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Names of Emigrant Sons
As Recorded in the Registry
from the
Berkshire Jubilee held in Pittsfield in August, 1844

[A Registry was prepared for the reception of the names of those who had gone out, and still reside out from Berkshire. But owing to the immense crowd, and to the fact that almost every moment of time was occupied in some public exercise, but comparatively a small part of those present, recorded their names. In copying from the Registry, we have omitted all who now live in the county. We shall be agreeably surprised if there are not mistakes in the names. They were written in great haste, and many of them so illegibly, that, though we have been assisted to decipher them by the bright eyes of two of Berkshire's fair daughters, we don't feel confident in our spelling.-Ed.]

Note: This file was transcribed by volunteer Cornelia Andrus.
We thank her for the great work and contribution to the site!
First Name.
Places of Birth.
When and Where Resident in Berkshire.
Present Residence
and Remarks.
Allen Charles J. F. Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1810 to 1830 Boston. Public Appraiser C. House.
Allen J. Wheelock Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1813 to 1817 Wayland, Mass. Clergyman.
Allen Oliver Pittsfield from 1798 to 1819 Wheatland, N. Y. Woollen manufacturer.
Allen Thomas Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1813 to 1832 St. Louis, Mo.
Allen William Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1784 to 1817 Northampton, Mass. Clergyman.
Andrews Amos Stockbridge from 1803 to 1828 St. Louis, Mo. Principal of Institution.
Andrews Elijah Stockbridge from 1827 to 1828 Midshipman US Navy.
Austin F. B. Richmond from 1818 New-York. Merchant.
Austin Russell Richmond from 1772 to 1821 New-York. Farmer.
Bacon E. M. Lanesborough from 1799 to 1826 Washtenew Co., Michigan. Farmer.
Bacon Ezekiel Stockbridge Pittsfield, Williamstown, Stockbridge from 1776 to 1815 Utica Representative in Congress from Berkshire District 1807 to 1813, and Chief Justice of court of common please for the western district of Mass. From 1812 to 1814, and Comptroller of U.S. Treasury
Bacon Frederick H. Great Barrington from 1823 to 1831 Albany. Printer.
Bacon Horace Richmond from 1807 Troy, N.Y. Teacher.
Bacon William J. Williamstown Pittsfield from 1803 to 1815 Utica, N. Y. Lawyer
Bagg James L. Lanesborough From 1815 to 1838 Syracuse, N. Y.
Bagg Lydia Pittsfield . . . . Grafton, Ohio.
Bagg Truman Pittsfield . . . . Grafton, Ohio.
Barnabee John Peru from 1811 to 1840 York, Ohio. Farmer.
Barnes Augustus F. Pittsfield from 1816 to 1831 Boston. Merchant.
Bartholomew James K. Great Barrington from 1816 to 1835 New-York. Merchant.
Bartlett Homer Granby, Mass. Williamstown, from 1815 to 1824 Lowell. Manufacturer.
Beach E. D. Sandisfield from 1809 to 1834 Springfield, Mass. Lawyer
Beebe Hubbard Richmond from 1808 to 1829 Westfield, Mass. Preceptor.
Bently Rev. Charles Tyringham From 1799 to 1818 Harwinton, Conn.
Betts Mrs. C. A. Williamstown 1816 New-York
Betts Samuel R. Richmond 1806 New-York. Judiciary.
Bidwell M. S. Stockbridge Stockbridge, Lenox from 1791 to 1812 New-York
Bosworth Stephen Sandisfield from 1788 to 1826 Catskill, N. Y. Merchant.
Boyd William A. Richmond from 1785 Monroe, Michigan. Merchant.
Brace Henry C. Stockbridge from 1823 to 1839 Hartsville, N. Y.
Bradford James Sheffield from 1817 to 1839 Pierre, LaSalle Co. Ill. Lawyer.
Bradley Daniel Lee from 17762779 Yonkers, N.Y. Farmer.
Brewster P. L. Pittsfield . . . . Rochester, N. Y.
Brien John O. [sic] Great Barrington . . . . Durham, N. Y.
Brigham Amaziah New Marlborough from 1799 to 1822 Utica, N. Y. Sup't State Lunatic Asylum
Brigham J.C. New Marlborough, 1806 New York.
Brinsmade H. N. . . . . Pittsfield From 1834 to 1841 Newark, N. J.
Brown Franklin Pittsfield from 1821 to 1835 Concord, N. H.
Brown Nathan Williamstown from 17892798 Oppenheim, N. Y.
Brown Roswald Sandisfield from 1797 to 1825 Hartford, Conn.
Brown Stephen W. Williamstown from 17972799 Little Falls, N. Y.
Buel William Litchfield, Conn. Sheffield from 1790 to 1816 Litchfield, Conn. Physician.
Bulkly Lucius Williamstown from 1824 to 1843 Albany, N. Y. Law Student.
Burback Julia Brattle Pittsfield 1834 Hartford, Conn.
Burgess Seth Dalton From 1776 to 1781 Elbridge, N. Y.
Cady Curtis C. Dalton from 1792 to 1831 _______, N. Y.  M. C.
Carson George W. Dalton From 1823 to 1826 Albany, N.Y.
Chapman William Pittsfield, From 1813 to 1829 Middletown, Conn.
Chase Mrs. Lucia A. . . . . . . . . St. Louis, Mo.
Chesbrough H. P. Pittsfield 1841 Wheatfield, N. Y.
Chesbrough J. C. Baltimore from 1837 to 1841 Wheatfield, N. Y.
Churchill Henry Stockbridge from 1812 to 1840 Rochester, N. Y. Tanner.
Churchill L. Stockbridge Great Barrington 1778 to 1840 Utica, N. Y. Merchant.
Churchill Mary Stockbridge Great Barrington . . . . Utica, N. Y.
Churchill Mrs. L. Stockbridge Great Barrington from 1777 to 1840 Utica, N. Y.
Churchill Samuel Stockbridge . . . . Utica. Merchant.
Churchill Sarah Sergeant Stockbridge from 17872796 New Lebanon, N. Y. Grand-daughter of the first missionary.
Clapp Lyman Pittsfield . . . . New-York city. Merchant.
Clapp Mrs. Lyman Hancock . . . . New-York city.
Clark Eliza R. Northampton from 1832 to 1836 Elbridge, N. Y.
Clark Horace Pittsfield from 1795 to 1811 Buffalo, N. Y. Farmer.
Clark Jesse . . . . from 1789 to 1809 Waterloo, N. Y.
Clark Zenas S. Lanesborough from 1797 to 1836 Elbridge, N. Y.
Clark, Levi Lanesborough From 1781 to 1800 Elbridge, N. Y.
Cobb Lyman Stockbridge Lenox 1800 to 1816 New-York. Author.
Colt Elizabeth Pittsfield from 1800 to 1810 Ramapo, N. Y.
Colt George Pittsfield . . . . St. Augustine, Florida. Planter.
Colt George Hinsdale from 1813 to 1837 Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Colton Wells Lenox from 1812 to 1834 Bloomington, Ill. Att'y at Law.
Cone John A. Great Barrington from 1819 to 1840 New-York. Merchant.
Cone Seldon Williamstown from 1802 to 1831 Chester, N. H.
Cook Mrs. Will. A. & Son Pittsfield to 1795 to 1795 Syracuse, N. Y.
Cook Russell S. New Marlborough Lenox from 1814 to 1826 New-York. Cor. Sec'y American Tract Society
Crane L. M. Dalton from 1822 to 1840 . . . .
Crittenden Alonzo Richmond from 1801 to 1821 Albany. Principal of A. F. A.
Crocker D. Andover, Conn., Richmond, from 1776 to 1780. Charleston, S.C.
Curtis Jared Stockbridge . . . . Charlestown, Mass., Cergyman.
Curtis M. A. Stockbridge from 1808 to 1827 Hillsborough, N. C. Clergyman.
Curtiss Silas W. Stockbridge from 1816 to 1836 Hamburg, Ga. Merchant.
Dana Dudley Windsor Windsor from 1801 to 1830 Syracuse, N. Y. Merchant.
Danforth Joel Tyringham from 1789 to 1800 Otisco, N. Y. Farmer.
Danforth Joshua N. Pittsfield, Pittsfield, from 1798 to 1815. Alexandria, District of Columbia.
Danforth Samuel A. Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1804 to 1837 Boston.
Darby John North Adams from 1804 to 1831 Macon, Geo. Prof. of Chemistry and Nat. Phil.
Davis Emerson Ware, Mass. Williamstown, from 1818 to 1821 Westfield. Clergyman.
Deming Francis Williamstown from 1797 to 1829 . . . .
Dewey Charles A. Williamstown from 1793 to 1826 Northampton, Mass. Judge Sup. Court, Mass.
Dewey Chester Sheffield from 1784 to 1836 Rochester, N. Y.
Dewey Chester P. Pittsfield from 1826 to 1836 Rochester, N. Y.
Dewey Olivia P. Pittsfield from 1801 to 1836 Rochester, N. Y.
Dewey Orville Sheffield from 1794 to 1817 New-York city. Clergyman.
Doolittle Charles Hancock from 1802 to 1816 Middle Granville, N. Y. Clergyman.
Dorrance John L. Dalton from 1811 to 1829 Batavia, N. Y. Merchant.
Durfee Calvin Pittsfield From 1797 to 1825 Dedham
Durfee John K. Stockbridge Great Barrington from 1804 to 1825 Carbondale, Pa. Carpenter.
Dwight Joseph H. J. Great Barrington Pittsfield from 1785 to 1806 Oxford, N. Y. Forwarder.
Eddy D. Williamstown from 1798 to 1814 Newark, N. J. Pres. Clergyman.
Eddy Elizabeth A. C. Pittsfield from 1804 to 1812 Newark, N.J.
Edwards Uriah Richmond from 17812798 Canceau, N. Y.
Egleston Thomas Lenox from 1800 to 1825 New-York. Merchant.
Eldridge John B. Southwick Pittsfield from 1817 to 1826 Hartford, Conn. Printer.
Ensign Robt. T. Sheffield from 1819 to 1840 Wolcottville. Merchant.
Fairchild Egbert N. Great Barrington from 1802 to 1815 Ogdensburgh, N.Y. Merchant.
Field Cyrus W. Stockbridge . . . . New-York
Field D. D. Haddam, Conn. Stockbridge from 1818 to 1824 New-York. Lawyer.
Field David D. Madison, CT Stockbridge from 1819 to 1837 Haddam, Ct.
Field Dudley New-York Stockbridge from 1836 to 1841 New-York.
Ford J. O. B. Bershire Co. . . . . Hamburg, S. C.
Ford Lawrence Richmond from 17892794 Little Falls, N. Y. Counsellor at Law.
Fowler Bancroft Pittsfield from 17752797 Greenfield, N. H. Clergyman.
Fowler Francis Stockbridge from 1832 to 1839 Madison, N. J. Teacher.
Fowler Mrs. James Westfield Stockbridge from 1804 to 1841 Westfield, Mass.
Fowler Mrs. Laura Pittsfield from 1797 to 1838 Fowlerville, N. Y.
Fowler Wells Pittsfield from 1799 to 1816 Fowlerville, N. Y. Farmer.
Foxcroft Mrs. Harriet G. Pittsfield from 1817 to 1837 Dedham, Mass.
Francis Cyrus T. Pittsfield from 1811 to 1835. Albany, N. Y. Broker.
Francis W. Pittsfield from 1779 to 1826 Troy, N. Y. Lawyer.
Frissell Cogswell Peru . . . . South America
Gates Henry Clay Pittsfield Westfield 1819 to 1841 Westfield, Mass. Tailor.
Gay Joshua G. Pittsfield from 1821 to 1840 New Haven, Conn. Merchant.
Gibbs Mrs. R. A. . . . . . . . . Blanford, Mass.
Gold Charles B. Pittsfield from 1832 Buffalo, N. Y.
Gold William A. Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1821 to 1835 New-York. Com. Merchant.
Goodrich Charles S. J. Pittsfield from 1802 to 1826 Brooklyn. Physician.
Goodrich D. Pittsfield from 1806 to 1827 Albany, N. Y. Lumber dealer.
Goodrich David Pittsfield from 1806 to 1827 Albany, N. Y.
Goodrich Henry Pittsfield from 1794 to 1812 East Greenbush
Goodrich Jesse W. Pittsfield . . . . Worcester, Mass. Lawyer and Editor.
Goodrich Mrs. Amelia Pittsfield 1830 Harman, N. Y.
Goodrich Silas Lanesborough Lanesborough from 1810 to . . . . Elbridge, N. Y.
Hall Calvin Cheshire from 1819 Deerfield, N. Y. Merchant.
Hall Johnson Sheffield from 1794 to 1797 Syracuse, N. Y. Merchant.
Hays Ann Eliza Pittsfield . . . . Albany.
Hays Joshua R. Pittsfield from 1787 to 1828 Albany. Builder.
Hays William E. Pittsfield . . . . Albany. Builder.
Hendrix William West Stockbridge from 1817 to 1835 Marion, Ala. Merchant.
Hickcox H. H. Lanesborough from 1790 to 1805 Albany, N. Y.
Hills Isaac Lenox Lenox from 1798 to 1821 Rochester, N. Y.
Hitchcock Abner New Marlborough from 1812 to 1841 New-York.
Hollister Alvin Lenox from 1792 to 1815 Euclid, Ohio.
Hollister F. Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1812 to 1826 Utica. Merchant and Manufacturer.
Hollister James Pittsfield from 1805 to 1826 Buffalo, N. Y. Merchant.
Hollister Robert Pittsfield from 1807 to 1824 Buffalo. Merchant.
Hooker H. B. Rutland, Vt., Lanesborough from 1827 to 1836 Falmouth, Mass.
Hopkins John Henry Stockbridge from 1810 to 1826 Richmond, Va. Civil Engineer.
Hopkins Mary Stockbridge . . . . Richmond, Va.
Hoppin Custis Lanesborough from 1785 to 1810 New Lebanon, N. Y. Farmer.
Hotchkin E. Richmond from 1803 to 1827 Choctaw Nation.
Hubbard Cyarina H. Cheshire from 1813 Cummington, Mass.
Hubbard Fred Pittsfield from 1826 to 1843 Boston.
Hubbell A. S. Lanesborough 1836 Newark, N.J., Lawyer
Hubbell H. R. Williamstown from 1829 Troy, N. Y. Merchant.
Hubbell J. C. Lanesborough from 1805 . . . .
Huntington Jonathan Hinsdale from 1804 to 1827 Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hyde Joseph Lee from 1802 to 1818 New-York. Agent Amer. Bible Society.
Hyde William Lee from 1806 to 1826 Ware, Mass. Cashier.
Jackson Elizabeth P. Pittsfield . . . . Schenectady, N. Y.
Jackson Nathan Tyringham from 17802799 New-York.
James Daniel Stockbridge from 1776 to 1813 Utica, N. Y. Physician.
Johnson Asa and wife Sheffield from 1780 to 1802 East Bloomfield, N. Y.
Johnson Joel . . . . New Marlboroughfrom 1811 to 1832 Springfield, Mass.
Joy Mrs. Thaddeus Stockbridge from 1784 to 1802 Albany.
Judd James B. Lenox from 1822 to 1843 Aytalan, W. Tenn. Agriculture.
Keep Lester Lee from 1797 to 1828 Fair Haven Physician
Kellogg Lydia A. Gt. Barrington from 1778 to 1816 New-York city.
Kellogg Martha A. Williamstown from 1802 to 1829 Troy, N. Y.
Kellogg Nathaniel Dalton from 1801 to 1826 Wethersfield, Conn. Chaplain, State Prison.
Kellogg Silas R. Sheffield 1837 Wrie, Pa.
Laflin James W. Lee from 1822 to 1838 Chicago, Ill. Merchant.
Larned James Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1793 to 1814 Washington, DC. C. C. 1st Comptroller's office.
Leadbetter D. P. Partridgefield Richmond, from 1798 to 1816 Millenburgh, Ohio. Attorney.
Leavenworth W. Canaan, N. Y. Great Barrington from 1806 to 1827 Syracuse, N. Y. Counsellor at Law.
Lee C. Gold Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1823 to 1825 Syracuse, N. Y. Clergyman.
Lee J. Edwards Otis Otis from 1821 to 1833 Salisbury, Conn.
Lee Jonathan Salisbury, CT from 1786 to 1834 . . . .
Leonard Norman Sheffield From 1800 to 1824 Westfield, Mass. Counsellor at Law.
Lewis J. Sidney Lenox, May 23, 1795 From 1808 New-York
Lewis Louisa M. Lenox, 1798 From 1808 New-York
Lombard Charles Stockbridge Stockbridge from 17902798 Elbridge, N. Y.
Lothrop Jerusha Kirkland Stockbridge . . . . Utica, N. Y.
Mack Elisha, 3d Windsor from 1811 Albany, N. Y.
Matthews A.D. Hinsdale from 1809 to 1823 Brooklyn, N. Y. Merchant.
Mattoon N. Lenox Lenox from 1825 Aurora, N. Y. Clergyman.
Merrill G. C. Hinsdale from 1815 to 1836 New-York. Tailor.
Metcalf Silas Lenox from 1801 to 1823 Kinderhook, N. Y. Teacher.
Mills Drake Sandisfield, From 1792 to 1811 Charleston, SC, 1817 New-York, 1828.
Mills John Sandisfield, 1812 Springfield, Mass.
Mills Otis Sandisfield from 1794 to 1818 Charleston, S. C.
Mills S. D. Sandisfield from 1822 to 1838 Little Falls, N. Y. Merchant.
Mills Samuel S. Sandisfield from 1804 to 1824 Charleston, S. C.
Morrell Alvah Lenox from 1790 to 1827 East Windsor, Ct. Farmer.
Moseley Maria Tillotson Farmington, Conn. Pittsfield, from 1832 to 1837 Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Moseley Thomas Pittsfield . . . . Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Mosely David Hinsdale Hinsdale from 1808 to 1838 Pontiac, Michigan. Merchant.
Mosely William H. Pittsfield Pittsfield from 1796 to 1809 Ware Village, Mass.
Nash Louson Great Barrington from 1781 to 1805 Gloucester, Mass. Lawyer.
Noble C. P. Hanodsburg, Ky. 1820 New-York.
Noble Herman S. Pittsfield from 1804 to 1819 Watertown, N. Y. Printer.
Noble Mason Williamstown from 1809 to 1827 New-York. Clergyman.
Noble Solomon B. Williamstown from 1819 to 1837 New-York. Lawyer.
Northrop A. R. Tyringham . . . . Oneida Co., N. Y.
Osborne Abiatha M. Pittsfield from 1808 to 1829 New-York. Clergyman.
Osborne Alpheus Pittsfield from 1791 to 1800 North Hadley, Mass.
Osborne Milo Lenox from 1809 to 1827 New-York. Engraver.
Peet E.B. New Marlborough from 1815 to 1828 New-York.
Peppers M. C. Windsor from 1813 to 1831 New-York. Chair manufacturer.
Phelps Winthrop Pittsfield from 17722789 Chatham, N. Y. Tanner.
Pickett Aaron Sandisfield West Stockbridge from 1792 to 1814. Reading, Mass. Pastor of Cong. Church.
Pierce Asa Clinton Hinsdale from 1820 to 1843 Granby, Mass. Teacher.
Pierce O. B. Zoar from 1808 to 1809 Rome, N. Y. Author.
Pierson J. H. Richmond from 17662795 Ramapo, N. Y. Manufacturer.
Platt Anson B. Pittsfield from 1814 Buffalo.
Platt David Pittsfield from 1816 Boston.
Pomeroy Aurelia Hollister Pittsfield . . . . Monroeville, Ohio
Pomeroy Lemuel, Jr. Pittsfield, . . . . Monroeville, Ohio.
Power Luke and wife Adams South Adams from 1785 Hudson, N. Y.
Putnam John P. Brooklyn, Conn. Williamstown from 1805 to 1809 White Creek, N. Y. Att'y at Law.
Rathburn Samuel H. Pittsfield from 1812 to 1835 Burlington Falls, Vt. Manufacturer.
Robbins A. Lenox . . . . New-York.
Robbins Thomas Lenox from 1820 to 1841 New-York.
Robinson Mrs. Harriet G. Pittsfield from 1806 Albany, N. Y.
Root Huet R. Great Barrington . . . . Utica. Lawyer.
Rossiter Eunice Richmond from 1811 to 1833 St. Charles, Mo. Teacher.
Rossiter Noah Richmond from 1797 to 1842 Little Falls, N. Y. Merchant.
Royce John B. Lanesborough from 1795 to 1815 Berkshire, N. Y. Farmer.
Ruthven Mary Pittsfield . . . . New-York.
Ruthven William S. Lanesborough from 1801 to 1818 Madison Co., N. Y. Carpenter.
Sargeant George Stockbridge from 1820 to 1826 Northampton, Mass. Merchant.
Saxton John Sheffield from 1800 to 1822 New-York.
Sedgwick Frederick Lenox . . . . Salisbury, Conn. Teacher.
Shattuck Mason A. Williamstown from 1814 to 1840 Mont. Co., Pa. Teacher.
Sherwood Eliza R. Gt. Barrington . . . . New-York city.
Sherwood Lydia Gt. Barrington . . . . New-York city.
Sherwood Mary Frances Gt. Barrington . . . . New-York city.
Sherwood William Greenfield, CT Great Barrington, from 1386[sic] to 1816 New-York city. Teacher.
Sibley Mark H. Great Barrington from 1798 to 1814 Canandaigua, N. Y. Lawyer.
Smith A.P. Stockbridge from 1802 New-York. Broker.
Smith Asahell L. Lanesborough, From 1811 to 1826 Syracuse, N. Y.
Smith Charles G. Hinsdale from 1807 to 1827 Albany.
Smith Ezra Richmond . . . . Cambridge, N. Y.
Smith Frances L. Griffin Newark, NJ Williamstown from 1821 to 1827 Newark, N. J.
Smith L. A. Haverill, N.H. Williamstown from 1821 to 1827 Newark, N. J. M. D.
Smith Waterman Dalton from 1797 to 1834 Medina, Ohio. Farmer.
Smyth Charles F. Hinsdale from 1807 to 1827 Albany, N. Y. Merchant.
Spellman R. L. Williamstown from 1832 to 1836 Albany, N. Y. Merchant.
Spencer Cornelia Stockbridge from 1807 to 1830 Springfield, Ohio.
Spencer Joshua A. Great Barrington from 1790 to 1806 Utica. Counsellor at Law.
Spencer Thomas . . . . 1793 to 1804 Geneva, N. Y. Physician.
Spencer Wolcott M. Litchfield Co. Stockbridge from 1829 Springfield, Ohio. Mercantile.
Steele Thophilas Egremont from 1785 Clinton, N. Y.
Stone John S. West Stockbridge West Stockbridge from 1795 to 1817 Brooklyn, N. Y. Rector of Christ's Church.
Stowell Cyrus A. Peru from 1808 to 1833 Streetsboro, Ohio. Farmer.
Strong Geo. W. Pittsfield from 1816 to 1818 New Hartford, N. Y. Farmer.
Strong King Pittsfield from 1781 to 1818 New Hartford. Farmer.
Sturgis Josiah Lee from 1817 to 1835 Nantucket. Stove Dealer.
Sturgis William Lee from 1773 Sandwich. Stone Engraver.
Taylor Frank Gay Lee from 1826 to 1841 Auburn, N. Y. Theo. Student.
Taylor Jacob W. Pittsfield from 1790 to 1810 Cortlandville, N. Y. Farmer.
Thatcher Geo. Lee from 1811 to 1839 Southwick. Tobacconist.
Theobald W. W. South Tyringham from 1815 to 1822 Fairfax Co., Va. Classical Instructor.
Thompson H. Peru from 1810 to 1829 Little Falls, N. Y.
Ticknor Heman Alford Great Barrington from 1800 to 1825. Kelloggsville, Ohio. Merchant.
Torrey Jason Williamstown from 17922793 Honesdale, Pa. Surveyor.
Townsend R. M. Hancock from 1806 to 1831 Troy, N. Y. Lawyer.
Tremain Levi . . . . from 1803 to 1804 Greene Co., N. Y.
Tremain Miss Eliza Greene Co. from 1823 Greene Co., N. Y.
Tremain Mrs. Pittsfield from 1790 to 1801 Greene Co., N. Y.
Turner W. W. Great Barrington From 1800 to 1819 Hartford, Conn.
Tyler William A. Hinsdale from 1807 to 1826 New-York city. Druggist.
WainWright George Great Barrington from 1830 to 1839 Florida. US Army.
Warner H. L. Sheffield from 1820 to 1841 Waterloo, N. Y.
Warner Sidney . . . . Sheffield from 1820 to 1831 Waterloo, N. Y.
Warriner Francis Springfield Pittsfield from 1815 to 1822 Chester, Mass. Clergyman.
Watson John Great Barrington West Stockbridge from 1811 . . . . Fayetteville, N. Y.
Webster H. D. Stockbridge from 1820 to 1840 Troy, N. Y. Merchant.
Webster N. Stockbridge from 1818 to 1834 Troy, N. Y. Book-keeper.
Wells Ovid P. Washington Pittsfield from 1805 to 1829 New-York. Physician.
West Charles E. Washington From 1809 to 1830 New York, Principal of Rutger's Fem. Institute.
Wheeler J. W. Southeast, NY Great Barrington from 1807 to 1826 Hyde Park, N. Y. Farmer.
Wheeler R. C. Southbury, CT Great Barrington from 1807 to 1817 New-York. Lawyer.
Whitman Hector New Ashford from 1800 . . . .
Whitney William B. Lenox from 1800 to 1819 Corning, N. Y. Lawyer
Whittlesey David Stockbridge from 1775 to 1801 Berlin, Conn. Farmer.
Whitwood D. C. West Stockbridge West Stockbridge 1836 Dexter, Michigan.
Willard Royal Pittsfield from 1787 to 1831 Rockport, Ohio. Farmer.
Williams Edward Lenox from 1801 to 1818 New-York. Merchant.
Williams John Richmond from 1781 to 1805 Richfield, N. Y. Farmer.
Woodbridge Rev. Timothy Stockbridge Stockbridge from 1784 to 1814 Spencertown, N. Y.
Woodruff E. P. Sandisfield Otis from 1798 to 1819 New-York.
Wright Clark Windsor Pittsfield from 1800 to 1824 New-York. Physician.
Wright Edward Williamstown from 1826 to 1839 Chicago, Ill.
Wright Fanny J. Pittsfield Pittsfield Rochester.
Wright Timothy Newburgh, N.Y. from 1817 to 1834 Granville, Michigan. Merchant.
Young Joel A. Hinsdale from 1788 to 1807 Albany, N. Y. Farmer.
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