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VITAL RECORDS, 1831 - 1833
Journal and Argus, Lenox

1831 Sep. 1 Vol. 3. No. 1. New Series, Whole No. 105.
Samuel W. Bush, Editor, J. Z. Goodrich, Proprietor.

Compiled from records published in The Journal and Argus, Lenox. September 1, 1831 - December 29, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Jan. 10 Married Lenox, Jan. 1. Mr. John C. Briggs, of Great Barrington, to Miss Susan H. Sabin, of Lenox.

Williamstown, Dec. 26. Prof. Mark Hopkins, of Williams Collee to Miss Mary Hubbell, dau of Lyman Hubbell Esq. of that town.

Pittsfield, Jan. 1. Dr. Oren Wright to Mrs. Francis Pease of Washington Coty.

Stephentown, Mr. Henry Stanton, of Hancock to Miss Imogene Tanner of former place.

Mr. Russell Grant to Miss Lucy Whitaker.

Died Freedom, Portage Co., Ohio, Dec. 11. Mrs. Adah Boswortj, & dau of Mr. Amos Foot, formerly of Sheffield.
Jan. 24 Married Pittsfield, Jan. 22. Mr. James M. Noble to Miss Mary Carey, both of Pitts.
Died Lenox, George, son of Mr. Harder, of Lenox, ae 3 yrs.

Tyringham, Jan. 9. Rev. Joseph Warren Dow, Pastor of Chh in Tyr. ae 54.

Lee, Jan. 7. Mr. Joseph Hinckley, ae 64.

Feb. 7 Married Lenox, Jan. 16. Mr. Russell W. Clark, merchant of Utica, N. Y. to Miss Delia L. Derbyshire of Lenox.
Feb. 14 Married Boston, Feb. 7. Rev. B. C. C. Parker, rector of St. James Chh Woodstock, Vt. to Miss Frances Erving, dau of late D. Shirley Erving, of Boston.
Died Great Barrington, Jan. 16. Mrs.Zeruah wife of Rob't Codding in 82nd yr.
Feb. 25 Died Remsen, Oneida Co. N. Y. Feb. 1. Samuel Stevens, M. D. in 30th yr. See notice.
Married Stockbridge, Feb. 17. Oliver Cromwell to Miss Lucy Curtis, dau of Ocran Curtis, Stockbridge.

West Stockbridge, Jan. 21. Mr. Gustavus to Miss Maria Andres, noth of West Stockbridge.

Rochmond, Feb. 16. Mr. Tillinghast B. Strong to Miss Sarah A. Pettee, both of Richmond.

March 7 Married Canaan, N. Y. Feb. 12. Mr. Russell Sturgess of Lee to Miss Fanny Clapp, of Southampton.
Died Lenox, March 3, Abby, dau of Mr. Horace Morell, ae 8 yrs.

North Adams, Feb. 22. Mrs. Zilpha Tinker, relict of late Giles Tinker, ae 42.

March 14 Died Middlefield, Ct., March 2. Mrs. Phebe wife of Theodore Coats ae 53, & dau of Samuel Bassett of Stockbridge.
March 21 Died Fowlersville, N. Y. Richard, son of John Campbell, ae 2 yrs.

Lenox, March 19. Capt. Yale, ae 76.

March 28 Died Lenox, March 8, Charles H. Briggs, only child of Amos Briggs Jr. ae 3 yrs.

Stockbridge, Mrs. Eunice Savage, ae 67, one of the oldest member of the Epis. chh. Lenox.

Richmond, March 24. Dea. Ebenezer Hotchkin, ae 73.

April 4 Died Lee, March 28. Mrs. Grace Backus, wife of Capt. Wally Backus, ae 58.
April 11 Married Albany, Silas Gardner of Hancock to Charlotte Cogswell.
Died Sheffield, Mar. 17. Mrs. Rhoda Kellogg, wife of Silas Kellogg Esq. ae 75
April 25 Married Sandisfield, Apl. 17. Mr. Luther Marcy of Tyringham to Miss Almena Ives Wilcox of former place.
Died Richmond, Apl. 13. Mrs. Ruth Hotchkin, ae 61, relict of Dea. Ebenezer Hotchkin. See notice.

Dea. Hotchkin rem from Guilford, Ct. to Richmond about 1796.

May 2 Married Lenox. Mr. Henry Sabin to Miss Fanny Gates, both of Lenox.
Died Lenox, Mr. David Dunbar, ae 77.

Egremont, Apl. 18. Miss Julia Frances Karner, in 16th yr, dau of Maj. Pliny K.

West Stockbridge, Apl. 17. Miss Pluma Whitwood, ae 25. See notice.

May 9 Married Lee, May 2. Mr. Spencer Reed, of Windsor, N. Y. to Miss Adaline Norcutt, of Lee.
Died Lee, May 7. Mrs. Bliss, wife of Mr. Chancey Bliss.
May 23 Married Syracuse, May 18. Lieut. Randolph B. Marcy, U. S. A. to Miss Mary A. dau of late Gen. Jonas Mann.

Richmond, May 7. Dr. Reed to Miss Sarah Chapin, both of Richmond.

May 30 Married New Lebanon, Mr. Phineas Cone, merchant of Hoosic, to Miss Eliza, dau of Luther Bartle Esq. of Williamstown.
Died Lenox, May 26. Mary Catherine, dau of Mr. Eddy, ae 4 yrs 9 ms.

May 21. Charles C. Ingersoll, only son of Ingersoll, ae 8 yrs. Northampton, May 13. Gen. Charles Hooker, Registrar of Deeds for Berkshire Co.

June 6 Married Tyringham, Warren Wheeler Jr. of New Marlboro to Catherine H. Brewer, of former place.

Hillsdale, May 29. Mr. Israel Horton of Lanesborough to Mrs. Pamelia Gibbons of Alford, Mass.

Died Tyringham, May 13. Sophia Angeline, ae 4 yrs. dau of Col. Bidwell Brewer.

New Marlborough, May 20. John Q. Adams, ae 1__[illegible]. See notice.

June 12 Died Northampton, May 29. Timothy Edwards Dwight, son of late Josiah Dwight, ae 25. See notice.
June 27 Married Pittsfield, June 12. Mr. George S. Strong to Miss Ann Marie Cadwell, both of Pittsfield.
Died Pittsfield, June 16. Mr. Ebenezer Clapp, innn 76th yr. He was father of Mr. Jason Clapp, Pittsfield.

Dalton, June 1. Mr. Philander Bassett ae 3__[illegible]

July 4 Died Lenox, June 30. Mr. Levi Curtis, ae 84.

Otis, June 25. Mrs. Prudence Spear, ae 74 wife of Mr. John Spear.

June 28. Mr. John Spear ae 76.

New York. Mr. John Spear ae 76.

New York, June 29. Elisha Williams, Esq. Counsellor at law.

July 11 Died Lenox, July 6. Mr. William Whelply, ae 76.

July 7. Mr. Dayton Fuller, ae 75. Rev. pensioner.

July 18 Married North Stoningham, Ct. July 8. Mr. William Walker of Lenox, to Mrs. Harriet Collins, of former place.
Aug. 8 Married New Bedford, July 31. Robert S. Watson to Miss Mary Hathaway, both of New Bedford.
Aug 15 Married New Lebanon, Aug. 4. Mr. William Stevens, formerly of West Stockbridge, to Miss Laura M. Elton of Great Barrington.
Died Mississippi, July 2. Charles White, M. D. ae 2__[illegible], son of Rev, Levi White, late of Sandisfield. See notice Aug. 22.

Pittsfield, Aug 13. Mrs. Bissell, wife of Dea. Josiah Bissell.

Aug. 22 Died Troy, N. Y. Aug. 14. Mr. George Comstock, son of Mr. Isaac Comstock, of Lenox. See notice.

Lee, Aug. 18. Mr. Ansel Phinney, ae 59.

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