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1890 photograph of the B&O R.R. workers, many from Westernport, MD, at the R.R. yard in Piedmont W.V.
Charles McAleer is third from the left in the first row.
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Contributed by
Bob Gay

Back Row, (left to right): unknown, Elva Price, Bess Jenkins, Mabel Kemp Durst, Mrs. Sleeman, Mrs. Condella,
Eva Clark Kemp, Lillian Speer Steward
Front Row, unknown, Lou Speer Spates, Emily Jefferies Connor, Anna Powers, Mrs. Schuchart, unknown,
Anna Crump Bittner
This photo was probably taken in Frostburg after 1945. If you can identify any ot the unknown women, or supply any given names, please contact Alan Bowker

The Gross Band

The gentleman with the accordion is Perry Gross, Kathleen's grandfather. This photo was taken by a photographer in Paw Paw, WV and possibly at the tannery....the exterior of this building resembles the tannery. Can anyone identify others in the photo ? Mr. Gross spent his adult life in Cumberland, MD. A guess at the date of the photo would be 1900-1910

Submitted by Kathleen Rumer


Corriganville Elementary School (pre 1938)
Can you help identify the unknown students?

Back row left to right 1.June Boore, 2.Jack Nine, 3.Lyle Fleegle, 4.Jack
Hearel(sic), 5.UNK, 6.UNK, 7.Mary Jo Kline, 8.Ronald Raygor.

Front row left to right- 1.UNK, 2.Thomas UNK, 3.UNK, 4.Glenn Murray,
5.6.&7.UNK. Teacher: Lillian Dando

Submitted by Connie Beachy & Linda Harden Pirrone
Lillian Dando is Connie's mother & Linda attended Corriaganville Elementary ('49-'55)

Twigg Family Photo

Contributed by Leonard and Shirley Chaney

From the left: # 3 may be Mary Ellen (Whorton) Twigg, #4 is Henry Bolling Twigg.
He was born Sept.18, 1892 Morgan Co, She was born Oct.13, 1896 Allegany Co.
They were married May 29, 1916 Allegany Co.

Can you help identify the others in the picture?


Eckhart Mines School early 1900s
Contributed by Marilyn Robertson
Can you identify any of these people?


Consolidated Coal Miners of Frostburg (circa early 1900's)
Contributed by Alan Bowker and Linda Harden Pirrone
(Click on miner for slight enlargment.)


Locust Grove One Room School - 1946 End of Year Photo
Contributed by Linda Harden Pirrone

Linda's sisters are in the first row kneeling,
Doris Marion Harden, 4th from left and
Margaret Ann (Peggy) Harden, second from right.
In the same row, third from the right and next to Peggy is Sandra Jean Huff.


Check these three school house shots from Western Maryland.
If you can identify any of the children, please let Richard know.
His email address is on the page you will reach by clicking on
the picture at the left.


Looking for location & names (click above)


Submitted by Linda Harden Pirrone

Assuming the men in the picture are approximately 16 years old,
the approximate date of the picture would be 1897 or so.
Burman Augusta Starkey b. 13 Jul 1881, d. 14 Feb. 1939
is on the right standing slightly behind his chum.
Burman was born in Eckhart Md. to Margaret A Starkey.

The other young man is reported to be Moses Twigg.
Any additional information about Moses would be greatly appreciated

Submitted by Linda Harden Pirrone

Here is the picture of Benjamin Harden on the stairs. He is the gentleman with a moustache and has his left hand resting on his knee, the other on the railing. The man sitting directly in front of him was his brother Lee Harden. It was said that for some reason Lee was not well liked by the rest of the family and that is why his face is scratched out of the photo.

Can anyone identify any other men or tell where and why this picture was taken?

Possible Sunday Gathering in the early 1900's
Do you know any of Sam's friends?
Submitted by Lois Hopkins.


Employees of the Swift & Co. 1928
South George Street., Cumberland
Submitted by Oliver E Sulser of Cumberland

Click on faces in the photo to find close-ups of the Employees
All are identified on the close-up pages.

The only three living members are Richard Sulser, Melvin Little and Clara Shobe.
The plant burned down in the late 1940's, and employees were transferred to other areas. The plant was rebuilt on the same site, but recently it moved to the Industrial Park along Rt 220, south of Cumberland.


Believed to be the 1919 Sunday School Class
from the First Baptist Church Of Cumberland.
Submitted by Barbara Raschka

At this posting, only John Sherman Twigg (sitting, second from left) is identified.


Flintstone School About 1916

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Submitted by Barbara Raschka

1910 Cumberland Baseball Team
Posted here with permission of David Czuba

None of the players are currently known.


If you can supply any names for those pictured in any of the photos, please contact Carol Askey.