Hampshire County -- Huntington

Huntington, Massachusetts
Incorporated: 1773
Renamed from "Norwich" in 1855.

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Town Clerk

413-667-8859 fax
P. O. Box 430, Town Hall - 24 Russell Rd., Huntington, MA 01050
By Appointment

Vital Records

Huntington was created from the eastern part of Murrayfield and named "Norwich." Two major divisions within the town were "Chester Village," near the railroad station, and "Chester factories," later the incorporated town of Chester.

Walter E. Corbin Collection, comp. Walter E. and Lottie S. Corbin, microfilm edition published by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society: Reel 10: Huntington, Reel 17: Norwich

Churches and Religious History

First Congregational Church was gathered as Norwich First Church in July 1778, at Cehster Village ("Falley's Crossroads"). The First Parish was organized in 1832. The church was renamed when the town's name was changed. The church was incorporated in 1917, and called itself "the Church on Norwich Hill."
Early pastors of the First Church were Rev. Stephen Tracey (served from 1781 to 1799 and died in 1822); and Rev. Benajmin B. Woodbridge (ordained in 1799, left 1831, d. 1844). Early deacons included John Kirkland, Jonathan Ware and Artemas Knight (removed 1835). There are no records known before 1832.
Church Records 1832-1854.
Church Records 1854-1931
Society Records 1832-1842
Society Records 1842-1865
Parish Records 1866-1917
Second Congregational, later the Federated Church, was in the village of Chester until 1855; this may have become a Baptist congregation (Richard H. Taylor, The Churches of Christ of the Congregational Way in New England, Benton Harbor, MI, 1989).

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