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  4. Then, list out your specific immigrant ancestor(s), in all capital letters. Please include early Salem ancestors that were in Salem BEFORE 1700.
    Surnames alone will not suffice as many brothers, cousins or even unrelated individuals with the same surname may have settled in Salem.
    Following the ancestor's name, provide if possible the year of their arrival or birth in Salem.

  5. A sample submission might be:
    Joe Researcher,, Roger CONANT, 1626

Ancestor                                                                               Likely Arrival in Salem                                                     Researcher's Name
John ABBEY 1637
Samuel ABORN (ABORNE, EABORN) 1636 Robert Young
Henry BARTHOLOMEW After 1635; Aboard the "Griffin"." Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
William BARTHOLOMEW 1634; Aboard the "Griffin".Settled in Salem a year later." Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
John BECKET (BECKETT) 1656 Marguerite Lindauer
Edward BISHOP 1646 Robert Young
Richard BISHOP 1628 Becky Hoff
Jeremiah BUTMAN (BOOTMAN) 1651 Ann Harlow
Anthony BUXTON 1637, From England
Nathaniel CARRIEL Before 1659 Charles Carroll
William CLARK (CLARKE) 1637
Peter CLOYES (CLOYCE) 1677, From York, Maine
Roger CONANT 1626, One of the "Old Planters" Leonard Crean,Marguerite LindauerSacha McClymont
Henry COOK (COOKE) 1638  
Benjamin COOPER 1637; Aboard the "Mary Anne"." Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
Philemon DICKERSON 1637; Aboard the "Mary Anne"." Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
William DIXY 1638
William DODGE 1629, Aboard "The Lion's Whelp"
Jeffrey EASTEY (ESTY, ESTEY) 1636
Nathaniel FELTON 1633 Terryl Whitaker Pilon
Thomas FLINT 1650
William FLINT 1642 Bill Roberts
John FRIEND 1637
Robert FULLER 1639
Thomas FULLER 1638
Henry GARDNER b. 1809 Richard B. Gardner,
Thomas GARDNER 1626, One of the "Old Planters"
Mathew GIBBS 1629 David C. Gibbs
Thomas GIBBS 1629 David C. Gibbs
Samuel GIBBS 1629 David C. Gibbs
Edward GILES (GYLES) 1634
Thomas GOLDTHWAITE 1630 Steve Potts
Robert GOODALE 1634, Aboard "The Elizabeth" Bill Lander
Thomas GRAVES 1629, Aboard "George Bonaparte" Janis Campbell
Edmund GROVER 1628
Henry HAGGETT 1642
John HART 1632; Aboard the "William And Frances"" Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
John HATHORNE 1634
William HATHORNE 1634 Chris Finney,Marguerite Lindauer
Henry HERRICK 1629 Marguerite Lindauer
Lucas HERSCHEL unknown tomjean3381
John HORNE 1639 Terryl Whitaker Pilon
Joseph HOULTON (HOLTON, HOUGHTON) 1652 Terryl Whitaker Pilon
Richard HUTCHINSON 1634
Alice INGERSOLL 1629
Richard INGERSOLL 1629 Terryl Whitaker Pilon
George JACOBS 1674 Charlie King
Hugh JONES (JOANES) 1642, From Wincanton, England Steven C. Jones
Elisha KEBEE (KIBBE, KIBBEY) 1667  
Lawrence LEACH 1628
William LORD 1634 Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
John MARSTON 1637 Chris Colvin Cronin
Robert MORGAN 1637
Richard NORMAN 1626, One of the "Old Planters" Becky Hoff
Francis NURSE 1640 Marguerite Lindauer
Richard OBER Unknown
Thomas PAINE 1637; Aboard the "Mary Anne"" Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
Rev. Samuel PARRIS 1689, From the West Indies
James PATCH 1648
Robert PEASE 1634, Aboard "The Francis" Bill Lander
Joseph POPE1634; in the Mary and John, of London Carlton Tatlock
Isreal PORTER 1644 Carlton Tatlock
John PORTER 1644 Carlton Tatlock
Thomas PUTNAM 1642 Carlton Tatlock
John PUTNAM 1638 Marguerite Lindauer Carlton Tatlock
Richard RAYMOND 1629 George McNellie 
Daniel REA 1631 Joseph Ray
Thomas READ(E) 1630, With the Winthrop Fleet
Thomas SCUDDER 1638 Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
Capt. John SEAMANS 1643
Samuel SHATTUCK 1642 Carlton Tatlock
Ephraim SHELDON 1691 Terryl Whitaker Pilon
James SMITH 1635
John SWASEY 1640
John SWEET 1632
Job SWINERTON 1637, From England
John TALBIE (TALBY) 1635
Abraham TEMPLE 1637
William TOWNE 1640 Marguerite Lindauer
Capt. William TRASKE 1626, One of the "Old Planters"
Thomas TRUSLER (TRESLER) 1629 Arthur Arnold,Cheryl Trusler McKnight Nancey Tresler
Peter TWISS 1680 Robert Young
Jonathan WALCOTT 1634
William WALCOTT 1634
Richard WATERMAN 1629 Susan Cayouette
Bray WILKINS 1628
John WOODBURY 1626, One of the "Old Planters"
William WOODBURY 1636, Somersetshire, England


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