Hampshire County, Massachusetts -- Northampton -- City Document No. 5

Published Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, Printers, No. 24 Franklin Street. 1889

Transcribed and submitted 6/30/99 by Kathy Stice, kms2135@aa.net. This file is © Kathy Stice and is available for personal use. Please do not republish or redistribute without her consent.

Information provided includes name; title, if any; position with the City, if any; age; occupation; residence; comments.

Abbott, H.B.
Abbott, Hubbard M.; Public Library Committee
Abbott, N.P.; 38;mechanic, firemanPark
Abercrombie, Joel
Adams, John Q.; 40; machinist, fireman; School St.
Ahearn, Morris
Allen, Elijah
Allen, Elisha; Prospect Street
Allen, Mary A.; in hospital since 1885
Alvord, Frank
Arms, Gilbert W.; Precinct Officer
Arnold, William F.; Precinct Officer
Asher, Napoleon; 26; laborer, fireman; Main
Atkins, Luther B.; 44; mechanic, fireman; Nonotuck
Ayers, C.C.; 29; teamster, fireman; Bright
Ayres, Geo. O.; 38; mechanic, fireman; Meadow
Ayres, Jerome B.; 35; mechanic, fireman; Maple
Badge, G.
Bailey, Lewis H.;35; mechanic, fireman; N. Main
Bailey, William A.; Chief Engineer, Fire Department
Bakeman, Josiah; paid by the City for labor
Ball, Wm. M.; teamster, fireman; Bright
Bannister, Edwin H.; Precinct Officer
Bardwell, William R.; Precinct Officer
Barnes, F.D.
Barrey, Patrick
Barry, Michael E., Rev.; Roman Catholic; School Committee
Bartlett, H.B.
Baudouin, C., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Beals, Frank H.; Precinct Officer
Bedell, Clara L., Mrs.; teacher
Bello, Edward H.
Belville, Phelinda; in hospital 1887-1888, discharged
Bird, John W.; Precinct Officer; 30; stationer, fireman; Center
Birge, George
Bishop, W.;20; painter, fireman
Black, John C.; 42; mechanic, fireman; N. Main St.
Blake, Lyman H., Rev.; unknown denomination
Blanchett, August; police officer
Blanchfield, Edward W.
Bliss, George P.;Precinct Officer
Bliss, Theo.; 19;silk maker, fireman; Prospect
Bliss, Theodore; paid by City for repairs
Bolter, Samuel L.; police officer
Bolter, Thomas; owned a house which sustained a fire
Bond, Daniel W.; Water and Sewer Commissioner, Public Library Committee
Bond, Mary W., Miss; School Committee; Florence
Bond, Mrs.; Board of Almoners; wife of Daniel W. Bond
Bondway, J.A.; store owner
Bosworth, E.C.
Bosworth, H.S.; 34; truckman, fireman; Park
Boudnay, J.A.; 31; merchant, fireman; Spring St.
Boush, Genevieve;teacher
Bowditch, E.H.; paid by City for services
Boyd, George S.; constable
Boyden, Charles H.; Precinct Officer
Boyer, B.; 32; barber, fireman; State
Boyl, James
Braman, Curtis
Braman, E.C.; 40; lather, fireman; Hospital Hill
Braman, Edwin; ? same person as E.C. ?
Braman, G.
Branch, K.M.; paid by City for supplies
Branch, Robert M.; Precinct Officer
Brick, James
Bridgman, E.
Bridgman, Edward; City Messenger, Overseer of the Poor, Constable
Bridgman, O.C.
Bridgman, Prof.
Bronson, S.L.; 21; wood worker, fireman; Park
Brooks, E.A.; estate paid City for care of Bridge Street Cemetery lots
Brooks, M.C., Rev.; Methodist
Brown, Charles T.; Precinct Officer
Brown, Clarence E.; Precinct Officer
Brown, George
Brown, Jeremiah; President, Board of Aldermen
Bryant, A.; paid by City for repairs
Bryant, Eleazar; police officer, truant officer
Bryant, Luther P.; Registrar of Voters
Bucknum, H.S.; paid by City for services
Burk, John
Burns, T.F.; 28; engineer, fireman; River
Campbell, Joseph L.; Precinct Officer
Cantwell, Thomas; 38; cutler, fireman; Maple
Carr, Charles; paid by City for services
Carter, Charles F., Rev.; unknown denomination
Carter, William H.; Precinct Officer
Carver, Esther M.; teacher
Carver, Freeman C.; Precinct Officer
Cary, Frank
Caston, Fred
Chandler, John
Chandler, Michael
Chapin, George; Councilman
Chase, Lilly; teacher
Chatel, Edmund M.; 27; bill poster, fireman; Main
Childs, Chas.
Childs, Henry; paid by City for services
Chilson, Haynes H.; Councilman
Church, Albert L.; Precinct Officer
Clapp, Charles C.; Board of Almoners
Clapp, Clark D.; Precinct Officer
Clapp, E.C.
Clapp, Edward; ? same person as E.C.?
Clapp, Egbert I.; City Clerk, Justice of the Peace
Clapp, Helen Winifred; teacher; Graduated high school in 1887
Clapp, Henry W.
Clapp, James
Clare, T.P.; 24; clerk, fireman; River
Clark, Bohan; estate paid City for care of Bridge Street Cemetery lots
Clark, Charles E.
Clark, Christopher; Trustee Under Will of Charles E. Forbes
Clark, Daniel W.
Clark, Edson
Clark, Edwin C.; Sewer Commissioner
Clark, Estus G.; Councilman
Clark, G. Henry
Clark, George W.; Overseer of the Poor
Clark, Isaac R., Rev.; Congregational; Precinct Officer
Clark, James W.; died 1887 or 1888; cleaned ditches for the City
Clark, John D.
Clark, Jonas M.; Superintendent of Water Works
Clark, Levi I.; paid by City for services
Clark, Lillian I., Mrs.;teacher
Clark, Lucy E.; estate paid City for care of Bridge Street Cemetery lots
Clark, Merritt; Councilman
Clark, Orman S.; Elector Under the Oliver Smith Will
Clark, Russell
Clark, S. William; Precinct Officer
Clark, William; police officer
Clarke, Christopher; City Improvement Committee
Cobb, Elisha G., Rev.; Congregational; School and Public Library Committee; Florence
Coffee, Mrs.; widow of Jeremiah Coffee
Coffey, James
Coffey, Mary, Mrs.; 39; inmate of almshouse since 1887
Coffey, Minnie; 10; inmate of almshouse 1887-1888, taken by aunt
Cohn, Simon; store owner
Cole, Zack
Colgrove, Myron; 26; watchman, fireman; King
Colton, A.M., Rev.; Congregational
Coners, James
Connolly, Fannie; in hospital 4/28/1888-8/3/1888, discharged
Connolly, William; Precinct Officer
Conroy, James S.;Precinct Officer
Converse, William T.
Cook, F.M.
Cooley, Silas R.; Alderman
Cooney, John; Defendant in lawsuit brought by Alice O'Neil for "bastardy." Died before trial.
Cooper, Dr.
Copeland, Edward P.; Precinct Officer
Copeland, Lucien B.; Clerk, Common Council
Cornwell, Norman S.; janitor
Costello, John
Couch, B.M.; paid by City for castings
Couch, Elbert M.; Precinct Officer
Cowan, John, Rev.; Congregational
Coyle, John P., Rev.; Congregational
Crafts, Charles Edson; Graduated high school in 1887
Crafts, Harry Clinton; Graduated high school in 1887
Crafts, Josephus; Water Commissioner
Crittenden, Lena E.; teacher; Graduated high school in 1887
Crittendon, George; police officer
Crogan, Matthew
Crosby, Henry A.; Precinct Officer
Crossley, Azro T.; City Solicitor
Cruden, Rosa; 7; inmate of almshouse 1887, sent to School for Feeble Minded
Cummings, P.J.; 25; clerkProspect
Cunningham, J.H.; 31; moulder, fireman; Center St.
Cutler, Henry F.; Cemetery Committee
Cutting, Daniel F.; Councilman
Damon, Oscar J.; Keeper of Almshouse
Daniels, Charles A.; Precinct Officer; 35; confectioner, fireman; Elm St.
Daniels, George H.; Second Assistant Engineer, Fire Department
Davis, Anthony; Precinct Officer
Davis, Emory C.; Cemetery Committee
Davis, Eugene E.;Councilman;teacher
Davis, Richard B.; Precinct Officer
Day, Festus B.
Day, Hiram; Sealer of Weights and Measures
Day, Luke; Janitor, City Hall, and Keeper, Lock-Up; constable
Day, S.C.; 50; teamster, firemanMain
Day, Samuel; paid by City for haulage; ? same person as S.C.?
Dayton, F.A.
Dean, Clara R.; teacher
Dean, L.K.
Dean, Mary E.; teacher
Dearden, William
Demond, Mabel Laura; Graduated high school in 1887
Dennis, Wesley; in hospital since 1880
Deuel, Frank D.
Devine, John
Dickenson, M.D.
Dickinson, Alphonso; Justice of the Peace
Dickinson, George P.; President, Common Council
Dimock, Lucius; Water Commissioner
Donovan, Patrick; Councilman
Dougherty, Ellen;29; inmate of almshouse since 1879
Doyle, Jerry; 64; inmate of almshouse 1888, discharged
Dragon, Oliver; Precinct Officer; 46; blacksmith, fireman; Perkins St.
Draper, John L.; paid by City for haulage
Drury, George B.; Superintendent of Schools
Drury, S. Dwight; Commissioner of Sinking Funds
Duggan, David; 30; laborer, fireman; Howard Hill
Duggan, M.H.; 21; plumber, fireman; College Ave.
Dumphy, John
Dunlap, James; owned a block of brick buildings which sustained a fire
Dunn, John
Dunning, I.A.; 50; millwright, fireman; Main
Duplissa, Wm.; 41; hoe shop, fireman; Graves Ave.
Durant, Maria; in hospital since 1870
Eagan, John J.
Edwards, Alex.; estate paid City for care of Bridge Street Cemetery lots
Edwards, Eben
Edwards, Julia M.; teacher
Edwards, Oscar; Water Commissioner; Prospect St.
Edwards, R.E.
Edwards, S.W.
Egan, John J.; Councilman
Eggleston, J.H.; 37; spool turner, fireman; West
Elwell, F.C.
Elwell, F.L.; paid by the City for gravel
Estabrook, Anna E.; teacher
Ewing, Sarah M.; teacher
Ewings, Alexander
Eyre, William J.; Precinct Officer
Fass, Frederick
Fay, James F., M.D.; City Physician
Fay, James M. M.D.; Board of Health
Felton, Nathan A.; Precinct Officer
Ferris, Patrick G.
Ferry, Henry N.
Field, Augusta J., Mrs.; School Committee; wife of Lemuel B. Fields
Field, Lemuel B.; Brd of Health, City Improv. Committee, Precinct Officer, Asst Engr, Fire Dept
Finch, P. Voorhees, Rev.; Episcopal
Finn, John
Finn, Michael
Fish, F.W.
Fisk, Lucy D.; had a lawsuit against the City, injuries to a horse
Fiske, George Wilbur; Graduated high school in 1887
Fitts, Charles N.; Precinct Officer
Fitzgerald, Paul; 37; cutler, fireman, police officer; Main
Fitzgerald, Willie; 3; inmate of almshouse 6/25/1887 - 12/25/1887, sent home
Fitzgibbons, Richard; had a lawsuit against the City, personal injuries
Flanigan, Patrick
Flynn, Catharine; 67; inmate of almshouse since 1879
Foley, John
Foley, Timothy
Foote, Edward N.; Sewer Commissioner
French, Howard C.; Precinct Officer
French, Marvin M.; Cemetery Committee
Fuller, Mary A., Miss; librarian; Florence
Furth, R.; 26; barber, fireman; Maple
Garvey, Patrick
Gaylord, William M.; Public Library Committee
Gilbert, George W.; police officer
Gleason, Patrick
Gleason, Thomas
Goddard, H.E., Rev.; New Jerusalem
Godek, Mary; 23; inmate of almshouse 1888, sent to Tewksbury
Godfrey, William; Alderman; guardian of Mary McGrath
Goodchild, Drusilla L.; teacher; Graduated high school in 1887
Goodnow, Anna M.; teacher
Goodwin, William C.
Gormon, John
Gould, Charles E.; Councilman
Gould, Fred C.; 24; silk maker, fireman; Hawley
Gould, Martin A.; 28; weaver, fireman; King
Gould, Mary P.; in hospital since 1886
Gould, Wilbur; 30; silk maker, fireman; King
Graham, John
Granger, Goo.; 34; grinder, fireman; Center
Granger, Paul L.; Precinct Officer; police officer
Graves, Dwight A.; Precinct Officer
Graves, Edward; Overseer of the Poor
Graves, George S.; Sewer Commissioner
Graves, Herbert R.; Precinct Officer
Graves, Josiah S.
Graves, M.W.
Graves, Melvin L.; School Committee
Graves, S.P.
Grogan, Matthew; Councilman
Guilford, James
Guilford, Nellie M.; teacher
Guilford, R.M.
Hale, Wm. B.; had lawsuit against the City regarding land
Hall, E.P.
Hallett, Henry C.
Ham, J.C.
Hammond, John C.; School Committee
Harley, E.O.; paid by City for supplies
Harlow, C.N.; paid by City for services
Harris, George L.; Registrar of Voters
Hart, E.E.
Hartnett, J.W.; 30; teamster, fireman; River
Hartney, John; 35; cutler, fireman; Main
Hartung, Henry; 43; teamster, fireman; Main
Hartwell, W.S.
Hathaway, Nellie W., Mrs.; teacher
Hawks, Emma Beatrice; Graduated high school in 1887
Hayden, Thomas S.; Precinct Officer
Hayes, Jerry
Hayes, N.G.; paid by City for supplies
Hazen, J.O.; paid by City for repairs
Heald, Charles H.
Healy, P., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Hebert, Boswell; had lawsuit against the City for personal injuries
Hebert, Joseph; Councilman
Herrick, Charles E.; Precinct Officer
Herrick, Webster; paid by City for services
Herrick, William
Hibard, Samuel; 38; mill laborer, fireman; High
Hickey, Catharine; 78; inmate of almshouse since 1879
Hickey, Margaret; in hospital since 1878; guardian was J.B. O'Donnell
Hill, Anna E.; teacher; Springfield
Hill, Arthur G.; Mayor; owned Riverside Lumber Company's mill
Hill, William
Hillery, Eva M.; teacher
Hillman, Ella; 53; inmate of almshouse since 1885
Hoadley, George A.; teacher
Hogan, Mary, Mrs.; 90; inmate of almshouse 1885-1887, sent home
Holley, H.G.
Holley, Jacob
Holley, Johanna; 22; inmate of almshouse April 1888, sent to Tewksbury
Holly, J.; paid by City for services
Holmes, Ida J.; teacher
Hooker, Worthy
Hopkins, C.H.
Hopkins, Mrs.; owned a house which sustained a fire; widow of Erastus Hopkins
Horton, D.A.
Howard, M.C.; paid by City for painting work
Howard, Myron C.; Councilman; ? same person as M.C.?
Howes, E.B.; paid by City for haulage
Hoxie, David E.; Councilman
Hubbard, John W.; Alderman
Hunt, Josiah T.; 45; grinder, fireman; residence "private, near Leonard"
Hurley, W.P.
Hussey, Albert C., Rev.; Baptist; School Committee
Hussey, Nathan B.; 85; inmate of almshouse since 1883
Huxley, D.S.; 28; mechanic, fireman; Park
Irwin, Richard W.; Councilman
Jackson, John
Jackson, Patrick
Jager, John C.; owned a barn at Horse Mt. which sustained a fire
Jarvis, Margaret L.; had a lawsuit against the City, slip and fall injury and miscarriage
Jenkins, Hermon D., Rev.; Presbyterian
Jenkins, W.H.
Jones, Geo. Q.
Joy, Ina A.; teacher
Joy, W.T.
Kane, John; Chestnut Street
Keating, Daniel
Keating, Michael
Keefe, John C.; 24; teamster, fireman; Market
Keefe, M.; deceased as of 1888
Kellogg, C.A.; 45; teamster, fireman; Grove St.
Kellogg, Chas.; owner of a house which sustained a fire; ? same person as C.A.?
Kellogg, J.M.
Kennedy, James
Kiely, William; Precinct Officer
Kiley, John
Kiley, Michael H.; Assistant Engineer, Fire Department
Kimball, Henry A.; Water Commissioner; Prospect Street
Kingman, Phebe; in hospital 1887-1888, died
Kingsley, Edward; Precinct Officer
Kingsley, Edwin; estate paid City for care of Bridge Street Cemetery lots
Kingsley, Elizabeth L.; teacher
Kingsley, Margaret R., Mrs.; Librarian
Kingsley, Mrs.; widow of Henry Kingsley
Kinney, C.M.; Prospect Street
Kneeland, Fred. N.; Commissioner of Sinking Funds
Kuher, Mrs.; widow of John Kuher; owned a house which sustained a fire
Ladd, Harlow; owned a barn which sustained a fire
Laframboise, Felix X.; First Assistant Engineer, Fire Department
Laidley, Caroline S., Miss; Librarian
Lambie, J.E.; storeowner
Lambie, John F.; Precinct Officer
Lamport, A.R.
Landy, John
Laplant, Noel
LaPoint, Steba, Mrs.; 37; inmate of almshouse 1887-1888, died
Larrivee, L.A.; 32; barber, fireman; River
Latham, W.P.
Lathe, H.W., Rev.; Congregational
Lathrop, J.S.; Water Commissioner
Lattenvell, Adolphen; ?same person as A. Lattinville?
Lattinville, A.; 43; blacksmith, fireman; Main; paid by City for haulage
Laundry, M.J.; 41; watchman, fireman; King
Lawler, James; 32; emery wheel, fireman; Park
Learned, J.B., Dr.
Learned, Minnie M.; teacher
Lee, A.B.; paid by City for services
Lee, Mary; in hospital 1883-1888, died
Lee, S.W.; paid by City for services
Lee, William W.; City Improvement Committee
Leipold, John J.
Levesque, A.; 48; carpenter, fireman; Perkins
Lewis, A.A.43; machinist, fireman; Center
Lilly, Alfred T.; Public Library Committee
Linchan, Nellie A.; teacher
Lloyd, L.H.
Lloyd, Louise E.; teacher
Lomay, James
Londergan, J.F.; 22; mason, fireman; Main
Long, W.J., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Longden, James; Precinct Officer
Loomis, George L.; Commissioner of Sinking Funds
Loveland, Chas. L.; 35; baker, fireman; Bright
Lucey, T.P., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Lucia, G.N.
Lyman, A.A.
Lyman, E.H.R.; City made him a private road
Lyman, G.B.
Lyman, Mary, Miss; Board of Almoners
Macomber, Frederick A.;Trust Funds Committee, Councilman
Maloney, J.H.; 28; butcher, fireman; Main
Maloney, James
Maloney, Jerry
Maltby, L.
Mann, Mary, Mrs.; owned a barn which sustained a fire
Mann, Mel.
Manning, James C.; printer
Marble, Judson
Marsh, A.E.; basket shop, fireman; South St.
Marshall, E.
Martin, A.R.
Masterson, James
Mather, J.L.
Mathews, H.32; carpenter, fireman; Main
Matthew, A.C.
Maynard, Charles A.; Cemetery Committee
Maynard, Henry E.; Inspector of Milk and Vinegar, Chief of Police
Maynard, Henry G.; Sewer Commissioner
McCallum, A.; owned brick buildings which sustained a fire,owner McCallum&Co.
McDonald, Moses P.; cutler, fireman
McGrath, M.H.; 23; dyer, fireman; State
McGrath, Mary; in hospital 1884-1887, died; guardian was William Godfrey
McGrath, Thomas
McKenzie, Wm.; 36; mechanic, fireman; Pine
McKeown, Andrew, Rev.; unknown denomination
McKernon, Kate; teacher
McMahon, John J., Rev.; Roman Catholic
McMahon, Patrick
Meehan, Edward; 28; cutler, fireman; Main St.
Meekins, Edward M.; Councilman
Melden, C.M., Rev.; Methodist
Menard, Adolphe; Precinct Officer; paid by City for haulage
Menard, F.X.; 37; shoemaker, fireman; Market;
Merrick, Mary Frances; Graduated high school in 1887
Metcalf, Louis W.; teacher
Miles, G.N.
Miller, G.F.
Miller, Nancy L., Miss; Librarian
Miller, William D.; teacher
Mills, Augustus W., Rev.; Methodist
Mills, Clara Angie; Graduated high school in 1887
Minard, A.; 41; shoemaker, fireman; Main; ? same person as Adolphe Menard?
Moakley, Michael W.; Alderman
Mokler, James
Moore, L.B.; paid by City for haulage
Moran, Bryant
Moran, Damose
Moran, Frank
Morgan, L.W.; bookkeeper, fireman; School St.
Morgan, William H.; Precinct Officer
Moriarty, John
Morrisey, Patrick; 31; grinder, fireman; Main
Morse, Cora S.; teacher
Mosur, Joe
Mott, J.L.; ironworker
Moulton, H.M.
Muland, Henry
Mulcahy, John
Mulholland, Sarah, Mrs.; inmate of almshouse since 1888, along with child
Murphy, Martin
Nesnidal, Antoine; inmate of almshouse March 1888, with wife, discharged
Niquette, Louis B.; Councilman
Nolan, Bryan
Nolan, Mary; 22; inmate of almshouse 1888, discharged
Norton, J.D.; paid by City for supplies
Nutting, Arthur F.
O'Brien, G.; 51; cutler, fireman; Hinckley
O'Brien, John; paid by the City for labor
O'Brien, William T.; Registrar of Voters
O'Brien, Wm. E.; 22; carpenter, fireman; Hawley
O'Dea, Margaret; in hospital since 1882
O'Donnell, John B.; Chairman, Assessors; guardian of Margaret Hickey
O'Grady, Austin, Rev.; Roman Catholic
O'Neil, Alice; had lawsuit against John Cooney for "bastardy"
O'Sullivan, Margaret; had a lawsuit against the City, slip and fall injuries
Orcutt, T.A.
Otis, Harry P.; Alderman
Otis, John L.; Trustee Under Will of Charles E. Forbes
Owen, Sarah E.; teacher
Page, James B.
Palmer, N.; paid by City for supplies
Parent, Abel D.; Henshaw Avenue
Parker, Charles A.; in hospital since 1878
Parsons, Charney
Parsons, Chas. O.; 23; merchant, fireman; Main
Parsons, Clayton S.
Parsons, Edward
Parsons, Enos; trustee of Seigler estate
Parsons, H.L.; 27; truckman, fireman; Maple
Parsons, Horace K.; Alderman; paid by City for haulage
Parsons, J.B.
Parsons, Mrs.; widow of Lewis Parsons
Parsons, Samuel L.; Assessor
Parsons, Spencer
Parsons, Susie E.; teacher
Paul, Geo. K.; paid by City for pipe
Pease, Robert H.; Precinct Officer
Peasely, Will; paid by City for new bridge railing
Pelessier, L.; 37; clerk, fireman; Main
Phelps, Albert L.; School Committee, Precinct Officer
Phelps, C.W.; paid by the City for horse and labor
Phelps, George S.; Precinct Officer; paid by City for repairs
Phelps, Julius; Assessor
Phillips, Martha E.; inmate of South Street Home since 1885
Pierce, Chauncey H.; Trust Funds Comm.; owned wood buildings which sustained a fire
Pierce, James M.; Precinct Officer
Plimpton, Chiara A., Mrs.; Board of Almoners
Polmatier, W.C.; 29; plumber, fireman; Lilly
Pomeroy, William C.; Crescent Street; paid by City for services and repairs
Potter, J.H.
Powers, Edmund; inmate of almshouse 1888, discharged
Powers, L.J.
Powers, Patrick W.; 30; blacksmith, fireman; Main St.
Powers, T.J.
Pratt, Chas. S., Jr.; 36; pattern maker, fireman; 41 North St.;
Pratt, Jennie C.
Pratt, William F.
Pratt, William F.,Jr.; Precinct Officer
Prouty, C.H.; 33; baker, fireman; Main
Puffer, T.S.
Purcell, George T.; in hospital since 1885
Purcell, John; Precinct Officer
Quigley, W.F.
Quirk, James; policeman, truant officer
Rahar, Edmund; inmate of almshouse April 1888, discharged
Rainville, N., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Raleigh, John J.; store owner
Ray, George H.; Board of Almoners
Ray, Lizzie H.; teacher
Reece, William H.; 32; machinist, fireman; Center
Remillard, L.H.; 44; blacksmith, fireman; Masonic; in 1888 broke leg jumping from fire truck
Remmington, Heman68; inmate of almshouse 1887, died
Rice, Beatrice W.; Graduated high school in 1887
Rice, Lucien; 28; painter, fireman; High
Rice, W.H.
Richard, F.G.; police officer
Richardson, J.P., Rev.; unknown denomination
Richter, George H.
Riley, Mrs.; Locust Street
Riley, William H.; Assistant Engineer, Fire Department; paid by City for supplies
Robbins, L.T.; 32; teamster, fireman; West
Roberts, Daniel
Roberts, Dr.
Roberts, Mary; in hospital 1877-1888, died
Rocheleau, Victor; Precinct Officer
Rogers, D.H., Rev.; unknown denomination
Rood, Chas.; 21; mechanic, fireman; Fruit
Rood, Wm.; 28; truckman, fireman; Main
Roote, Clarence B.; teacher
Ross, Dwight S.; 47; farmer, fireman; Meadow
Ross, Osten
Rothwell, Thos.; 36; mechanic, fireman; High
Ruder, Frederick
Rushford, Lewis M.; police officer
Rust, F.A.
Rust, Stephen
Rust, Theodore; paid by City for services
Ryan, James
Ryan, John
Salnay, J.; 43; truckman, fireman; Pleasant
Savard, J.H.
Scott, George H., Rev.; unknown denomination
Seeyle, S.T., Rev.; Congregational
Seigler, Frederica; in hospital since 1886
Seymour, Dr.
Shearer, F.M.
Sheedy, B.D.
Sheedy, Dr.
Sheehan, Daniel; owned a barn which sustained a fire
Sidell, John; 31; cutler, fireman; Maple
Sikes, J.B.; paid by City for cartage services
Simpson, David
Slack, Catharine; 80; inmate of almshouse since 1886
Smith, Chas.; trustee of O'Keefe estate
Smith, F.H.
Smith, F.L.; 23; machinist, fireman; Leonard
Smith, Henry M.
Smith, Henry P.; Precinct Officer; paid by City for supplies
Smith, Levi W.
Smith, M.W.
Smith, Moses; inmate of almshouse 1888, discharged
Smith, R.H.
Smith, W.L.
Snow, Ellen A.; had lawsuit against the City, slip and fall injuries
Snyder, Henry S., Rev.; Congregational
Spaulding, Timothy G.; School Committee
Sperling, W.H.
Springer, John; paid by City for services
St. John, C.E., Rev.; Unitarian
St. John, T.E., Rev.; Unitarian
Starkweather, C.G.
Starkweather, Charles W.; teacher
Steele, Daniel, Rev.; Methodist
Stenhouse, Charles A., Rev.; Methodist
Stevens, C.E.; paid by the City for land appropriation
Stevens, Enoch G.; Police officer
Stockbridge, Anna M.; teacher
Stockwell, Lewis F.
Stoddard, J.T.; City owed mortgage loan
Stoddard, John
Stone, Bradshaw H.; Superintendent of Streets; paid by City for horse hire
Stone, E.C.; paid by City for services
Storer, Oran
Stork, Fredk.; police officer
Stowell, Chas. I.; police officer
Street, Whiting; deceased as of 1888
Strickland, William P.; Public Library Committee
Strong, E.P.
Strong, Ebenezer
Strong, Mrs.; inmate of South Street Home since 1887, widow of Elihu Strong
Strong, Sarah C.; teacher
Strong, W.H.; paid by City for services
Strong, Willis W.; City Engineer
Stump, Charles
Sullivan, John A.; paid by City for repairs and services
Sullivan, Patrick W.
Sydel, Charles
Sylvester, E.A.; paid by City for labor
Tardif ?; 33; carpenter, fireman; Market
Tashjian, Dicran; inmate of almshouse March 1888, died
Taylor, Geo.
Taylor, Mary L.; teacher
Teahan, J.C.; 27; sea master, fireman; Strong Ave.
Thayer, Caleb L.
Thayer, George D.
Thayer, Henry M.
Thebodo, John; 29; basket shop, fireman; Pleasant
Thompson, John P.
Thorpe, Rodney
Till, C.E.
Titcomb, William H.; Precinct Officer; 47; mechanic, fireman; N. Main
Tobin, John73; inmate of almshouse since 1887
Todd, John R.
Toher, E., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Towne, Joseph M.; City Improvement Committee
Trow, Dr.
Trumbull, James R.; Public Library Comm., Board of Almoners, City Treasurer
Tucker, L.M., Mrs.; ? initials L.M. are husbands?
Turner, J.M.; owned Riverside Lumber Company's mill
Tyler, Geo.
Tyler, John; paid by City for repairs and paint
Underwood, Elizabeth; Graduated high school in 1887
Van Vrankin, Benjamin
Vanslike, N.S.; 41; wood worker, fireman; Holyoke
Venne, Joseph; in hospital since 1887
Viets, G.A., Rev.; Methodist
Violet, Michael
Vogel, John, Jr.; paid by the City for horse and labor
Wade, Alfred
Wade, T.
Wainwright, J. Arthur; Justice of the Peace
Waldron, G.H.
Walker, Geo. Leon, Rev.; Congregational
Walker, Oliver; Cemetery Committee
Walsh, J.W.
Walshe, R.F., Rev.; Roman Catholic
Ward, John G.; police officer
Warner, H.W.
Warner, J.G.
Warner, Lewis; business owner
Warner, Luther J.; Board of Health
Warner, Mari E.; teacher
Warner, Mary M.; teacher
Warner, Seth S.; paid by the City for fertilizer
Washburn, Frank I.
Washburn, P.M., Rev.; Episcopal
Watson, Henry; Prospect Street
Webber, G.N., Rev.; Presbyterian
Webster, William; Precinct Officer
Welton, Walter B.; Cemetery Committee
Whalen, Dan
Whipple, Mary H.; teacher
Whitcomb, David B.; Precinct Officer
Whitcomb, W.H.
White, Chas. N.; police officer; Florence
White, John; Precinct Officer
Whitmore, Caroline; inmate of almshouse 1888, discharged
Wilcox, Watson L.; City Improvement Committee
Williams, Charles E.; Public Library Committee
Williston, A. Lyman; Public Library and Trust Funds Comm., Sewer Commissioner
Willner, S.H., Rabbi; Jewish
Wilson, Joe
Witherell, Alphonso; Councilman
Witherwill, Wallace C.; 22; silk maker, fireman; Graves Ave.
Wood, E.E.; paid by City for services
Wood, R.D.; paid by City for services
Woodhouse, D.A.; paid by City for supplies
Woodruff, Mary A.; teacher
Wright, Ansel; Precinct Officer
Wright, David J.; store owner; paid by City for tools and fertilizer
Wright, George L.; Councilman
Wright, Hervey
Wright, Luther C.; Collector of Taxes
Wrisley, E.J.; police officer
Wyman, Mr.; agent for Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
Yenney, Anna I.; teacher
Young, Joseph S.; Councilman

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