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 Bride Date
Submitted by
Nicholas Bozianin
Mary Ferchuk
17 Febuary 1932
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heather Farrows
George Paulus Adolf LINDWALL a carpenter aged 25 residing in Winnipeg and born in Sweden Jennie ADOLPHSON

Jennie was 15

September 6, 1928 Lutheran church  372 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Heather Farrows

Andrew Adolphson, carpenter, 35 years old, born in Sweden Maria Hammerback, 32 years old, born in Sweden
April 23, 1913 Lutheran Church  372 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Heather Farrows
Ottar Berentsen Hegland born in Norway Jean Violet Adolphson
January 20, 1948
United Church  273 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heather Farrows

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