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VITAL RECORDS, 1831 - 1833
Journal and Argus, Lenox

1831 Sep. 1 Vol. 3. No. 1. New Series, Whole No. 105.
Samuel W. Bush, Editor, J. Z. Goodrich, Proprietor.
September 1, 1831 - December 29, 1831

Compiled from records published in The Journal and Argus, Lenox. September 1, 1831 - December 29, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Dec. 1 Married Lenox, Aug. 30. Mr. George S. Fitch, merchant of Syracuse to Miss Laura L. Cook, dau of B. W. Cook, Esq. of this place.
Died New York City, Aug. 29. Mr. Wm. C. Sears, in 31 st yr. & native of St. John, N. B.

Northampton, Aug. 17. Miss Martha A., dau of Theodore Strong, Esq. ae 20.

Northampton, Aug. 22, William, son of Mr. Wm. Witherall, ae 2 yrs 8 ms.

Northampton, Aug. 20. Mr. Alanson Pelton.

Southampton, Aug. 13. Mr. Oliver Clark, ae 89. See notice.

Conway. Aug. 12. Mr. Joel Parsons, ae 78.

Williamsburgh, Mr. Wm. Wales, ae 92. Native of Braintree and among the 1st settlers in W. Ashfield.

Mrs. Martha Morton, wife of Mr. Francis Morton of Hawley & dau of Mr. Ezra Williams 2nd, ae 20.

Sep. 8 Died South Lee, Aug. 26. Mr. Wm. O. Underwood ae 26. See notice.

Great Barrington, Sep. 2. Mrs. Dolly M. Pynchon wife of Mr. George Pynchon, in 40th yr. See notice.

Sept. 15 Married Mr. Thomas Steele to Miss Sophronia Belden, both of this town.
Died Tolland, Mass. Aug. 27. George Allen Bidwell, ae 19, son of Capt. Allen B.

Avon Springs, N. Y. Sep. 6. Col. Wm. Gardiner of Manlius, formerly merchant of Boston, ae 69.

Sept. 22 Married Lenox, Sep. 15. Mr. George Sabin, of Great Barrington, to Miss Sophie Washburn of Lenox.
Died Lenox, Sep. 19. Mrs. Catherin Hough, ae 84.

Pittsfield, Sep. 19. Frances Childs ae 13, dau of late David Childs Esq., of Utica, N. Y.

Elyria, at res of her dau, Aug. 26, Mary Burrall, ae 60, wife of Jabez Burrall Esq who rem from Sheffield, a few years since.

Sept. 29 Married Stockbridge, Sept. 15. Asahel Byington Esq. of Carlton, N. Y. to Miss Mary Brown, of former place.
Oct. 6 Died Lanesborough, Sep. 19. Martha, dau of late Wm. Bradley, in 13th yr.
Oct. 13 Married Berkshire, N. Y. Sep. 22. Mr. Charles Perry to Miss Delia S. Mills, both of Lenox.
Nov. 3 Died This town, Oct. 31, Judge Walker, ae 80. See notice.
Nov. 17 Married Middletown, Ct. Nov. 9. William S. Tucker Esq. of Lenox, to Miss Lydia L. Newton of former place. Same time & place.

Mr. Giles M. Boardman to Miss Judith E. Newton, both of Middletown Ct.

Dec. 1 Died Stockbridge, at res of Sam'l Jones Esq. Nov. 17. Abigail Johnson ae 51 formerly of G. Barrington. colored.
Dec. 8 Died Stockbridge, Nov. 30. Mr. Abner Carpenter, in 88th yr.
Dec. 21 Died Stockbridge, Dec. 9. Mrs. Abigail Pepoon, widow of late Gen. Silas Papoon, ae 98.

Strongville, Ohil Nov. 24. Harriet E. Ashley, only dau of Capt. Robert Ashley, late of Lee Mass, in 17th yr.

Sandisfield, Dec. 2. Miss Harriet Burt, ae 17.

Lanesborough, Dec. 3. Mrs. Sally Lassel, ae 58.

Pittsfield, Dec. 10. Mrs. Rhoda C. Wardwell, wife of Mr. Otis Wardwell, ae 22.

Hartford, at Insane Hospital, Dec. 6. Mrs. Clarissa Breck, of Northampton, ae 53, relict of John Breck Esq. & dau of late Rev. Thomas Allen of Pittsfield.

Dec. 29 Died Lenox, Dec. 20. Mr. Pattison, ae 70. Rev. soldier.

Stockbridge, Dec. 23. Henry D. Sedgeick Esq. ae 46.

Pittsfield, Dec. 26. Mrs. Bush, wife of Daniel B. Bush Esq.

Pittsfield, Dec. 22. Mrs. Mosely, wife of Col. Mosely.

Otis, Dec. 25. Mr. Agur Hyde ae 70. Rev. soldier.

Dec. 23. Mrs. Jones, consort of late Adonijah Jones, ae 73.

Dec. 22. Miss Abigail Sperry, ae 42.

Brookline, Mass. Dec. 16, at res of T. Walley Esq Miss Hannah Adams at advanced age. See notice.

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