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Jan. 9 Bernard Alfred Smith
Feb. 15 Richard Edward Lewis
15 David Ralph Fuller
16 Arnold Stanley Rice
Mar. 5 Raymond Edward Marier
30 _________ ___________
April 5 Leslie Arthur Burch
16 Mildred Gloria LaFrance
June 5 Maria Cormier
Aug. 30 Barbara jean Cormier
Sept. 1 Ralph Elmer Bellinger
11 Ernestine Roma Chenail
21 Joan Lillian Bellinger
21 Harry Edward Freshler
Oct. 26 William Peter Eldridge
Nov. 15 Robert Joseph Garceau
Dec. 26 Alfred George Kirchner
Mo. Day Names Residence
June 8 Howard E. Levernoch Washington
Edith E. Little Washington
June 11 Leon Guillaume Rucquoi Brussels, Belgium
Dorothy Ellis Pierce Hinsdale
June 20 Francis S.P. Mathews Hinsdale
Mary E. Naughton Hinsdale
July 31 Allyn W. Smith Hinsdale
Margaret Gillooly Windsor
Aug. 6 James Sylvanus Peace College Point, N.Y.
Dorothy Frances Galatian Whitestone, N.Y.
Sept. 2 Robert Lockhead Hinsdale
Lilla B. Sayres Hinsdale
Sept. 10 Vernon Wager Westfield
Almira S. Pennoyer Hinsfield
Sept. 26 Isadore E. Plant Hinsdale
Loretta M. Simpson Pittsfield
Oct. 12 Early Clyde Scott Hinsdale
Mary Agnes Thibadeau Pittsfield
Oct. 22 Samuel Dominick Pisani Pittsfield
Madeline Ida Sweeney Hinsdale
Oct. 24 Daniel Francis McLaughlin Pittsfield
Marguerite Irene Butler Hinsdale
Oct. 31 John B. Hughes Tottenville, N.Y.
Anna Marguerite Collins Hinsdale
Dec. 14 Henry Michaels Hinsdale
Lucy Traeger Hinsdale
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