Biographical Information on Early Haverhill Residents

Biographical Information on Early Haverhill Residents

This page includes the links to biographical information on immigrants and subsequent noted (or notorious) Haverhill residents.  These links are of two kinds: they may connect you to a brief report prepared for this site or directly to an alternative site.  In the former case, there is a return link to this page or to the Haverhill home page.  In the latter you will be able to return only by hitting the "back" button on your browser.

This is a page in progress: links will be added over time in an effort to be of reasonably broad value to those with ancestors in Haverhill.  I therefore welcome your suggestions for inclusion as well as any prepared text you may have on immigrants and prominent early Haverhill residents. 

Contact:  Terryl Whitaker Pilon

Henry Bodwell (1653-1745)
George Corliss (1617-1686)

John Carleton (1637-1668) 
Job Clements (1615-1682)
John Clements (1620-abt 1660)
Robert Clements (1595-1658)
Thomas Davis (1603-1683)
Hannah Emerson Dustin (1657-1738)
John Eaton (1590-1668)
Elizabeth Emerson (1665-1693)
Michael Emerson (1627-1709)
Thomas Hale (1606-1682)
Daniel Hendrick (1610 to abt 1700-1713)
Daniel Ladd (-- -1693)

Robert Mullicken (1666-1741)

John Page (1613-1687)
Joseph Peasley, Jr. (1646-1735)
John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)


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