Franklin County Biographies


Page 1
Adams, Peleg
Allis, Josiah
Bardwell, Oscar
Bardwell, Daniel R.
Bardwell, Orsamus O.
Bardwell, Clark W.
Bartlett, John Freeland
Bascom, Ezekiel L.
Batchelder, Carlos
Brown, Imla K.

Page 2
Chandler, Charles
Chapin, Oliver
Childs, James
Chittenden, Luther O.
Chittenden, Otis
Clapp, Cephas
Clark, Andrew J.
Cook, Chelsa
Cooley, Edwin
Cushman, Henry W.
Cutler, Nahum S.

Page 3
Dickinson, Dennis
Dudley, Samuel F.
Fay, Beriah W.
Fellows, Stephen
Ferry, Aretas
Field, Phinehas Jr.
Fogg, Josiah
Gardner, Joseph William
Harding, Alpheus
Hatch, William A.
Hulbert, Ebenezer S.
Hunt, Horace
Hunt, Rodney
Jones, Charles
Jones, George W.

Page 4
Kilburn, Levi
Leavitt, Roger H.
Marshall,George E.
Merritt, Charles B.
Montague, Albert
Moors, John F.
Munn, Lorenzo P.
Newhall, Jabez C.
Nims, Ebenezer
Oakman, Richard Nickerson
Oakman, Richard Nickerson Jr.
Orcutt, Hiram

Page 5
Parsons, Charles Jr.
Pease, Franklin
Potter, Orlando B.
Potter, Samuel
Root, Hiram
Sanderson, John H.
Shattuck, Calvin W.
Sheldon, George
Smead, Solomon
Smith, N Austin
Smith, Zeri

Page 6
Trow, Josiah
Trow, Nathaniel G.
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Richard M.
Waite, James H.
Wells, David
Wells, Elisha
Wheeler, John W.
White, John
Whitmore, Daniel Dwight Williams, Charles E.
Williams, George A.
Winslow, John A.

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