This presentation varies a bit from that normally presented in first families; the research notes below discuss the FELPS family of Baltimore County and were provided by Ed Phelps

Spesutia Hundreds Tax Lists of St. George's Parish, Baltimore County
1699 Thomas Felps, 1 slave -- att Spes Utis Creek
1701 Thomas Felps -- att Isabella Parker Plantation
1702 Thomas Felps, 1 slave
1703 Thomas Felps, 1 slave -- att Thomas Greenhorn Quarters
1704 Thomas Felps, 1 slave -- att John Hall Quarters
1705 Thomas Felps -- att David Thomas Plantation
1706 Thomas Felps -- att Widdow Smith Plantation

March 1715 and Nov. 1717 Sarah Strawbridge named Thomas Felps as the father of her children.

May 2, 1721 Cadwallider Jones, planter, of Baltimore Co., to Thomas Felps, planter, of same, 1,500 pounds of tobacco, 50 acres....north side of Deer creek, Signed Cadwallider (x) Jones. Wit: John (x) Duly and Thomas Knight. May 2, 1721 Thomas Felps records his branding mark.

April 17, 1723 Cattle and Hog marks registered in Baltimore County Land records, by Aventon Felps at request of his father Thomas Felps.

April 17, 1723 Thomas Felps to Aventon Felps his son, gift of 1 bay mare, branded TF on buttock.

Baltimore County, Maryland Deeds, 1729 Liber ISK, Folio 13
Tamar, Moses and Elizabeth Parris Bond to Thomas Felps This Indenture made the 27th day of May In the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Nine Between Edward Parris and Susanna his wife of Baltimore County of the one part and Thomas Phelps of the County aforesaid of the other part Witnefseth that they the said Edward Parris and Susannah his wife for the consideration hereafter expressed doth hereby bind as apprenizos unto the said Thomas Phelps and his heirs three children namely Tamar, Moses and Elizabeth Parris - untill they shall attain unto their several ages by Law allow, The said Tamar being of age nine years fifth of February last Moses of the age of seven years 18th of February last Elizabeth of the age of five years the 21st day of May Instant to serve the said Thomas Phelps and his heirs in all Lawfull Inployment untill the males attain the age of twenty one years and the females the age of sixteen or day of marriage: In consideration whereof the said Thomas Phelps dothe hereby covonant for himself and his heirs that he will teach the said Moses Parrish the trade of carpenter and to teach the said Tamar and Elizabeth to spin, soe, n(o/e)t and doe housework and at the expiration of their times to give the said Moses a new suit of cloth and a sett of carpenters tools sufficient to build a Tobacco House with. And to teach the three children to read the Bible during their time with him as aforesaid and In Witness whereof the parties to this Indenture have set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. Signed sealed and delivered In presence Roger Mathews Samuel Marvin.
His mark Edward (E P) Parris Susanna (x) Parris
His mark Thomas (T) Phelps
On the Back of which foregoing Bond is thus written
Be it remembered that on the 27th of May 1729 Came the parties within named and acknowledged themselves content with the covenants in the within Indenture Contained before me Roger Mathews Received June the 3d 1729 T Stokes Balt Co

1731 Jacob Giles appointed overseer of the roads from Zachariah Spencer's to the Rock Run, and from Thomas Felps's to the said Rock Run and likewise from Susquehannah Fording to the Rock Run aforesaid. 1737 Deer Creek Hundreds Tax List, Thomas Felps

Aug. 1, 1738: VESTRY PROCEEDINGS ------- Summons sent to Thomas Felps and Rose wife and Mark Ford; and likewise another for William Richards to appear and given to Isaac Wood, church warden, to execute.

Aug. 26, 1738: VESTRY PROCEEDINGS -------------- "Thomas Felps and Mark Ford being summoned to appear at the vestry, did appear and both of them declared to the vestry that they have been married to her that is next called Rose Felps. Swift was first married unto her and she eloped from said Swift and after said Felps declares that he was married unto her the said Rose Swift on the 28th day of May 1710."

Sept. 1, 1741 Elizabeth Mackelwain, spinster, of Baltimore Co. indentures her son David Mackelwain, for 7 years and 6 months, until he is 21 years old to Thomas and Rose Felps. Signed Elizabeth (x) Mackelwain and Thomas (x) Felps. Wit: Shipwith Coale and William Elliott.

1754 Baltimore County Tax Debt Book, Thomas Felps, part on "Jones Inheritance" and part of "Arabia Petrea."

St. George's Parish Register in Baltimore County, Maryland, marriage record of Avinton Felps and Rachel McElroy dated April 23, 1730.

Sept. 5, 1732 John Mackelroy a planter sold "John's Beginning" in Baltimore County, Maryland to John Long of Cecil County, L50, 200 acres, John (x) Mackelroy. Wit: Signed Avinton Felps and Stephen Onions.

One must assume now that the McElroy family, Avinton and Rachel Felps, had began their Southwest movement along the trail of "The Great Wagon Road" also known as "The Carolina Road". It does appear that both families left Baltimore County Maryland during the later part of 1732. The family of John and Francis McElroy disappeared into the wilderness from the years of 1732 until 1742 before surfacing in the North Carolina frontiers, but it appears from a land deed that Avinton and Rachel Felps, temporarily located in Orange County Virginia.

Aug. 5, 1741 Avinton & Rachel Felps, Yeoman, of Orange County Virginia to Henry Thomas, planter, of Baltimore County Maryland, L10 paid by Isaac Webster, 50 acres...west side of Deer creek, known as "Rachel's Delight" Signed Avinton Felps. Wit: Isaac Webster and Richard Ruff.

April 20, 1762, Avinton Felps and David McElwain of Rowan Co. North Carolina sold 50 acres (1/2 of Jones Venture) to Edward Morgan of Baltimore Co. Maryland.

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