Cumberland Times Excerpts 1887

Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ACHESON 08 Sep 1887 Harry Moore Acheson, son of James C & Lavinia Acheson, died this morning at the home of brother-in-law David Lynn Esq., in the 26th year of his age. Born at Wheeling WV in 1861, he made his home at Waterbury Conn with an aunt, Mrs Mary Mitchell. He came here to live with his mother and sister, Mrs David Lynn, after medical advice termed his illness hopeless. The funeral is from Emmanuel PE Church and the body is to be conveyed to Washington PA for burial.

ALBAUGH 20 Jul 1887 Anna C Albaugh, 70 years of age, died yesterday. A son and 2 daughters survive: Joseph A Albaugh; Miss Laura Albaugh; and Mrs Morriarity of Washington DC. The funeral is from the residence of the son Joseph at the head of Baltimore Street and the burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

ALLEE 23 Apr 1887 Mrs Annie F Allee, wife of William T Allee, died yesterday at her home on N Centre Street, aged 41 years. Services were held at the Centre Street M E Church and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev Norris presiding.

ALSIP 21 Dec 1887 Mr Joseph Alsip died at the residence of a son, Mr Reamer Alsip on Commerce Street, this morning, in the 79th year of his age from rheumatism of the heart. A native of Bedford PA, he came here in 1873 and followed the trade of coopering, until several years ago when he moved here with his son. Surviving are 2 sons and 1 daughter: J N Alsip of Bedford; and Reamer Alsip and Mrs Joseph M Helman of Cumberland. The funeral is at Bedford PA.

ANDREWS 08 Aug 1887 William "Professor" Andrews died Saturday (6 Aug), aged 88 years. Mr Andrews was for a long time engaged in the stationary business at Baltimore & Centre Streets, beginning with a small brick structure, 50 years ago. The funeral is from Mr Sneff's on Davidson Street today.

ARNOLD 21 Sep 1887 Mr Jesse Arnold, a farmer residing on the "Squire Jack Porter" farm between Eckhart and Frostburg, died from injuries he received on Monday (19 Sep). He had stopped his team at the gate leading into his field, opened the gate to allow the team and wagon to pass through, and then hurried to stop the team, when he slipped and fell, the wagon passing over him and crushing him. He was about 60 years of age and a devout Baptist, living in this county for over 40 years. His son James, was killed at the Kingsley Mine several years ago while coupling cars for the George's Creek & Cumberland RR. Son, Sam, is also employed with the GC&C RR and; George is a watchman at the Baltimore Custom House and is well known in the Cumberland area. The funeral is from the Baptist Church in Eckhart.

ASH 10 Sep 1887 Mr George Ash, born and raised near Flintstone, has died in Kansas. He was visiting here in early September and had many friends in the Flintstone area.

BEST 07 Oct 1887 Mr Frederick Best of Mt Savage died there on (26 Sep), aged 47 years. He was employed by the C&P RR as a rigger, but 8 years ago, he was disabled by paralysis, since working in the warehouse as a clerk. His wife and 5 children mourn his loss.

BLUEBAUGH 16 May 1887 Oakland- The Bluebaugh Case was settled today . Raphael Bluebaugh claimed the estate of Jacob Bluebaugh, deceased, as his only son and heir; and Elizabeth Bluebaugh claimed dower as his widow. It was proved that Jacob married Miss Elizabeth Cruthers in 1852, that Raphael was the fruit of the union, and that they lived together at the time of the marriage. The issues were found in favor of Raphael as heir and against the woman who thought herself to be a wife.

BOETNER 16 May 1887 Frostburg- On Sunday (14 May), Mrs Boetner, relict of the late Henry Boetner, died suddenly at Borden Mines. It is supposed that she had a fit and that death resulted from suffocation, as when found, she was lying face downwards on the bed.

BROWN 14 Apr 1887 Mrs Henrietta M Brown, 79 years of age, died in Grantsville, Garrett County. Mrs Brown was born in Frostburg in 1808, and lived there until 1836 when she married Henry Brown, who died in 1869.She had been ill for 6 weeks. A son, Charles Brown of Cumberland and 2 daughters, Mrs George Charles and Miss Maggie Brown survive.

BROWN 04 Nov 1887 Miss Bertie, the eldest daughter of Henry B & Elizabeth Brown, died at the home of her parents on N Centre Street, aged 15 years. The funeral is from the home to Sts Peter & Paul Church and then to burial in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

CASSON 30 Aug 1887 Casper Casson "Old Cass" died this morning following a brief illness, aged 68 years. In 1846, he went to California for gold and returned in 1852. The last 4 years he had kept the billiard room at the Elberon Hotel. The funeral is from the Bedford Street MP Church with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CASTLE 21 Nov 1887 Mr Amos C Castle, 37 years of age, died yesterday at Fossilville, PA. At one time he was engaged in the grocery business on N Centre Street. The funeral is from the home of his mother, 15 N Centre Street tomorrow. Services in the English Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery, Rev J W Finkbiner presiding.

CHARLES 12 Aug 1887 Mrs Margaret Charles died last night at the home of her sister-in-law, W H Wilkins on S Mechanic Street, aged 81 years. Born in Cumberland in 1805 as Miss Margaret Wineow, she married Samuel Charles, the founder of the Civilian. She had fallen on the ice 4 years ago and had been partially paralyzed and remained homebound since. The funeral is from the home and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CLITES 23 Nov 1887 Mr John L Clites, an old resident of Hazen, died yesterday of pneumonia in the 63rd year of his age. His remains will be buried at Union Grove.

COOK 16 Dec 1887 Miss Katie Cook, who died at her mother's home (Mrs Hight of Frederick Street) last Tuesday, was taken to the farm of her grandfathers' (Mr Pollock) at North Branch for burial in the family plot. Rev Mr M T McCormick in charge of services.

CRUISE 03 Feb 1887 Mr William R Cruise, 35, of Frostburg, was killed by a fall of roof coal in the New Hope Mine of Consolidation Coal Co. He was mining coal when a slip was encountered and a ton of coal fell upon him. His aged mother and 2 sisters survive him. The funeral is Sunday at the Frostburg Catholic Church and burial in the new cemetery.

DAILEY 04 Feb 1887 Mrs Elizabeth Dailey died yesterday at her residence on Main Street, Westernport in her 45th year after a long illness of phthisic. A native of Lexington VA, she was twice married; first- Capt John Hartigan, a confederate officer; and second-to Dr Dailey. The remains are being sent to Lexington VA for burial.

DANCER 13 Jan 1887 Charles Dancer, 40, pump man for the B&O at the water station near Piedmont, was killed in an accident yesterday. He had helped unload a gondola of coal, and afterwards, boarded the car for a ride to Piedmont, when he stepped on the end gate of the gondola and fell onto the tracks and the wheels passed over him killing him instantly. He leaves a wife and 5 children.

DAVIS 21 Feb 1887 Miss Eliza Davis, 2nd daughter of Mr John & Sarah Tennant Davis of Borden Mines, died Saturday (19 Feb) of consumption. She was about 22 years of age. The funeral is from the English Lutheran Church at Frostburg tomorrow.

DAVIS 10 Mar 1887 Mr George Davis, about 21 years of age, son of John Davis, died at his fathers home near Borden Mines yesterday. Miss Eliza Davis, who died several weeks ago was a brother, both dying of consumption. The funeral is by Rev W A Shipman and burial is in Percy Cemetery.

DAWSON 28 Dec 1887 Miss Jennie Dawson, about 19 years of age, was struck and killed by a passing train near her home in Rawlings yesterday. She had left her brother's home, Mr Thomas Dawson to walk the tracks to Mr Monnett's. She was discovered by the conductor of No88, laying by the track, her apron over her head and cut and bloodied.

DAWSON 21 Jan 1887 It is said that the last Indian killed in this section of the country met his fate at the hands of a young man named Dawson, about the year 1798. The Indians had gradually returned Westward and were quite peaceful. The unfortunate brave, whose death our information recalls, was on his way to view the land of his father's and his boyhood lands, or what the old settlers called "Cona" or "George's Hills". Young Dawson, learning that there was an Indian in the hills, started in pursuit with his rifle, overtaking the red man he shot him. This tragedy was enacted in what is now Garrett Co.

DAWSON 28 Jul 1887 Bloody murder at Rawlings–Henry J Spencer kills Winfield Scott Dawson. Inquest being held here. Scott Dawson had raped and brutalize Spencer's wife Rachael prior to their marriage. His wife continues to suffer headaches from the ordeal and Spencer swore to kill Scott Dawson over this crime. [2 column article]. 29 Jul 1887 Editorial of the Spencer-Dawson case asking for justice.

DAWSON 11 Mar 1887 Mr Isaac Dawson and Miss Cora E Hoover, youngest daughter of GW & SM Dawson were married last Wednesday (09 Mar).

DUNCAN 28 Feb 1887 Mrs Mabel Duffield Duncan, wife of John Mason Duncan of the Allegany County Academy, died today aged 34 years at her home 34 Baltimore Street. She was born in McConnellsburg on 5 Feb 1854, and was the 2nd daughter of Dr John Duffield and a sister of Dr John Duffield, currently practicing in McConnellsburg. On Sep 28, 1881, she married John Mason Duncan, who, with one child-Duffield, aged 3 years, survives. Her remains will be sent to McConnellsburg, Fulton Co., PA for burial.

EDWARDS 09 Jun 1887 Walter Edwards, a leading merchant of Frostburg, died this morning at age 38 years. He was a native of England, coming here at an early age. He leaves a wife and 6 children, a mother, a sister, and 2 brothers, Rev John Edwards of Martinsburg WV and Rev Philip Edwards of Maysville WV.

ELLIOTT 21 May 1887 Mrs Elizabeth Elliott, widow of Benjamin Elliott, died yesterday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J N Carson Esq., of Frostburg. She was 85 years of age and leaves a son, James T Elliott of Baltimore; three daughters: Mrs McKay and Mrs Lancaster of Baltimore; and Mrs J N Carson of Frostburg. The funeral is tomorrow at the English Lutheran Church, Rev J C Lambert.

EVERSTINE 21 Sep 1887 "Aunt Polly" Everstine died yesterday at her son's home on Davidson Street in the 86th year of her age. Her husband, Josephus Everstine died 35 years ago. She lived on the Old Everstine farm, until it was bought by Mr Jacob Humbird, when she then moved to the city to live with Aden. She leaves 4 sons, 2 daughters, and 15 grand children, and was a sister to the late Aden Clary, who is well known here. The funeral is from the home tomorrow with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FARRADAY 03 Nov 1887 Mr Thomas Farraday of Frostburg died there on Monday (31 Oct). He was a member of the 2nd MD Reg., P H B. A widow and several grown children survive. The burial took place on Monday.

FEY 26 May 1887 Henry Fey Sr died yesterday at his residence on N Centre Street in the 62nd year of age. He was born at Hesse Cassel, Germany and came to America 32 years ago. He was a tailor in business with his son, John T Fey, retiring in 1883, due to health. He married in Germany in 1852 to Miss Christian Kesst, who survives with 5 grown children: John T; Henry Jr; Andrew; Mary; and Lizzie. The funeral si from the residence, services in the German Lutheran Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev E F Geise officiating.

FLINTSTONE 30 May 1887 The lost silver mine. Article of olden days- In 1822, a Mr Johnson used silver to make counterfeit money from the silver he found in a secret mine, the location of which he never disclosed, but was around the Flintstone area.. A Mr Elbin had seen the money and described it as very passable coinage, Article is column).

FLURY 21 Feb 1887 Henry Flury, aged 71 years, 6 months, and 21 days, died yesterday at his residence on Decatur Street. He had suffered from asthma and other lung diseases that attributed to his death. A native of Wrightsville PA, he came to Cumberland in 1842, working as a carpenter and later as lumber dealer for the B & O RR until 1856. Then, he and Joshua Herr contracted for the Eckhart Branch RR and after that, he and W R McCulley went into the retail coal trade until 1860. In 1866, Mr Flury went into business for himself, then, with partners J Smith Johnson until 1872, and with LW Brant until 1875, after that, with his son Edgar L Flury, until his death. He married Miss Theresa Hoover in 1843 and they had 12 children, 5 of whom survive with their mother: Mrs Malachi Rice; Mrs I R Allen; Mrs C V Derr; and, Messers Edgar L and Harry V Flury. A sister, Mrs Nancy Ruby of Payson Ill also survives. The funeral is from the English Lutheran Church tomorrow and burial at the Greenmount Cemetery on the Baltimore Pike.

FRYER 06 Sep 1887 Mr M J Fryer died of a seizure yesterday at home 14 Cecelia Street. He was a gardener for Mr H T Weld at Mt Savage. He was about 50 years of age and leaves a wife, 4 sons, and 2 daughters. The funeral is from St Patrick's. Articles on 5th & 6th -3 paragraphs.

GLEIM 06 Mar 1887 Mr Paul Gleim, an employee of the Union Mining Co at Mt Savage, met with an accident resulting in his death. He was walking up hill on the way to work with his head down and was struck by an engine and loaded cars. He was deaf and did not hear the engine or the cars. Fatal injuries to the scalp, hips, ribs, and internal damage in his stomach occurred.

GONDER 11 Oct 1887 Mrs Catherine A Gonder, wife of Mr Andrew B Gonder, died this morning in the 64th year of her age. She was a daughter of Benjamin Brown, surveyor in Allegany County until 1840, who resided where the almshouse now stands. Her brother, Denton D Brown, was named surveyor after the decease of her father. Miss Brown married in 1843 to Andrew Gonder, now the JP of the city. She was the mother of 16 children, with these surviving: A B Gonder of Oakland; Mrs M T Bruce; J A Gonder; Mary B Gonder; Frank J Gonder; and Alphonse Gonder. Funeral and burial at the St Patrick's Catholic Church and Cemetery.

GOODRICH 28 Nov 1887 Mr Leroy Goodrich, "Rock", former engineer for the Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR, died last night at his home in Ocean, aged 91 years. He first was employed by the B&ORR operating a "GrassHopper" engine and then was an engineer for the Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR until 6 weeks ago, when he was taken ill. The burial is tomorrow.

GORDON 15 Aug 1887 Hon. Josiah H Gordon died last night of apoplexy. Born May 1816, in Waynesboro PA and was in his 72nd year. In 1840, he came to Cumberland worked at the post office and studied law. Adult children are Miss Helen Gordon and Capt Robert H Gordon of this city; and a brother, Robert Gordon of Hagerstown Indiana. The funeral is from the 1st Presbyterian Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

GROSS 24 Dec 1887 Mrs B Gross, wife of Simon Gross, and sister of Mr Samuel Sonneborn, died today at the residence on Polk Street following a two weeks illness of a carbuncle of the chin, from which, blood poison set in. She resided here for 33 years, coming from Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany. She leaves her husband, and 4 daughters, 3 of whom are married.

HAMBRIGHT 19 Dec 1887 Mr Emmanuel Hambright died yesterday at his residence on Bedford Street in the 66th year of his life. He resided in Cumberland since 1844 and was a brick maker. His wife, sister of the late George Blocker and the following children survive: Mrs William T Allen; Mrs D M Zieler; C E; and George B; and Misses Belle; and Emma Hambright. The funeral is today from the residence with Rev P N Meade of Emmanuel PE Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

HANWAY 02 Nov 1887 Mrs Susan B Hanway died last evening at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr C M Bainbridge on Washington Street, of heart trouble, aged 55 years. She was the widow of Franklin Hanway, a manufacturer of Harford County, whom she married and lived at Belaire Ohio until his death. She moved to her home town of Baltimore until Jan 1884, when she came to live with her only daughter, Mrs C M Bainbridge. Two sisters, Mrs Dr D N Baker of Martinsburg; and Mrs Block of Baltimore; and 2 brothers, Thomas M Dukehart of Baltimore and Mr Charles Dukehart of Chicago. Burial is in Baltimore at the Greenmount Cemetery.

HARMON 07 Feb 1887 Mr Andrew Harmon, residing at the 3 mile water station of the B & O RR died Friday (4 Feb) following pneumonia and heart affection. A wife and several children survive. He was with the B&O RR for 25 years and was the foreman of the B&O track West Sub-division. Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery, Rev Geise officiating.

HARPER 04 Feb 1887 Mrs Margaret Harper, aged 71 years, died last night from a concussion of the brain following a fall on the ice yesterday morning. The funeral is Sunday from the German Reformed Church in Frostburg and burial at Allegany Cemetery.

HARTMAN 04 Feb 1887 Mr Conrad Hartman, aged 42 years, 10 months, operator of a shoe store in Frostburg, died last night at the home of heart trouble. His wife, 6 children, a mother and a brother, Daniel of Wilmington Del, survive. He was a member of 2nd MD reg., PHB and was mustered out at Baltimore on 07 Jun 1865 from Camp Bradford. Funeral is from the home with burial at Allegany Cemetery, Rev W A Shipman.

HAUFMAN 04 Nov 1887 Mr William Haufman was killed at Jackson Mine at Lonaconing by a fall of breast coal. He was just 22 years of age and married but a few months.

HEALEY 28 Apr 1887 Mrs Elizabeth E Healey, relict of the late Dr Patrick A Healey, died yesterday at her residence, 34 S Mechanic Street, aged 53 years following a protracted illness. Three children; Mrs T L Coulehan; and Miss Ella and Mr Edward Healey of Cumberland. The funeral is from St Patrick's Church.

HEFFRON 15 Jul 1887 Mr William Heffron, of the firm of Heffron & Brennan doing business in Mt Savage, died today from a stroke of apoplexy. He was about 35 years of age and had a wife and 2 children. The funeral is tomorrow from St Patrick's Church.

HENDRICKSON 07 Apr 1887 Mr Richard Hendrickson now has charge of the gate on the pike, 2 miles East of Cumberland near Folcks Mills, which the late Mr John Oglebay had charge of for so many years.

HENDRICKSON 07 Jun 1887 Mrs Laura Hendrickson, wife of Milton C Hendrickson, died today at Union Grove, about 6 miles out on the Bedford Road. She had been ill for some time with consumption. She leaves a husband and 7 children. She was a daughter of the late Peter Smouse.

HENDRICKSON 31 May 1887 Westernport- The remains of Joseph Hendrickson, who died at home of his daughter in Virginia, was buried at Philos Cemetery. He was, for many years, a prominent merchant at Piedmont. He was about 75 years of age. He leaves a daughter in VA, a son in Wash. DC, and a son in Piedmont.

HERMANN 24 Jan 1887 Miss Mary Louisa Hermann, 18, daughter of E & M Hermann, died last night of brain fever at her residence on Hanover Street.

HOOK CEMETERY 08 Apr 1887 Capt. D E Brockett of the Tyler Post G A R, recently received a letter form R N Batcholder, the Deputy Quartermaster General of the United States Army, regarding the removal of the remains of Union soldiers, which are lying in uncared for graves, to some national cemetery. He says, "Upon investigation, it is ascertained that in one of the burying grounds known as Hooks Cemetery, there are the graves of 12 Union soldiers. The grounds are practically abandoned and badly neglected, the greater part of the enclosure being gone, and of course, exposed to deprecations of animals running at large, but there were no indications of recent disturbances of the surface, though hogs have invaded the premises. It would deem proper that steps be taken to protect them". General Batcholder the quotes the law, Section 4878, Revised statutes, and upon this authority, a committee was appointed, viz: Harmon White; George Wolfe: J H Wenrich; and D E Brocket to take steps for the removal of these remains.

INGLES 24 Mar 1887 Monday (21 Mar), Mr George R Ingles, a miner was killed in the new mine of the Georges Creek Iron & Coal Company, by a fall of roof coal. He was moved to his home, as he is living with Mr Thomas S Ritchie, his step-father, where he lingered until his death. Mr Ingles was born in Ballingrey, Fifeshire, Scotland and was 24 years, 8 months and 3 days of age, coming to America only 7 years ago. Burial is in Oak Hill cemetery.

JACOBS 24 Feb 1887 Mr James Jacobs died at Lonaconing at the home of Mr James Barbour, aged about 38 years He was a conductor on the accommodation train of the C & P RR for a number of years. A wife and several children survive.

JENVEY 12 Jan 1887 Mrs Ann Jenvey, wife of George Jenvey, died last night at the home on S Mechanic Street, aged 64 years. She had suffered for the last year of heart trouble from which she died. A native of Kent, England, she and her husband came to this country 30 years ago, settling in Marietta OH, thence to Wheeling WV, and to Cumberland 6 years ago. She leaves her husband of 45 years, 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl: Rev William R Jenvey of Hoboken NJ; Charles W Jenvey of Marietta OH; George Jenvey of Washington DC; Frank Jenvey of this city employed as a bookbinder of A Schriver & Co; and Edward, a clerk in Zack Laney's hardware store; and Mrs George F McDowell as a cashier of a bank at Oil City PA The funeral is from Christ Reformed Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev M T McCormick.

JOHNSTON 03 Jan 1887 Prof. William Johnston died at his residence on Lee Street on Saturday (1 Jan) after a stroke of paralysis. He was born at County Tyrone, Ireland in 1821, and was thus, 65 years of age. He came to America in 1844, settling first in Delaware, removing to Virginia in 1846, and in Sept 1870, he came to Cumberland and assumed control of the Allegany Academy until 1884, when he began to tutor students at his home. His wife and 1 son, E R Johnston Esq., a member of the bar and editor of the Queen City Courier, survive. The funeral is from the residence and interment at Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev James E Moffatt presiding.

KALBAUGH 19 Mar 1887 Frostburg- Mrs Mary E Kalbaugh died Thursday (17 Mar) at her residence on mechanic Street. She was 54 years of age and leaves 6 grown children. The funeral is tomorrow from the ME Church.

KEGG 08 Sep 1887 Miss Lydia Kegg, daughter of J & Mary A Kegg, died last evening at the home on N Mechanic Street of typhoid fever. She was 17 years of age and planned to be married in October upon her 18th birthday. The funeral is today from the residence.

KELLEY 07 Mar 1887 Mrs Patrick Kelley, died yesterday at her residence on S Mechanic Street following an 8 month illness. About 2 years ago, the family had come form Keyser WV and opened up a grocery store. She leaves a husband and 4 children, all young one son and 3 daughters.

KOLB 05 Sep 1887 John Kolb, 40, died this morning at the home of his father Frederick Kolb, on North Mechanic Street of consumption. Born 11 Jun 1848, e spent his entire life in Cumberland. He is unmarried and is survived by both parents, 3 sisters, Mrs Chris. Shober; Miss Ann M and Lizzie Kolb; and 4 brothers, John A; Andrew; George; and Charles L Kolb. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery, Rev Geise and Rev Finkbiner.

LAEMMERT 28 Apr 1887 Frostburg- Philip Laemmert was shot and killed by Montgomery McMillan stemming from a quarrel that originated in the billiard room of John L Heintz' saloon. (Article is a full column) 02 My 1887 The remains of Philip Laemmert were interred in Percy Cemetery on Sunday following services at the English Lutheran Church, Rev G A Schwedes .

LAVALLE 06 May 1887 Squire John Lavelle of Mt Savage died at his residence today in the 59th year of age, from asthma. He leaves a family of grown children, of whom, Patrick Lavelle is well known in Cumberland. His funeral is tomorrow from the Catholic Church.

LAYMAN 23 Apr 1887 Ex-sheriff, George L Layman died last night at his residence on S Mechanic Street following a brief illness. He was born in Westernport in 1830, and was 57 years of age. He was elected sheriff in 1869, and following the term in office in 1871, he and his family removed to the Half Way House, between Frostburg and Grantsville, where he also operated a saw mill. Last spring, he moved to Cumberland succeeding Mr Garlitz as proprietor of the Tremont House. He was twice married, 1st to a Westernport lady and 2nd to Miss Rench of Garrett County, who survives, as do 13 children. His remains will be shipped to Garrett County for burial in the Old Blocher graveyard.

LEASE 02 Mar 1887 Mr Edward Lease, and old habitue of the Hotel Lindell, was found dead in bed by porter Charles Johnson who went to the room to attend the fires. He had not felt well for the past week and death was caused by paralysis of the brain and heart affection. He came to Cumberland in 1880 and worked for D M Zeiler the merchant tailor. His remains were shipped to Frederick for burial.

LEAVELL 20 Dec 1887 Rev Francis K Leavell, 86, of Baltimore, died there yesterday. His mother-in-law, Mrs Charles Thruston and her son Charles of this city, were with him at the last. Francis K Leavell was born in Jefferson CO, WV in 1856 and his mother died when he was very young and he was raised by relatives there until 1877. He attended Washington & Lee College and the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Alexandria, followed by a call to Kanawah Co, WV, in 1883, and in 1886, to Baltimore. He married Miss Lilly on 21 Jun 1885, the daughter of Mrs Charles N Thruston. The funeral and burial is at Charleston WV.

LEAVELL 26 May 1887 Lillie Hunter Thruston Leavell died yesterday at Baltimore. She was the wife of Rev F T Leavell and the 2nd daughter of Charles B Thruston. She was born 23 Jan 1861, and married 22 Jan 1886, to Rev Francis T Leavell of Hedgesville WV. The funeral was Friday form the Emmanuel PE Church.

LEIGHTON 18 Apr 1887 Mr James Leighton, 118 years of age, died at the Almshouse on Saturday (16 Apr). His age cannot be accurately ascertained. He frequently stated being born in 1768, and has related vivid recollections of events in the Revolutionary War. Another inmate, aged 80 years, states he recalls Mr Leighton as a grown man while he was a boy and thus, his age is certainly over 100.

LEIGHTY 23 Sep 1887 Okonoko- Miss Jane Leighty, daughter of Jacob Leighty, and two other girls racing for the accommodation train into Cumberland, was struck and killed by the St Louis & Chicago Limited passing on the other track. She was aged 16 and the accident was unavoidable as the girls did not heed the whistle or the agent on the platform.

LINDNER 23 Oct 1887 Mr Lawrence Lindner, a farmer, died today at his home on the Baltimore Pike, one mile out of the city, in the 64th year of his age. Born in Bavaria, Germany in 1823, he migrated to this country in 1849, where he married Miss Cinda Fegle. Five children, all grown, survive: Lawrence; Joseph; Mary; George; and Frank Lindner. The funeral party will leave the home for Sts Peter & Paul Church for Requiem service and burial at Sts Peter & Paul's Cemetery, with Rev Father Francis.

MAREAN 21 Sep 1887 Mr S Marean died yesterday at his home in Washington DC in the 78th year of his age. He was the father of Mr E Marean, master of transportation for the GC&C RR and also of Morell Marean, manager of the Western Union office at Washington DC. Also, he was the grandfather of Mr J S Marean, assistant agent of Central Station of Cumberland. He had visited his many friends here several weeks ago. The funeral is in Washington DC.

MARSH 11 Jan 1887 Rev. Thomas R Marsh, 31, pastor of the ME Church at Mt Savage, and previously the pastor at Rawlings, died last night of typhoid fever. He was a native of the Washington DC area and an aunt and uncle accompanied the remains to that place for burial.

McALPINE 08 Nov 1887 Mr Fred McAlpine, engineer on the narrow gauge railroad of the New Central Coal Company at the Koontz Mines, was crushed to death in and accident. The usual practice is of separating the engine to a side track while coal cars that are loaded travel on to the dump spot. During this procedure, an axle of one of the loaded cars broke, plowing the loaded cars against the engine crushing Mr McAlpine. He had been with the New central company since 1876 and lived in Lonaconing for 15 years. He leaves a wife and one child.

McELFISH 01 Mar 1887 Mrs Annie McElfish, the relict of the late John McElfish of Flintstone, died at age 93 years. She was born in 1794 at Flintstone, living in that area all of her life. She married in 1812, to John McElfish and they had 5 sons and 5 daughters: Thomas; Amos; Edward; John; Joseph; Anna; Susan; Mrs Maria Robinette; Mrs Sallie Willison; and Mrs Catherine Hinkle. A sister, Mrs Lucretia Robinette, 80 years of age, survives also. Burial this morning in the IOOF Cemetery with services in the ME Church, South.

McGIRR 01 Aug 1887 Mr. Mattie McGirr died Saturday (30 Jul) at the Almshouse. He was a soldier in the GAR during the war and was about 55 years of age. Burial is in the Potter's Field.

McGUINNESS 22 Nov 1887 Mr Robert McGuinness, miner of the New central Coal Co at Koontz Mines in Lonaconing, was killed last evening by a fall of coal. He was about 50 years of age, was married and had 2 children.

McKEE 10 Dec 1887 Mr Thomas Jefferson McKee, a hardware merchant, died this morning at his residence on Frederick & Centre Streets, in the 46th year of age, following an illness of 6 weeks. He was the 2nd son of Alexander & Margaret McKee, born 09 Mar 1842, on the Hitchcock Farm on Little Valley Road. In 1885, he began the hardware business on the Old Pioneer Hose property. On 24 Jan 1882, he married Miss Ida Willard, daughter of J Perry & Mary Willard, who survives with a infant daughter, and also, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers: Mrs William Young; Mrs Temperence Whittmann; Mrs Lydia Laing; Miss Jennie McKee and John A McKee of this city; and W T McKee of Messina Cass Co, Iowa. The funeral is Monday from the residence, Rev J W Finkbiner and interment in Rose Hill.

McKNIGHT 22 Nov 1887Miss Mary L McKnight, aged 30 years, died at her residence, 30 Union Street yesterday from consumption. The funeral is from Emmanuel Episcopal Church with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McMILLAN 24 Oct 1887 The trial of Montgomery McMillan over the killing of Philip Laemmert begins in Frederick 27 Oct 1887 Jury selection continues in the trial of McMillan.

MEIER 18 Jul 1887 Mr John B Meier, in his 82nd year of age, died at 122 Greene Street. He was born in Germany in 1805, came to this country in 1842, settling firstly in Everett PA, then moving in a few years and working on the C & O Canal since then. He leaves a widow and 4 grown children. The funeral is tomorrow from the German Lutheran Church.

MULVANY 06 Jul 1887 Mrs Mary Mulvany died yesterday in her 78th year of age at her residence 42 Mechanic Street of old age. She was the mother of Edward Mulvany Esq., and the funeral is from her son's home on N Centre Street with burial in the St Patrick's Cemetery.

NEE 03 Jan 1887 Miss Nora Nee, 15 years of age, daughter of Bartley & Nora Nee of Maryland Avenue, died from burns suffered on Saturday when a lamp exploded dousing her with coal oil and causing her painful burns. Her mother also suffered painful burns attempting to save her and is somewhat better. Funeral is from the residence tomorrow and burial in St Patrick's cemetery.

NEFF 18 Feb 1887 Mr David Neff of Eckhart died at the residence of brother-in- law, Mr Walter Greenfield in Pittsburgh on Wednesday (16 Feb) following a short illness. The body is being returned to Eckhart for burial.

O'NEAL 28 Sep 1887 Davie O'Neal, a well known saloon keeper in South Cumberland, died yesterday at the residence of James Plummer on Wineow Street, following an illness of several weeks. He was 40 years of age, unmarried, and lived in Cumberland all of his life. Two brothers survive; Edward in McKeesport and Henry of this city. Funeral is from the residence and burial is in St Patrick's Cemetery.

OFFNER 20 May 1887 The Ann Offner jury was impaneled before Judge Armstrong on the indictment of murder of Mr Brooks at Romney WV. Witnesses were heard. (Article is 1/4 of a column).

OFFNER 28 Sep 1887 Circuit Court Trial for Mineral County is continued until May when counsel for the prisoner took ill. Ann Offner killed Benjamin Brooks and claims it is self defense. [ 1 column article]. 29 Sep 1887 Full column article of the shooting history. 05 Oct 1887 Court session closes and jury is hung (10 for acquittal and 2 for guilty).

OFFUTT 08 Dec 1887 Mrs Sarah J Offutt, the relict of James W Offutt, a former well known merchant, died today at the residence of her son, Francis M Offutt, Esq., on W Washington Street in the 69th year of her age. She was born in Winchester VA, a sister of Parmer Shepherd Esq., and following her marriage to Mr Offutt, they lived at Oldtown where they were in business. In 1851, she removed to the city, living here ever since. Funeral is from the residence of her son on Saturday and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

OGLEBAY 23 Mar 1887 Mr John Oglebay, aged 71 years, died at his home on the Baltimore Pike, near this city. He was a well known toll gate keeper. Funeral on Friday from the ME Church on Centre Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PARKER 20 Dec 1887 Mr George B Parker died last night at Frostburg of dropsy in his 73rd year of life. He had been at the blacksmith shop of Mr Gant on Mechanic Street when he fell. He was taken to his home unable to speak and died later in the evening. He was once a constable of Frostburg, succeeded to office by Daniel Williams 2 years ago. Mr Parker leaves a wife and 1 brother William Parker of here. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church tomorrow.

PAULUS 02 May 1887 Mr John Paulus died yesterday of brain fever, aged 69 years. He was a shoemaker in Cumberland for 38 years. He leaves a wife and 2 daughters and a son, living in California. Mrs Paulus is a sister of Mrs Henry Luhrman of the Baltimore Pike. The funeral is tomorrow from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

PAYNE 01 Jul 1887 Peter Payne, proprietor of the Grand Central Hotel of Frostburg, died last night. Originally from Washington County, he moved to Frostburg 40 years ago, worked for a time as a stage driver on the National Pike, and conducted a hotel for 25 years. He was over 60 years of age, leaves a wife and 2 children; William Payne and Mrs Laura Parker. The funeral is Saturday and the burial is in Allegany Cemetery, Rev H S France officiating.

PEEBLES 04 Nov 1887 Mr David Peebles, 14 years of age, son of John Peebles of Lonaconing, was killed at Old Coney mine yesterday, being run over by a trip of mine cars. He usually worked with his father, but, yesterday was filling in for a "trapper" who opens and closes a trap door for coal cars. It is supposed that he fell asleep on the tracks.

QUANTZ 07 Mar 1887 On Saturday (5 Mar), Mrs Charles Quantz, wife of carpenter and boat builder of the same name, died following a short illness. The prior evening, her grand-daughter aged 2 years also died, and following the last wishes of Mrs Quantz, both were buried in the same casket yesterday.

REPHORN 21 Nov 1887 Mrs Rephorn, wife of John Rephorn, a conductor on the Georges Creek and Cumberland RR, died at her home this morning on Valley Street, aged 35 years. She had been married for 8 years but there are no children. Her remains will be taken to Eckhart for burial.

RICE 28 Nov 1887 Mrs Sarah Rice, wife of David Rice, living on the William's Road, 7 miles east of the city, died yesterday in the 84th year of life.

RICHARDS 17 Sep 1887 Mr Isaac Richards, an old Cumberland resident, died last night at Chicago in the residence of a daughter, Mrs Poole, at the advanced age of 84 years. He leaves 5 sons, 3 out west and 2 here, and also, 2 daughter, all married with the exception of Dr C E Richards of Milwaukee WI. The funeral is to take place at the residence of a son, Mr S M Richards on Columbia Street and interment in the German Lutheran Cemetery, beside his wife.

RIZER 30 Aug 1887 Mrs Daisy Rizer, wife of Capt Mason Rizer, formerly of here but now of Escabana, Michigan, died there last Saturday (27 Aug). She had gone there for her health. She is a daughter of the late Col. William L Brown of Boone Iowa. Capt. Rizer is a brother of Messers Edwin, Lee, and Hayward, of this city. The burial will be there.

RIZER 27 Jul 1887 Jacob Rizer, now a resident of Eureka, Kansas. He was born at Cumberland MD on 11 June 1792, and lived here until 1871. He was engaged in a foundry and machine shop for 40 years. He married Miss Mary Blocher in 1823, a daughter of John Blocher, farmer of near Cumberland. His wife died at Eureka KS in 1872. He is an uncle of Charles L Rizer in the tin roof and spouting business at 60 N Centre Street; His wife was a sister of Mr Charles Hambright's mother of here. [3 paragraph article].

ROBINETTE 24 Feb 1887 Mr George A Robinette, Esq., about 50 years of age, of Rush in Murley's Branch, died this morning from congestion of the lungs. The funeral is Friday from Murley's Branch Church, Rev J W Finkbiner officiating. Burial is in the family graveyard on the Captain Robinette place.

ROWE 03 Feb 1887 Mrs Catherine Rowe, wife of James Rowe, died at her residence on Charles Street, aged 69 years. They had celebrated their golden anniversary on last June 10. Her husband and 6 grown children survive: Mrs Joshua Leasure of Mt Savage; Mrs Mary Day of Kansas; James Rowe of Harpers Ferry; and Miss Mattie; Joseph M; and John Rowe of Cumberland. Services at the English Lutheran Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

ROWE 28 Feb 1887 Mr James Rowe died Saturday (26 Feb) at his home on Fulton Street, aged 75 years. Born in Cumberland, he lived here all of his life, working as a carpenter and ship builder. He died of affliction of the lungs. His wife died 2 weeks ago after a 50 year marriage. Surviving are 6 children: Mrs Joshua Leasure of Mt Savage; Mrs Mary Day of Missouri; James Rowe of Harper's Ferry WV; Miss Mattie, and Messers, Joseph M and John Rowe of Cumberland. The funeral is tomorrow.

SCHILLER 17 Nov 1887 Mr Conrad Schiller died today following a brief illness at his home on Valley Street in the 75th year of his age. Mr Schiller came to this country from Bavaria in 1839, residing here since. He married Miss Kolb, the sister of John Kolb of Cumberland. His son, John Schiller is president of the board of County Commissioners. His funeral is Saturday from the German Lutheran Church on Bedford Street.

SCHULER 04 Jan 1887 John Schuler, 23 years of age, died from injuries he received in the Old Coney Mine of the George's Creek Coal & Iron Co. While entering the mine, he met a loaded car "trip" coming out, and, thinking it to be a "runaway", attempted to jump aboard and set the brake, when he fell and was crushed. An operation to save his life by amputation of his legs failed. He was a brother of James Schuler, former Lonaconing standout pitcher on the base ball team. He was unmarried and was the support of his aging parents.

SEIBERT 02 Apr 1887 Mr Andrew Seibert, died (01 Apr) at the home of son Adam Seibert, county commissioner in North Branch. The funeral is today at the German Lutheran Church and burial is at the German Lutheran Cemetery.

SHAW 21 Nov 1887 Mrs Oliver Shaw of Washington DC, daughter of Mr Peter Sisco Esq., of this city, died there from lockjaw following a slight injury to her thumb. Mr & Mrs Shaw formerly resided in Cumberland and her remains will be brought here for burial.

SHAW 21 Sep 1887 Mrs Hannah M Shaw, mother of Major Alexander and John K Shaw Esq., died yesterday at Morristown NJ, aged 78 years. She had spent summers at her son's farm near Rawlings for several years. She is the widow of Rev J K Shaw, who died some years ago. Other surviving children: Mr William L Shaw, and Mrs John R Runyon of NJ. The funeral is expected to be there tomorrow.

SHOBER 12 May 1887James M Shober died yesterday at the residence on Union Street in the 52nd year of age from stomach disease. He graduated from Gettysburg College in 1857, came to Cumberland in 1861, enlisted in Co. I, 2nd MD Reg., PHB, serving for 4 years. He married Miss Lucy E Bush, the adopted daughter of Mr A M L Bush. His wife survives with 7 children: Will B Shober, Prof. At Allegany Academy; Mary L; Ollie N; Corelle; Vance; Jessie V; Warren; and Katie. He also served as Allegany County superintendent of schools; engaged in dry goods business; served as city clerk for several terms, was in the coal business, was clerk of the post office, and served as a state & county tax collector. The funeral is from the residence with services in the English Lutheran Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

SHRIVER 05 Jul 1887 the funeral of Joseph Shriver Jr, 24 years of age, who died last evening at Rawlings from consumption, took place from Green Street Station and the burial was in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

SMITH 13 May 1887 Mr John Smith, aged 61 years, 7 months, and 3 days, a stable boss for the George's Creek Coal & Iron Co, died on Wednesday (11 May) at Lonaconing. Born in Bavaria, Germany, he came to the US 33 years ago and worked at GCCI Co all of his working life. He leaves a wife and 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church and burial at the Oak Hill Cemetery, Lonaconing, Rev C Lauterbauch presiding.

SPEILMAN 23 Sep 1887 Mr Jacob Speilman, died last evening at his home on Columbia Street in the 69th year of his life. He was a painter and lived here all of his life. He leaves a family of grown children, among them; Orion, a printer from Speilman, a town on the PA RR line; James, a painter from Cumberland; and Mrs Miller of Connellsville.

SPENCER 26 Oct 1887 The Spencer murder trial resumes with jury selection. [2 columns of reporting]. 27 Oct 1887 Arguments of the defendant could testify in his own case. [2 columns of reporting]. 28 Oct 1887 Spencer found guilty in murder of the 1st degree. A capital crime. 08 Dec 1887 The Spencer case is to be appealed by counsel J W Thomas & David W Sloan.

SUTER 16 Apr 1887 Mr John P Suter of Pittsburgh, an electrician employed by the Pennsylvania RR, died last Sunday(10 Apr). His parents and 3 sisters live here: Mrs S D Ways Jr; Mrs J W Neff; and the widow of Mr A J Kegg; and also a brother, Jacob Suter of Piedmont.

TASKER 26 Feb 1887 Mrs Polly Tasker "Granny" , died Thursday (24 Feb) at the home of her daughter in the mountains above Piedmont, aged 92 years. She had 5 children, 4 still living. The funeral is tomorrow at the ME Church and burial on the farm beside her husband who died 9 years ago.

TENNANT 14 Apr 1887 Mr George Tennent Sr, of Frostburg, died yesterday in his 83rd year of life. He was the mine boss at Borden Mines for more than 30 years. He leaves an aged wife and 7 grown children: Mrs John Davis; James Tennant; Mrs Thomas Cappard; Mrs Gott Anthony; Mrs George P Tennant; Alexander Tennant; and Mrs James Hawk. He was born in Lesmahagie, Lanackshire, Scotland in 1805, emigrated in 1836, and settled in Allegany County. He was the brother of Alexander Tennant, for whom the Mason's erected a fine monument for in June 1886. The funeral is next Monday at the English Lutheran Church.

VAN HORN 23 Sep 1887 Mr Isaac Van Horn, an aged citizen of Paw Paw, died at his home of disease of the stomach, in his 74th year. He was born in Winchester VA, on 01 Jan 1814, and resided at Paw Paw for 25 years and had a large family; his wife, and 9 children surviving him, all grown. Mr John Van Horn of this city is one of the sons. Burial at Paw Paw.

WALKER 11 Jan 1887 Mrs Ann Rebecca Walker, 95 years of age, died today at her residence on Glenn Street following a stroke of paralysis. Born at Leeds, Yorkshire, England, she came to America in 1828, and to Cumberland in 1842. She married Hugh Walker in 1832, and he was killed by cars in the old warehouse of the J C Orrick Co.. She was the step-mother of Mr David Walker, yard engineer for the B&O RR. Her maiden name was Bedford and she was previously married at Finkstown to Mr Thomas Thornton. The funeral is from Christ Reformed Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WALTON 01 Aug 1887 Mrs. Margaret Ann Walton, relict of J B Walton, died yesterday in the 61st year of her age. The funeral is from the residence, 126 N Mechanic Street with burial at Rose Hill Cemetery with Rev J E Moffatt.

WEIR 26 Feb 1887 Mr Joseph Weir, 14 years, was killed in an accident at the Armstrong Mine on the WV Central RR line. Somehow, he got caught between a car and his arm which had been torn from it's socket, and doubled up, and squeezed into his side at the ribs. He received medical attention from Dr Porter of Lonaconing; Dr Parson of Piedmont; and Dr Clymer of Cross WV, and he lingered near death until yesterday when he died. The burial is at Philos Cemetery today.

WILLE 21 Mar 1887 Mr Joseph Wille, track walker for the B & O RR, was struck and killed yesterday along the Eastbound track near Weber's farm near Cumberland. He was about 40 years of age and married. Burial is tomorrow from the German Reformed Church on Liberty Street.

WILLIAMSON 05 Jan 1887 Mr George Williamson, son of George Williamson Esq., of Eckhart, was killed in an accident in Bellview Illinois, last Wednesday (30 Dec). While at work in an iron foundry, he was examining the workings of a derrick when the pulley broke and the load fell, crushing him and killing him instantly. He is survived by a wife and 5 children. His remains were returned to Eckhart and burial was yesterday at the home of his father with Rev J A Whitaker of the Presbyterian Church officiating.

WINEOW 11 Apr 1887 Mr John Wineow, 86 years of age, of Davidson Street, died yesterday at his home. He had lived in Cumberland all of his life. He is survived by 2 children, 8 grand children, and 1 great grand child. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church.

WITHERS 14 May 1887 Mr William A Withers died at his residence on Bedford Street today in the 52nd year of his life from consumption. A successful business man, he was in the tanning business with his father Mr AL Withers, now at Jefferson Co, WV, and later in life, in the hardware business where he was engaged until his death. His 1st marriage was to Miss Weedon, who died in 1875. In 1878, he married Miss Lenora I Vrooman, who survives with 4 sons and 2 daughters: A L; Henry; William M Jr; Ashby; Fannie; and Bettie. He served on the city council and was twice the mayor. The funeral is at the residence and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WOLFE 15 Jul 1887 Mrs Catherine Wolfe died at her home on Frederick Street yesterday from a stroke of paralysis in her 76th year of age. She leaves a family of 8 children: Hiram; George; William; Mrs Lewis Werner; Misses, Louisa, Margaret, and Jennie- all of Cumberland; and a married daughter in Kansas; and also sisters, Mrs Margaret Charles of this city; and Mrs Priscilla Blocher of Baltimore. The funeral is today.

WOODROW 02 Mar 1887 Piedmont- Mrs Elizabeth Woodrow, wife of Major S D Woodrow, died of paralysis of the brain today, aged 69 years. She was Miss Doty of Wheeling WV, She had 12 children, only 4 living: Mr George Woodrow, auditor of the WV Central RR; Mr Neil Woodrow, also employed by the WV Central RR; Mrs Virginia E White of Cumberland. A planned 50th wedding anniversary would have occurred in October. They were residents of Cumberland until the war and then moved to Piedmont. The funeral is from the home today and the remains will be shipped to Wheeling for burial beside her 8 deceased children.

YEAGER 03 Nov 1887 Mr Yeager died this morning at his residence on Baltimore Avenue of dropsy and cancer of the stomach, aged about 50 years. He leaves a wife and 6 children. The funeral was Saturday from the German Lutheran Church.


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