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July 2017 Added Church Records to Lanesborough.
Apr 2017 Corrected broken links to Great Barrington records. Added Ruane/Roane family history to Pittsfield and Lee. Added will of David Darling to Adams.
Feb 2016 Added death records to Town of North Adams
Jan - Feb 2016 Added early list of Postmasters of all Berkshire Towns. The lists are filed by town.
Oct 2015 Added 300 cemetery images to Anshe Amunim Cemetery in Pittsfield
Sep 2015 Added images to West Part Cemetery in Pittsfield
Sep 2015 Added 2500 burials with images of Church on the Hill Cemetery in Lenox.
Apr 2015 Added photos to towns of Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hinsdale, updated links, updated Center Cemetery in Lanesborough.
Mar 2015 Updated Great Barrington Cemeteries - St. Bridgetts
Jan 2015 Added 1790 List of Berkshire County Pensioners
Nov-2014 to Jan 2015 Updated cemetery photos - primarily in Dalton.
Mar 2013 Added almost 1000 photos of Cheshire Cemetery. Thanks to Kelly Townsend.
Jan 2013 Added cemetery photos for East Main Cemetery in Dalton. Thanks to Kelly Townsend.
Dec 2012 Updated and added photos to North Cemetery in the Town of Cheshire.
Feb 2012 Vikki Gray has taken over as Berkshire County Coordinator again. Thanks to our previous County Coordinator Dawn Newton Quinn for all her hard work. The website was lovely but the design was 12 years old and in need of redecorating. Reorganized and redesigned entire site.
2007 January 2007 Baptisms of Rev. Thomas Allen from 1764-1794-Pittsfield; transcribed by Michael Phelps


December 2006 Pittsfield Births/Marriages-Intentions; transcribed by Michael Phelps


March 2005 Burnett Cemetery; transcribed by Linda Haggerty

March 2005 October Mountain Cemetery; transcribed by Arthur H. Stringer
March 2005 Photo Page; Washington Page; Hinsdale Page; Florida Page

March 2005 Eleazer Barrett and Bartholomew Barrett Will of Alford; transcribed by Brian Barrett

2004 February 2004 1850 Sandisfield Census; transcribed by Kenneth D. Mattson

February 2004 Talcott Cemetery-Lanesboro; transcribed by Dawn Newton; Photos by Kelly Townsend

February 2004 St. Joseph's Cemetery-Section 18-Pittsfield; transcribed by Dawn Newton; Photos by Kelly Townsend

February 2004 Will of Nathan Snow-of Becket; transcribed by John Davis
February 2004 Will of Andrew Patterson-of Mount Washington; transcribed by Michele Valenzo
February 2004 Baptist Cemetery/Churchyard Cemetery; transcribed by Dawn Newton; photos by Kelly Townsend
February 2004 Sandisfield Marriages; transcribed by Patricia McMackin

February 2004 Old Burying Ground, Sarah Deming Cemetery, West Part Cemetery-Pittsfield; transcribed by Margaret Bence Davis

February 2004 Will of William Robblee; transcribed by Cindy Walcott

February 2004 Sandisfield Birth Records M-Z; transcribed by Kenneth D. Mattson

January 2004 Sandisfield Birth Records A-L; transcribed by Kenneth D. Mattson

January 2004 History of North Adams, Mass; transcribed by Bettye Seaton Liberty
2003 December 2003 Thomas Lyon Revolutionary War Deposition; transcribed by Valerie Lyon
December 2003 Photo Page: Includes postcards and photos previously on the site with updates from photos in the collection of Dawn Newton. Bedard Photos gave permission to use their photos on the website!
December 2003 Military Page: Includes links to resources for Berkshire County veterans/militia.

December 2003 Map Page: Includes links to maps on the website.

December 2003 Biography of Daniel Wheelock Hammond; written by Marjorie Cummings Cherezian; submitted by Beverly Nicholls Rainey.

December 2003 Will of Stephen Newton and Sidney Newton transcribed by Dawn Newton
December 2003 Will of Asa Sparks and Charles Patterson transcribed by Michelle Valenzano
November 2003 Biography of James Harvey Smith, transcribed by Margaret Bence Davis
November 2003 Biography of Rosa Randall Rosier, written by Dawn Newton
November 2003 Hinsdale Vital Records 1914 & 1947 transcribed by Greg McCabe
November 2003 Biography of Sylvander Johnson transcribed by T. Miscia
November 2003 Schnopp Family History written by Emma Schnopp Kirchner, reprinted.
August 2003 Williamstown Vital Records to1850 in pdf files.
August 2003 Gazetteer's Dalton typed by Sylvia Eddy and Adams typed by Bettye Seaton Liberty

August 2003 Otis vital records

August 2003 Lenox Cemeteries, Church on the Hill, New Lenox Cemetery
August 2003 Center Cemetery & Pettibone Cemetery, Lanesborough; transcribed by Dawn Newton
July 2003 Windsor Honor roll WW1 to Vietnam
January 2003 1840 Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service

January 2003 History of Cheshire from the Gazetteer of Berkshire County, Mass.

(Same file in MS Word Format) transcribed by Dawn Newton Quinn


October 2002 History of Lanesborough from the Gazetteer of Berkshire County, Mass. (Same file in MS Word format) transcribed by Dawn Newton

Sept. 2002 1900 Jurors list for Pittsfield, MA - Ray Brown
Sept. 2002 Berkshire County web site host to Sheffield Historical Society web site

July 2002 Windsor Cemeteries East Windsor Cemetery, Shaw Cemetery, Windsor Bush Cemetery, Transcribed by Ralph R. Mason Sr. & Mable S. Harris

July 2002 Windsor Veterans of WW1, WW2, Korean and Vietnam Wars - Ray & Karen Brown
June 2002 Calendar for Berkshire County Events added.
June 2002 Stockbridge Veterans of the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam - Bunny Best
June 2002 Lenox High School Graduates 1907 to 1915 - Ray Brown
June 2002 Hinsdale Vital Records for 1937 & 1956 - Greg McCabe
June 2002 Estates and Wills Section
June 2002 Lanesborough Births 1859 to 1861 - Dawn Newton
June 2002 Lee South Lee Cemetery - Mal Eckert
June 2002 Hancock Deaths for 1852 - Margaret Davis

June 2002 Hancock Smith Cemetery-Brickhouse Area , Noah Ely Cemetery , Goodrich Hollow Cemetery, Transcribed by Margaret Davis

June 2002 Lee, MA Honor Roll and Gold Star Soldiers - Mal Eckert
June 2002 Otis Cemeteries Old West Cemetery & West Cemetery - Donald Witter
June 2002 Jenks Cemetery, Cheshire, MA transcribed by Dawn Newton
June 2002 Those who served in the Civil War from Great Barrington
May 2002 Hinsdale Records 1932 & 1943 & 1946 - Greg McCabe
May 2002 Hancock, Vital records from the Cooke Collection - Ray Brown
May 2002 Monterey, Mt. Hunger Road Cemetery & Chestnut Hill Cemetery Transcriptions

May 2002 Washington Marriages by Rev. Mr. Allen 1780 - 1799, (These are not in the Washington Vital records to 1850) Transcribed by Ray Brown

April 2002 Some Veterans Of The American Revolution, Items from Newspaper Files, 1790 - 1855
Hinsdale Vital Records 1883 - 1903 Ray Brown
April 2002 Washington Militia 1856, 59, 60, 61 and Dog licences in 1863. Ray Brown
April 2002 Vital Records Great Barrington 1894 - 1899, Sheffield 1900 - 1913, Stockbridge 1895 - 1913; transcribed by Barbara Delimont
April 2002 North Adams Marriage Intentions 1786 - 1842
April 2002 Sheffield Marriages 1733 - 1797 - Blanche C. Stockwell
March 2002 Early Berkshire County Marriages to 1800 by Bailey
March 2002 Sheffield Marriages 1797 to 1850 - Blanche C. Stockwell.
March 2002 Drury High School Graduates, North Adams 1906 - 1911 Ray Brown

March 2002 Census Page and Complete 1790 census for Berkshire County - Ray Brown

2001 New Ashford Cemetery Records has been added, courtesy of Ed Lefebvre and Dick White.
2000 Index to the 1898 yearbook for Drury High School in North Adams, Massachusetts. Includes students, faculty and advertisers. Transcribed by Vikki Gray.
Index of the Williams College, Class of 1906 Yearbook, Williamstown, MA has been added. This was published by the class in 1911 and is an update of the progress of the students from the class of 1906. Transcribed by Vikki Gray.
Transcription of 1900 Census for the Town of Adams is uploaded to the Roots Web archives, courtesy of Kathy Perry and Melissa List.
Pittsfield MA - Deaths 1886-1941 have been added to the site. Claire Smith, former Berkshire County Assistant Coordinator had worked more than a year collecting and compiling Pittsfield deaths. A rough estimate puts the number of records here at nearly 28,000. Files are organized alphabetically, there are many maiden surnames listed as well as addresses, transit permit numbers for individuals who did not actually die in Pittsfield, and other non-Pittsfield locations.
1999 Cheshire Census for the years 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880. A warm thank you to Alice Halvorsen of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, who transcribed and contributed these files to the Berkshire County web site and special thanks to Richard White who assisted in obtaining this contribution for the site! Please take the time to read the introductory page for some general information

Peru, Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 added. Originally published in 1902 by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society this item is assumed to be in the public domain and has been reproduced here. OCR scanning, proofing & web formatting by Laurel O'Donnell, former Site coordinator.

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