Ketterman Cemetery


Ketterman Cemetery
Flintstone, Allegany Co, MD

Last Name Name Birth Death Information
Ash Leonodus L.
7/19/1859 1ms 22ds
Ash Mary Etta 6/23/1890 4/9/1908 Wife of Ford Ash
Ash Verna 1911 <living?> Wife of Ford Ash
Ash Ford 1883 1961 Hus of Verna Ash/ Mary Etta Ash
Ash Marion V. 9/4/1852 7/26/1918 Wife of Abraham Ash
Ash Abraham
3/29/1902 52yrs 5ms 1ds; Hus of Marion V. Ash
Ash Henry
1/12/1890 84yrs 10ms 18ds
Ash Amos
11/26/1862 60 yrs 6ds; Hus of Mary Ash
Ash Mary
4/26/1890 81yrs 7ms; Wife of Amos Ash
Ash David
12/9/1862 23yrs 2ms 8ds
Ash Nathan
5 Dec 1833 2yrs 6ms 16ds; Son of H & N Ash
Ash Nancy
7/25/???? Wfe of Henry Ash
Bennett Roy D. 5/5/1931 4/23/1933
Calhoun May (Ketterman) 1904 1944
Dicken Hanson
4/19/1889 45yrs
Dolly Irad (Jr) no dates
Son of IH & OM Dolly
Dolly Kenneth D. 8/27/1940 3/19/1942
Dolly Marion no dates
Dau of IH & OM Dolly
Kessel Maria 5/11/1893 9/21/1935
Ketterman Reda M. no dates
Child of Denver & Delphia Ketterman
Ketterman Alton C. 6/4/1879 5/22/1945 Hus of Laura Ketterman
Ketterman Archie no dates
Son of Denver & Delphia Ketterman
Ketterman Hebert no dates
Son of Denver & Delphia Ketterman
Ketterman Denver E. 1899 1984 Hus of Delphia Ketterman
Ketterman Laura 5/22/1874 11/15/1926 Wife of Alton C. Ketterman
Ketterman Virginia no dates
Dau of Denver & Delphia Ketterman
Mallow Alvin P. 1890 1960 Hus of Lulu Mallow
Mallow Ruth 1884 1945 Wife of Alvin P. Mallow
Mallow Arzola
3/31/1923 Dau of Alvin P & Ruth Mallow
May Lavina
4/6/1882 15ds; Dau of Amos & Mary Ash
Morall Dewey 1/31/1899 9/20/1939
Morral Amos 3/25/1863 7/6/1944 Hus of Henrietta Morral
Morral Henrietta 3/29/1866 9/28/1938 Wife of Amos Morral
O'Neal Sarah A. 4/17/1857 9/29/1922 Wife of William C. O'Neal
O'Neal Alvin L. 12/16/1909 1/6/1910 Son of J & V O'Neal
O'Neal Child no dates
Child of J & V O'Neal
O'Neal Child no dates
Child of J & V O'Neal
O'Neal Dicie 4/3/1901 2/19/1908 Dau of JT & B O'Neal
O'Neal John Thomas 1874 1952 Hus of Bettie Angel O'Neal
O'Neal Bettie Angel 1879 1941 Wife of John Thomas O'Neal
O'Neal William C. 3/28/1843 2/13/1918 Hus of Sarah A. O'Neal
Oster William 7/30/1864 9/18/1885 Son of S & P Oster
Oster Eva
4/23/1895 77rs 26ds; Wife of Jacob Oster
Oster William H.
4/6/1891 16yrs 9ms 20ds; Son of S & A Oster
Oster Jacob
8/7/1884 77yrs; Hus of Eva Oster
Roy Grace 7/2/1898 12/2/1966 Wife of William M. Roy
Roy William M. 3/30/1880 1/7/1943 Hus of Grace Roy
Turner Isaac D. 1/6/1873 6/2/1918


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