances H. Gray (widow of John Gray), James Fleming, John J. Gross, Margaret Linton (widow of Joseph Linton), James Penington, Charles C. Bobart, James Allen, Thomas Dean, Jacob Everhart, Margaret Getter (widow of George Getter), Ann Jordan, Elizabeth Williams, Thomas B. Watts, Eliza Schrot, Bridget Griffin (widow of Martin Griffin), Ann Thomson (widow of William Thomson), Zepporah Waggner (widow of George Waggner), Mary Ann Browning (widow of .... Browning), Samuel B. Martin, Mary Rogers (widow of William Rogers of Jacob), Catharine Neilson (widow of Robert Neilson), of Baltimore City.

To: Ellen Norris (widow of Daws Norris), Eveline Beall (widow of Horation Beall), Lucy Carr (widow of Benjamin Carr), of Montgomery county.

to: Ann Langley (widow of Francis V. Langley) Charlotte Ann Sheriff (widow of Thomas Sheriff), Marth Sweeney (widow of Dennis Sweeney), Sarah Tolson (widow of Francis Tolson), Massa Piles (widow of William H. Piles), Mrs. Ryon (widow of Thomas P. Ryon), Margaret T. Somerwell (widow of Thomas T. Somerwell), Grace C. Beall (widow of Aquilla Beall), Thomas S. Cage, Henrietta Osborn (widow of Charles C. Osbirn), Rosanna Godman (widow of Samuel Godman), Charles Carroll, and Eliza Ann Neuman (widow of Horatio Neuman), of Prince George County.

To Thomas Hopkins of Howard county.

Zachariah Biddison, Alexander Diffy, Jane Moore (widow of Stephen H. Moore), Ruth Robinson (widow of Samuel Robinson), of Baltimore county.

To: Robert B. Verden, Susannah Wink, Elizabeth Keller, Jacob Stone, Jacob Hare, and George Loudenslager of Carroll county.

To: Mary Jane Jones (widow of Benjamin J. Jones), and James Willing of Wicomico county.

Mary Ann Durham (widow of John Durham), Henrietta Leady (widow of Andrew Leady), Daniel B. Hall, Somerset county

John Cruise of Carroll County

Billizippa Allen (widow of Lewis Allen late of Baltimore), James Younger, Ann Catherton (widow of John Catherton), Mrs. Louisa Melvin of Talbot county

John Caulk of Talbot county

Harriet Raborg (widow of Samuel Raborg) of Baltimore City

Dr Charles Richardson of Montgomery county

Nancy Gooden of St Mary's county

Margaret Macanist, Elizabeth Crothers, Mathias Faux, Samuel Armour, Rebecca Cooling, William Grace, John Green, Rachel Rogers, Thomas D. Clayton, Sarah M. Langdon, Sarah Williams, Amelia Broomfield, John Tramans, Mary Winchester, Lettie Watson, Sarah Smith, Samuel Thomson, Deborah Beatty, Margaret Hill, Edward T. Tarring, Mary Burk, Catharine Cosgrove, Hannah Williams, John Baublitz, Edward Burnham of Baltimore County

William Heckrotte, Valentin Alexander, Adam Grower, Elisha M. Crobie, John M. Crobie, William Paxton, John Russell, George Zimmerly, Frederick Lee, Thomas L. Drain, Elizabeth Dawson, Catharine Farlow, Sarah Ann Brant, Nancy Valentine, Eva Lee, Desire L. K. Hoffman of Allegany county.

Jane Buckley of Baltimore county

Elizabeth Weir, Susannah Selby, Elizabeth Cook, of Carroll county

Jasper Y. Bowen, Sarah Damkins, Martha Kershaw, Margaret McKennie of Calvert county

William Barnes of Harford county.

James League of Baltimore city

R. B. Varden of Carroll county

Alexander Sollers of Dorchester county

Elizabeth Larrimore of Talbot county

Ratilla Tarr of Talbot county

provided that the comptroller shall issue his warrent upon the Treasurer, under the provissions of theis act, he shall require each and every one of the aforementioned pensioners tto file in his office the affadavit of two credible witnesses that the party claiming under the provisoins of this law, showing the identity of the claimant, that he or she is a bona fide resident of Maryland and that he or she is in indignet circumstances; and provided further that such claimants or claimants in each year, counting from the passsage of this Act renew such affadavit proving the that of bona fide residence within the State of Maryland, and that said claimant or claimants continue to be in indignet circumstances; and provided further, that no person now drawing a pension shall be entitled to the benefit of this Act....

A copy of Chapter 432 of the Laws of Maryland was provided by Mrs. Jean Belt to this website

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