Berkshire County -- Courts and Court Officers

COURT OFFICERS -- 1998-1999

Silvio O. Conte Superior Courthouse
76 East Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Associate Justices
Daniel A. Ford, Pittsfield

Deborah S. Capeless, Pittsfield 499-7487

Assistant Clerk
Elizabeth A. Gingras, Pittsfield

Probation Officers
Clifford J. Nilan, Chief, Pittsfield 499-2515
Michael L. Koperniak, Adams
Richard A. Berti, Adams
Kathleen A. Kelley, Pittsfield

Court Officers
Frank Martin, Jr., Chief, Pittsfield
Philip Beaudin, Pittsfield
Edward Grady, Pittsfield
William Bateman, Pittsfield
Susan MacMahon, Pittsfield
Stephen Kerr, Pittsfield
Vincent Patella, Lenox
Robert Pinsonneault, Pittsfield
Mark Quadrozzi, Pittsfield
David Hadley, Pittsfield
Edward Sherman, Pittsfield
Cheryl Bateman, Pittsfield
Stephen Gingras, Pittsfield
Robert Traversa, North Adams
Robert MacDonald
Mark Schiavina
James Clark
Daniel Racine

Official Court Reporter
Lance A. Boardman

44 Bank Row
Pittsfield, MA 01201

First Justice
Edward J. Lapointe, Pittsfield 442-6941

Register FAX 443-3430
Francis B. Marinaro, Pittsfield

First Assistant Register
Gary W. Roy, Pittsfield

Assistant Register
James P. Mazzeo, Pittsfield

Deputy Assistant Register
Joan E. Oggiani, West Stockbridge

Family Service Officers 443-9469
Alexander A. Carnevale, Chief, Pittsfield
Sondra McMillan King, Pittsfield
Patricia Garvey, Pittsfield

Court Officer
Robert J. Galvagni, Sr., Pittsfield

Superior Court House
76 East Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Librarian 442-5059
Janice Shotwell FAX 448-2474
Kelly Dolan, Law Library Assistant

Northern Berkshire Division
North Adams - Adams
City Hall, Main Street, North Adams, MA 01247

First Justice
Michael J. Ripps, Adams

Associate Justice

Mark D. Trottier, Adams 663-5339

Assistant Clerk FAX 664-7209
Dennis J. D'Arcangelo, Clarksburg

Probation Officers 663-5369
T. William Lewis, Chief, North Adams
F. Thomas Collins, Pittsfield - Assoc. Chief
Alfred E. Barbalunga, Pittsfield
Mark P. Hayer, Adams
Michael R. Urquhart, Cheshire

Court Officer
Steve Gingras, Pittsfield

Central Berkshire Division
24 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201

First Justice
Alfred A. Barbalunga, Pittsfield

Associate Justice
Rita S. Koenigs, Pittsfield

Leo F. Evans, Pittsfield 442-5468

First Assistant Clerk/Magistrate
David J. Kearns, Pittsfield

Assistant Clerk/Magistrate
Linda C. Barry, Pittsfield

Probation Officers 442-1441
David M. McNeice, Chief, Pittsfield
Robert H. Melle, Assistant Chief, Pittsfield
Matthew Stracuzzi, Pittsfield
Deborah A. Haddad, Pittsfield
Michael Murphy, Pittsfield
Karen Barry, Pittsfield
Brian Alarie
Donald Wright

Associate Probation Officers
John Lander
Clifford Fynn

Court Officer
Robert Traversa, Pittsfield

Southern Berkshire Division
Great Barrington
9 Gilmore Avenue Great Barrington, MA 01230
Tel. 528-3520 FAX 528-0757

First Justice
James B. McElroy, Great Barrington

Associate Justice
Frederic D. Rutberg, Stockbridge

Louis A. Airoldi, Lenox

First Assistant Clerk-Magistrate
Thomas F. Bartini, Lenox

Probation Office: TEL 528-4425
FAX 528-7906

Probation Officers
Paul R. Collins, Chief, Lee
John P. Walsh, Pittsfield

Associate Probation Officer
Michael S. Duma, Pittsfield

Psychiatric Court Clinic for Superior, Central, Northern,
Southern Berkshire & Juvenile Courts:
Berkshire County Forensic Service,
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services of the Berkshires
24 Wendell Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201

J. Roger Goldin, ED.D., Director, Pittsfield 499-1897
Gordon Northrup, M.D., Stockbridge
Cynthia Gardner, L.I.C.S.W., Pittsfield
Deane Zarvis, Psy.D., Richmond
Andrew Bourke, Ph.D., L.I.C.S.W., Northampton
Lucille Flossic, Pittsfield

Berkshire County Juvenile Court
190 North Street Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 443-8628 FAX (413) 443-8672

First Justice
Paul E. Perachi, Pittsfield

Clerk-Magistrate 443-8533
Laura Rueli-Rilla, Lee

Probation Officers
William D. Gale, Chief, Cheshire
Daniel Turner, Assistant Chief, Pittsfield
Alexander L. Daugherty, Pittsfield
Charles A. Dunham, Pittsfield
James A. Hunt, Pittsfield
Nancy J. Macauley, Pittsfield
Christa E. Parsenios, Lee
John J. Quinn, Jr., Pittsfield

Court Officers
Edward A. Sherman, Pittsfield
Mark A. Schiavina, Pittsfield
Daniel Racine, Pittsfield

7 North Street, P.O. Box 1969
Pittsfield, MA 01201 Tel. 443-5951 - FAX 499-6349
City Hall, North Adams, MA 01247 Tel. 663-7306 - FAX 664-8032

District Attorney
Gerard D. Downing 443-5951

Assistant District Attorneys
David F. Capeless, First Asst., West Stockbrigde
Anne M. Kendall, Second Asst., Dalton
Gregory M. Barry, Pittsfield
Paul J. Caccaviello, Pittsfield
Jennifer R. Carlo, Pittsfield
Clement A. Ferris, Jr., Lanesboro
Robert W. Kinzer, III, Pittsfield
Richard M. Locke, Pittsfield
Susan O. Mancini, Pittsfield
Joan M. McMenemy, Pittsfield
Kelly M. Mulcahy, North Adams
Alexander Z. Nappan, Housatonic
Joseph A. Pieropan, Pittsfield
Jennifer Tyne, Pittsfield
Christopher J. Walsh, Pittsfield

Indictment/Trial Clerk
Frederick A. Lantz, Pittsfield

Victim Assistance Director
Elizabeth A. Keegan, Pittsfield

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