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VITAL RECORDS, 1829 - 1831
Pittsfield Argus
March 19, 1829 - Dec. 31, 1829

Vol. 2, No. 44. Whole No. 96. Samuel W. Bush Editor & Proprietor

Compiled from records published in The Pittsfield Argus, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. March 19, 1829 - August 18, 1831. Rollin Hillyer Cooke, Compiler. This was transcribed from a typewritten manuscript in the Berkshire Athenaeum and is assumed to be in the public domain.
March 19 Married Mr. Noah Pixley to Miss Clarissa Wardwell all of this town.

New Lebanon, Mr. James Bell of Hinsdale to Miss Caroline Noble, of Pitts.

Died New Lebanon, Mar. 14. Mr. Lodowick Stanton formerly of this town, ae 81.

Mar. 15. Mrs. Hammond, widow of late Mr. Thomas Hammond.

Northampton, March 2, Miss Parnell Bissell, dau of Mr. Solomon Bissell, of Chesterfield, ae 17.

Chesterfield, Jan. 17. Mrs. Lucy Knight, wife of Erastus Knight, ae 51.

Feb. 25. Mr. Noah Hayden, ae 75.

Springfield, Hon. John Hooker, Judge Pro. Hampden Co. & c.

Springfield, Capt. Joseph Griswold, 73.

Royalston, Mar. 7. Hon. Joseph Estabrook, a senator from Worcester Co.

March 26 Married This town, March 19, Mr. Zachariah P. Sears 2nd, of Lenox, to Miss Mary Ann Millard, of this town.

Richmond, March 19. Lieut. Sidney Tracy to Miss Maria Hotchkin.

Same, Mr. Daviud Rosseter to Miss Susan Hatch, all of Richmond.

March 18. Mr. Homer S. Mead to Miss Eveline Backus, both of this town.

Died Albany, John Taylor, former lieut Gov of N. Y. ae 86.
April 9 Married Mar. 26, Mr. Grove Branch to Miss Pamelia Sprague, both of this town.
Died Salem, Mar. 31. Dr. Edward Augustus Holyoke, in 101st yr.
April 16 Died April 12, Mrs. Mary Ann Bell, wife of James Bell, in 24th yr. See notice.
April 23 Married Worcester. Apl. 16. Mr. George T. Rice, to Miss Elizabeth C. Blake, dau of Hon. Francis Blake.

Worcester, Apl. 8. Mr. Henry Coulding to Miss Sarah Rice, dau of late Mr. Jonas Rice.

Grafton, Mr. Elijah L. Case to Miss Lorania Stone

Mr. Hollis Chamberlain to Miss Mary Elizabeth Goddard.

Died This town, Apl. 22. Mr. Septimus Bingham, in 69th yr. Rev. soldier.

Newburyport, Mr. James Holbrook, ae 66.

East Sudbury, Mr. Wm. Wyman, ae 75.

Troy, April 19, Esaias Warren, Esq. ae 57, late mayor of that city.

Templeton, March 21. Mrs. Naomi Sparhawk, widow of Rev. Ebenezer Sparhawk, formerly pastor of chh in that place, ae 79.

Apl. 23 Died Hubbardston, Apl. 1. Widow Phebe Clark, ae 65.

Apl. 5. Mr. James M. Wheeler, ae 20.

Holden, Apl. 14. Jonathon Estabrook, Esq. ae 63.

April 30 Married Palmer, Mr. Pleny Hill to Miss Matilda Rogers.

Springfield, Mr. Jonathon Wright to Miss Polly Strong.

Northampton, Mr. Lewis Bliss to Miss Mary Phelp.

Mr. Elijah T. Hayden to Greenfield to Miss Clarissa Burt, of Northampton.

Died Southampton, Ap. 9. Mr. Joel Clapp ae 81.

Springfield, Mrs. Sally Chapman, wife of Mr. David Chapman, ae 29.

Boston, Apl. 13. Hon. David Townsend M. D. ae 7.

Edgfield, S. C. Mar. 17. Tom, a negro ae 130.

Springfield, Vt. Mt. John Randell, ae 100. Served in French war.

New York, Apl. 24. Frederick Gore King, M. D. youngest son of Hon. Rufus King.

May 7 Married New Lebanon, N. Y. Apl. 29. Mr. Wells Laflin, of Southwick, to Miss Sophronia, dau of Abner Perry Esq. of former place.
Died Richmond Apl. 17. Louis Cullen, wife of Mr. John Cullen formerly of Milford Ct.

Concord, Miss Lucy Conant, ae 72.

Miss Betsey Conant, ae 66.

Above sisters had always lived in the same house and died within 15 minutes of each other.

May 14 Married May 6. Mr. Samuel Hubbard of this town, to Miss Harriet Stuyvesant, Apl. 23. Dr. Charles B. Coventry of Utica to Miss Clarissa, eldest dau of Hon. Meda Butler, of former place.
May 21 Married May 20, Mr. Joseph Burgess, Jr. to Miss Mary A. Hale both of this town.
Died This town, May 15. Miss Eliza Granger, ae 16.
May 28 Married Westfield, John E. Eldridge Esq editor of Connecticut Sentinel & Gazette, to Miss Charlotte A. Olmsted, of Hartford.

Mercersburgh, Pa. Mr. Francis Wyeth editor of Harrisburgh Argus, to Miss Susan H. Maxwell.

Washington City, May 18, Rufus Dawes Esq. editor of Baltimore Emerald to Miss Elizabeth Eliza Cranch dau of Hon William Cranch.

Died Williamstown, May 20. Mrs. Mary Bushnell, ae 68.

Royalston Api. 30. Mr. Samuel Curtis ae 73. In navy in Rev. war.

Marlborough, Mr. Abner Adams, ae 98. His youngest brother survives in 95th yr & his older brother died ae 99.

Bennington, Mr. Pomeroy Smith.

June 4 Died Conway, Charles Baker of Pittsfield, Had been to see parents, who res Conway & Oliver Warner of Pheips, N. Y. both struck by lightning. See notice. (Paper mutilated. R.H.C.)
June 18 Married Troy, N. Y. June 15 Charles Sydney Jones Goodrich, M. D. to Miss Mary Gardner, dau of George Gardner Esq all of Troy.
Died Roxbury, Mass. June 7 (?) Gen. Henry Dearborn, ae 78. Rev officer & c See notice.
July 10 Married July 2, Mr. Howard Chamberlin to Miss Jane Hurlbert, both of this town.

Frankfort, N. Y. Mr. Uriah T. Harvey to Miss Abigail E. Cloyes. See notice.

Died Winsted, Ct. June 24, Miss Asenath Foote ae 30. dau of Mr. Fenner Foote, of Lee.
July 30 Married Troy, Mr. George Riley of New York to Miss Elizabeth Hannah Brasier of this city.
Died July 13 Alanson Fox, ae 42, one of Judges of Warren Co. N. Y.
Aug. 6 Married New York. Mr. J. A. Jolly of Switzerland, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Bitters, of Holland. See Verse.

Brownville, N. Y. Lt. D. H. Vinton of U. S. Army, to Miss Pamela, dau of late Maj Gen Brown.

Nantucket, Mr. Swain to Miss Joy See notice.

Plymouth, Mr. Cannon to Miss Jackson See notice.

Chilmark, Mr. Cash to Miss Wing. See Notice.

Aug. 13 Married New Castle, Delaware, Aug. 8. Rev. Joshua N. Danforth, of Washington City, to Mrs. Jane Janvier Whilldin, of N.
Died Adams, April 4, Daniel S. Bowen, son of Samuel Bowen Esq ae 23.
Aug. 20 Married New York, Aug. 10. Thomas Robinson Esq of Adams, Mass. to Miss Catherine McCloud of that city.
Died Aug. 18 Child of Mr. William Ormsby, ae 2 yr.
Aug. 27 Died Williamstown, Aug. 12, Mr. Solomon Wolcott, ae 94.
Sep. 3 Married This town Aug. 26. Mr. Isaac W. Jackson, of Union College, to Miss Elizabeth, dau of Lemuel Pomeroy, Esq.
Died at res. of S. Stillman, Pittsford, N. Y. Aug. 14. Moses Stocking Esq. of Sheffield, ae 69.

Salem, N. Y. Mr. George Williams, a Senior in Willliams College, ae 19.

Sep. 10 Married Adams, Sep. 6. Mr. John Waters to Miss Rachel Millard, both of Adams.
Sep. 17 Died This town, Sep. 11. Mr. Thomas J. Conims, ae 29.
Oct. 1 Married New Marlboro, recently, Mr. Dan Adams, 41 to Miss Anne Covert, 19. See verse.
Died This town, Sep. 28. Mrs. Lucinda Conims, consort of late Thomas J. Conims, ae 27.

Dalton, Sep. 24. Mrs. Susannah Merriman, ae 60, formerly of Milton, Mass.

Oct. 8 Died Canaan, Ct. Sept. 10. Mr. Edward M. Franklin, ae 25.
Oct. 15. Died Richmond, Oct. 6. Mrs. Eliza T., wife Wm. H. Holcomb, & dau. of Mr. Nathaniel Tremain, of Pittsfield, ae 29. See notice.

Salisbury, Ct.

Oct. 3. Samuel Lee, Esq. ae 80 Rev. officer.

Married This town, Oct. 12. David Ashley Esq. of Grafton, Ohio, to Mrs. Sylvia Fanning, of that town.

New Lebanon, Oct. 7. Mr. Waldo Howard to Miss Lucy Ann Mallerson both of this town.

New Lebanon Springs, Oct. 11. Mr. Peter F. Sickels, of Troy, N. Y. to Mrs. Ruth Deming, of this town.

Oct. 22 Married Stephentown, Oct. 1. Mr. Samuel C. Perry, of Murray, Orlean Co. N. Y. to Miss Patience Stanton of Hancock.

Hinsdale, Mr. Henry Tyrroll ro Miss Caliste Wright, after a short but sure courtship of 30 minutes, See notice.

Oct. 29 Married Harmony, Ind. Mr. William C. Pelham, junior editor of Le Roy Gazette, to Miss Sarah E. Hosmer.

Augusta, Maine. Mr. Russell Eaton, one of publishers of Kennebeck Journal to Mill Mary Ann Perkins.

Died Albany, Oct. 21. John V. Henry Esq. Counsellor at law, ae abt 64.

New York, Oct. 25. Rev. Wm. Harris D. D. Pres. Columbia College in 25th yr.

Nov. 5 Married Willett, N. Y., Oct. 29. Mr. Russell Berret, of Pittsfield, to Miss Naomi Burt, dau of Mr. Titus W. Burt, of former place.

Oct. 15. Mr Abram Morton, of Rochester, N. Y. to Miss Lavinia B. Doolittle of this place.

Nov. 12 Died This town, Nov. 9. Mrs. Rachel Newell, wofe of Mr. Arnold Newell, ae 41.
Nov. 19. Died Bridgeport, Nov. 9. Mrs. Harriet Brooks, wife of Benjamin Brooks Esq. and youngest dau of late Isaac Jones Esq. of New Haven.
Nov. 26 Married New Lebanon Springs, Nov. 11. Mr. Henry T. Hickock to Miss Mary Ann More, both of this town.
Died This town, Nov. 18. Mrs. Sacket, ae 87, one of oldest inhabitants.

Nov. (?) 26. Mr. Joseph Carver, ae 55. West Stockbridge, Sept. 16. Mr. E. O. Edwards, ae 30.

Dec. 3 Married Nov. 25. Mr. Noah Barrett of Hinsdale to Miss Elizabeth Fairfield Calrk, of this town.

New Lebanon, Nov. 26. Mr. John White to Miss Margaret B. Van Hoyse, both of this town.

Canaan, Nov. 11. Mr. Absalom F. Mallison, of this town to Miss Eliza Babcock of Lenox.

Died Philadelphia, Nov. 26. Bushrod, Washington. (nephew of Ge. Washington) one of Judges of U. S. Supreme Court, ae 70.
Dec. 17 Married Stockbridge, Dec. 1. Mr. Josiah Brewer late missionary to Greecem to Miss Amelia Ann Field dau of Rev. D. D. Field.

Richmond, Nov. 26. Mr. James Massey to Miss Amelis E. Tobey, both of that town.

Havana, N. Y. Mr. David Goodrich, merchant to Miss Mary WInton, both of that place.

Died This town, Dec. 10. Mrs. Lewis, consort of Sheffield J. Lewis, ae 24.
Dec. 24 Married New York, Dec. 12. Hon. Daniel Webster, of Boston, to Miss Caroline Le Roy, dau of Herman Le Roy Esq. of New York.

West Windsor, Ct. Mr. Drake to Miss Hannah Fish. See verse.

Died This town, Dec. 18. Inf. child of Prof. C. Dewey.

Dec. 19, Mary, dau of Mr. Thomas D. Thompson, ae 6 years.

Dec. 20. Child of Jesse Parker.

Dec. 31 Married New Lebanon, Dec. 25. Mr. Ashley Gallop of Dalton, to Miss Sophronia Pixley of this town.

New Lebanon, Dec. 23. Mr. ______ Gazer of Albany, to Miss Jane Ann Bull, of former place.

Stephentown, N. Y. Dec. 24. Mr. Phineas Spurr to Miss Sarah Remington, both of this town.

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