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VITAL RECORDS, 1829 - 1831
Pittsfield Argus 1830

Compiled from records published in The Pittsfield Argus, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. March 19, 1829 - August 18, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.

Jan. 14 Died Dalton, Jan. 1. at house of Maj. Daniel Laurence, Mrs. Sarah E. Clark, wife of Seth D. Clark ae 26. See notice.
Jan. 21 Married This town, Jan. 17, Hiram F. Hubbard M. D. to Myrene Brooks, both of this town.

This town Jan. 20 (?) Moses A. Lee M. D. of Litchfield, Conn to Miss Adelia Merrick, dau of Mr. Joseph Merrick, of this town.

Died This town, Jan. 19. Helen Colt eldest dau of Ezekiel R. Colt Esq. 8 yrs.
Jan. 28 Married Salisbury, Ct. Jan. 26. Caleb Ticknor M. D. of South Farms, Ct. to Miss Mary Lee, of former place.
Died at the Indian village, near Buffalo, Red Jacket ae 80. See notice.

Adams, Jan. 1. Mr. David Lapham, ae 76. Was of Soc. of Friends. See notice.

D'Eschambeault, Dist Quebec L. C. Dec. 31 Rene Naud, ae 104.

Feb. 4 Married North Adams, Jan. 28. Mr. Oliver Arnold to Miss P. M. Upton, both of that place.

Middlefield, Geb. 11. Mr. Z. P. Jennings, of Dalton to Miss Emily Olds, of former place.

Died March 1. Capt. Joel Stevens, ae 81.
Feb. 23. Mr. David Hubby ae 64.
Mar. 11 Died Lanesboro, March 6. Lucy Williams Hubbell, dau of Calvin Hubbell Esq. ae 2 yrs 6 ms. See notice.

Hinsdale, Feb. 27. Capt. Levi Hinsdale, ae 48.

Mar 18 Died This town, March 15. Mrs. Roberts, wife of Mr. Samuel Roberts, ae 40.
Mar. 25 Married This town, March 23. Mr. James H. Merry, of Minerville, N. Y. to Miss Nancy L. CVietor, of this town.
Died This town, March 18, Mr. Asahel Pomeroy, ae 26.

Same day, an infant child of Mr. P. ae 1 year.

April 1 Died This town, March 24. Mrs. Rebecca Dillingham wife of Maj. Nathan Dillingham, ae 67.

March 31. Madam Elizabeth Allen, relict of late Rev. Thomas Allen, ae 83.

April 8 Died Williamstown, April 2, Rev. Wm. A. Porter, Prof. in Williams Coll. ae 32.
April 22 Married This town, April 19, Dr. Nelson Winton of Havana, N. Y. to Miss Lucy P. Goodrich, dau of Rev. Chs. Goodrich of this place.

This town, Apl. 14. Mr. Levi F. Claflin, to Miss Eliza Dickinson, dau of Oliver P. Dickinson, Esq.

May 13 Died Lyndeborough, N. H. Apl. 15. Mr. Nathan Green ae abt. 75. A miser. See notice.
May 20 Married Canaan, N. Y. May 13. Mr. John F. Tanner, merchant, to Miss Maria Wickham, only dau of Mathew H. Wickham.
Died This town, May 16. Child of Mr. Howard.

This town, May 17. Child of Butler Bement.

Same day. A child of Christian Roelofson.

May 27 Married Lenox, Mr. Henry A. Benton, of this town, to Miss Charlotte Robinson, of former place.
June 3 Married May 26, Oliver S. Root, M. D. to Miss Marie L. dau of Hon. Phinehas Allen, all of this town.

June 1. Winslow T. Huntington, M. D. of Westfield to Miss Almira, dau of Mr. Thomas Carson, of this town.

Died This town, May 31. Mr. Samuel Luther, ae 25.
June 10 Married June 11. Mr. Nelson Strong to Miss Lucy W. Russell both of this town.
Died Fortress Monroe, Va. June 3. Mrs. Kirby, dau of late Col. S. Larned, of Pittsfield, & wife of R. M. Kirby of U. S. Army.

This town, June 11, Josiah Warren, only son of Aaron Fuller, ae 4 yrs 6 ms.

June 24 Died This town, June 7, Caleb Bentley, ae 85.
July 1 Died This town, June 11, Mrs. Ackley, formerly of Tyringham, ae 62.

Lanesboro, June 17. Eli Powell Jun. ae 18 yr. See notice.

July 8 Married June 17. Mr. Warren Gardner, of Plainsfield, to amiable Miss Elizabeth Booth of Hinsdale.
July 15 Married Leire, Leicestershire, Eng. Henry Burningham Esq. of Middle Temple, eldest son of Thomas Burningham Esq, of Froyle, Hauts, to Mary Baldwin, only dau of Rev. George Nowell Watkins of same. See notice.
July 22 Married Hudson, July 4, Mr. P. Byron Barker to Miss Sarah Jenkins, all of Hudson.
Died This town, July 16, Mrs. Eveline Mead, wife of Homer S. Mead, ae abt. 23 yr.
July 29 Died Boston, July 25. John D. Wells, M. D. recently Prof. in Berk. Med. Inst.

Elmira, N. Y. July 17. Clark W. Bliss, M. D. Elmira, N. Y. July 17. Clark W. Bliss M. D. ae 25. A gradue of Berk. Med. Inst.

Aug. 12 Married Pownel, Vt. Mr. Arnold Newell, of this toewn to Mrs. Diana Baily, of New Lebanon, N. Y.
Aug. 19 Married Aug. 15. Mr. Jesse Newton, of this town to Miss Rebecca Perry, of Windsor.
Died Worthington, Aug. 2. Mr. Cyprian Parish, ae 78. Was a 1st settler.

This town, Aug. 3. Mrs. Lydia B. Jones, ae abt 58.

Sept. 2 Married New Lebanon, Mr. R. Parsons to Miss Lucina Stedman, of Lee.

Same place, Mr. Joel Keep to Miss Almira Holcomb of Lee.

Same place. Mr. Thomas Bailey to Mii ______ Hickox of Pittsfield.

Died Mobile Point, Aug. 8. Mr. Frederical Center, son of Mrs. Mary Center, of this town ae 30. (see notice Sept. 9).
Sep. 9 Died Sandusky City, Ohio. Mr. Chas Ash of Phil & recently of this town, ae abt 24.
Sep. 16 Married New Lebanon, N. Y. Sep. 9. Mr. Wm. S. Carr to Miss Mary Ann Rowley.

Also same time & place Mr. Abner Gay to Miss Rachel M. Rowley, all of New Lebanon.

Died Lockport, N. Y. Aug. 23. Miss Nancy Maria dau of Capt. Levi Seymour, of Lanesborough, ae 26.
Sep. 30 Married Southampton, Sept. 7. Mr. Peter Walreth, of Farmington, Ct. to Miss Naomi Brooks, of Northampton.

Sept. 9. Mr. Hophni Clapp of Easthampton, to Miss Thankful Southworth, of Southampton.

Salem, Sept. 15. William Dwight Esq. of Springfield, to Miss Eliza White, dau of Hon. David White.

Warehouse Point, Dr. Maro M. Reed of Hartford to Miss Elizabeth M. Lathrop.

Longmeadow, Mr. Roswell Terry, of Enfield to Miss Louisa Allen.

Died Springfield. Mrs. Rhoda Atherton, ae 33, wife of Mr. Horace Atherton.

Northampton, Franklin, 10, son of Mr. Joel Wright.

Monson, Mrs. Mary Goodale, ae 92.

Chester, Capt. Samuel White, ae 70.

Amherst, Mrs. Clarissa Cooley, wife of Mr. George S. Cooley, ae 19.

Niles, Mich. Ten. Mr. Reuben Colton, ae 45, of Northampton formerly of Hartford.

Seminole Nation, Fla. Mr. Henry Shaw late of Lanesborough.

Auburn, Sep. 12. John Henry Hobart D. D. Bishop of P. E. Chh. N. Y. ae 55.

Whately, Sep. 1. Mrs. Phebe Wait, wife of Mr. Harris Wait, ae 24.

Sept. 2. Myron son of Mr. Luther Warner, ae 2 yrs. 5 ms.

Westhampton, Sep. 10. Miss Wealthy Post, ae 17, dau of Mr. Levi Post.

Westhampton, Sep. 16. Miss Naomi Coats, ae 51.

Oct. 7 Married Northampton, Mr. Warren Fuller of Sharon , Ms, to Miss Eliza B. Smith.

Middlefield, Mr. Franklin Stowell, of Peru, to Miss Lydia Graves.

Mr. Sydney Brewster, of WOrthington to Miss Mary Dixon of M.

Died This town, Sep. 22. Mrs. Elizabeth Robbins, relict of late Nathaniel Robbins, ae 83.

Northampton, Sep. 23. Capt. Elijah Allen, ae 75.

Chester, Mr. Asa Pomeroy, ae 39.

Conway, Sep. 21. Miss Laura May, ae 32.

New Lebanon, N. Y. Mrs. Violet Brown, ae 37.

Oct. 14 Married This town, Oct. 7. Harmon S. Betts Esq. of Pavillion N. Y. to Miss Almena S. Kittredge, of this town.
Oct. 14 Married New Lebanon Springs, N.Y. Sep.23. Mr. Alonzo C. Chapman of Stephentown, N.Y., to Miss Charlotte Cole of former place.
Died New Lebanon, Oct. 4. Mrs. Rebecca Betts, wife of Uriah Betts, ae 56.
Oct. 21 Married This town, Oct.17. Mr. Samue1 Partridge to Miss Sophia Chase. See verse.
Nov. 11 Married Lanesborough, Nov. 3. De. Elbridge G. Wheeler of Westhampton, to Miss Sarah B. Seymour.

Also Nov. 9. Mr. William A. Seymour to Miss Sarah Dunham, of N. Y.

Died This town, Nov. 8. Mr. Benjamin Keeley ae 89 nearly, He settled here 73 years ago, only 5 years after Solomon Deming in 1752. See notice.

This town, Nov. 8. Dea Vivus Osborn, ae about 62. See below.

Nov. 4 Married Sheffield, Oct.20. William G. Bates Esq. of Westfie1d, to Miss Jane P. Ashley, of Sheffield.

Westfield. Mr. Seth Grant to Miss Mary Ann Fowler.

Mr. Wm. W. Dewey, to Miss Anne Griswold.

Mr. Joseph S. Stebbins to Miss Louisa Stebbins.

Nov. 18 Died See obituary of Dea Vivus Osborn who d Nov. 8 ae 54, erroneously stated ae 62.
Dec. 2 Died Portland, Me. Hon David Noble of Williamstown, ae 54.
Dec. 9 Married Peru, Dec. 2. Mr. Stewart Shumway to Miss Mary Leland, both of Peru.

Richmond, Dec. 2. Mr. Augustine Newhall to Miss Jane Dudley, both of R.

Richmond, Mr. Simeon Hough to Miss Fanny Preble, both of R.

Died This town Dec. 6. Nathan Appleton, youngest son of T. A. Gold Esq. in 4th yr.
Dec. 23 Died This town, Dec. 20. Mr. [sic] Hannah Osborn, widow of late Dea Osborn, ae abt 50.

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