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Ottawa, 1859

from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 12, vol 48, Ottawa marriages 1858 - 1864

birth place is given before residence


Page 20, return by Alexander Spence, Presbyterian Church in Connection with the Church of Scotland


Alexander BROWN, 22, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John BROWN & Catherine KING, married Margaret BIRKETT, 19, England, Ottawa, d/o Miles BIRKETT & Elizabeth RAIN, witn: Robert RENLEY of Ottawa, 15 Jan 1859

James McEWEN, 32, Scotland, Gloucester, s/o James McEWEN & Jane STOLIE, married Mary ELLIS, 33, Ireland, Gloucester, d/o John ELLIS & Ann HUNTER, witn: Alex GRAHAM of Gloucester, 3 March 1859

James McFADDEN, 23, Huntley, Markham, s/o John McFADDEN & Mary WILSON, married Mary STEVENSON, 23, Ireland, Nepean, d/o William STEVENSON & Sarah RYLIE, witn: John STANLON (Stanton?) of Nepean, 8 March 1859

Mathew ROSS, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William ROSS & Margaret TAYLOR, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 22, Gloucester, same, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Elizabeth SPRATT, witn: James ELLIOT of Ottawa, 12 April 1859

Thomas MAXWELL, 27, Ireland, Hull, s/o Thomas MAXWELL & Catherine McKAY, married Mary Jane MILNE, 23, Hull, same, d/o David MILNE & Jane HADLEY, witn: John A. FERGUSON of Hull, 14 April 1859

John KENNEY, 24, March, Nepean, s/o Mark KENNEDY (sic) & Jane HARD, married Diane CORBETT, 19, Nepean, same, d/o Pat CORBETT & Elizabeth SPEARMAN, witn: Spearman CORBETT of Nepean, 20 April 1859

David Proctor SMITH, 26, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John SMITH & Jessie THACKETT, married Ann Jane JOHNSTON, 28, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o James JOHNSTON & Jane MCCOMBS, witn: Walter McMILLAN of Ottawa, 21 April 1859

James TURNER, 40, Scotland, Templeton, s/o Archibald TURNER & Jane McLETCHIE, married Mary BARBER, 33, Canada East, Templeton, d/o Joseph BARBER & Elizabeth TOONLEY (Tomley?), witn: Robert KERR of Templeton, 3 May 1859

James CUDDIE, 21, Scotland, Nepean, s/o James CUDDIE & Agnes ROSS, married Jane HOGAN, 20, Nepean, same, d/o Luke HOGAN & Eliza BALLARD, witn: Andrew CUDDIE of Ottawa, 13 June 1859

John MAGURRAN, 33, Ireland, Russell, s/o Samuel MAGGURRAN (sic) & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Mary B. ORTER, 19, Cumberland, Russell, d/o Henry ORTER & Mary UMSTEAD (Olmstead?), witn: Nathan ORTER of Cumberland, 27 July 1859

William Clarkson CLARKE, 26, Scotland, Lanark, s/o Hugh CLARKE & Catherine CLARKE, married Elizabeth FRASER, 23, Princetown New York, Ottawa, d/o Thomas FRASER & Margaret McKONAUGHT, witn: William HAMILTON of Ottawa, 28 July 1859

James SIEVERIGHT, 25, Scotland, Melbourne C.E., s/o William SIEVERIGHT & Isabella NAPIER, married Frances Ann PETRIE, 19, Cumberland, same, d/o Archibald PETRIE & Catherine WILGRESS, witn: Edward WILGRESS of Lachine, 16 Aug 1859

Andrew SMAIL, 27, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o William SMAIL & Mary HUNTER, married Elizabeth COOK, 24, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Joseph COOK & Elizabeth LAFEBVRE?, witn: Frank OUILLET of Ottawa, 19 Sept 1859

James BLACKBURN, 24, Scotland, Hull, s/o Robert BLACKBURN & Robina BUCHAN, married Georgina COOK, 20, St. Angelique - Ottawa Co., Ottawa City, d/o James COOKE & Ann O'CONNER, witn: Alexander BURNETT of New Edinburgh, 3 Oct. 1859

Henry Wilke OGG, 23, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Henry OGG & Janet WILKIE, married Flora MORRISON, 26, Canada East, Montreal, d/o Daniel MORRISON & Agnes CARRIER, witn: Thomas VICKER of Ottawa, 1 Nov 1859

George BIRCH, 25, Canada East, St. Hermas, s/o Alvah BIRCH & Abigail GRANT, married Helena WHINFIELD (Winfield?), 30, Canada East, Grenville, d/o William WHINFIELD & Roda CHURCH, witn: George WHINFIELD of Ramsay, 3 Nov 1859

Edward LANG, 29, Canada East, Ottawa, s/o John LANG & Hannah LOW, married Margaret McDONALD, 27, Canada East, Grenville, d/o James McDONALD & & Ann McDONALD, witn: James LANG of Ottawa, 8 Nov 1859


Page 22, return by Thomas Wardrope, Presbyterian Church

Henry LEPINE, 30, Canterbury, Ottawa, s/o John LEPINE & Ellen MATHEW, married Ann ALLEN, 22, Norton Creek, Ottawa, d/o Nathaniel ALLEN & Mary Ann CARR, witn: Alfred Gay FORREST of Ottawa, 10 Jan 1859

James McDONALD, 25, Osgoode, Russell, s/o William McDONALD & Elizabeth BOWER, married Susanna HARRISON, 21, Adelaide, Russell, d/o David HARRISON & Ann EYNOF, witn: John HARRISON of Adelaide, 17 Feb. 1859

John WATSON, 29, Eardley, Hull, s/o John WATSON & Margaret McCOLLUM, married Janet McCOLLUM, 21, Goulbourn, same, d/o Duncan McCOLLUM & Ellen SHANE, witn: John McCOLLUM of Goulbourn, 19 Feb 1859

James WHYTE, 28, Perth NB, Osgoode, s/o William WHYTE & Jacobina THOMPSON, married Elizabeth SMITH, 28, London England, Ottawa, d/o John SMITH & Sarah COUSLEY, witn: Thomas McKAY of Ottawa, 31 March 1859

John SAVAGE, 54, Derry Ireland, Gloucester, s/o John SAVAGE & James (sic) BROCONE (Browne?), married Margaret SMITH, 32, Down Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth ROGERS, witn: Andrew RITCHIE of Gloucester, 25 April 1859

William H. LYONS, 23, Newcastle England, Ottawa, s/o Henry LYONS & Margaret WELSH, married Ellen SHOULDICE, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry SHOULDICE & Bridget CATANACH, witn: John McCULLOCH of Cumberland, 24 May 1859

Donald McNEIL, 28, Lochiel, New Edinburgh, s/o John McNEIL & Nancy LEWELLYN, married Henrietta CHISHOLM, 23, Pictou NS, New Edinburgh, d/o John CHISHOLM & James (sic) CAMERON, witn: H.T. BRADING of New Edinburgh, 3 June 1859

Henry PORTER, 26, Fifeshire NB, Ottawa, s/o William PORTER & Barbara BROWN, married Janet McKENZIE, 24, Gloucester, same, d/o Duncan McKENZIE & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: James HARRIS of Ottawa, 8 June 1859

Samuel KEEGAN, 27, Wexford Ireland, Hull, s/o Samuel KEEGAN & Sarah KEEGAN, married Jane SMITH, 22, Chatham C.E.., Hull, d/o Richard SMITH & Mary Ann HOLMES, witn: Hiram ROBINSON of Ottawa, 14 July 1859

Peter ATKINSON, 21, Northumberland, New Edinburgh, s/o George ATKINSON & Margaret BALLANTYNE, married Julia ARDELL, 20, Tipperary, Ottawa, d/o Jonathan ARDELL & Marcella AIKEN, witn: William ATKINSON of Ottawa, 30 July 1859

Malcolm McCUAIG, 30, Glenelg NB, Lochiel, s/o Roderick McCUAIG & Nancy McLEOD, married Ann WALL, 27, Limerick, Nepean, d/o James WALL & Mary SHAUGHNESSY, witn: Peter GILLIS of Toronto, 20 Aug 1859

George KELLEY, 24, Augmentation, same, s/o Jonathan KELLEY & Sarah BATES, married Keturah BATES, 27, Augmentation, same, d/o George BATES & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Henry CHALKER of Ottawa, 26 Aug 1859

Thomas H. SMITH, 30, Bristol England, Ottawa, s/o James SMITH & Martha WEBSTER, married Mary CLAYTON, 30, Armagh, Ottawa, d/o John MORROW & Mary GORDON, witn: Charles RENEY (Kenny?) of Ottawa, 6 Sept 1859

Thomas McKAY, 34, Edinburgh, Ottawa, s/o William McKAY & Alison INGLIS, married Isabella LINDSAY, 33?, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas MASSON & Jane WATSON, witn: Robert BLACKBURN? of Ottawa, 20 Sept 1859

James KILPATRICK, 25, Donegal Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James KILPATRICK & Margaret GARDNER, married Frances JAMES, 19?, Kilkenny, Ottawa, d/o William JAMES & Catherine MIRYAMS?, witn: Thomas CLARKE of Hull, 23 Sept 1859

Peter Smith GLASSFORD, 28, Glengarry, Ottawa, s/o Paul GLASSFORD & Samuel (sic) SMITH, married Ann STRACHAN, 25, Therese NB, Ottawa, d/o John STRACHAN & Elizabeth RYRIE, witn: Charles HOGAN? of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1859

Martin PATTERSON, 20, Monaghan, Ottawa, s/o William PATTERSON & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Isabella BROWNLEE, 20, Merrickville, Hull, d/o George BROWNLEE & Jane BANISTER, witn: James PATTERSON of Ottawa, 21 Nov 1859


Page 24,

John NORRIS, 21, Ireland, Wakefield, s/o John NORRIS & Sarah CORRIGAN, married Anna MORRIS, 21, Ireland, Wakefield, d/o Patrick MORRIS & blank, witn: Mary Daly of Ottawa, 2 Feb 1859

William WELSH, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Peter WELSH & Jane RICHARDSON, married Elizabeth KENEDY, 21, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Edmond KENNEDY & Esther EDWARDS, witn: John CONWAY of Ottawa, 7 Feb. 1859

Elie BRUNET, 21, St. Eustache, Ottawa, s/o Pierre BRUNET & Heloise SEGUIN, married Philomene LAROSE, 21, St. Lin, Ottawa, d/o Narcise LAROSE & Euphroline CHALIFAIN (Chalifoun?), witn: Thomas BRUNET of Ottawa, 15 Feb 1859

Benjamin PERIARD, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Mary TAILLFER, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Alens RENAUD of Ottawa, 16 Feb. 1859

Dominick FOX, 23, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Peter FOX & Ann CLARKE, married Margaret CHRISTIAN, 20, Scotland, Nepean, d/o John CHRISTIAN & Sarah McCONVILLE, witn: John MURPHY of Nepean, 17 Feb 1859

Pierre GASMIN, 34, Lower Canada, Cumberland, s/o not given, married Emilie BOUCHER, 25, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o J.B. BOUCHER & Emilie PAQUETTE, witn: Sophie NERON of Ottawa, 20 Feb 1859

Francis DUHAMEL, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francis DUHAMEL & Marie AUDET, married Marie GOSSELIN, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Francois GOSSELIN & Marie DAIGNAULT, witn: Jean FILLION of Ottawa, 28 Feb. 1859

Guillaume LACHAPELLE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LACHAPELLE & Eliza MERIN, married Elisnore ROBERT, 14, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Charles ROBERT & Rose DUQUET, witn: Job (John?) LACHAPELLE of Ottawa, 28 Feb 1859

Daniel CURRAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Timothy CURRAN & Jane COFFEE, married Mary HAGAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Fardy HAGAN & Nancy GORMLEY, witn: Dennis MURPHY of Ottawa, 7 March 1859

Patrick GRANT, 21, Ireland, Gloucester, s/o Thomas GRANT & Helen MONAHAN, married Mary MURPHY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James MURPHY & Bridget KENNEDY, witn: John GILCHRIST of Ottawa, 7 March 1859

John NELLIGAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John MULLIGAN (sic) & Biddy BOYDE, married Agnes RENAUD, 16, Ottawa, Natch, d/o J.B. RENAUD & Josephte St.AMOUR, witn: Andre RENAUD of Natch, 10 April 1859

David WALSH, 26, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Helen EGAN, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o not known, witn: Margaret CRONAN of Ottawa, 2 May 1859

John MONDAY, 40, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o unknown, married Helen DALY, 29, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o not known, witn: Charles KOWAN of Ottawa, 3 May 1859

Samuel CAUTHERS, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Elizabeth FORD, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: John O'CONNOR of Ottawa, 14 May 1859

James JOHNSTON, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John JOHNSTON & Anna WELSH, married Mary FLOOD, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick FLOOD & Judith CORCORAN, witn: William GAUTHIER of Ottawa, 16 May 1859

Benjamin GARDINER, 40, Ireland, Gatineau, s/o not given, married Bridget CORBETT, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James CORBETT & Honora HALORAN, witn: Julia BRENNAN of Ottawa, 21 May 1859

John CAVANAGH, 30, Glengarry, same, s/o Owen CAVANAGH & Margaret STEWART, married Christena McMASTER, 24, Glengarry, Ottawa, d/o Owen McMASTER & Christena McMASTER, witn: Duncan McMASTER of Ottawa, 29 May 1859

Antoine LAFRAMBOISE, 21, Lower Canada, Aylmer, s/o Richard LAFRAMBOISE & Josephe FAUTEAUX, married Marie TRAPPIER, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Xavier TRAPPIER & Josephte CHARLEBOIS, witn: John O'CONNOR of Ottawa, 30 May 1859

Martin LANIGAN, 21, Ireland, Litchfield, s/o Pat LANIGAN & Catherine KENNEDY, married Catherine GRANT, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William GRANT & Bridget FURLONG, witn: John LANIGAN of Ottawa, 16 June 1859

Antoine COURTCHINE, 22, Lower Canada, Riviere du Desert, s/o Ant. COURTCHINE & Catherine BELLEGARDE, married Virginie CHARTRAND, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Francois CHARTRAND & Marie St. DENIS, witn: Onesime CHARTRAND of Ottawa, 7 July 1859

Michael HAGAN, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Dennis HAGAN & Bridget McNAMARA, married Eliza GOODWIN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James GOODWIN & Helen CONNOLY, witn: Mary DALY of Ottawa, 8 July 1859

Edouard BRISEBOIS, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francis BRISEBOIS & Mysel? ROBITAILLE, married Mary GARVIN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Dennis GARVIN & Helen FITZGIBBON, witn: Narcisse PARENT of Ottawa, 8 June 1859

Fabien SOULIERS, 21, Lower Canada, Hull, s/o James SOULIERES (sic) & Elizabeth LACASSER, married Marie Eline VENILLOT, 16, Hull, same, d/o Olivier VENILLOT & Josephte BIRELOCAU (Bireloeau?), witn: Olivier VENILLOT of Hull, 11 July 1859

Joseph LABELLE, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Henriette NADON, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Dosithe SIMON of Ottawa, 11 July 1859

Thomas BRUNET, 23, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Pierre BRUNET & Ad. SIGOUIN, married Emilie LALONDE, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Antoine LALONDE & Rachel LABELLE, witn: Ant. LALONDE of Ottawa, 16 July 1859

John McGUIGAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Robert McGUIGAN & Mary YALE, married Catherine CARNEY, 16, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Michael CARNEY & Mary CARNEY, witn: Edward GREENE of Ottawa, 17 July 1859

Etienne VIVARAIS, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Augustin VIVARAIS & Margaret BLONDIN, married Octavie COUSINEAU, 20, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Toussant COUSINEAU & Angelique RANGER, married Maurice COUSINEAU of Ottawa, 25 July 1859

Thomas St. CROIX, 23, Jersey England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas St. CROIX & Betsy LOUX, married Johanna KELLY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Rody KELLY & Mary GRACE, witn: Mary COSTELLO of Ottawa, 21 July 1859

Moise VAUDETTE (Vandette?), 22, Lower Canada, Hull, s/o J.B. VAUDETTE & Eugenie BASTIEN, married Felonise GOULET, 20, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Amable GOULET & Rose SAGUAY, witn: Fabien SAGUAY of Ottawa, 26 July 1859

Gideon JEANVENNE, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Laurent JEANVENNE & Angelique DESROCHERS, married Dorothea CHALIFOUN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o G. CHALIFOUN & Marie VILLENEUVE, witn: Francis BELOIS of Ottawa, 26 July 1859

Jean B. TAILLEFER, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Louis TAILLEFER & Marie LEGARE, married Marie SALLOI, 17, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Joachim SALLOI & Zoe RIVARD, witn: Louis TAILLEFER of Ottawa, 1 Aug 1859

Daniel HARRINGTON, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Tim HARRINGTON & Julia MALONEY, married Helen STOCKY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John STOCKY & Mary GOINON, witn: Joseph SULLIVAN of Ottawa, 4 July 1859

Patrick SYNNOT, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Mathew SYNNOT & Catherine KELLY, married Bridget DALY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Andrew DALY & Mary CONNORS, witn: Mary PHELAN of Ottawa, 30 July 1859

Honore DUMOULIN, 26, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o August DUMOULIN & Angelique BOUCHER, married Elen O'NEIL, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Ben O'NEIL & Eliza SMITH, witn: Andre JOLICOUR of Ottawa, 5 Aug 1859

Joseph LANDRY, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LANDRY & Marie LANDRY, married Melina LAVERDURE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Edouard LAVERDURE & M. LAFORCE, witn: Edouard LAVERDURE of Ottawa, 8 Aug 1859

John JOHNSTON, 21, Ottawa, same, s/o John JOHNSTON & Julie MENARD, married Virginie RICARD, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edouard RICARD & Angelique LAHOISE, witn: Edouard RICARD of Ottawa, 15 Aug 1859

Emery WISSEL, 40, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Monique MALLETTE, 22, Rigaud, Ottawa, d/o Hyacinth MALLETTE & Mary CHEVRIER, witn: Louis CHEVRIER of Ottawa, 16 Aug 1859

Simeon LALONDE, 22, Beauharnois, Ottawa, s/o Luc LALONDE & Apolline CHAMPAGNE, married Julienne BAUNE, 17, St. Scholastique, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin BAUNE & Esther MAUTAT, witn: Leon BAUNE of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1859

Leon BAUNE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin BAUNE & E. MAUTAT, married Marie LANDRY, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis LANDRY & L. DOUT, witn: Simeon LALONDE of Ottawa, 18 Aug 1858

Pierre Mathiay ONEDIC (Ouidec?), 22, Lake of Two Mountains, same, s/o J. ONEDIC & Valemon? REVE, married Christine CAUVENOLE, 14, Lake of Two Mountains, same, d/o Dennis CAUVENOLE & Cat. TE RIVE, witn: Dennis TAMPFURE of Caughnawaga, 22 Aug 1859