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Topsfield History

The following history of Topsfield is taken from the Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical Society.

The town of Topsfield, without doubt derives its name from the parish of Toppesfield, in the County of Essex, England.  Samuel Symonds, the Assistant and Deputy Governor, who owned land in Topsfield and lived in Ipswich, had emigrated from the English parish and his children had been baptised in its church - - St. Margaret's.  The name "Toppesfield" was applied to this locality as early as March 21, 1642 when John Winthrop, jr. sold land lying near Mr. Symonds grant, to Henry Parks of London.  The deed describes the land as lying partly in "the Hamlett Village or place called Toppesfield in the parish of Ipswich."*

See Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical Society, Vol. VI, pp. 40-41.

The several acts of the Great and General Court relating to the founding and incorporation of the town are as follows:--

"Whereas the inhabitants of Salem have agreed to plant a village neare the ryver wch runs to Ipswich, it is ordered, that all the land neare their bounds, between Salem & the said ryver, not belonging to any other towne or person, by any former grant, shall belong to the said village."
Mass. Colony Records, 5 Nov. 1639.

"The village the newe medowes at Ipswich is named Toppesfeild."
Mass. Colony Records, 18 Oct. 1648.

Topsfield Data

Clicking on these links will take you to actual town records, newspaper articles, and other data.

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      Thanks, John and Brenda!

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