Robert Mullicken

Robert Mullicken

Robert Mullicken, the Mulliken family immigrant, was born in Scotland in 1666 and it has been traditionally said he came from Glasgow. He probably sailed from that port, but from the spelling of his surname, it appears he came from the northern counties of Scotland. He married Rebekah Savory 15 Dec 1687 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Robert died 11 Jun 1741 in Bradford, in his seventy-sixth year. Robert and Rebekah are buried in the old Bradford 

Robert was an early settler in Rowley, (the part that became Bradford) Massachusetts in 1683. His homestead was located on the bank of the Merrimac River in what was earlier called "Kimball's Pasture". Rebekah Mullicken 
became a member of the West Parish Church of Bradford 05 Jul 1697 and Robert became a member 04 Apr 1699. 

Robert made a will 09 Jan 1740 and died 11 Jun 1741, leaving a widow and five children (of his original nine) to whom he made bequests. In his will he gave his son Robert, Jr. his "loom and tackle for weaving". It is known he 
was a stone cutter by trade and was the second Essex County gravestone carver, producing headstones between 1714 and 1749. He taught at least three sons the art of gravestone carving; Robert Jr., John and Joseph. 
Possibly Robert may have taught his sons the art of clockmaking as well, as several of his grandsons went into the clockmaking business in Newburyport and Bradford and later in Concord and Lexington. 

Text submitted by Terri Mulliken Allen

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