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VITAL RECORDS, 1829 - 1831
Berkshire Journal, Lenox
Continuation of Star & Republican Under
Change of Name

New Series Vol. 1, No. 1.

Compiled from records published in The Berkshire Journal, Lenox. September 3, 1829 - August 25, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Sept. 3 Married Lenox. Aug. 30. Mr. Marshall Sears to Miss Mary Sabin both of Lenox.

Aug. 31. Mr. Dudley Bailey of Madison, Ohio, to Miss Ophelia Jennett Hills, of Lenox.

Sept. 10 Married New Marlboro, Sept. 1. Mr. Dan Adams, 41 to Miss Anne Covert 19.
Sept. 10 Died Lenox, Sept. 7. Mrs. Ellis, wife of Isaac Ellis, ae 54 (Also Below)

Sheffield, Sept. 4. Miss Elizabeth Root, ae 75.

New Marlboro, Aug. 28. Mr. Samuel S. Butler, 24.

Sept. 17. Married Lenox, Sept. 15. Mr. James W. Porter Jr. to Miss Mary Ann Walworth.

Sheffield, Sept. 10. Mr. Smith of New Marlboro, to Miss Abaline Skiff of Sheffield.

Sept. 17. Died Lenox, Sept. 7. Mrs. Abigail Ellis, wife of Mr. Isaac Ellis, ae 54. See Notice.
Sept. 24 Married Stockbridge, Sept. 16. Mr. Edward Bradley to Miss Mary Patten, all of that town.

Hillsdale, N. Y. , a few days since, Miles Avery, 75, to his neice, Miss Fanny Pixley, ae 19, both of Great Barrington.

Sullivan, Ohio, Richard Lyon, Esq. to Miss Aravesta Lamb, see notice.

Oct. 8 Married Syracuse, N. Y. Sept. 29, George J. Tucker Esq. of Lenox to Miss Eunice S. Cook, dau of Mr. B. W. Cook, of Syracuse.

Hillsdale, N. Y. Aug. 16. Henry Tyrrel to Miss Caliste Wright, of Sheffield, ater a short but sure courtship of thirty minutes. See notice.

New Marlborough a few days since, Mr. Mason Caldwell ro Miss Harriet Rugg, both of that town.

Oct. 8 Died Lenox, Sept. 26, at house of Judge Walker, Mr. Ira Platt, ae 21. Mr. Platt had lived in Le. only a short time.

Richmond, Oct. 2, Miss Sarah Ann Rosseter, dau of Abraham R. in 20th year.

Oct. 22 Married Lenox, Oct. 13. Mr. Hiram R. Stevens, of Deatonsville, Amelia Co. Va. to Miss Lavina Curtis of Lenox.

Lenox, Oct. 20. Capt. Miles Washburn to Miss Emily Hatch, both of Lenox.

Nov. 5 Married Great Barrington, Oct. 19. Mr. Frederick Turner to Miss Ann Maria Bradley, both of that place.
Nov. 12 Married Hillsdale, N. Y. Nov. 4. Dr. Millen Sabin, of Tyringham to Miss Miliscent Bidwell, dau pf Adonijah Bidwell Esq. of Hillsdale.
Nov. 19 Married Lenox, Nov. 11. Mr. Uriah Judd Jr. to Miss Laura Matoon, both of Lenox.
Nov. 26 Married Lenox, Mr. Hiram Newton, of Stockbridge, to Miss Mary Ann Tanner of Lenox.

Tyringham, Nov. 11. Mr. Linus Catlin of New Marlborough, to Miss Mary Hitchcock, of former place.

Southbridge, Linus Child, Esq. counsellor at law, to Miss Berinthia, 3rd. dau. of Mr. Oliver Mason, of that town.

Kingston, N. Y. William W. Woodworth Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Catherine M. Vosburgh, both of that place.

New York, E. Forman, Esq. of Paris to Miss Louisa Antoinette, dau. of Vincent Boisaubin Esq. of Morristown, N. J. See Notice.

J. A. Joly of Switzerland, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Bitters, of Holland, see verse.

Baltimore, Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, to Susan May, only dau of late Benjamin Williams, of that city. See notice.

Kentucky, Hon. John McLean, U. S. Senator from Ill to Miss Eliza Bayless.

Nov. 26 Died Shirley, Shaker Village, Rebecca Williams ae 56, member of United Society.

Hubbardston, Capt. Samuel Slocum, ae 93.

Wentworth, N. H. Maj. Enoch Page, in 80th yr. Rev. soldier.

Hillsborough, N. H. Mr. Gridley Jackson, ae 102. Rev. soldier.

York Dist. S. C. Thomas Carroll, in 93rd yr. Rev. soldier.

Eden, Mr. Joseph Mayo, ae 85. Rev. soldier.

Glastonbury, Mr. Joseph Scott, ae 74. Pensioner.

Dec. 3 Married Lenox, Nov. 26. Mr. Siloam S. Jenne to Miss Amelia Root.

Richmond, Nov. 26. Mr. James Massey to Miss Amelia Tobey.

Canaan, Ct. Nov. 25. Mr. John C. Russell of Great Barrington, to Miss Jennett Wilcox, of Canaan.

Dec. 10 Married Stockbridge, Dec. 1. Rev. Josiah Brewer, late missionary to Greece, to Miss Amelia Ann Field, dau of Rev. D. D. Field. See notice.
Dec. 17 Married Lenox, Nov. 20. Mr. Bazy W. Patterson to Miss Angelica K. Stone, both of Lenox.

Great Barrington, Dec. 1. Mr. William Jones of Salisbury, Ct. formerly of Great Barrington to Miss Rhoda M. Church of G. B.

Milton, N. Y. Dec. 1. Mr. Russell Mann, merchant of Troy, to Miss Mary Ann Hanchet, of former place.

Dec. 17 Died Lenox, in the Gaol, Nov. 18. Charles W. Towsley, ae 63. See Notice.

Great Barrington, Dec. 9. Julia Rosseter, dau of Maj. Samuel & Mrs. Lydia Rosseter, ae 1 yr. 6 ms.

Dec. 31 Died Stockbridge, Dec. 28. Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman, ae abt. 90.

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