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VITAL RECORDS, 1831 - 1833
Journal and Argus, Lenox

1831 Sep. 1 Vol. 3. No. 1. New Series, Whole No. 105.
Samuel W. Bush, Editor, J. Z. Goodrich, Proprietor.

Compiled from records published in The Journal and Argus, Lenox. September 1, 1831 - December 29, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Jan. 5 Married Lanesborough, Capt. Amos R. Torrey, of Pittsfield to Minerva L. Norton, of Lanesborough.

Springfield, Mr. Dennis Chapman to Miss Susan H. Crosby.

Longmeadow, Mr. Jacob Morse of Woodstock, Ct. to Miss Sophia Ainsworth.

Stafford, Conn. Mr. Harvey Gaylord to Miss Angeline Cady.

Chesterfield, Mr. Ansel Edwards, of Albany, N. Y. to iss Rowena Darling, of Chesterfield.

New Haven, Col. S. L. Pitkin to Mary Ann Lewis dau of late Dr. Nathaniel Lewis.

Died Pittsfield, Dec. 25. Mr. Noah Luce, a soldier during the late war.

Hinsdale, Dec. 9. Nathaniel Tracy Esq. ae 81.

Philadelphia, Dec. 26, Stephen Girard Esq. ae 85. See notice.

Springfield, Dec. 24. Mr. William Cooly, ae 77.

Longmeadow, Dec. 28. Gad Colton, Esq. ae 77.

Dec. 21. Miss Rachel Parker, ae 72.

Enfield, Ct. Dec. 24. Mr. Joseph Fairbanks, ae 76. Shaker.

Mrs. Lucy Terry, ae 88.

Wilbraham, Widow Mary Merrick, ae 80.

Westfield, Mr. Noble Dewey, ae 70.

West Springfield (Feeding Hills) Dec. 18. Jesse Cooley, ae 48.

Northampton, Miss Cogswell, ae 57, sister of J. G. Cogswell.

Chester village, Mrs. Emily Collins, wife of Daniel Collins Jr. ae 24.

Southampton, Dec. 22. Wife of Mr. Orren Root.

Jan. 12 Died Stockbridge, Jan. 3. Mrs. Susan Hunt, ae 79, widow of late Wm. Hunt, of Roxbury, Ct.

Sheffield, Dec. 22. Mr. Zenas Pratt, ae 60.

Dec. 23. Mr. Chiliab S. Trowbridge ae 30.

Dec. 24. Mrs. Chloe Judson, relict of Rev. Ephraim Judson, former pastor of chh in S. She was only dau of Rev. Sam'l Allis, former pastor of chh of Somers, Conn. She was ae 94.

Dec. 25. Mrs. Caroline Wright, ae 25.

Lee, Jan. 3. Mrs. Delia Wilson, wife of Capt. John Wilson, ae 47.

Dalton, Jan. 2. Mr. Daniel Foot, in 84th yr.

New York, Jan. 2. Mrs. Mills wife of Mr. Drake Mills.

Lee, Jan. 7. Mr. Barnabas Adams, ae 81.

Jan. 8. Mr. Benjamin Hinkley, ae 70.

Deaths in Lee in 1831 - 24.

Deaths in Tyringham in 1831 - 17.

Mrs. James Standley, of Shaker family was oldest ae 95.

Jan. 19. Married Pittsfield, Mr. Ebenezer Dunham to Miss ______ Care both of Pittsfield.

Pittsfield, Jan. 17. Bushrod Buford Esq. of Louisville, Ky. to Miss Sarah A. Childs, dau of late David Childs, of Utica, N. Y. see next issue.

Jan. 23 Married Pittsfield, Jan. 17. Lt. Napoleon B. Buford of U. S. Army to Miss Sarah A. Childs, dau of late David W. Childs Esq. of Utica. N. Y. Above in correction of notice of week before.

Died Pittsfield, Jan 12. Mr. Zeno Russell ae 34.
Feb. 2 Married Lenox, Jan. 25. Mr. William S. Gleason of Tyringham, to Miss Armenia M. Baird dau of Moses Baird of Otis.
Feb. 9 Married Lenox, Feb. 6. Mr. Wilson Isbell to Miss Mary Prout, both of Lenox.
Died Great Barrington, Feb. 2. Miss Martha M. only dau of Miles Bartholomew ae 29.

New York, Dec. Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. Joseph Walter, ze 37, recently of New Marlborough.

Feb. 16 Married Lenox, Mr. John Markham of Richmond to Miss Lucy A. Wheeler, of Lenox.
Died Lanesborough, Feb. 9. Ann dau of Hon. G. N. Briggs, ae 2 yrs 2 mo.
Boston. Mr. William Bird ae 75. See notice.
Mar. 8 Married Stockbridge, March 4. Mr. Warren Clark to Miss Harriet Leonard, both of S.
Died Great Barrington, Feb. 19. Mr. Alvan Cole, ae 38.
March 8 Died Tyringham, Feb. 21. Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Mr. Asa Markham, ae 78.
March 15 Married March 8. Mr. Isaac Ellis, of Lenox, to Miss Lucy Savage of Stockbridge.

Havana, N. Y. Feb. 22. Charles G. Judd, Esq. Counsellor at law, of Penn Yan. to Miss Amelia H. dau of Rev. Charles Goodrich, lately of Pittsfield.

Died Albany, March 1. Mrs. Rachel Bush, relict of Samuel Bush formerly of Sheffield, ae 94.
March 22 Married Lenox, March 15. Mr. William Northrup to Miss Emily Washburn, both of Lenox.
April 5 Died Lee, March 14. Ephraim D. Bassett, in 34th yr. only son of Ansel Bassett & only grandson of Sylvanus Dimmick, all of Lee.

Urbana, Ohio, Feb. 16. Rev. martin Hitt. See Notice.

April 19 Married Pittsfield, Apl. 17. Mr. Ira Day 2nd merchant of Plainfield, Vt. to Miss Henrietta D. Taylor, dau of Judge Taylor, of Alabama.
Died West Stockbridge, March 12. Henry Milton, inf. ch of George Tyler, ae 10 weeks.

Wythe, C. H. March 29.

Mrs. Emily Phelps, the companion of Mr. George H. Phelps, of this place aw 32, was in Stockbridge Sep. 4, 1828, at res of her father. See notice.

Cincinnati, Ohio, March 2. John W. Brown, son of Elisha Brown Esq. of Stockbridge, ae 26. See notice.

May 10. Married Lee, Apl. 24. Rev. Samuel Newbury, of Rutland, Ohio, to Miss Mary Ann Sergeant, of former place.
Died Apl. 30. Harry Miller, a black man, ae about 63.
May 17 Married Lenox, May 8. Mr. Henry D. Cook to Miss Mary Comstock both of Lenox.

Lenox, May 9, Maj. Albert G. Belden of Lenox, to Miss Roxanna Norton, of Nassau, N. Y.

Dalton, May 3. Mr. Alexander Neely of Cazenovia, N. Y. to Miss Jane C. Chamberlin, of former place.

Moreau, N. Y. Apl. 20. Rev. Caleb Branch Tracey to Miss Jane M. dau of John Feston Esq. of that place.

Died Pittsfield, May 10. Mr. Eli Jacobs, ae 40.

May 11 Henrietta L. dau of Mr. Ira & Mrs. Clarissa Joy, ae 1 month.

New Marlborough, Apl. 25. Mrs. Lucy wife of Rev. Theophilis Smith, ae 40.

New Marlborough, May 8. Harriet Esther, dau of Ashbel Taylor, ae 6 yrs.

May 14. Miss Mercy Ann Burchard, ae 22 yrs.

May 24 Married May 24. Married, Lee, May 20. Mr. William Ball to Miss Catherine Sturges, both of Lee.

Richmond, May 15. Mr. Arthur Bryant, of Jacksonville, Ill. to Miss Henrietta Plummer, of former place.

Sheffied, Apl. 26, Mr. Sylvester Belden jr. of Stockbridge, to Miss Delia Ann Bullard of former place.

Sheffield, May 17. Chauncy Hall, of Wellington, Ct. to Miss Cornelia Andrews, of Sheffield.

Bethlem, Ct. May 13. Mrs. William C. Churchill of Stockbridge, to Miss Eliza S. Ariail, of former place.

June 7 Married Richmond, May 22. Mr. Franklin S. Slosson, of Union, Broome CO., N. Y. to Miss Julia West, of Richmond.
Died Great Barrington, Edward Whiton, son of Sam'l & Lydia Rosseter, ae 1 yr 5 ms.

Sheffield, May 30. Miss Rebecca Boardman, ae 24, dau of Charles Boardman of Sheffield.

June 14 Married C ornwall, Ct. June 1. Mr. Milan Hart, of New Marlborough, to Miss Paulina, dau of Jehiel Nettleton Esq of former place.

May 17. Mr. William Rugg, of New Marlborough to Miss Charlotte Bradford of former place.

Died Lanesboro, June 8. Mrs. Mary Bradley, wife of Mr. Asahel Bradley, ae 75. See notice.
Pittsfield, June 11. George Williams ae 27.
June 21 Died Lee, May 30. Dr. Erastus Sergeant, ae 60.

Sheffield, June 17. Lucine Ensign, wife of Eli Ensign Esq. ae 57.

Lanesboro, June 11. Mr. Loring Wilcox, merchant of that town. See notice.

June 28 Married Remsen, N. Y. June 19. Dr. Rodney Stevens, to Miss Sarah G. Worthington, both of Remsen.

Pittsfield, June 20. Titus Goodman Jr. Esq. ro Miss Clarissa Willis.

Albany, June 13. Hon. Edward P. Livingston, of Clermont, Lt. Gov. of N. Y. to Miss Mary C. Broom, dau of late William Broome Esq of Hyde Park, Dutchess Co.

June 11, Thomas Y. How Esq. Atty at Law to Miss Sarah F. Hurlburt, dau of Hon. John W. Hurlburt all of Auburn.

Northampton, Mr. Silas M. Smith to Miss Theodosia Hunt.

Southampton, June 11. Mrs. Daniel Kingsley, of Northamton, to Miss Betsey, dau of Gamaliel Pomeroy.

July 5 Died Great Barrington, June 20. Mr. Joseph Buell, ae 74. Rev. soldier.
July 19 Died Great Barrington, July 8. Mr. Abijeh Heath, ae 71.
May 21, Betsey, wife of sd Abijah Heath, ae 71.
July 26 Married Lebanon, N. Y. July 19. D. Addison Noble, Counsellor at Law, Michigan Terr., to Miss S. A. eldest dau of Hon. Henry Shaw, of Lanesborough.
Died Pittsfield, Miss Marilla Metcalf ae 36.

Emily dau of Mr. Caleb Bailey, ae 1 yr.

Edwin, son of Widow Rebecca West, ae 7 yrs.

William, only child of Mr. James Davis, ae abt 14 ms.

Lee, July 13. Mrs. Jerusha Perry ae 77, widow of late Rev. David Perry, of Richmond. See notice.

Aug. 9 Died New Marlborough, July 29. Mary Ann, dau of Warren & Ellis Wheeler & wife of Joseph W. Howe in 25th yr.
Aug. 18 Died Lenox, Aug. 5. Mr. Lemuel Stocking, ae 74. See notice.

Aug. 11. Lemuel, son of Mr. Samuel Stocking, ae abt 2 yrs.

Aug. 23 Married Canaan Centre, Aug. 11. Mr. Philip Wiltsey to Miss Elizabeth Ann Smith, both of Austerlitz.
Died Lenox, Aug. 19. Samuel Judd, ae 57.

Also, Aug. 16. Child of Sylvanus Bourn.

Aug. 18. Samuel, son of Samuel Roberts, ae abt 11 yr.

West Stockbridge, Aug. 21. Mr. Joseph Andrews, ae 78. Rev. soldier.

Syracuse, Aug. 18. Dr. Jeremiah Day, formerly of Dalton, ae 35, about.

Sept. 6 Married Greenfield, Aug. 28. Volney Cook, of Syracuse, N. Y. to Miss Elizabeth B. Newton of former place.

Newington, Ct. Aug. 28. Rev. Samuel N. Shepard of East Guilford, Conn. to Miss Martha Brace of former place.

Pittsfield, Sep. 5. Mr. William H. Power of Hudson, N. Y. to Miss Catherine A Buell of Pittsfield.

Died Lenox, Aug. 29. Col. Elijah Northrup, ae 82. Rev. soldier. See notice.

Lenox, Sept. 2. Child of Mr. Butler ae 5 yrs.

Sept. 13 Married Stockbridge, Sept. 3. Mr. James O. Root to Miss Sophia Brown, both of S.
Died Lenox, Sept. 7. Mr. Jonathan Parkiss, ae 82.
Sept. 20 Died Albany, Sept. 15. Mr. Rufus Brown, of South Adams, ae 45.

Lenox, Sept. 17. Joseph, child of Mr. Jacob S. Jarvis, ae 8 ms.

Sept, 27 Married Sheffield, Sep. 24. Augustus Porter Esq. of Detroit, Mich., to Miss Sarah G. dau of Col. R. F. Barnard, of former place.
Oct. 11 Married Lenox, Sep. 26. Samuel Cowles Esq. of Cleveland, Ohio, to Miss Cornelia Whiting, of Lenox.

Same evening, Mr. Miron B. Mattoon to Miss Lavinia Higley, both of Lenox.

Died Dalton, last week, Mr. Lyman, ae 70.
Oct. 18 Married Stockbridge, Oct. 9. Mr. James D. Curtis to Miss Lavinia Plumb, both of Stockbridge.

New Lebanon, N. Y. Mr. Sylvester Ball, of Salisbury, Ct. to Miss Maria M. Stevens, of Richmond.

Nov. 1 Married Rutland, Ohio, Oct. 11. Rev. Hiram R. Howe, of Wilksville, Ohio, to Miss Catherine White, Lee.
Died Lenox, Oct. 31. Geroge Bailey, son of Mr. ae 11 yrs.

Stockbridge, Oct. 27. William eldest son of David Dresser, ae 19.

Nov. 22 Married Becket, Nov. 8. Mr. Oliver S. Wadsworth to Alma L. Van Deusen.
Died Becket, Nov. 12. Mr. Samuel Leister, ae 7[?]. Rev. soldier.

Williamstown, Nov. 13. Col. Samuel [illigible] in 78th yr. See notice.

Dec. 6 Married Lee, Nov. 27. Mr. John Fenn, Norfolk, Conn. to Miss Amelia Tuttle, of Lee.

Nov. 28. Mr. Theodore S. Ramlin to Miss Mary Phinney.

Nov. 29. Mr. ______ Ames to Miss Harriet Foot, All of Lee.

Dec. 30 Married Tyringham, Dec. 12. Mr. John M. Northrup to Miss Caroline Garfield, dau of Thomas Garfield Esq.

New Lebanon, N. Y. Mr. James Culver to Miss Delia Calkins, both of Stockbridge.

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