October 10, 2002 Speaker

October 10, 2002

If you don't see the photo, it's on another disk.

Chief Sorenson (left) talking with Historical Society member Steve Rotondi.

Retired Stoneham Fire Chief Raymond L. Sorensen, local resident and author, was the speaker at the October, 2002 meeting of the Stoneham Historical Society. Chief Sorenson talked about what went into writing and producing his book, "Strike A Third - Big Things Happen In Small Places". He talked about the research involved in such a production and he mentioned some events that happened during his many years on the Fire Department that didn't get written about in the book. He had a hand-out for all containing a description of the heroic efforts of the Stoneham Fire Department during the Langwood Hotel fire on April 2, 1902.

Source: Stoneham Historical Society, October, 2002