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VITAL RECORDS, 1829 - 1831
Pittsfield Argus

Compiled from records published in The Pittsfield Argus, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. March 19, 1829 - August 18, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Jan. 20 Married Norfolk, Va. Hon. Timothy Childs to Miss Dickinson, of Norfolk.

Richmond, Jan. 12. Lieut. Moses B. Seward, of New Lebanon, to Miss Sarah Rosseter of former place.

Died This town, Jan. 17. Mr. Calvin Nelson, ae about 55.

This town Jan. 15. Mrs. Howard, wife of Welcome S. Howard, ae 26.

Jan. 27 Married This town, Jan. 19. Mr. Porter Strickland, of Lee, to Miss Rubine Abby, of this town.

New Lebanon, Jan. 13. James Dunlap, of Chatham, to Miss Rebecca Coughran, of this town.

Died This town, Jan. 19. Henry F. Landers, son of Mr. James Landers, of Lenox ae 16.
Feb. 3 Died This town Jan 30. Hon. John C. Williams, in 77th yr. See notice.
Feb. 24 Died Mr. Isaac Ward, ae 74.

Feb. 16. Oliver D. son of Mr. Otis Peck, ae 3 yrs 4 ms.

This town, Feb. 15. Abram C. son of Mr. Abram C. Brown ae 13 ms.

Feb 19. Mariett Louisa, dau of Capt. Amos Barnes, ae 2 yrs 8 ms.

Feb. 18. Phebe Noble, ae 45.

March 3 Died This town, Feb. 18. Widow Phebe Noble, ae 45 yrs. 9 ms.
March 17 Married This town, Mar. 10. Mr. Thomas J. Barrow, of New York, to Miss Mary W. Brown of this place.
Died This town, March 7. Caroline, only child of Rev. H. P. Tappan, ae abt 16 ms.

This town, March 14. Miss Clara Millard, ae about 32.

March 31 Died This town, March 24. James Otis son of Otis Wardwell, ae 1 yr. 6 ms.
April 7 Married Stamfgord, Vt. Mar. 27. Mr. Henry Balding to Miss Mannah Loveland, both of Pittsfield.

Richmond, Mar 29. Mr. Charles Kendall ro Miss Marcia Andrews both of that place.

Died New York, Rev. F. G. Schaeffer D. D. &c. See notice.

Manchester, Oneida Co. N. Y. March 14. Mr. Royal D. Cadwell, formerly of this town, ae 34.

April 14 Married Havana, N. Y. Mar. 24. Mr. Josiah C. Robinson, merchant of that place, to Miss Harriet W. Goodrich, dau of Rev. Chas Goodrich, of Pittsfield.
Died Seneca Fallsm, N. Y. Apl. 5. Mr. Josiah Bissell Jr. of Rochester, N. Y. ae 41, for several years a merchant in this place.
April 21 Married Lenox, Apl. 19. Mr. John Z. Goodrich editor of Berkshire Journal, to Miss Sarah Worthington, both of Lenox.
June 9 Died Dalton, June 17. Mrs. Ruth Chamberlin, wife of Mr. Wlisha Chamberlin, ae 63.
July 21 Married New Lebanon, July 3. Mr. Elisha G. Baldwin, of Litchfield, Ct. to Miss Cornelia Look, of Springfield, Mass.
Died Lanesborough July 16. Mr. Ebenezer Buck, in 81st yr.
Aug, 4 Married Stephentown, N. Y. July 26. William H. Toby Esq. Counsellor &c of New Lebanon to Miss Louisa Platt, dau of Henry Platt Esq. of former place.

Sterling Vt. Prof. Willard Parker of Woodstock, to Miss Caroline S. Allen of Sterling, dau of Dr. Luther Allen.

Utica, July 26. M. H. Foster of N. Y. to Miss Roxalana C. Budd, of Turin, N. Y.

Aug. 18 Married Albany, Aug. 2 Mr. Orville Hutchins, of New Lebanon, to Miss Lovinis Woodbury, of former place.
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