Old Saline Baptist Church Cemetery, Bienville Parish La.

From "History of Bienville Parish Vol I", article by Gladys Britt-Oldest record book of Old Saline Church lists the first 61 members. The church was constituted Sept. 7, 1844. Pastor was George Washington Baines, members were:
Christopher Koonce, Robert Byas, William Prothro, J.C. Brown Sr., Absolom Wolloms, William Mobley, John Wolloms, Isaac Rushing, Jesse Mobley, Philip Koonce, Joseph Murphy, Robinson Murphy, Madison Mobley, Madison Eliott, Joseph Wolloms, Solomon Mabry, John Snead, --- Prothro, James A. Sloan, Guy Ross, John Riddlehover, Joshua Prothro, Morgan Prothro, James Prothro, John Courtney, G.W. Brown, Philip Brown, David Malone, L.R. Head, Solomon Prothro, L.E. Prothro, Allen Morris, Timon Prothro, Patsy Koonce, Ann Prothro, Eliza Wolloms, Mary A. Brown, Elizabeth Rushing, Lucinda Eliott, Martha Mobley, Elizabeth Murphy, Hannah Murphy, Caroline Riddlehover, Susan Brown, Harth A. Koonce, Mary Ross, Adah Riddlehover, Sarah Ann Mobley, Elizabeth Prothro, Martha S. Baughman, Nancy Courtney, Lenora Brown (Koomce), Martha Brown, Ann Johnson, Rebecca Murphy, Sarah Prothro, Elizabeth Koonce, Sophonia Head, Nancy Hassen, Evelina Prothro, Lenora Brown Jr.

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