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These postcards are from various parts of Berkshire County, most were published in the early 1900's and are considered to be in the public domain.  
The Mount, residence of Edith Wharton
Shadow Brook, Lenox Mass.
1906 Shadow Brook, Lenox Mass.
1908 Shadow Brook, Lenox Mass.
Residence of S.P. Shotter and Anson Phelps Stokes Estate
Hampton Terrace, Lenox Mass.

1905 Trinity Church, Lenox Mass.

1907 Lenox High School, Lenox Mass.

Ventfort Hall, Residence of Mrs. Roscoe Bonsal,
Lenox, Mass.
Lenox School, Lenox, Mass.
Lenox Club, Lenox, Mass.

Lenox Academy 1803

Curtis Hotel, Lenox, Mass.
Curtis Hotel, Lenox, Mass.
1915 The Aspinwall, Lenox Mass.
The Aspinwall, North Front, Main Entrance,
Lenox, Mass.
Hotel Aspinwall, Lenox, Mass.
Hotel Aspinwall, Lenox, Mass.
Interior of Lenox Museum
Yokun, built in 1794 by Rev. John Hotchkin
Residence of Richard Goodman, Esquire
1930s, The Revilla Inn, Mrs. A.C. Bontell, Owner
Allen Winden, Lenox, Mass.
Elm Court, residence of W.D. Sloane
entrance to residence of Mr. Giraud Foster, Lenox
Bellefontaine, Lenox, Mass.
Bellefontaine staircase, Lenox, Mass.
1962 Cranwell Hall Jesuit Boys School, Lenox, Mass.
Berkshire Hunt and Country Club, Lenox, Mass.
Belvoir Terrace, Lenox, Mass.
Residence of Mrs. Morris K. Jessup
Brookhurst, residence of Mr. Newbold Morris, Lenox, Mass.
Hampton Terrace, Lenox, Mass.
Breezy Corner, residence of Miss E.W. Biddle
Eastover, Lenox, Mass.
Eastover, Lenox, Mass.
Entrance from Lee Road to Residence of Mr. Giraud Foster
The Perch, cottage of Fanny Kemble
Fernbrook, residence of Dr. R. Metz
Grounds of John E. Parsons
Wharton Residence
Shadowbrook Red Lion Inn
Grace M.E. Church, Lenox Dale, Mass.
Church on the Hill, Lenox, Mass.
Trinity Church, Lenox, Mass.
Trinity Parish House and Episcopal Church, Lenox, Mass.
Lenox Library, Lenox, Mass.
The Village Inn, Lenox, Mass.
Lenox Main Street
Main Street looking North
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