Allegany County Marriages 1847-1865




From 01 May 1847 through 30 June 1865  

Originally Compiled by Margaret D. Cupler

22 Jun 1971  

Retyped with corrections 
By Connie Beachy
Genealogical Society of Allegany County, Maryland




             The Genealogical Society’s copy of the Allegany County 1847-1865 Marriage Licenses was a poor copy of a carbon copy, rapidly deteriorating from use.  Society member Connie Beachy consented to retype these records into an electronic file in 2005. This resulted in the capability to produce a good printed copy.  Furthermore it gave the Society a means of manipulating the data in different ways, and capability to incorporate into database at a future time. 

                Connie took it upon herself to check out certain questionable records at the Courthouse, and corrections were made where necessary.  The draft copy was proofed by Dick Koch and then Connie incorporated any necessary changes.  The original format listed the males alphabetically by surname.  A separate alphabetical listing, by the female surnames, cross referenced the males.  Once the new male listing was typed and corrected,  another file was made, columns re-ordered , placing the female names in column one, and then sorted alphabetically.  This second list was attached to the male listing, and the combined lists sorted alphabetically, first by the name (column one), then by the license date (column three), and finally by the spouse’s name (column two).  All this was accomplished using MS WORD 2000 word processing program.  Finally the combined listing was copied into an EXCEL 2000 spreadsheet, where it was page formatted and finally printed.  The EXCEL spreadsheet file can be placed into an ACCESS 2000 database program in the future.

Regarding this online version

 There are nearly 4300 marriages listed.  Consequently, the current version is listed alphabetically by male surnames, on eight pages to speed up the loading process.  Where notes appear, usually where only initials were recorded, I noted possible names as located in the census.  If anyone can supply the actual names, please contact  Connie Beachy,  Dick Koch or Carol Askey.

Click here for a text file containing all records with males & females integrated in an alphabetic listing.  This results in each record listed twice, but allows quick access to any known male or female marriage partner.

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                 The following reproduces the original “Introduction” by Margaret D. Cupler dated June 22, 1971.

                 “This volume of the Marriage Licenses granted by the Clerk of the Court, Allegany County, Maryland, between May the first, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, and June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, contains all the licenses in Marriage Book B in the Record Room, Clerk’s Office, Allegany County Court House, Cumberland, Maryland.

                 The hand-written original in the style of many clerks is falling apart.  The ink of pale quality has faded in many places almost to extinction, and the paper has flaked so much from usage that in many places the writing is completely obliterated.

                 Some warnings should be heeded in using this text which is an exact copy in so far as the transcriber could discern. The various clerks who made entries had not been chosen for there excellency (sic) in penmanship nor their ability to spell. In searching for a name ordinarily beginning with a C, also consult the names under K or S. German names such as Blocker sometimes were written Plucker, Blatter, or Platter; Deffenbaugh and Tephaboch were interchangeable.

                 Until recent years it was possible for a prospective groom to get a license without being accompanied to the Courthouse by the prospective bride; consequently you will find, and sometimes in rapid succession, the name of one man to whom several licenses were granted and each bearing the name of different women.  Or, the same young lady’s name on several licenses issued to quite a few men. Who married whom eventually in such instances will have to be proved by the actual marriage certificate.” [or another source].

                 “In Allegany County, Maryland [Marriage] Records, Volume One, published by Cresap Chapter, DAR, in nineteen hundred and sixty-four, the Marriage Licenses of Seventeen hundred and eighty-seven through eighteen hundred and twenty-five, listed chronologically, constituted the first section of the book. Our plan was to the licenses from eighteen hundred and twenty-six through eighteen hundred and fifty; however, when the licenses were so needed by researchers and that the alphabetically arranged names were so much more convenient to use, it was decided to issue two volumes consisting of all of Book A, Licenses, from the beginning of the court house recordings of marriage license applicants through April of eighteen hundred and forty-seven, and this volume. However, through some unfortunate circumstances, the Book A Licenses have been delayed, and thus we have what may seem to be putting the cart before the horse, but the book will be finished and published so that the earlier marriage licenses will be available.

                 My profound appreciation goes to the Clerk of the Court Office personnel for their courteous assistance in making the many hours spent copying in the Records Room as pleasant as possible.

                 The members of Cresap Chapter, DAR, who have encouraged and endorsed the efforts of the Genealogical Records Chairman are due many thanks.”