Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland, Allegany County MD
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Rose Hill Cemetery,
Cumberland, Allegany County Maryland

Photos contributed by Carol Ann Nida.

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Transcription of the early burials recorded by J Thomas Scharf in History of Western Maryland, published in 1882.

Transcription contributed by Tom Speelman.


Memorial to Confederate Soldiers killed at Clarysville, Maryland
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Jacob Fechtig (1802-1851) Mary Louisa Taylor Fechtig (1830-1863)

Gantt & Thruston
Elizabeth Hunter Gantt (1802-1869 ?)
Wife of William Henry Gantt
of Fairfax Co.
Mother of Rosalie Thruston
Rosalie Thruston (1834-1882)
Wife of Charles B Thruston

Rosalie married Charles B Thruston, son of Gen Charles M Thruston after the 1850 Census.
At the time of the 1850 Census, Charles B, age 24, was living with his parents and siblings in Cumberland.
Charles M Thruston - 53 - Born in Ky
Julianna H - 52 - Born in MD
Charles B - 24 - Attorney - Born in DC
Julian - 16 - Born in VA
Scott - 14 - Born in VA (His grave is near that of Rosalie Thruston)
George - 30 - Attorney - Born in MD
E. M. - 24 - Born in VA (George's wife Elizabeth Tidball)

Sallie Ann Gephart (1816-1892) William Gephart (1812-1874)
William Gephart married Sarah Ann Busey in May 1833
1850 Census - Cumberland - Allegany County
William - 40 - Butcher with $1,600 - born in MD
Sarah Ann - 34 - born in MD
Somerfield - 13 - born in MD
Perry - 11 - born in MD
John H - 6 - born in MD

Elizabeth Gantt Guest
Jonathan Guest
Mary Guest
Mary Guest
Wife of Hiram J. Grover ?
  1850 Census - District 6 - Allegany County
Jonathan - 56 - Farmer - born in PA
Mary - 49 - born in VA
John - 28 - Lieut USN - born in MO
Josephine - 19 - born in PA (may be John's wife)
Edward - 24 - Clerk - born in MO

Hoye & Calmes
In July 1813, John Hoye married Mary Calmes. Perhaps this is their final resting place, together with son George C. Hoye. How George Calmes, the fourth person named on the crypt, fits is unclear.

Edward, 29, Elizabeth, 30 (possibly wife of David, married 1841 08/29), Daniel, 31 and John, 42, .are all listed in the 1850 census with their families. All but Daniel had real estate valued at $15,000. From the crypt erected in Rose Hill, it is evident that John Hoye had considerable wealth. The younger Hoye's with exactly the same real estate value, suggest the possibility they are children of John and Mary and that John's estate was recently settled.

According to "Hoyes of Maryland" David, Elizabeth's first husband, "contacted typhoid fever at Cumberland while attending his Uncle John's funeral. It is said that David was recovering from his illness when the doctor, while under the influence of liquor, gave him the wrong medicine. His (David's) funeral was held in the Hoye Cemetery and the sermon was preached from the text, "I looked and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him, was Death!" Rev., VI, 8."

After David's death, Elizabeth married John Friend of N. (Nicholas). John was the grandson of Elizabeth's father's brother, Charles Friend, making Elizabeth and John of N. cousins but not first cousins.

(Information on Elizabeth provided by Pat Thompson)

Humbird & Lynn
John Humbird (1810-1888) John G. Lynn (1803-1881)
Father of Judge Jacob B Humbird.
and the brother of Jacob Humbird,
from Westmoreland County Pennsylvania.

From 1850 Allegany County Census
Jacob (p 211) and John (p 211B)
The son of David Lynn and Mary Galloway.
David was on of the founders of Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church of Cumberland. Mary Galloway Lynn gave Rose Hill Cemetery to the Emmanual Church.
John Galloway I married Rebecca Singleton.
Father of John G, II & grandfather of John G, III
Jacob - 38 -Contractor
Eleanor - 35 - PA
John A - 14 - PA
Thomas - 11 - MD
Jane - 8 - MD
Elizabeth - 6 - MD
David - 2 - MD
Catherine Ryan - 19 - Ire
John - 38 - Contractor
Sarah - 31 - PA
Susan J - 10 - MD
Lydia - 7 - MD
Jacob - 6 - MD
Sarah Ellisa - 4 - MD
Anna Mary - 2 - MD
Anna M McKnight - 20 - PA
From 1850 Census (p 260)
Galloway - 47 - Brickmaker - $1,000
Rebecca - 35 - MD
Fanny - 17 - MD
David - 14 - MD
John - 7 - MD
Sprigg - 6 - MD
Mary - 1/2 - MD
Mary Logston 20 - MD

J. Robert Morris (1802 -1882) Prisrilla Morris (1834 ? -1872)
Wife of Robert I Morris
Robert I. Morris (1827 - 1896)
  Robert I Morris is the son of Enoch Morris
and the father of John W Morris,
who is the father of Charles Robert Morris..
Select the biography of Charles Robert Morris.

Ogilby & Robertson
Sarah R. Ogilby (-1892)
Wife of Samuel Ogilby
Daughter of Col. William Robertson of Hagerstown, MD
Mary E. Robertson (- 1892)
Daughter of Col. William Robertson of Hagerstown, MD


Capt. J Louis Wolford (1919 - 1943)
USAAF - Killed in Action

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