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Carlisle - probably named for one of the Earls of Carlisle, though it may have been named for the English hometown of James Adams, first white settler of the district, who was banished from England by Oliver Cromwell in 1640.

Henry David Thoreau mentions Carlisle in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, saying:

On the other hand, the road runs up to Carlisle, city of the woods, which, if it is less civil, is the more natural. It does well hold the earth together. It gets laughed at because it is a small town, I know, but nevertheless it is a place where great men may be born any day, for fair winds and foul blow right on over it without distinction. It has a meeting-house and horse-sheds, a tavern and blacksmith's shop, for centre, and a good deal of woods to cut and cord yet.
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Carlisle at long last builds its first Town Hall (1997)! To find out how (and for whom) the meeting rooms were named, click  here .

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Carlisle Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 703, Carlisle, MA 01741

Gleason Public Library, Carlisle, MA 01741 (978)369-4898

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