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Town of Essex,

Essex County, Massachusetts

Incorporated 1819

Last 27 Jan 2010

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Essex, Mass.

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- - Cemeteries
Old Burying Ground

- - Census
1782 * 1814 * 1820
1830 * 1840 * 1850

- - Church Records

-- Collections
contributions from private collections

- - Deeds
Images and Transcriptions

- - Directories
1903 and 1912 Town directories

- - Maps

- - Military Service
Roll of Honor

- - Newspapers
Cape Ann Advertiser
Essex Echo Clippings, 1887-1910

- - Pictures, paintings, and postcards
Hardy & Story: Views of Old Essex
Vintage Postcards

- - Town Records
   Town Reports (1850-1889)
   Tax Lists (1780, 1800-1824)

- - Vital Records
Births, Marriages, Deaths 1843-1861





JUNE 2010 - temporary posting of Historical Society reports about Hog Island
JAN 2010 - repaired broken links
JUN 2007 - Town Reports from 1850 to 1889
MAY 2007 - Collections - view photos and documents from private collections
JUN 2006 - Photos from the Old Burying Ground.
JUN 2006 - Roll of Honor. Essex residents who served in the military.


Essex, Massachusetts is located on the Atlantic coast, north of Boston. Until its incorporation in 1819, it was the part of Ipswich known as Chebacco Parish. Essex made a reputation as a shipbuilding town. It is claimed that more than 5,000 ships were built there, including most of the famous Gloucester fishing schooners. The majority of businesses are now antique shops and restaurants. Essex has remained a small community, with a current population of less than 4,000 inhabitants.
Historical: A chronology of events presents some basic information about the history of the town. In addition to a chronology of general town history [view], there are also chronologies of buildings, roads and places in Essex [view], and of weather, disease, disasters, and other natural phenomena [view]. For those seeking information about current day Essex, a page of links is presented [view].
Connections: There are two ways to get the information you seek. One is to find it yourself (see resources), and the other is to contact someone who may have already found it. In the Roll Call you can contact someone searching the same surname, or you can register a surname for others to contact you. Some answers may also be found through queries and look-ups.
Resources: For an overview and description of genealogical resources for Essex, please visit the Resource page. You can also quickly get to desired pages through the above table or the Resource page.

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