Immaculate Conception Church -- Golden Jubilee

Immaculate Conception Church
Holyoke, MA — Golden Jubilee

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His Holiness Pope Pious XII
His Eminence Christopher J. Weldon, D.D. Bishop of Springfield
The Great Altar
The Interior of the Church
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette
The Stained Glass Window of Glory
The Church
The First School
The School
The Rectory
The Convent
The Virgin of the Conversation
Children of the Choir
The Ornaments of a Papal Mass
Sisters of the Presentation
The Young Girls' Choir
Parish Hall
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
The Adult Choir
The Scouts.
The Cubs.
Group of Older Girls.
Group of Younger Girls.
The Ladies of Ste. Anne
League of the Sacred Heart and League of Our Lady of La Salette.
Children of Mary
The Alfred Beauregard Family: Sr. Mary René, "Feu" Abbess T. Beauregard, Sr. Mary St. Roger, Sr. Berthe, Sr. Alfred of Jesus

Male Clergy (unordered)

Rev. Fr. Julien Ginet, M.S.
Rev. Fr. Arthur A. Brodeur, M.S., Pastor
Msgr. Albert Aubertin
Msgr. Joseph Smith, P.D.
Very Rev. Fr. Joseph W. Higgins, M.S.
The Very Rev. Fr. Wolfgang J. Fortier, M.S.
Rev. Fr. Henri A. Lachapelle, M.S., Vicar
Rev. Fr. Roland A. Nadeau, M.S., Vicar
Rev. S. Guillet, Vicar, 1906-07
Rev. T. Ferron, Vicar, 1908-11
Rev. J. V. Campeau, Curate, 1905-11
Rev. Fr. H. Galvin, M.S., Vicar, 1912-15
Rev. Fr. Pierre Rivoire, M.S., Vicar, 1912-14
Rev. Fr. F. Geynet, M.S., Vicar, 1911-16
Rev. Fr. J. Ramel, M.S., Vicar, 1915-17
Rev. H. Gélineau, Adm. 1911-12
Rev. Fr. J. B. Pilloix, M.S., Vicar, 1916-19
Rev. Fr. Z. Chouinard, M.S., Vicar, 1917-18
Rev. Fr. J. Blanc, M.S., Vicar, 1918-21
Rev. Fr. P. Roux, M.S., Vicar, 1919-24
Rev. Camille Triquet, M.S., Curate, 1912-21
Rev. Fr. V. Fauré, M.S., Vicar, 1919-22
Rev. Fr. Emile Leclerc, M.S., Vicar, 1921-30
Rev. Fr. A. Végiard,, M.S., Vicar, 1924-26
Rev. Fr. E. Marcoux, M.S., Vicar, 1926-35
Rev. Fr. J. Guinet, M.S., Curate, 1921-23
Rev. Fr. W. Boulanger, M.S.,Vicar, 1930-32
Rev. Fr. T. Morin, M.S., Vicar, 1932-33
Rev. Fr. Gustave Gosselin, M.S.
Rev. Fr. E. Versailles, M.S., Vicar, 1935-36
Rev. Fr. Alphonse Hébert, M.S., Curate, 1947-51
Rev. Fr. W. Brault, M.S., Vicar, 1943-49
Rev. Fr. J. Labonté, M.S., Vicar, 1944-51
Rev. A. B. Cayer
Rev. J. P. Georges
Rev. Fr. Léon Bergeron, M.S.
Rev. L. Pagé
Rev. G. Poirier
Rev. Donat Parisien, M.S.
Rev. Loyola Parisien
Rev. Réal Therrien
Rev. Albert Rivest
Rev. Laurent Tremblay
Rev. C. E. Authier
Rev. Fr. Désiré, O. F. M. (L. Beaulieu)
Rev. Fr. R. Brisebois, M.S.
Rev. Fr. A. Brodeur, M.S.
Rev. F. P. Desilets, C.S.V.
Rev. Fr. H. Durand, M.S.
Rev. Roger Hébert
Rev. Fr. W. J. Fortier, M.S.
Rev. F. J. Gagnon, C.S.V.
Rev. Fr. Gustave Gosselin, M.S.
Rev. P. Donule, O.F.M (Labelle)
Rev. Fr. E Ladouceur, M.S.
Rev. R. Lavoie
Rev. Fr. L. Martel, M.S.
Rev. Fr. H. Pilotte, M.S
Brother Maurice Rondeau
Brother Philippe,, M.S. (Authier)
Brother M. Bonaventure, Trappist (Hubert)

Female Clergy (unordered)

Sr. Mary Elie du Carmel, P. of M. (Archambault)
Sr. Mary Jeanne of the Lillies, P. of M. (Audet)
Sr. Emile Ste. Martha (Authier)
Sr. Ste. Béatrice Ste. Martha (Authier)
Sr. Mary Gabriel of Jesus, P. of M. (Authier)
Sr. Mary Lorette of the Angels, P. of M. (Authier)
Sr. Mary Herminie, P. of M. (Authier)
Sr. Mary Louise Angéline, P. of M. (Authier)
Sr. Imelda of Jesus, N.D.S. (Beaulieu)
Sr. Ste. Mary of Egypt, S.S.A. (Beaulieu)
Sr. Mary Rose-Alma, P. of M. (Barsalou)
Sr. Mary Odilon of Jesus, P. of M. (Bergeron)
Sr. of the Nativity, B.P. (Bérard)
Mother M. Joseph, Ursuline (Boissy)
Sr. Mary of La Salette Providence (Brouillard)
Sr. Mary René Joseph, S.S.A. (Beaulieu)
Sr. Mary of the Crucifix, P. of M. (Coderre)
Sr. St. Mary of Calvary, P. of M. (Defosses)
Sr. Mary S. Claudius, P. of M. (Brodeur)
Sr. Antoinette Marie, P. of M. (Cagnon)
Sr. Mary Louis of Poisy Assumption (Faille)
Sr. Mary of the Assumption, P. of M. (Goulet)
Sr. Mary Marguerite of Savoy, B.P. (Labelle)
Sr. Paul Jacques Providence (Désilets)
Sr. Naomi Holy Family (Durand)
Sr. Mary Ste. Rose of Jesus, P. of M. (Emery)
Sr. Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, P. of M. (Forest)
Sr. Elaine, P. of M. (Fournier)
Sr. Marie-André Dominican (Gagnon)
Sr. Marie Antoinette Sacred Heart of Mary (Gagnon)
Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart Carmelite (Georges)
Sr. Mary Louise Joseph, P. of M. (Giroux)
Sr. Thérèse of the Infant Jesus, N.D.S. (Giroux)
Sr. Mary Antoine of the Saviour, P. of M. (Guilbault)
Sr. Mary-Pia, P. of M. (Hebert)
Sr. Catherine of St. Augustine Order of St. Augustine (Houle)
Sr. Mary Lucienne Assumption (Joyal)
Sr. Adélard Marie, P. of M. (Emery)
Sr. Leblond, Gray Sisters of Charity
Sr. Mary St. Seraphim, P. of M. (Lemieux)
Sr. Mary-Julienne Marist (Lemieux)
Sr. Mary Paul of the Sacred Heart, P. of M. (Ménard)
Sr. Mary Albert of Rome, P. of M. (Papineau)
Sr. Mary of Lourdes, P. of M. (Papineau)
Sr. St. Peter Gonzales, Gray Sisters of Charity (Pélissier)
Sr. Mary St. Rudolph, P. of M. (Plouffe)
Sr. Mary-St. Camilla, P. of M. (Plouffe)
Sr. Mary Priscilla, P. of M. (Plouffe)
Sr. Mary St. Paulin, P. of M. (Provost)
Sr. Mary Julienne, C. of D. Heart (Richard)
Sr. Mary Saint Anatole, P. of M. (Savage)
Sr. Mary Louise Felicity, P. of M. (Savage)
Sr. Mary-Rosa, P. of M. (Smith)
Sr. Mary Carita, Holy Family (Trudeau)
Sr. Mary Georgianna, P. of M. (Turcotte)
Sr. Mary Fernande, P. of M. (Turcotte)
Sr. Mary Flavien, Marist (Valiquette)
Sr. Jeanne of the Presentation, P. of M. (Viens)
Sr. Joseph Antoine, P. of M. (Marois)
Sr. St. Anne of the Assumption, Sisters of St. Anne (Rival)
Sr. Claire, Gray Sisters of Charity (Verrette)
Sr. Mary Théophile, P. of M. (Beauchemin)
Sr. Rachel, Gray Sisters of Charity (Verrette)

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