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Scottish Records

Updated 31-Aug-2000


Are you descended from John McWhirter
(b. cir 1750) and
Jean Sloan

of Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland?

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Here you will find Scottish Records including birth, death, marriage, and christening records from various parts of Scotland that may help you with your research.


McWh*rter Births/Christenings

Dumfrieshire and Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland,
extracted from the parish records by Marcel Safier of Australia
(and reprinted here with his permission).


McWhirter Gravestone Inscriptions
from the
Kirkyard at Barr, Ayrshire, Scotland
(courtesy of Douglas A. McWhirter of Toronto, Canada)


McWhirter Marriages
from the Parishes of Ayrshire, Scotland

including the the parishes of
Auchinleck, Ayr, Ballantrae,   Barr by Girvan, Colmonell, Dailly, Dalmellington, Dunlop, Girvan, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Kirkmichael, Kirkoswald, Loudoun, Mauchline, Maybole, Muirkirk, New Cumnock, Ochiltree, Riccarton, St. Quivox/Newton, Sorn, Stair, Stevenston, Straiton and Tarbolton.
(courtesy of Douglas A. McWhirter of Toronto, Canada)
Reprinted from Vol.3, Issue 4; Vol.4, Issue 1; Vol.4, Issue 2; and, Vol.4, Issue 3 of the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter


McWhirter - Christenings & Births

(extracted and compiled by Marcel Safier)

MCWHIRTER Agness (F) C 8 Sep 1839 William MCWHIRTER Alison BELL Kirkconnel By Sanquhar
MCWHIRTER Ann (F) C 28 May 1815 Heugh MCWHIRTER Margaret THORBURN Lochmaben
MCWHIRTER Elisabeth (F) C 18 Dec 1778 James MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER Isabel (F) C 4 Apr 1755 James MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER Ivie_ (M) B 19 Jul 1779 Peter MCWHIRTER Margret CARRUTHERS Mousewald
MCWHIRTER Ivy_ (M) C 20 Sep 1804 Hugh MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER James (M) C 2 Jul 1752 James MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER James (M) C 14 Jan 1774 Peter MCWHIRTER Margaret CARRUTHERS Mousewald
MCWHIRTER James (M) C 23 Nov 1801 John MCWHIRTER Mary NICHOLSON Dumfries
MCWHIRTER James (M) C 21 Aug 1806 Hugh MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER James (M) C 27 Aug 1820 Hugh MCWHIRTER Margaret THORBURN Lochmaben
MCWHIRTER Jean (F) C 6 Sep 1818 Hugh MCWHIRTER Margaret THORBURN Lochmaben
MCWHIRTER John (M) C 1 Aug 1771 Peter MCWHIRTER Margret CARRUTHERS Mousewald
MCWHIRTER Margaret (F) C 21 Nov 1816 Hugh MCWHIRTER Margaret THORBURN Lochmaben
MCWHIRTER Margaret_ (M) C 24 Mar 1758 James MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER Mary (F) C 8 Jan 1804 John MCWHIRTER Mary NICOLSON Lochmaben
MCWHIRTER Patrick Douglas (M) C 3 Feb 1782 James MCWHIRTER   Dumfries
MCWHIRTER Richard (M) C 12 Feb 1800 John MCWHIRTER Mary NICHOLSON Dumfries

McWhirter - Christenings & Births

(extracted and compiled by Marcel Safier)

MCWHIRTER Agnes (F) C 30 Dec 1852 William MCWHIRTER Sarah MCCLYMONT Kelton
MCWHIRTER Alexander (M) C 3 May 1719 Antony MCWHIRTER Margaret MCKIE Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER David (M) C 8 Oct 1854 David MCWHIRTER Jane CARR Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Elisabeth (F) C 23 Sep 1754 James MCWHIRTER_OR_MULLIN Elizabeth GORDON Anwoth
MCWHIRTE Elizabeth (F) B 10 May 1799 Thomas MCWHIRTE   Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Elizabeth (F) B 14 Oct 1815 David MCWHIRTER   Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Elizabeth (F) C 17 Mar 1839 Robert MCWHIRTER Elizabeth MARTIN Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER George (M) C 20 Sep 1849 John MCWHIRTER Margaret LORIMER Kirkbean
MCWHITTROH James (M) C 15 Nov 1694 James MCWHITTROH   Tongland
MCWHIRTER Jane (F) B 24 Jun 1798     Minnigaff
MCWHETROE Janet (F) C 15 Apr 1758 John MCWHETROE Janet CHARTERIS Kirkcudbright
MCWHITTROH John (M) C 15 Nov 1694 James MCWHITTROH   Tongland
MCWHIRTER John (M) C 21 May 1704 John MCWHIRTER Margret MCKIE Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER John (M) B 20 May 1805 Thomas MCWHIRTER   Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER John (M) C 18 Sep 1851 John MCWHIRTER Margaret LORIMER Kirkbean
MCWHIRTER Margaret (F) C 17 Aug 1718 John MCWHIRTER Margaret MCKIE Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Margaret (F) B 12 Jul 1807 Thomas MCWHIRTER   Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Margaret (F) C 16 Nov 1836 Robert MCWHIRTER Elizabeth MARTIN Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Margaret Mcmillan (F) B 26 Sep 1801     Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Mary (F) C 3 Jun 1841 Robert MCWHIRTER Elizabeth MARTIN Minnigaff
MCWHIRTER Robert (M) B 13 Feb 1813 David MCWHIRTER   Minnigaff
MCWHITTROCK Samuel (M) C 13 Mar 1726 John MCWHITTROCK   Kelton
MCWHIRTER William (M) C 2 Feb 1696 Alexander MCWHIRTER   Minnigaff

McWhirter Gravestone Inscriptions
from the Kirkyard at Barr, Ayrshire, Scotland

(courtesy of Douglas A. McWhirter of Toronto, Canada)

     The following are inscriptions from tombstones bearing the McWhirter name from the Barr Kirkyard as recorded by David Hunter in a book entitled "Inscriptions in BARR KIRKYARD and other memorials in the village of Barr". It was published in May 1990. The numbers refer to a map of the kirkyard in the book.

No. 1

Erected by JOHN RAMSAY in memory of his father THOMAS RAMSAY who died 9th April 1825 aged 80 years. And his mother MARGARET McWHIRTER who died 4th Oct. 1823. Also his brother JAMES RAMSAY who died 10th May 1824 aged 37.

No. 12

In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM SLOAN McWHIRTER who died at Barr 14th April 1930 age 64 years. Also his wife MARY JANE McWHIRTER died 24th Aug. 1947 aged 83 years.

No. 77

In memory of WILLIAM WALKER Weaver, Barr who died 9th December 1855 aged 77 years. Also his daughter JANET who died at Edinburgh 25th Dec. 1846 aged 36 years. Also his son STEPHEN who died 1st July 1832 aged 12 years. Also his son JOHN who died 3rd Nov. 1854 aged 30 years. Also MARION McILWRAITH wife of the said WILLIAM WALKER who died 5th July 1861 aged 76 years. Also his son WILLIAM WALKER who died at Barr 8th Novr 1902 aged 86 years. Also his daughter MARGARET WALKER who died at Kings Lynn, Norfolk 18th March 1909 aged 82 years. Also his daughter MARION widow of HUGH McWHIRTER who died at Greenock 19th March 1909 aged 96 years.

No. 102

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM JOHN GUNNNING who died at Barr 17th Decr 1897 aged 76 years. MARY JANE CLELLAND his wife who died at Woodside, Kilkerran on 25th Sepr 1916 aged 94 years. Also their daughter MARY wife of ROBERT McWHIRTER who died at Barr 13th Mar 1926 aged 77 years. At rest

No. 112

Erected by AGNES McKNIGHT in affectionate remembrance of her husband JAMES McWHIRTER who died at Tormichell 26th Oct 1881 aged 52 years. Also their daughter ELIZABETH McWHIRTER who died 8th June 1886 aged 16 years. Be always ready for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh

No. 113

In memory of ROBERT SEATON who died at Doughty, Barr on 22nd May 1905 aged 82 years. Also his wife JANE McWHIRTER who died at Blackrue, Barr 1st Sep 1897 aged 72 years. Also their son JOHN who died at Dalwyne, Barr 10th Nov 1870 aged 6 years & 2 months.

No. 119

Erected by CHARLES MITCHELL in affectionate remembrance of his grandfather ROBERT McWHIRTER who died at Barr Sept 11th 1859 aged 73 years. Also SARAH McCRINDLE wife of the above ROBERT McWHIRTER who died July 4th 1869 aged 73 years. Also CHARLES McWHIRTER who died at Littleshalloch on the 18th May 1888 aged 16 years. CHARLES McWHIRTER who died at Little-Lane, Dailly October 9th 1898 aged 4 years. AGNES THOMPSON who died at Barr on the 12th October 1912 aged 76 years. ROBERT McWHIRTER husband of the above AGNES THOMPSON who died at Glenmarton, Dailly on the 18th April 1914 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

No. 128

In affectionate remembrance of JOHN GREIG who died at Shallochwell Mar 4th 1863 aged 44 years. Also his daughter WILHELMINA GREIG who died 8th April 1885 aged 32 years. Also his son JOHN M GREIG who died at Brisbane, Queensland on the 27th June 1890 aged 32 years. Also his son JAMES GREIG who died at Belle View, Barr on 10th March 1901 aged 40 years. Also his son GEORGE GREIG who died in New Zealand 4th Sep 1902 aged 56 years. ELIZABETH McWHIRTER widow of the above JOHN GREIG who died at Belle View, Barr 9th Decr 1907 aged 86 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Also his daughter ELIZABETH GREIG who died at Belle View, Barr 3rd May 1935 aged 79 years. Also his son DAVID GREIG died at Glasgow 23rd March 1917 aged 69 years.

No. 133

In loving memory of IAN McMILLAN beloved son of ANTHONY and JANE SLOAN who died at Pinclanty on the 13th March 1932 aged 3 years. Also JANE MILROY McWHIRTER beloved wife of ANTHONY K SLOAN who died at Pinclanty on 1st March 1949 aged 48 years. The above ANTHONY KENNEDY SLOAN died 12 Aug 1970 aged 70 years.

No. 135

Erected to the memory of ALEXANDER MAXWELL who died March the 7th 1830 aged 60 years. Also his wife JANET MILLIKEN who died 19th Nov 1866 aged __ years. FERGUS McWHIRTER who died 23rd Dec 1884 aged 68 years.

No. 137

Here lyes the corpes of ______ McWHIRTER spouse to THOMAS CUMMIN who departed the 13 of January ______ _______ the corps of HUGH Mc______ in _____ died Feb 13. 1754 aged 4. Here lies the corps of _____ CUMMIN his spouse _______ ______

No. 173

Erected by CHARLES McWHIRTER farmer, Mark in memory of his wife MARTHA DODDS who died 14th May 1874 aged 34 years. Also their son JOHN who died 18th Decr 1873 aged 10 months. Also his father JOHN McWHIRTER who died at Barrhill 21st Jany 1874 aged 87 years. Also their daughter AGNES who died 29th Decr 1878 aged 8 years. Also his mother ANNE McGAROW who died 7th July 1891 aged 86 years. Also the above CHARLES McWHIRTER husband of ELLEN McKIE who died at Kelton Villa, Barr 15th April 1926 aged 86 years. The above ELLEN McKIE or McWHIRTER died at Kelton Villa, Barr on 2nd Decr 1926 aged 73 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

No. 174

Erected by WILLIAM McWHIRTER in memory of his wife CHRISTINA McQUAKER who died at Balmalloch 9th February 1879 aged 48 years. Also my grandson ALEXANDER McWHIRTER who died at Mark 3rd January 1911 aged 4 years. The above WILLIAM McWHIRTER died at Rose Cottage, Poundland 13th November 1918 aged 88 years Also his wife HELEN DONALD died at Rouchal, Pinwherry 5th Octr 1931 aged 91 years.

No. 238


No. 270

Erected by MATHEW McWHIRTER in memory of his wife JANET NIVEN who died at Pinclanty Mill 16th November 1882 aged 49 years. Also the above MATHEW McWHIRTER who died at Merkland 23rd May 1915 aged 89 years. Also his son JOHN who died at Merkland 28th Jan 1916 aged 45 years. Also his daughter MARGARET McWHIRTER died 23rd Feb 1920 aged 66 years. Also his son ANDREW McWHIRTER who died at Barr on 27th March 1936 aged 79 years.

McWhirter Marriages from the Parishes of Ayrshire
(courtesy of Douglas A. McWhirter of Toronto, Canada)


Parish of Auchinleck

Name                                    Spouse                           Date                     LDSBatch#

Hugh McWhirter (M)         Sarah Glendinning       18-Mar-1803       M115772

James McWhirter (M)       Mary Ann Anderson     29-Jan-1869        M115771

Andrew McWhirter (M)     Jane Smith                      19-Oct-1869         M115771


Parish of Ayr

Name                                 Spouse                       Date                    LDS Batch#

Hugh McWhirter (M)        Jane Milligan               30-May-1856    M115781

Margery McWhirter (F) Robert Blair               19-Nov-1856    M115781

Grace McWhirter (F)        James Sinclair       8-Mar-1858   M115781

William McWhirter (M) Isabella Lithgow      31-Jul-1863    M115781

Catherine McWhirter (F) Andrew Hamilton      25-Dec-1863    M115781

James McWhirter (M)        Janet Gray Kerr       9-Jul-1867            M115781

Marion McWhirter (F)        John Trann               24-Sep-1875    M115781

Agnes McWhirter (F)        Hugh Davidson       22-Nov-1875   M115781


Parish of Ballantrae

Name                                 Spouse                       Date                    LDS Batch#

James McWhirter (M)        Janet McIlwraith       17-Apr-1735   M115792

James McWhirter (M)        Helen McWhirter       2-Mar-1738   M115792

Helen McWhirter (F)        James McWhirter       2-Mar-1738   M115792

Janet McWhirter (F)        Hugh Galla               25-Dec-1740    M115792

Hugh McWhirter (M)        Jean Cowper                 14-Feb-1751    M115792

Gilbert McWhirter (M)        Isobel McCredie       13-Apr-1758   M115792

Hugh McWhirter (M)        Margaret Ardrie       12-Jun-1817   M115792

Margaret McWhirter (F) William McWhirter      18-Jun-1818    M115792

William McWhirter (M) Margaret McWhirter   18-Jun-1818   M115792

James McWhirter (M)        Janet Wilson                1-May-1823    M115794

Jean McWhirter (F)        John Rennie                28-Dec-1827    M115794

Elisabeth McWhirter (F) Archibald Coulter        2-Dec-1831   M115794

William McWhirter (M) Rachel McKenna       30-Jan-1835    M115794

Thomas McWhirter (M) Mary Ann McClarner 6-Mar-1835   M115794

Robert McWhirter (M)        Elisabeth Thomson      ?-Jan-1836   M115794

Jean McWhirter (F)        John Murray                 7-Jun-1838    M115794

Hugh McWhirter (M)        Agnes Allan                 26-Feb-1841    M115794

Margaret McWhirter (F) William Mitchell         4-Mar-1842   M115794

Margaret McWhirter (F) Alexander Shaw         2-Dec-1844   M115794

Ann McWhirter (F)        James Agnew                 ?-Jun-1846    M115794

Jean McWhirter (F)        James Hannay          8-Nov-1846   M115794

William McWhirter (M) Janet Murray                 10-Dec-1848    M115794

John McWhirter (M)        Sarah Simpson         25-Mar-1849   M115794

Elisabeth Wilson McWhirter (F) James Dunlop Thomson  14-Oct-1849 M115794

Margaret McWhirter (F) John Milroy                 26-May-1850    M115794

Elisabeth McWhirter (F) Alexander McDonald 7-Dec-1851   M115794

Charlotte McWhirter (F) William Milroy         17-Jan-1852   M115794

John McWhirter (M)        Jean Douglas                 29-Feb-1852    M115794

David McWhirter (M)        Margaret Brown         2-Jan-1853   M115794

Alexander McWhirter (M) Mary Shaw                 16-Jan-1853    M115794

William McWhirter (M) Christina McQuaker 3-Jun-1856   M115791

Mary McWhirter (F)        James Mitchell         19-Dec-1856   M115791

Annie McWhirter (F)        Archd. Hunter                 14-Apr-1857    M115791

Margaret McWhirter (F) James McWhirter         4-Dec-1857   M115791

James McWhirter (M)        Margaret McWhirter 4-Dec-1857   M115791

Jessie Morrison McWhirter (F) Robert Cunningham  23-Apr-1866   M115791

Andrew McWhirter (M) Marion Fulton        4-Jan-1867    M115791


Parish of Barr by Girvan

Name                                 Spouse                         Date            LDS Batch#

Robert McWhirter (M)        Agnes Stewart         24-Jun-1690   M115802

Katrian McWhirter (F)        James McHarg         8-Aug-1692   M115802

Hellen McWhirter (F)        William Calweell         23-Dec-1731   M115802

James McWhirter (M)        Agnas Sloan                 29-Nov-1734    M115802

James McWhirter (M)        Helleen McWhirter 2-Mar-1738   M115802

Helleen McWhirter (F)        James McWhirter         2-Mar-1738   M115802

David McWhirter (M)        Anna Beggs                 7-Jun-1744    M115802

Jean McWhirter (F)        Andrew McFydrish 29-Nov-1753   M115802

Robert McWhirter (M)        Jean Pupper                 18-Dec-1755    M115802

Andrew McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Milliken      30-Jan-1760    M115802

Jean McWhirter (F)        John McCubbin         9-Apr-1762   M115802

Jean McWhirter (F)        William Maxwell         10-Jun-1763   M115802

Jean McWhirter (F)        William McKenna         5-Jun-1773   M115802

Margarat McWhirter (F) Thomas Ramsay         26-Dec-1777   M115802

John McWhirter (M)        Agnass Ramsay         5-Jun-1779   M115802

Robert McWhirter (M)        Margarat McConnall 11-Dec-1779   M115802

John McWhirter (M)        Marrion McNarrou 19-Nov-1785      M115802

James McWhirter (M)        John [sic] McIlvine 18-Jun-1787   M115802

Agnes McWhirter (F)        John Knox                 11-Apr-1789    M115802

Thomas McWhirter (M) Margarat Thompson 3-Jun-1796   M115802

Marran McWhirter (F)        Hugh Gregg                 9-Dec-1815    M115802

Robert McWhirter (M)        Sarah McCrindle         3-Jun-1820   M115802

Robert McWhirter (M)        Sarah McCrindle         3-Jun-1820   M115804

David McWhirter (M)        Wilamina Jamieson 16-Dec-1820   M115804

Ivy McWhirter (M)        Grizal McLatchie         16-Oct-1824   M115804

David McWhirter (M)        Elizabeth Sloan         15-Sep-1826   M115804

John McWhirter (M)        Ann McCargow         13-Oct-1827   M115804

Hugh McWhirter (M)        Marion Walker         8-Jul-1843   M115804

Fergus McWhirter (M)        Jane Milliken                 30-Nov-1843    M115804

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) John Gregg                 15-Nov-1845    M115804

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) William Douglas         19-May-1849   M115804

Matthew McWhirter (M) Janet Niven                 22-May-1852      M115804

Marron McWhirter (F)        Thomas Maxwell         2-Jun-1854   M115804

Jane McWhirter (F)        Robert Seaton         13-Jun-1854   M115804

William McWhirter (M) Christina McQuaker 3-Jun-1856   M115804

Mary McWhirter (F)        David Murdoch         7-Jun-1861   M115801

Robert McWhirter (M)        Mary Gunning         2-Oct-1873   M115801

Margaret McWhirter (F) William McTaggart 7-Apr-1874   M115801


Parish of Colmonell

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Margaret McWhirter (F) William Mitchell 27-Feb-1842 M115822

Jean McWhirter (F) Alexander Lyon 11-Sep-1842 M115822

Gilbert McWhirter (M) Jean McMuldroch 30-Nov-18645 M115822

Jean McWhirter (F) James Murray 8-Nov-1846 M115822

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) John Muir 29-Nov-1846 M115822

Robert McWhirter (M) Margaret Milroy 30-Aug-1847 M115822

William McWhirter (M) Maria McCrindle 17-Dec-1847 M115822

Alexander McWhirter (M) Margaret Campbell 6-Feb-1848 M115822

Andrew McWhirter (M) Grace Fraser 26-Nov-1848 M115822

John McWhirter (M) Sarah McCreath 23-Mar-1851 M115822

Sarah McWhirter (F) John McCulloch 26-Mar-1854 M115822

James McWhirter (M) Jean Hannah 1-Oct-1854 M115822

M. McWhirter (F) Thomas Hunter 2-Feb-1858 M115821

Alexander McWhirter (M) Margaret McCreath 7-Aug-1863 M115821

Andrew McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Rowan 14-Oct-1864 M115821

Margaret McWhirter (F) Andrew Fulton 22-Oct-1867 M115821

Hugh McWhirter (M) Janet Forgie 28-Aug-1868 M115821

Catherine Carswell McWhirter (F) Peter McCuaig 24-Jul-1871 M115821

Jane McWhirter (F) Thomas Guthrie 27-Apr-1875 M115821


Parish of Dailly

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

John McWhirter (M) Helen McIlwraith 1694 M115852

Marion McWhirter (F) ? Burdon 11-Jun-1695 M115852

Jean McWhirter (F) Thomas McTeir 2-Apr-1712 M115852

Helen McWhirter (F) Thomas McCubbine 6-Jun-1717 M115852

Jannet McWhirter (F) Thomas Forgie 26-Dec-1717 M115852

Helen McWhirter (F) Thomas McKnish 28-Jan-1720 M115852

Jannet McWhirter (F) John McMilland 17-Jun-1722 M115852

Thomas McWhirter (M) Marion Stewart 4-Jul-1724 M115852

John McWhirter (M) Mary Gowdie 20-Jul-1781 M115852

Helen McWhirter (F) James McIlwraith 27-Nov-1783 M115852

Janet McWhirter (F) Alexander Knox 24-Jul1798 M115852

Margaret McWhirter (F) Andrew Davidson 17-Jul-1801 M115852

Rosy McWhirter (F) James Hamilton 15-Jul1814 M115852

Robert McWhirter (M) Sarah McCrindle 15-Jun-1820 M115852

Robert McWhirter (M) Sarah McCrindle 16-Jun-1820 M115854

Thomas McWhirter (M) Catherine Alexander 12-Jun-1821 M115854

James McWhirter (M) Janet Hannah 22-Jul-1852 M115854

Janet McWhirter (M) William Arthur 14-Nov-1856 M115851

Agnes McWhirter (F) James Reeve 24-May-1858 M115851


Parish of Dalmellington

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

John McWhirter (M) Jean Tod 30-May-17321 M115862

Janet McWhirter (F) William Hunter 11-Jan-1724 M115862

Helen McWhirter (F) William Miller 14-Jun-1788 M115862

William McWhirter (M) Grisal Grant 1-Feb-1794 M115862

Margaret McWhirter (F) John McSkimmimg 7-Feb-1795 M115862

James McWhirter (M) Agnes Thomson 30-Jan-1796 M115862

Ann McWhirter (F) George Buchannan 24-Jun-1801 M115862

John McWhirter (M) Kathrine Wyllie 1-Jun-1805 M115862

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) Alexander Thomson 11-Jan-1807 M115862

Hugh McWhirter (M) Janet Bone 6-Dec-1808 M115862

Jean McWhirter (F) William Howat 13-Feb-1814 M115862

Mary McWhirter (F) James McGill 1-Dec-1816 M115862

Ivie McWhirter (M) Gaizel McClatchie 26-Oct-1824 M115864

Margaret McWhirter (F) Thomas Donald 28-Jul-1826 M115864

Mary McWhirter (F) Thomas Livingston 26-Nov-1830 M115864

John McWhirter (M) Ann McClymont 26-Oct-1832 M115864

John McWhirter (M) Jane Armour 1-Dec-1837 M115864

Helen McWhirter (F) John Gerrand 17-Jun-1840 M115864

Margaret McWhirter (F) George Broadfoot 9-Jun-1850 M115864

Jane MacWhirter (F) Alexander Baird 25-Dec-1874 ? M115861

Agnes McWhirter (F) John Campbell 30-Apr-1855 M115861

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) Mathew Richmond 17-Jul-1857 M115861

John McWhirter (M) Margaret Beith Baird 25-Nov-1862 M115861

Mary McWhirter (F) Henry McGeachin 1-Jul-1871 M115861


Parish of Dunlop

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

John McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Ewing 24-Nov-1871 M115911


Parish of Girvan

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Agnes McWhirter (F) John Knox 21-Apr-1789 M115944

Hugh McWhirter (M) Agnes Ferrier 17-Jan-1829 M115945

William McWhirter (M) Elizabeth O’Neil 17-Dec-1833 M115945

Mary McWhirter (F) James Cavens 10-Jul-1835 M115945

James McWhirter (M) Prudens Stockman 20-Nov-1836 M115945

James McWhirter (M) Mary Morrison 3-May-1839 M115945

Peter McWhirter (M) Catherine Hamilton 4-Apr-1841 M115945

William McWhirter (M) Sarah Ambrews 23-May-1841 M115945

Jane McWhirter (F) Alexander Lion 11-Sep-1842 M115945

Agnes McWhirter (F) William McMaster 30-Jul-1843 M115945

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) Dugald Kelly 4-Aug-1847 M115945

John McWhirter (M) Sarah McCreath 4-Apr-1841 M115945

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) Alexander McDonald 30-Nov-1851 M115945

Mary McWhirter (F) James McMillan 17-Aug-1855 M115941

Jane McWhirter (F) James McMaster 30-Dec-1859 M115941

Ellen McWhirter (F) Peter McCabe 3-May-1864 M115941

Janet McWhirter (F) Charles Fisher 26-Nov-1872 M115941

Hugh McWhirter (M) Agnes Kerr 18-Mar-1875 M115941


Parish of Irvine

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Elisabeth McWhirter (F) David Attan 14-Nov-1812 M115952


Parish of Kilmarnock

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

William McWhirter (M) Jane McLelland 2-Jun-1859 M115971

Jessie McWhirter (F) David Walker 2-Jun-1865 M115971

Catherine McWhirter (F) Robert Hall 15-Feb-1870 M115971

Jeanie McWhirter (F) Robert Calderwood 5-Jun-1873 M115971


Parish of Kirkmichael

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Agness McWhirter (F) John Polock 3-Jul-1740 M116002

Ann McWhirter (F) Robert Cowan 1-Feb-1759 M116002

Marion McWhirter (F) Gilbert Nay 10-May-1781 M116002

John McWhirter (M) Marion Caldwell 31-Jan-1782 M116002

Andrew McWhirter (M) Janet McKnight 27-Dec-1787 M116002

Alexander McWhirter (M) Agnes Clark 13-Nov-1790 M116002

Gilbert McWhirter (M) Margaret Girvan 11-Dec-1794 M116002

Mary McWhirter (F) David Logan 27-Feb-1795 M116002

Mary McWhirter (F) Adam Shankland 24-Dec-1817 M116002

Agnes McWhirter (F) Andrew McClymont 12-Dec-1828 M116004

James McWhirter (M) Douglas McAndrew? 3-Dec-1869 M116001


Parish of Kirkoswald

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Robert McWhirter (M) Agnes Thomson 25-Nov-1859 M116011

Elisa McWhirter (F) James McTaggart 10-Dec-1874 M116011


Parish of Loudoun

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

George McWhirter (M) Agnes Wyllie 26-Apr-1677 M116032


Parish of Mauchline

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Andrew McWhirter (M) Jean McHoul 14-Mar-1806 M116042

Janet McWhirter (F) John Patrick 26-Apr-1839 M116044

John McWhirter (M) Mary Ann Smith 27-Nov-1855 M116041

William McWhirter (M) Marion Mckay 2-Feb-1872 M116041


Parish of Maybole

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Agnes McWhirter (F) James Gemmel 26-Apr-1812 M116052

John McWhirter (M) Janet Cunningham 22-Nov-1817 M116052

John McWhirter (M) Cathrine Sloan 29-Aug-1821 M116054

Jane McWhirter (F) John Livingstone 24-Feb-1822 M116054

Jean McWhirter (F) William Currie 21-Nov-1824 M116054

Agnes McWhirter (F) Hugh Dickie 11-Dec-1825 M116054

Agnes McWhirter (F) Andrew McClymont 7-Dec-1828 M116054

Lilias McWhirter (F) Peter Sinclair 8-Apr-1833 M116054

Anthony McWhirter (M) Catherine Chessey 27-Dec-1833 M116054

Jane McWhirter (F) Hugh Stevenson 3-Feb-1835 M116054

Thomas McWhirter (M) Mary Anne McClarnie 22-Feb-1835 M116054

Mary McWhirter (F) David Newall 11-Dec-1835 M116054

William McWhirter (M) Alison Bell Eaglesham 4-Jun-1836 M116054

Margaret McWhirter (F) David Dunlop 18-Feb-1838 M116054

Catherine McWhirter (F) David McIlwraith 19-Aug-1842 M116054

William MacWhirter (M) Catherine Sprunt 22-Mar-1875? M116051

Jean McWhirter (F) James McCormick 26-Nov-1855 M116051

Janet McWhirter (F) John McCulloch 19-Jul-1861 M116051

Agness McWhirter (F) John Lawrie 2-Jun-1863 M116051

Thomas McWhirter (M) Sarah Watson 27-Nov-1863 M116051

Jane McWhirter (F) Edward McQuat 4-Jul-1865 M116051

John McWhirter (M) Anne Allan 29-Dec-1865 M116051

David McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Gibson 12-Jan-1869 M116051

Margaret McWhirter (F) Andrew Gardner 15-Jul-1870 M116051

Alison McWhirter (F) Dugald McCorkindale 31-Dec-1873 M116051


Parish of Muirkirk

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Margaret Mcquat McWhirter (F) James Samson 12-Jul-1872 M116071

Marion McWhirter (F) John Bell 10-Feb-1874 M116071


Parish of New Cumnock

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

James McWhirter (M) Sarah Samson 31-Dec-1867 M116081

James McWhirter (M) Agnes McKnight 25-Nov-1870 M116081


Parish of Ochiltree

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Mary McWhirter (F) Robert Mearns 2-Jun-1787 M116092


Parish of Riccarton

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Elizabeth McWhirter (F) Archibald Cree 12-Jun-1868 M116111

Jane McWhirter (F) Edward Rogers 16-Jun-1871 M116111


Parish of St. Quivox/Newton

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

William McWhirter (M) Lily Pedie 12-Oct-1789 M116127

Agnes McWhirter (F) William Stuart 29-Jan-1794 M116127

William McWhirter (M) Jean McCall 20-Dec-1795 M116124

William McWhirter (M) Jean McCaul 22-Dec-1795 M116127

Jean McWhirter (F) Thomas Wilson 10-Jul-1802 M116124

Andrew McWhirter (M) Janet Baird 27-Jan-1808 M116127

Agnes McWhirter (F) Quintin Dalrymple 8-Feb-1808 M116127

Jane MacWhirter (F) John Brown 20-Apr-1823 M116126

Eleanora MacWhirter (F) William Wilson 14-Sep-1823 M116126

Helonora McWhirter (F) William Wilson 16-Sep-1823 M116128

Margaret McWhirter (F) James Austin 16-Aug-1832 M116128

Lillias McWhirter (F) Peter Sinclair 7-Apr-1833 M116126

David McWhirter (M) Mary Dickie 20-Dec-1855 M116129

Marjory McWhirter (F) Robert Blair 16-Nov-1856 M116129


Parish of Sorn

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

John McWhirter (M) Janet Andrews 23-Jun-1702 M116132

William McWhirter (F) Mary Seaton 8-Aug-1823 M116135

Jean McWhirter (F) John Urquhart 5-Jun-1832 M116135

Janet McWhirter (F) John Patrick 26-Apr-1839 M116135

Margaret McWhirter (F) James Lirigo 31-Dec-1845 M116135

Jane McWhirter (F) Samule Clark 31-Dec-1867 M116131

Mary McWhirter (F) Peter Murdoch 8-Jun-1869 M116131

Letitia McWhirter (F) Thomas Kennedy 29-Dec-1871 M116131

David McWhirter (M) Agnes Ferguson 3-Jun-1873 M116131


Parish of Stair

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

James MacWhirter (M) Margery Richmond 31-Oct-1834 M116144

Ann McWhirter (F) John Thom 19-Aug-1864 M116141


Parish of Stevenston

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Thomas McWhirter (M) Agnes Harvey 11-Dec-1866 M116151


Parish of Straiton

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Andrew McWhirter (M) Janet McKnight 27-Dec-1787 M116174

Helen McWhirter (F) William Miller ?-Jun-1788 M116174

William McWhirter (M Grizzel Grant 14-Feb-1794 M116174

Gilbert McWhirter (M) Margaret Girvan 12-Dec-1794 M116174

Hugh McWhirter (M) Ellie McCulloch 10-Jul-1795 M116174

Elisabeth McWhirter (F) Alexander Thomson 13-Feb-1807 M116174

Jane McWhirter (F) Robert Seaton 16-Jun-1854 M116175

Jane McWhirter (F) William Hunter 13-Jun-1856 M116171

Janet McWhirter (F) James McCulloch 19-Dec-1856 M116171

Grace McWhirter (F) William Cochrane 13-Nov-1863 M116171


Parish of Tarbolton

Name Spouse Date LDSBatch#

Hugh McWhirter (M) Ann Cairnie 9-Jun-1807 M116194

Andrew McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Jamieson 8-Feb-1811 M116194

Agnes McMurtrie/McWhirter (F) Montgomerie Jamieson 25-Jan-1819 M116194

Agnes McWhirter (F) John Jackson 10-Apr-1854 M116195

Isabella McWhirter (F) George Crystal 28-Nov-1865 M116191

John McWhirter (M) Elizabeth Brown 6-Mar-1868 M116191

Alex McWhirter (M) Maggie Boyd 17-Jun-1875 M116191


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