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"Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it!"

"Salem Witches" & Town Boundries

The current Town of Salem  has been famous as "Witch City" since 1692.
The fact is, that while the actual (witch) trials, the incarceration of the accused (They were housed mostly  in Salem Jail) and executions took place in Salem "Town",  the "witchcraft hysteria" actually began in the near by town,that now comprises the town's of Danvers and what is now Peabody( Formerly South Danvers until 1868 when South Danvers was renamed Peabody after philanthropist George Peabody.)When the Court of Oyer and Terminer was appointed in May 1692, the trials and executions were moved to near by Salem Town , the county seat. At the time Danvers and what is now, Peabody, were  part of  a parish of Salem Town, and were  known as Salem Village. Several Families moved the five miles from Salem Town to Salem Village (Danvers) in 1638. Peabody was originally part of Salem "Town" called Brooksby Village. Brooksby separated from Salem "Town" in 1752 to establish the town of Danvers.

So what this means is:

Salem Town = what is now the city of Salem
Salem Village = what are now the town's of Danvers and Peabody.

The now famous list of "Salem Witches",or the 19 vicitms who were excucuted during the Salem Witchcraft Trials between June 10, 1692 and September 22, 1692 are:
Bridget Bishop
Martha Carrier
Mary Parker
Sarah Good
Reverend George Burroughs
Ann Prudeater
Susanna Martin
John Proctor Wilmot Reed
Elizabeth Howe
John Willard Margaret Scott
Rebecca Nurse
Martha Corey
Samuel Wardwell
Sarah Wildes Mary Easty
George Jacobs

Alice Parker

A list of Individuals accused of Witchcraft in 1692 and the town they were from:

Nehemiah Abbot Topsfield
Abigail Faulkner, Sr. Andover
John Proctor Salem Village
Nehemiah Abbot, Jr. Topsfield Abigail Faulkner, Jr. Andover
Sarah Proctor Salem Village
John Alden Boston
Dorothy Faulkner Andover
William Proctor Salem Village
Daniel Andrew Salem Village
John Flood Rumney (Romney )Marsh Ann Pudeator Salem Town
Abigail Barker Andover
Elizabeth Fosdick Malden
Wilmot Reed Marblehead
Mary Barker Andover Elizabeth Fosdick (Jr) Malden
Sarah Rice Reading
William Barker, Sr. Andover
Ann Foster Andover
Susannah Roots Beverly
William Barker, Jr. Andover
Nicholas Frost Manchester
Henry Salter Andover
Sarah Bassett Lynn
Eunice Frye Andover
John Sawdy Andover
Bridget Bishop Salem Village
Dorcas Good Salem Village Margaret Scott Unknown
Edward Bishop, Jr. Salem Village
Sarah Good Salem Village Ann Sears Woburn
Sarah Bishop Salem Village
Mary Green Haverhill
Abigail Somes Salem Town
Mary Black Salem Village
Elizabeth Hart Lynn
Martha Sparks Chelmsford
Mary Bradbury Salisbury
Margaret Hawks Salem Town
Tituba (slave) Salem Village
Mary Bridges, Sr. Andover
Sarah Hawkes Andover
Job Tookey Beverly
Mary Bridges, Jr. Andover Dorcas Hoar Beverly
Mary Toothacker Billerica
Sarah Bridges Andover
Abigail Hobbs Topsfield
Margaret Toothacker Billerica
Hannah Bromage Andover Deliverance Hobbs Topsfield
Roger Toothacker Billerica
Sarah Buckley Salem Village
William Hobbs Topsfield
Hannah Tyler Andover
George Burroughs Wells, Maine
Elizabeth How(e) Topsfield
Martha Tyler Andover
Candy (slave) Salem Town
John Howard Rowley
Mercy Wardwell Andover
Hannah Carrell Salem Town
Francis Hutchens Haverhill
Samuel Wardwell Andover
Andrew Carrier Andover
Mary Ireson Lynn
Sarah Wardwell Andover
Martha Carrier Andover
John Jackson, Sr. Rowley
Mary Warren Salem Village
Richard Carrier Andover
John Jackson, Jr. Rowley
Sarah Wilds Topsfield
Sarah Carrier Andover
George Jacobs, Sr. Salem Town
Ruth Wilford Haverhill
Thomas Carrier, Jr. Andover
George Jacobs, Jr. Salem Village
John Willard Salem Village
Bethia Carter, Sr. Woburn
Margaret Jacobs Salem Town
Abigail Williams Salem Village
Bethia Carter, Jr. Woburn
Rebecca Jacobs Salem Village
Sarah Wilson, Sr. Andover
Elizabeth Cary Charlestown
Abigail Johnson Andover
Sarah Wilson, Jr. Andover
Mary Clarke Haverhill
Elizabeth Johnson,Sr. Andover
Mary Withridge Salem Village
Rachel Clenton Ipswich
Elizabeth Johnson,Jr Andover
Sarah Cloyse Salem Village
Rebecca Johnson Andover
Sarah Cole Lynn
Stephen Johnson Andover
Sarah Cole Salem Town
Mary Lacey, Sr. Andover
Elizabeth Colson Reading
Mary Lacey, Jr. Andover
Mary Colson Unknown
John Lee Unknown
Giles Corey Salem Village
Jane Lilly Malden
Martha Corey Salem Village
Mary Marston Andover
Deliverance Dane Andover
Susanna Martin Amesbury
Mary DeRich Salem Village
Mary Morey Beverly
Elizabeth Dicer Gloucester
Sarah Morrill Beverly
Rebecca Dike Gloucester Rebecca Nurse Salem Village
Joseph Draper Andover
Sarah Osborne Salem Village
Ann Doliver Gloucester
Mary Osgood Andover
Lydia Dustin Reading
Elizabeth Paine Charlestown
Sarah Dustin Reading
Alice Parker Salem Town
Rebecca Eames Andover
Mary Parker Andover
Mary Easty Salem Village
Sarah Pease Salem Town
Esther Elwell Gloucester
Joan Peney Gloucester
Martha Emerson Haverhill
Hannah Post Boxford
Joseph Emons Manchester Mary Post Rowley
Mary English Salem Town Susanna Post Andover
Philip English Salem Town
Margaret Prince Gloucester
Thomas Farrer, Sr. Lynn
Benjamin Proctor Salem Village
Edward Farrington Andover Elizabeth Proctor Salem Village

The fact is, only 11 individuals (out of approximately 167) who were accused of witchcraft and were held in Salem Jail( as well as other town's jails such as Ipswich)  were from Salem Town.

Of this list of acussed persons, the following were residents of Salem Town:

1)Candy (slave)  Salem Town  4)Sarah Cole  Salem Town
7)Margaret Hawks  Salem Town
10)Margaret Jacobs  Salem Town
2)Hannah Carrell  Salem Town
 5)Philip English  Salem Town
8)George Jacobs, Sr. SalemTown 
11)Alice Parker  Salem Town
3)Sarah Pease  Salem Town    6)Ann Pudeator  Salem Town 

9)Abigail Somes  Salem Town   

Of the "famous" 19 victims hung on Gallows Hill ( located in Salem Town) in 1692 were the following Salem Town residents:

1) Alice Parker of  Salem Town hung  22-Sep-1692  
    2) Ann Prudeater of  Salem Town hung    22-Sep-1692

Of the 19 victims hung on Gallows Hill in 1692,those who were residents of Salem Village (now Danvers/Peaboby) were:

3) Sarah Good  Salem Village (now Danvers) hung 19-Jul-169
                           4)Rebecca Nurse (or Nourse)  Salem Village (now Danvers) hung 19-Jul-1692  
  5)George Jacobs  Salem Village (now Danvers)  19-Aug-1692  
                                                                       6)John Proctor  Salem Village (now Peabody)(the first male to be accused of witchcraft)  hung 19-Aug-1692 
     7)John Willard  Salem Village (now Danvers) hung 19-Aug-1692  
       8)Martha Corey  Salem Village (now Peabody) hung  22-Sep-1692
                            9)Bridget Bishop Salem Village ( Salem Village now Danvers) hung 10-June-1692
The other 10 were from the neighboring towns and villages and one ( Reverand George Burroughs) was from Wells, Maine.


10) Susanna Martin Amesbury hung 19-Jul-1692
11) Elizabeth Howe Ipswich hung 19-Jul-1692
12) Sarah Wildes Topsfield hung19-Jul-1692
13) Martha Carrier Andover hung 19-Aug-1692
14) Rev. George Burroughs Wells, Maine hung 19-Aug-1692
15) Mary Easty Topsfield hung 22-Sep-1692
16) Mary Parker Andover hung 22-Sep-1692
17) Wilmot Reed Marblehead hung 22-Sep-1692
18) Margaret Scott Rowley hung 22-Sep-1692
19) Samuel Wardwell Andover hung 22-Sep-1692

Giles Corey, who was "pressed to death" on September 19, 1692: was a resident of Salem Village ( now Danvers/Peabody)

The number of accused by  Village or Town

  Great Island..................1
                 (Romney) Marsh (now Revere).....1
           Salem Town.........................11
     Salem Village .................30
    Topsfield & Ipswich........7
  Wells, Maine.................1

     In addition to the 133 above, 34 other individuals were accused and  incarcerated in various jails ( Including Ipswich )
waiting for trial when Governor Phips released all the prisoners.

Died in Prison

Sarah Osborn
Roger Toothaker
Lydia Dustin
Ann Foster
Infant Girl (daughter of Sarah Good)

(As many as thirteen others may have died in prison but sources conflict as to the  number of prison deaths)

Visit an Interactive Map

This wonderful Interactive Map shows town boundries, the location of households (by name) of both the "accused" and the "accusers" and thier relationship to each other by distance as well as rivers and roads.

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Individual property lines, town boundries , politics, mass hysteria, the reaction of  adults who sought personal gain from the opportunity that arose from the staged, ongoing drama's of attention seeking little girls, fear and misunderstanding of indivduals who were"different", and Puritan religious fanaticism all played it's part in the death and suffering of ALL the victims of the Witchcraft Hysteria in early Massachusetts.
 The devastation and fear brought to the indivuals who were either excuted or accused, thier families and the general population of Salem Town, Salem Village and the many other early Massachusetts towns, left long lasting scars . Many never fully recovered  financially, emotionally or physically from the ordeal in 1692.   

To Learn more about the neighboring towns, visit them at:

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