Pittsfield, Massachusetts -- Deaths 1886-1941


(Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
From January 1, 1886 to May 30, 1941

By Laurel O'Donnell

The data was compiled from Pittsfield City Directories and in some cases microfilm versions of original city records. You should read Claire's notes for more information as well as other pertinent information about the project

It is estimated that more than 20,000 records are listed within these pages. At the moment entries are listed alphabetically and -- due to length of pages -- are often broken into subcategories. Frequently, married women have their surnames listed in parenthesis, however at this time they are only listed by married name.

Within a couple of weeks of posting these files (2-27-00) one would expect that the pages will be indexed and searchable by the search engine available on the home page.

At this time I am in process of converting this valuable resource into a searchable database which will provide additional ease in use and allow for reliable full text searching. Furthermore, I am in process of proofreading the files and comparing them with original photocopies for purpose of increased veracity, catching any typos, etc.

Finally, after final editing, at least one copy of the database will be printed, bound, and donated to the Berkshire Athenaeum.

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