Monterey, Mass., Address Book -- Berkshire County


Town Hall - Grange Building, Main Road - (413) 528-1443
Open - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Annual Town Meeting - First Saturday in May
Selectmen's Meeting Dates, Time & Place
Monday Evenings - Town Hall - 7 PM

Selectboard, 528-1443
   Fred Chapman, Chairman
   Peter S. Brown
   Muriel L. Lazzarini

Selectmen's Secretary
   Judith Kales, 528-1443

   Mark J.J. Makuc, 528-1382

   Barbara B. Swann, 528-5175

Tax Collector
   Henry J. Makuc, 528-0150

   Patricia Mielke, 528-5603

Auditor/Accountant, 528-1443
   Barbara Gauthier

Animal Inspector
   Richard Tryon, 528-0728

Appeals, Board of, 528-1443
   Peter S. Vallianos, Chairman
   Robert M. Gauthier, Clerk
   Cynthia M. Weber
   Peter S. Murkett
   Dean P. Amidon

Assessors, Board of, 528-6481
   Gerry Shapiro, Chairman
   Harry L. Gustafson
   Assistant Assessor
   James Bracken
   Gary Shaw, Clerk

Building Inspector
   Walter Potash, 528-5189
   Thomas F. Gillis (Alternate)

Cemetery Commission
   Linda E. Thorpe, Chr., 528-2164
   Jane Thorn
   Rudolph J. Gero Civil Defense
   Peter S. Brown, 528-1443

Conservation Commission
   Conrad Ohman, Chr., 528-1443
   Christopher Blair
   Richard E. Nault
   Howard W. Burns
   Deborah Mielke
   Raymond W. Tryon, Clerk

Council on Aging
   Pauline Nault
   Edward Dunlop
   Cynthia M. Weber
   Leonard J. Weber
   Robert Rausch
   Shirley Olds

Dog Officer
   Martin T. Clark, 528-6694

Field Driver
   Kenneth R. Heath, Sr.

Finance Committee
   Greta Cherneff, Chr., 528-2949
   Daniel Moriarty
   Andrea Chase Dunlop

Fire Chief
   Raymond W. Tryon, 528-3136

Fire & Water District

Forest Warden
   Roger C. Tryon, 528-4091

Hazardous Waste Coordinator

Health, Board of, 528-1443
   Fred W. Chapman, Chairman
   Muriel L. Lazzarini
   Peter S. Brown
   Georgiana O'Connell, Clerk
   Sanitary Inspector
   Peter J. Kolodziej

Historical Commission
   Anne M. Makuc, Chr., 528-3795
   Barbara J. Tryon
   Cynthia M. Weber
   Raymond W. Tryon

Housing Authority

Insect Pest Control, Supt. of

Library Trustees
   John M. Higgins, Chr., 528-6691
   William Marsh
   Laurie P. Shaw
   Linda E. Thorpe
   Donna Trumbull
   Anne Marie Makuc

Measurer of Wood & Bark

Parks Commissioner
   R. Thomas Rosenthal, 528-9380

Planning Board
   Wayne Burkhart,Chair., 528-1114
   Joyce Scheffey
   M. Maggie Leonard
   Gerry Shapiro

Gas Inspector
   Raymond W. Tryon, 528-1443

Plumbing Inspector
   Robert Krupski, 229-8019

Police Chief
   Gareth Backhaus, 528-2244

   Raymond W. Tryon, 528-2982

Procurement Officer
   Maryellen A. Brown, 528-1443

Public Works, Dept. of

Registrar of Voters
   Vivian R. Bynack (D)
   Barbara B. Swann (D)
   Joan Brown (R)
   Fran Amidon (R)

School Committee
   Jed Lipsky

Schools, Supt. of
   Dr. William Cooper, 229-8778

Sealer of Wgts. & Measures

Town Counsel
   Hugh C. Cowhig 637-3311

Tree Warden
   Roger C. Tryon, 528-4091

Veterans Agent
   Albert Adams, 528-1580

Water Commissioner

Wiring Inspector
   Robert Clausen, 528-2067
   Michael Leining (Alternate)
   Joseph Wirth (Alternate)

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