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Date Owner Type of Dog Name
July 13 Abbot, Amos Small Spotted Skip
Aug. 6 Allen, John J. White Towser
July 13 Baker, Edwin Small Black Tiger
July 13 Baker, Samuel
Aug. 4 Beach, Wm. Black N. F. Bony
Aug. 1 Bills, Marshall Brindle Pompey
Aug. 1 Bills, Marshall Spotted Hound Sport
May 10 Brooker, George H. Spotted Shepard Carlo
July 8 Brooks, Croidell Black N. F. Prince
June 15 Chapel, James M. Large Black New Foundland
July 16 Coleman, John
July 10 Collins, Michael Black Watch
July 10 Collins, Patrick Spotted Skip
Aug. 1 Congdon, Richard Black Skip
July 3 Crane, John M. Small Spotted Jeff Davis
June 13 Crosier, Cherles Brindle Rover
July 13 Crosier, Mrs. Lewis Spotted Tiger
Aug. 4 Delany, Robert Yellow Bull Tiger
July 11 Dibble, Seymour Black Jack
Aug. 11 Dinan, Patrick Black Rover
Aug. 3 Donley, Mrs. Amanda Burr
May 27 Eames, Phillip Large Black Bony
Aug. 1 Flanagan, Patrick White Nero
Aug. 1 Frenck, A. C. Spotted Major
July 13 Frost, Luther S. White Major
June 30 Geer, Eliza Large Brindle Drover
July 11 Geer, John Brindle
July 13 Gober (?), Frederick
Aug. 1 Grossett, George White
July 13 Holmes, Isaac Large Black Prince
July 14 Humphrey, Morris Black Puppy
Aug. 6 Jordan, Sidney D. White Lion
June 10 Kent, John Small Black Lion
July 14 Kettle, Mrs. Samuel Small Black Prince
Aug. 4 Killan, Thomas Pompy
Aug. 3 Lester, John L. Spotted Carlo
Aug. 25 McJenity, James (?)
July 18 McMann, John Long Black N. F. Prince
Aug. 1 Miles, John White Prince
June 26 Morgan, Justin Black Spanish(?) Ajax
Aug. 1 Navins, Michael Spotted Major
July 14 Noble, Eli Large Black Rover
Aug. 1 Pease, William Black Ponto
Aug. 1 Portr, Ebenezer Yellow Moses
July 11 Seagers, Henry White Tiger
July 11 Sibley, Miss H. B. Black N. F. Jack
July 13 Smith, Erastus Black Jack
Aug. 1 Smith, Madison Small Yellow Watch
July 13 Spencer, Edmund Small Brindle
Aug. 5 Stumpf, Philip Large Black Tom
July 13 Tyler, N. F. Large N. F. Brave
Aug. 3 Ward, John L. Ponto
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