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VITAL RECORDS, 1829 - 1831
Berkshire Journal, Lenox
Continuation of Star & Republican Under
Change of Name

New Series Vol. 1, No. 1.

Compiled from records published in The Berkshire Journal, Lenox. September 3, 1829 - August 25, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Jan. 6 Died See Obituary of above. [South Lee, Dec. 20. Mrs. Mary Keep, wife of Mr. Sam'l Keep, ae 40.]
Jan 13 Married Richmond, Jan. 12. Mr. Moses Seward, of New Lebanon, N. Y. to Miss Sarah Rossiter, of Richmond.
Jan. 20 Married Lenox, Jan. 16. Mr. Martin Slosson, of Richmond, to Miss Sabra A. Avery, of Lenox.
Feb. 3 Died Pittsfield, Jan. 30. Hon. John C. Williams, ae 75.

Pittsfield, Jan. 19. Henry F. Landers, son of Mr. James Landers, of Lee 16.

North Adams, Mrs. Menervia Witherell, ae 38.

New Marlboro, Jan. 14. Samuel Worcester, 2nd son of Capt. Joseph & Mrs. Laura Catlin, ae 9 yrs. 5 ms.

Feb, 10 Died Lee, Jan. 20. Mrs. Thankful Dimick, wife of Sylvanus Dimick, ae 75.
Feb. 17 Died Richmond, Feb. 8. Miss Laura, dau of Mr. Joshua S. Bliss, ae 16.
March 3 Married Taghkanic, N. Y. Feb. 24. Mr. William Bosworth, of Schodack, N. Y. to Miss Mary E. Platner.
March 3 Died Becket, Feb. 22. George COnant Esq. ae 68.

Stockbridge, Feb. 27. Mr. Isaac Curtis, ae 81.

March 10 Died Sheffield, March 2, Mr. John Stanton, ae abt 25 years.
March 17 Died Lenox, Emily, youngest child of Mr. Erastus Parker, ae 2 yr.
March 24 Married Stockbridge. TImothy Pitkin Esq. of Ellington, Ct. to Catherine L. Woodbridge, only dau of late Joseph Woodbridge Est.

Pittsfield, Mar. 10. Mr. Thomas J. Barrow of New York, to Miss Mary W. Brown, of Pittsfield.

March 24 Died Pittsfield, Mar. 7. Caroline, only child of Rev. H. P. Tappan, ae abt 16 ms.

Mar. 14. Miss Clara Millard, ae abt. 32.

West Stockbridge, Mar,. 12. Mr. Timothy Barnes, ae 92, was in French war 1758 - & 9 & member of chh 71 years.

April 7 Died Carlton, Orleans Co., N. Y. Mar. 24. Fitch Chamberlin Esq. formerly of Stockbridge, ae 46.
April 21 Married Lenox, apl 19. Mr. J. Z. Goodrich to Miss Sarah Worthington, both of Lenox.
April 21 Died Sandisfield, Apl. 2. Mrs. Sarah Jones, wife of Mr. James Jones.

Carroll, Chatauqua Co. N. Y., Mar. 28. Eliza, wife of Samuel Townsend ae 20.

April 28 Died Lenox, Apl. 24. Mr. Abner Bangs Jr. ae 31, son of Mr. Abner Bangs of Lenox.

Stockbridge, Apl. 5. Mrs. Sarah Curtis, widow of late Abel Curtis, ae 62. See notice.

April 28 Died Lenox, Apl. 24. Mr. Abner Bangs Jr. ae 31, son of Mr. Abner Bangs of Lenox.

Stockbridge, Apl. 5. Mrs. Sarah Curtis, widow of late Abel Curtis, ae 62. See notice.

Sandy Hill, N. Y. Apl. 12. Mary wife of Mr. Ira Nash, & dau. of late Jacob Washburn, of Lenox.

Baltimore, April 15. Hon. Rollin C. Mallory in 47th year for several years past m. c. from Vt.

May 5 Died New Marlborough, March 28. Lucy Turner, ae 30 April 19.

George Washington Turner, ae 8 yrs. wife & son of Augustus Turner Esq. of sd N. M.

May 19 Died Housatonicville, G. B. Apl. 30. Mr. William Pomeroy, ae 23.
May 26 Married Lenox, May 18. Henry Raymond Esq. of Williamstown to Miss Lucy L. Tucker, of Lenox.
June 2 Died Charleston, S. C. May 10. Mr. Jeremiah Evarts. See notice.
June 9 Married West Stockbridge, May 31. Mr. Nelson H. Stevens of Richmond, to Miss Mary Cone of former place.

Stockbridge, May 23. Mr. William Rosseter, to Miss ____ Brown, dau of Elijah Brown, Esq. both of Stockbridge.

New York, May 29 . Mr. Franklin Clark, merchant of Penfield, N. Y. to Miss Jane A. Fellows, formerly of Lenox.

June 9 Died Lenox, June 1. Asher Sedgwick Esq. ae 70. Rev. soldier. See notice.

June 7. Mrs. Dewey, wife of Chauncey Dewey. ae 26.

June 23 Married Lenox, June 15. Mr. George Washington Platner, to Miss Adeline D. Peck, dau of Oliver Peck Esq. both of Lenox.

Lynn, Mr. Joshua Cushing to Mrs. Jerusha F. Follansbee.

July 7 Died Great Barrington, May 25. David Leavenworth Esq. ae 61. See notice.

June 19. Widow Isabel Lyman ae 64.

June 26. Mrs. Pauline, wife of Mr. Mark Dewey ae 44.

Aug. 4 Died Otis, July 26, Enoch Palmer, ae 32.

West Stockbridge, June 23 at their father's residence, Mr. John A. Benedict, ae 25, & his sister Miss Betsey Benedict, ae 27 at 11 P.M. the same day.

Great Barrington, July 31. Mr. Allen Beckwith, ae 45. See notice.

Lanesboro, July 20, Hulday Maria, dau of Mr. Eli Bradley ae 4 yrs.

Also July 26. Mary Ann another dau & only remaining child ae 1 yr 7 ms.

Aug. 25 Died Stockbridge, Aug. 20. Capt. Josiah Byington in 67th yr.
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